Why Are Californian Republicans Such Sniveling Cowards?

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There were two excellent candidates for governor in California’s June primary: Tim Donnely, a pro-family, pro-life, pro-Constitution, liberty-loving Tea Party Republican, and Robert Newman, a pro-family, pro-life, pro-Constitution independent.
So who did Californian Republicans vote for? Neel Kashkari, a Republican-in-name-only who supports Obamacare and admits he voted for aka-Obama, who once worked as a junior banker for Goldman Sachs, and who, in 2008, was given control of $700 billion of tax-payer money which he handed out to the banking industry, including his former employer, Goldman Sachs.
Ask Republicans why they voted for a such a candidate and their immediate response is, “We have to win in November.” And yet they keep losing.
Ever been to a Californian Republican meeting? I have, several times. Half the time is spent arguing over procedural matters, and the other half consists of members, who just happen to work for companies like Nation Builder, pitching their services, which just happen to be extremely expensive.
If someone has the temerity to suggest that the party embrace their conservative roots by coming out in strong support of the Constitution, the pro-life movement, traditional marriage, etc., they are applauded by most in attendance, but then told by the “leaders” that they are being “unrealistic.” “We have to win in November,” they say, and yet they keep losing.
Ever volunteered to work for the Republican Party? I have, several times. No one returned any of my phone calls or emails.
California Republicans loathe the Tea Party. They see the Tea Party as a threat to their established ways. They claim the Tea Party does not represent their members. And yet they keep losing.
In California there are numerous races in which the Republican Party does not even bother to run a candidate. “No chance to win,” they say. “We have to be realistic.” And yet they keep losing.
Orly Taitz ran for Attorney General as an independent in the June primary. Possessed with infinite courage and wisdom, Taitz would have done everything she could to clean house and expose political corruption. Did Republicans vote for her? No, they didn’t have the guts.
If you voted for Neel Kashkari in California’s primary, I’m calling you out. Why did you betray your state, your country, your family, and yourself by voting for such a man? Why are you such a damn, sniveling coward?

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0 responses to “Why Are Californian Republicans Such Sniveling Cowards?

  1. I believe California government/legislature is rife with fraud. I voted for Donnely and Taitz and others. I had NEVER heard of Kashkari before the primaries, now, all of a sudden, he is a contender for governor? Basically, Kash is a younger version of Brownstain, so that if Brownstain loses, Kash can pick up where he left off. Frequently, I have felt the urge to not vote because I am so disgusted with my government, but I go against my better judgement, and vote anyway. I long for the day when my voting efforts result in a smile on my face instead of a frown. The only outcome is the typical one: whatever benefits the status quo in government is “elected” by the secretary of state’s office (not the voters) and whatever benefits conservatives is immediately put down.

    • MomofIV, I salute you for your courage!

    • “I had NEVER heard of Kashkari before the primaries, now, all of a sudden, he is a contender for governor”
      Sounds a LOT like how it was when Obama ran for President. I had already decided who I’d be voting for,then,suddenly,”What the He!!??…Who is THIS guy?! Where did HE come from?? Granted-I wasn’t paying absolute attention to the lead-up to the Election,but I never even heard MENTION of Obama until I started seeing his campaign spots on TV.
      I suppose it makes me sound like a conspiracy Theorist to say that it appears that,with all the Voter Fraud and the Low Information Army that is the Democratic Party,Elections are becoming sort of an inside joke that we Conservatives aren’t privvy to…

      • The joke is, the vote doesn’t count, and hasn’t for a very long time, and even if it did actually count, the electoral colleges trump the citizen vote anytime it isn’t in favor of the party line. This is why I do not vote (signing up to vote is basically just signing up for jury duty anyway, making it not only useless, but a liability.)
        Odd name… kash-kari… cash & carry? Suffice it to say it is doubtful that california will be forfeited by the satanists anytime soon, they have to much vested in that state (moral degradation, san francisco being the “gay capital” of the entire west, los angeles being an organized crime capital for the west coast as well, then mount shasta city for the new age stuff, hollywood for media control, etc.) Better to pray and seek recourse to get the corrupted officials out of the state (maybe deport them to mexico, let them try their tricks on the cartels?) and get good Christian folk, with courage, who aren’t going to take bullying from satanists or tolerate the govstapo tactics, in.

