14 African/Arab Countries Catch Protest Fever

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Your photo of the day by way of CNN.

Those are all the countries in the Mediterranean region now either in the process of transition or seeing public protests.
Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been spared – for now – but even still many of America’s presumed allies are in danger.
In Bahrain, for example, the military has reportedly withdrawn from further confrontation with protestors and the royal family sent someone out to start discussion. While the American government is pleased to see free protest, it is worried about the outcome: Bahrain hosts the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet as a central hub in the effort to monitor traffic going toward Iran.
If even only two or three of these countries fall to Muslim activist groups, it will force America to rewrite the entire strategy in the Middle East.

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0 responses to “14 African/Arab Countries Catch Protest Fever

  1. This is likely to become the greatest blunder in American Foreign Policy since the Carter-era. Frankly, it’s likely to succeed even that idiot.
    When the US openly called for the removal of Mubarak, it created a power vacuum that could only be filled by a military junta. As such, the citizenry has not been satisfied. But the successful removal of an Arab leader emboldened the majority of the Arab street. These people are neither educated nor prepared to create any form of government outside of the default theocracy; which, somehow, the US missed as a possibility?
    Either we suspected this -which makes us complicit in the eventual overthrow of Israel- or we didn’t -which makes us laughably inadequate on the world stage. Obama’s legacy will not be health care, it will be the return of all of Jerusalem to Palestine and the end of our influence in the Middle East. Obama/Clinton have opened the door to a nuclear radical Islam.
    Progressives own this, and it will not end well for the US.


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