13 Year Old American Girl Runs Away From Pakistani Stepdad, Tells Police He Arranged Her Marriage

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Via Reuters:

A 13-year-old Southern California girl who ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage in Pakistan has been taken into protective custody by child welfare authorities, police said on Thursday.

Jessie Marie Bender, who vanished from her home in the early morning hours of February 22, was found on Wednesday at a motel in a nearby community, where she had been hiding with the help of an uncle, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Roxanne Walker said.

The middle school student, who was missing for eight days, was physically unharmed.

“She ran away because she didn’t want to go to Pakistan. She was afraid,” Walker told Reuters.


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0 responses to “13 Year Old American Girl Runs Away From Pakistani Stepdad, Tells Police He Arranged Her Marriage

  1. Enough of this “it’s part of their culture” crap, they’re here in America. She doesn’t want to be married off the her father’s jailbait-loving buddy, she doesn’t have to go.

  2. Now, now, let’s “be more tolerant”. Foreigner’s feelings are much more importnat than (taxpayng) Americans rights! How dare you “be so insensitve, it makes me so angry thaat I want to cry (like the republican party boss)! I’ll go look at michelle’s b00ty to feel “empowered”.

  3. Let’s hope the “dad” doesn’t get his hands back on this girl & flee w/her in tow to Pakistan…

  4. Patriot Angel

    Where is the biological dad. The title says “STEPDAD”. If he is a “stepdad” then he has no rights. If he adopted her, then she would have his last name and BENDER is not a Pakistani surname.
    My son adopted his wife’s daughter and her name changed to ours so that’s how I know. They had to get a signature from the biological dad. HOWEVER, if the biological dad died…it would be easier but the surname would still be changed.
    He has NO rights and I bet a court of law will see it that way too. Leastwise they better or I can see all hell breaking loose over this too. I wish they would all just go home to their own country. I want America back!

  5. I hope this young girl lives to see fourteen, but she won’t if her stepfather gets a hold of her.
    Islam sucks, and Islamists are idiots.

  6. excuse me but stupid white women! you white women that think having children with a muzzie! THINK AGAIN.

  7. It has nothing to do with religion so there is no point in blaming Islam, Islam itself is agianst forced underaged marriages!!
    Its the father who is sick in the head


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