        • “…..get good Christian folk, with courage, who aren’t going to take bullying from satanists or tolerate the govstapo tactics, in.”
          And you’ll do that HOW? Maybe if you bitch enough,and WISH really,really hard….

          • A good method would be to citizen arrest them, I think. No harm of course, their fate is for a proper court (Read: not the black robe mafia that currently runs the freemason Bars) to decide.
            The trouble is getting enough citizens who are not infected with cowardice to counter any potential militaristic/fascist aggression that might be utilized in interfering with the arrest.
            Tactically speaking, good folk would easily be outnumbered by the merc. and military force that might be applied if such an arrest was carried out. However if an aggressive action were taken, that would grant them pretext for open assault (IE a waco-type event)… so the question becomes: when the puppets of evil control the legal means of removing themselves (votes, etc., utilizing the electoral colleges to trump any citizen vote), and have standing armies and hirable mercs that will do their bidding (be it legal or illegal, as they can buy themselves out of most situations, even child torture and molestation), what can be done to remove them from the positions of power that they have taken? Its a very frustrating equation, and has no solution without God’s Guidance (He is smarter and a better tactician than the puppets of evil or their masters will ever be). Hopefully more folks with faith will decide they’ve had enough, and seek God’s guidance for removal of the puppets of evil.

        • Seumas, if you do not vote then you have no right to complain. Yes I know it’s rigged, but if all the people who say they don’t vote for that reason came out who knows we might change something. And how the hell are you gonna get those “Good Christian folk” in. Snap your fingers and blink 3 times.
          No, it’s called voting. Don’t pontificate if you don’t vote. Many people died for your right to vote. Praying is good. Praying for guidance on who to vote for is better. Grrrrrrrrrr
          And as far as jury duty goes you can forget that old adage. They pick them from many sources these day. Car registrations. Driver licences. etc.

          • Besides,what’s wrong with Jury Duty? SOMEBODY has to do it,and I’d rather go than have someone’s life under the control of some idiot who can’t spell his own name. Guilty or Not,everyone deserves a Jury of people who take their task seriously.

      • MomofIV and truck….I’ve always thought these guys (Obama and Kash) were “Quaker Guns.” In the American Revolution and Civil War, hard-pressed commanders, usually on the run (example: Lee as he withdrew southward from Gettysburg), set up night camps with dozens/hundreds of unattended campfires and logs from felled trees that were set up to look like cannon in the dust/night/early dawn. Behind these lines they withdrew into the safety of their own environs, while these “fakes” held the opposition at bay while they slipped away to a safe place. This scenerio projected a strength that was never there to begin with and, by God, was not there following significant entanglement with reality/war/battle.
        So, Kash and Obama have survived only by setting up their “Quaker Guns.” At every turn when they entangle with reality (and fail) or fail to present signifiicant qualifications for the job….they set up the “Quaker Guns” (poitical ploys, blame game, inflated self-opinion…tricks of the trade…) and the American public fails to go down into the battleground to touch the “guns,” verify the field, take notice of the pretender’s positions, their trajectory for the future….and not EVEN their home base/base of operations.

  2. Why are so many Republican politicos across America such sniveling cowards?

  3. I have been a Republican ever since I was old enough to vote. The first one in a family of Irish Catholic Democrats. Why? Because the Democrats were soft on Communism. I gave up a chunk of my life and some body parts defending this country against Communism. Now, the Republican Party in California backs these sissified liberal twits with an (R) after their name. The squish bags at the Republican National Committee give them campaign money.

  4. Are there any true Republicans IN California??? Sniveling, I think a lot of the “men” there are that way by nature, crybabies.

  5. They’re like boneless chickens.
    They just flop around. 😉


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