11 Days After Benghazi, Jihad Was Proclaimed on the Streets of New York

Hate and Intolerance for America was on parade September 23, 2012, at the NYC Muslim Day Parade.

One of the more disturbing parts of the Muslim Day Parade was the proud display of the Islamic Black Flag of Jihad visible throughout the event. The Black Flag of Jihad was hoisted above our overrun embassies in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc… The Jihadist’s pulled down and burned the American flag and replaced it with the Islamic Black Flag of Jihad as a symbol of dominance and military victory.
The hatred and intolerance for the United States of America, the Islamic Black Flag of Jihad represents, sent a clear and chilling signal to all supporters of America in attendance. I wish there were some Muslims at the parade who were equally offended, If there were they did not make their voices heard.
The President of the Muslim Day Parade, Dr. Shafi Bezar, saw these black flags of Jihad on display and did nothing to stop this offensive display of intolerance. Dr. Bezar owes the City of New York an apology and an explanation.
NY State Democratic Senator Tony Avella was so offended by the speeches coming off the main stage he left in disgust before he even had a chance to speak. We congratulate and support Senator Tony Avella’s standing up for American ideals and values.
The NYC Muslim Parade Committee have their 1st Amendment rights to spew their anti American political agenda. However, we at The United West have an obligation to expose this type of hateful pro Islamist political agenda.
We call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to condemn the hate and intolerance shown for America at this years Muslim Day Parade. We demand Dr. Shafi Bezar, the parade planners, and staff attend a mandatory sensitivity training class and sign a letter of apology to the people of New York.
God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops
One Team One Fight
The United West 
H/T  Kelleigh

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sage_brush sagebrushsays
sage_brush sagebrushsays
7 years ago

Not only on the streets of New York – but in our churches as well –

7 years ago

Let me get this right. They are not citizens. They want to kill us. Umm, so would anyone have a problem if we were to bypass their first amendment right and skip right to sticking their pretty black flag of jihad up their butt.
I mean there has to be a legal loophole in there somewhere. If not , screw it.
I’ll show them good ole U.S Of A. Jihad. NY Style

Bill Martikainen
Bill Martikainen
7 years ago

Ship all these dig bags along with their brother obama back to where they come from.