12-year-old "transgender" boy changes his mind two years after "transitioning"

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Yes, it was a mistake. Hope this young man gets the real medical/mental treatment he obviously needs.
From news.com.au: Patrick Mitchell just wanted to change everything about himself. Uncomfortable in his own skin, the young schoolboy felt like he didn’t quite fit. He was just seven years old when he felt like he first heard the phrase “trans”.
It was the start of an emotional journey which, five years later, would see him diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and beg his mother to let him transition into a girl.
“You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say ‘I’d kill to be like that’,” Patrick tells reporter Ross Coulthart in an interview to air on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.
But two years after taking estrogen hormones and growing his hair long in an effort to address the condition which put him at odds between his biological gender and his own identity, Patrick has changed his mind.
He’s stopped taking the oestrogen hormones which transformed his body and is preparing for surgery to remove the excess breast tissue to transition back into a boy, Woman’s Day reports.
Patrick was just 12 when he first voiced his mental torture to his family. It had been five years since he’d first heard the word ‘trans’, he says “and because I’d always identified with girls thought, well, this makes sense, I probably am a girl”.
As his conflict grew — both internally, and externally thanks to hitting puberty and being bullied at school — he’d stay up late at night researching trans people and what could be done to look more like a female.
“It was so hard to wake up every morning and see something new on my body, or that I’d grown. It was so depressing — I hated looking in the mirror. I didn’t know who the person staring back at me was.”
His mother, Alison, tells 60 Minutes she could see her son struggling. Finally, having seen a television story about transgender people, she gently broached the subject with her son. “I hadn’t even finished the sentence and he had the biggest smile on his face. I hadn’t seen him smile for months,” she said.
With a doctor’s diagnosis, she gave the go-ahead for Patrick to begin his transformation. “When he was young he would dress up in girls’ clothes and at one stage he did say to me could he be taken to the doctor to be made into a girl,” she said.
But at the start of this year, when teachers started referring to him as a girl, Patrick started feeling different. “I began to realise I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” he says.
He again turned to his supportive mum. “He looked me in the eye and said ‘I’m just not sure that I am a girl’,” Alison says.
It was a massive twist in an emotional journey, and Alison has only admiration for her son.
“That moment … when you know it’s taken every drop of courage for that child to speak up … I didn’t know what the coming days would bring, but I knew his thoughts had caught up with his body,” she says.
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0 responses to “12-year-old "transgender" boy changes his mind two years after "transitioning"

  1. In March 2016, the American College of Pediatricians spoke the truth on the fictive “transgenderism,” including this:
    According to the American Psychological Association’s DSM-V diagnostic manual, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.
    Let’s hope the “transitioning” begun on Patrick Mitchell hasn’t inflicted lasting damage.

  2. This would have been funny if it wasn’t sad. Reminds me of the guy who was transitioning to become an alien, what if he changes his mind and decides he will like to be a unicorn instead.

  3. I only wonder if the experience instilled any sense of ‘shame’ in the boy, or the parents? Surely any normal person would be embarrassed by any publicity.
    At least it may give other confused youth cause to reflect and avoid the advice of professional perverts; or is it perverted professionals?

    • Kevin J Lankford,
      people are being taught to ‘do as thou wilt’ and be an open book with their lives…the camera has become their god for confession and society offers acceptance…
      people are turning to God less and less with shame, embarrassment, repentance, morals…how they feel is how they want it to be and with “pride” they believe they have no need for shame, embarrassment, repentance, or morals.
      “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

  4. my heart aches for that poor boy….this is what happens when society not only lets a child lead, but encourages that child towards evil self destructive behavior….
    he has to undergo surgery to remove breast tissue? horrible.
    his mother is a child abuser to allow this to happen to her son and where is the father?
    children should not be allowed to make these life changing and altering decisions…common sense is screaming this…but liberals/progressives are deaf to the screams of common sense.
    just looking at him, you can see his body fighting against the pc world….
    I pray his adam’s apple develops. I pray he’s not sterile. I pray his body grows normally in spite of what his mother has allowed to be done to him.
    this boy is basically parenting himself, like so many children today are doing because so many parents are either nonexistent at home or they’ve been told to be buddies with their kids…essentially cheerleaders to make sure their child is always “happy” and they encourage their child towards perceived “happiness”. children need Jesus, love, discipline, correction, education, morals, values, consistency, etc….not cheerleaders as parents.
    many parents today are forfeiting their roles as parents so they can fit into the pc cheerleader model and the only one who suffers are the children when they grow up lacking an understanding of Jesus, discipline, love…but are filled with confusion and anger because they did not have parents as loving but firm, moral compasses to turn to and guide them.
    in the past, if a kid played dress up, they were playing dress up. Today, if a kid plays dress up, they are auditioning for gender reassignment.
    children should not make adult decisions…and encouraging children to do so will only confuse them more…which is what satan wants.

