11 Latin nations seek to block Ga. immigration law

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Mexicoand 10 other countries have joined the legal fight against Georgia’s tough new immigration law, warning that the strict crackdown could jeopardize close ties between the U.S. and its Latin American neighbors.

The nations filed briefs late Wednesday in support of liberal groups who asked a federal judge to declare Georgia’s new law unconstitutional and block it from taking effect.

The filing marks a new phase in the legal showdown that has pitted Georgia’s attorneys against groups who had threatened to challenge the law even before it was adopted by lawmakers. Mexico’s move also echoes the legal strategy it pursued to challenge tough new immigration rules enacted by other states. Attorneys representing Mexico filed briefs challenging similar legislation adopted in Arizona and Utah.

Georgia’s law, known as HB 87, would allow law enforcement to check the immigration status of a suspect who cannot provide identification and empowers them to turn over anyone found to be in the country illegally to federal authorities. It also adds new penalties for those convicted of harboring illegal immigrants and presenting false documents when applying for a job.

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17 responses to “11 Latin nations seek to block Ga. immigration law

  1. Screw Mexico (not to mention any other latin nation benefitting from dinero seguro sent back), it has no standing in our courts… oh, maybe they should make an effort to stop illegals from coming into our country, then they might have reason to gripe.

  2. Risking close ties between the U.S. and Mexico?

    What close ties are they talking about? The kidnapping, the rape, the shakedown, the killing, the fraud, the drugs in your beer, the robbery, the blackmail, the home invasion, the amoebas, the forgery, the STD, I mean what close ties are they worried about? Is the close ties to the defrauding the government? Is it the close ties to the gangs in the country? Close ties to Western Union to send the dollars home? The multiple social security numbers like Barry? The anchor baby? The mass grave? The drive by shooting? The knife in the back? I mean what are they talking about, “close ties?”

    • beijingyank,

      What you wrote about those secret trust funds for US political elites is most intriguing. I’ve started looking into it.
      In the meantime, try not to breathe too much of that polluted air in Beijing — and a warm “Welcome” to the Fellowship! 😀

      • Eowyn,

        Yes the air is tough on us in Beijing. The wind is carrying a lot of dirt from Mongolia. Thank God it is blowing east and pushes the Fukushima radiation away from China. This is a good thing. The bad thing is all that dust picks up the radiation going over Japan and heads for the States. The canary in the coal mine are the infant mortality rates and from what I see from the initial reports from Philly to LA, the Fukushima die off has begun.

        GE bringing good things to life. OH yeah, even China is reporting rabbits being born without ears.

  3. this is so disgusting,tell them to go pound sand.

  4. This makes me wild…..
    what about “standing”
    If no Americans seem to have “standing” regarding the eligibility of their own President, how on earth do a bunch of foreign countries have any “standing” about the laws in the United States???????????

  5. Let them try. I think the legal term is “standing”. Another country has no standing to prevent a US state from enforcing state law. All comers to a sovereign state must be there legally — that’s not asking for anything invasive or insane. By fighting this, Mexico and 11 other countries have just admitted that they use the US as their public cesspool, dumping their undesireables in our country. I say GA raise them one; add to the law that any illegal found must surrender all his/her money before being sent home. Every time these scummy nations try to interfere in our sovereignty, just keep upping the ante.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Who is Mexico to argue Constitutionality in ANYTHING? This would be a dream of a 10th Amendment case to go to the Supremes, wouldn’t it?

  7. These are the very countries who have been bitchin’ and moanin’ about “American Imperialism”. But they are the imperialists, for what is imperialism but the interference in another country’s sovereignty, autonomy, and laws?

    I’ve been to Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay — including meeting with government/military officials. Latin Americans have a love-hate complex about the United States — an unhealthy mixture of love-admiration, an abiding sense of inferiority, and deep smoldering resentment about their dependency on the U.S.

    Watch for them to kick us in our teeth if they ever get the chance.

    • Eowyn,

      I too spent about ten years in central America. You got the inferiority complex down, and I don’t think they would kick us in the teeth if they had a chance. They would have stabbed us in the back a long time before that.

      The idea of becoming prosperous to us and most people in the Northern hemisphere is to study hard, work hard, be honest, on time, and sincere.

      The Mexicans idea of prosperity was established from the days of the conquistadors or namely, “who do we steal it from?”

      I have to give the Latinos credit though. When it comes to art, we think of France and Italy. When we think of engineering we are reminded of Germany and the U.S. Sailing goes to Britain. Cooking to the French and Chinese. Flying to the Americans, fishing to the Japanese. But when we think of any of the black arts, nobody has brought it to the cutting edge of perfection like the Latino. Just the talent we need in the States…(I’m joking)

  8. Mad Angel is on FB

    I support H.R. 973….

    Our Constitution laid the foundation for our nation’s judicial system, and referencing or using foreign law in American courts will lead to its erosion. Each case that sites foreign law is another opportunity to set precedent and for the Constitution to be challenged or overrun.

    This would prevent Mexico or any other foreign government suing Georgia or any other U.S. state over it’s Immigration or any other policy… including stopping Sharia law in our courts


  9. How about this: We’ll adopt Mexico’s immigration law. Immigrants must request permission to enter, then prove that they have paying work and will be able to contribute to the country in a significant way. Anyone else will be thrown in jail or…

    This is ludicrous.

    • Ludicrous indeed…I lived in Mexico for one year (some time ago) and had to file papers to go to school. Had to have them available any time a cop stopped me. Oh, and I had to have “gringo” dollars to pay them off as well, for no specific reason other than I was a “rich” Americano. Jerks…

  10. These 11 latin countries have NO standing in our courts. Let no liberal judge attempt to use international law to decide our laws. Any reasonable judge with his head on straight would throw their complaints out of the courts. But we have seen a few who are so ideologically driven, that their very presence on the bench is anathema to what is good for The United States.

  11. Hands off my state, beaners.

    No joke.

    You don’t know what, nor whom, you are screwing with here.

    Just because the metropolitan Atlanta area is populated by a bunch of Emorrhoids and Agnes Scott College weenies, it doesn’t mean the balance of the state is.

    And don’t kid yourselves, as the utterly spineless Jihad Jimmy Earl was the exception, not the rule.

    We are fed up with illegals aliens from your countries getting drunk and running us down on the roads, clogging our schools, hospitals and government agencies – thus using up resources meant for, and paid for by, Georgians.

    We are tired of you breaking into our cars and houses, leaving your trash in our yards, defecating in our backyards, raping our wives and children, and everything else they do that runs against the grain of America.

    This state has a rich history of rebellion, so you just keep it up.



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