10,000 Russian troops conduct massive nuclear exercise

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This is ominous, especially in view of Putin’s military doctrine that states Russia would use nuclear weapons “in response to large-scale aggression utilizing conventional weapons in situations critical to the national security of the Russian Federation,” that is, even if Russia proper hadn’t been attacked.

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  1. Hey, for everyone who thought the Russkies being a problem went away with the Soviet Union, we’ve got some news for you…

    • But Russia did not provoke this Ukraine crisis. If the Obama admin & the EU hadn’t funded & encouraged the Ukrainian protests that began last November, there wouldn’t be a Russian annexation of Crimea.

      • President Lucifer seems to be running “Arab Spring” style operations in many places, including both Ukraine and Russia. And look at how well that worked out for Christians in North Africa.

  2. If Putin runs short on nukes, I’m sure Barry Davis would lend him some. Barry doesn’t have a need for them anyway.

  3. I honestly don’t know what to make of Mr. Putin. There are people I respect who think he’s a monster. But there are circumstances associated with the troubling events in Ukraine that make his actions appear reasoned and cautious. Remember, the clowns in Washington could become emboldened to save face, and do something incredibly foolish, like Obama’s earlier plan to attack Syria.

    And let’s not forget Clinton’s misbegotten Balkan War (wagging the dog), conducted to distract the press from his sexual affairs with a young intern. Our media told us a pack of lies leading up to that war. And here we had another Democrat president attacking Christians on behalf of radical muslims. Democrat presidents supporting jihadists in their effort to kill Christians; sound familiar?

    So whether he’s good or bad, Putin has not forgotten what American Democrat presidents are willing to do if they think they can get away with it.

    And if President Lucifer and SecState Lurch send our young people into a war, can you imagine the orgy of flag waving we’ll be treated to by the mainstream media? (and sorry, FoxNews would be right there with the rest of the alphabet networks)

    So what I do know is that if I were President Putin, I would be doing the same thing. I would be making it abundantly clear that anybody who’s thinking of an opportunistic military adventure is likely to face a nuclear holocaust.


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