  5. If you want a definition of evil, this is it. Imagine, doing this to a child. It’s abuse, pure and simple.

  6. The stupid mother should have never entertained the absurd notion that a 12 year old child thinks he is a girl, which by the way was planted in him by our degenerate media.

  7. How many of these “Idiot” parents think it’s “so-ooo cute” that little johnnie is acting out in a feminish way, while they are giggling & laughing about it all – so that little johnnie sees affirmation in such girlish acting.. = Same goes for “Idiot” parents who do the same for a very young girl.. Then there are those parents that are angry & disappointed that a boy was born to them and attempt to make their male child as girlish as possible.. Again, – same goes for those parent not wanting a girl born to them, and then attempt to make “Tom-Boys”of the little girl.. Screwing up the young Mind of the Child will result a screwed up Teen, which results in a Screwed up Adult Mind..
    I’ve seen this deranged conduct too many times in my 81 years…

    • ” Screwing up the young Mind of the Child will result a screwed up Teen, which results in a Screwed up Adult Mind..”
      And THAT’S where Democrats come from….

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  9. Two yrs ago I had a 6th-grade girl who was conflicted w/gender (caused drama/disruption in my classroom that took away fr her/her classmates’ education—-she came to my class fr PE…in which she was in girls’ locker room..& her “romantic interests” were rejected, so she came to my classroom crying at least half the week or more…& PS….don’t know WHY–no matter your “gender choice” a kid would think 6th grade school hours are the place to try out sexual “interests” w/your classmates—-SOMETHING amiss there anyway. We have a hands-off policy for our kids, and rule against public displays of affection, but so far, it’s ONLY been enforced against heterosexual students–our “otherwise” students are coddled.) The counselor told me that this little girl had chosen to be called “David” (NOT the real name….but you “get it,” she wanted to be called a boy’s name). I refused. She had a legal name on my roll. I asked if the parents consented to this. The counselor told me that in the state of CA, a child of age 12 can legally “choose” sexual preference without consent of parents. I still refused….FGS….I’ve been nearly assaulted by parents in my own room over having a seating chart that did NOT SUIT their child’s social choices….I was NOT going to start calling a girl “David” without meeting w/parents (which the student refused to do….so she called ALL THE SHOTS…unlike OTHER instances in which I might like to meet a student’s parents.) Call me OLD-FASHIONED, but I still think the law holds parents accountable for the raising of/decisions thereof for minor children…meaning, under age 18. My “solution” was to NEVER EVER use a pronoun w/this kid. I always referred to her by her official, legal attendance sheet name.
    Flash forward to last year, age 13 for this girl. I had her once again in an elective class. I privately went to her and asked if she still felt the same (I really wanted to know if anything had changed with her discussing this with her parents)….and she said, “Oh no, I’m OVER all that.” I was skeptical….but having observed her for the year, I believe so now. It was a “passing fad” for her to try on different identities. No guarantee that it won’t pop up again later in her life, or that she will find out that she’s just plain lesbain and not transsexual…but the point is….IT WILL BE LATER….when she is older, when her cerebral cortex is fully formed somewhere around age 18-21. She will be able to make those choices for HERSELF…and not others pandering to wavering pubescent hormonal, social, cultural, media pressures. Parents, educators, doctors, need to “GET IT” on this score at the risk of ruining a lot of lives irrevocably.

    • One wouldn’t think that the State of California (or any other for that matter) would leave something like “gender identification” to the vagaries of an adolescent. Good for you. I would have done the same thing.
      I do not envy you. I couldn’t do it. The agenda is so obvious. I notice here, too, that there are more and more girls, arm in arm, etc.., making a “statement”. They don’t get these ideas on their own.

  10. I noticed there was no father mentioned….

    • When I read stories about trans kids, about 95% of the time there is no father mentioned.

      • Yes RL and DCG—how astute…this particular student had an absent father (in her life, but 7 hours away….he was accepting of her confusion, but mother—the daily present parent, was the one kept in the dark—-did not know…to my knowledge….what this student was displaying at school….which was aided and abetted by the state of CA and the resultant behavior of our administration/counseling staff at school.)

      • That is my point. When I taught high school, it only took a week for me to identify the kids being raised by a single parent or their grandmother.
        The destruction of the home and the intact family is probably the best tool ever devised by Satan to destroy this country.

  11. That poor kid! The original DSM had this sort of thing as a mental disorder. And, sad to say, it is for the most part a mental disorder. These kids are exposed to mercury (in their mom’s fillings in their teeth), vaccines and air pollution from factories. Then the BPA’s and other toxic chemicals in plastics (there are more than just BPA’s) alters their entire brains in utero. Add to that the fluoride that many countries have in the water supply and other toxic chemicals and you get these kids that grow up and have mental problems. Plus has the kid even hit puberty when he started taking estrogen?? That can also mess up his sex life when he finally matures, I just hope he can recover and become normal….

  12. This just jogged my memory..but when I was a kid, I wanted to be a boy. Why? I don’t know. Well, actually it was because boys got to do a lot more ‘fun’ things that girls did, boys were able to run around the neighborhood and go anyplace they wanted but we girls couldn’t do that because of ‘child predators’ and the like who actually were in our hood. But, when I got older I was just a ‘tomboy’ and a hetero, not a transgendered. These kids need to be allowed to grow up and be whatever they were at birth.

  13. There is nothing more impressionable (or hysterical) than an adolescent girl. I raised three of them. Everything is a drama. Their whole world depends on……..whatever!
    Things like this are “disorders” and that’s how they should be treated, not encouraged. Left alone the odds are very good that they will simply go away. True “mis-ordered” people are very rare. Even with them, it isn’t necessary or appropriate to help them assume the role.
    True tolerance just accepts people for who they are. We don’t need laws to enforce that. Of course, with them killing religion that may not always be the case. Indeed one could say that the need for state supervision stems from the fact that they have all but eliminated religious influence.
    I was in the hospital for some tests last week. One of the nurses was obviously VERY “gay”, and effeminate. He was also very good at what he did and kind. He was simply what he was. What’s wrong with that?

  14. HA HA lo! I totally KNOW what you mean about raising a (hysterical) adolescent girl! I (a female) grew up with 10 boy cousins, 2 brothers, have a husband and 2 sons (Praise God, I recently became Grandma to a red-headed baby girl who looks just like me!) I’ve never had the “luxury” of dependence or adulation. I was not the “pampered only girl,” I was the NON-BOY who had to fight to keep a PLACE in this line up! My “hand-me-down” clothes were my older boy cousin’s blue jeans & my mother’s old blouses. When my oldest son was in high-school, we took in a high-school foster daughter (a yr ahead of him) through our church youth group (of which I was director then). We did all the “regular” high-school parent things w/her…getting her ready for SAT’s, coaching her on writing an application essay, teaching her how to keep bank/checkbook records, choosing/ applying to work-study colleges, finding financial aide, & all the senior social activities–later, delivering her to her college half a continent away…..
    ONE night at the end of her Senior HS yr. we came home from the Drama Dept. awards, end-of-year activities, and she was HYSTERICAL….crying, blubbering…tangent comments, and I didn’t know about WHAT in particular …could NOT pin it down. Literally….when we came into the foyer of our home that night I POUNDED the walls with my fists and said something like, “JUST tell me what you want and I will help you……!!!!!!” I am normally a pretty stoic, conservative, no-nonsense person….so, pounding the walls pretty-much lightened the heaviness in the atmosphere….and she almost laughingly….said, “They spelled my name wrong in the program.”

  15. “Boy, 14, Reversed His Gender Transition After 2 Years. He Changed His Mind But Now Has Breasts”

    what is this world doing to children? “parents” are supposed to protect and guide their children, not bend to the whims of society and let society grip their children’s minds with evil hooks…..by bowing to the PC world, these parents are sacrificing their children to political correctness.
    Where’s the father?


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