It's a 100 degrees outside? Time to hit the gun range!

Living in Oklahoma you get use to the hot summer weather. And in our small town the only gun range is outdoors. What to do when you’ve got the itch to go shooting and it’s 100 degrees outside? Suck it up and sweat it out at the range!
So we did just that yesterday!
debbie 9mm (2)

 I warmed up with the 9mm.


We then moved on to shooting that “weapon of war.”

matthew range

As you can see, the range isn’t that fancy…


Yet there are lots of pretty wild sunflowers growing there!

So no matter how hot the weather is, always take advantage of your Second Amendment right and get in some target practice!

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Dr. Eowyn

What a handsome couple! — and I just love your cowboy boots with shorts, DCG. 🙂


Very good! In the heat of Brazil, people recently went to a globalist-approved 10 meter range with air rifles! Seriously, congratulations, Ginny Thrasher, more women should do what you and DCG are doing. (Lizzy Borden, stay in your room!)


I still need to get one-o-those “weapons of war”. Maybe when my truck sells…..


Been a while since I’ve been out shooting my toys. I don’t have a big collection, but don’t need one as I only have two arms, two shoulders and can’t carry a lot of extra weight anyhoo.
Great to actually SEE you DCG and hubby. Even better to see you working out with one of my favorite weapons, the AR.
Guess I’d best get hold of my buddy and create an excuse to clean everything I have again.
As a favorite author and good friend of mine always says, “Keep your powder dry!”

Paul Blake

Word to the wise, target shooting is nice, and can be great self-defense wise for knowledge of weapon handling… But in a real self defense situation: 1. No-one has a chance to put their palm up to support the weapon 2. You will never even see the gun sight of your weapon because it happens too fast 3. You will just have time to pull the weapon and fire! 4. You will need your free hand to defend yourself physically 5. Why Above, Because You Will Be Less Than 8 Foot From Your Attacker —The person who wants to rob… Read more »

Paul Blake

Noted one more important point!
—If in that split second you feel you are going to be shot at, immediately drop to a bent kneed, feet wide apart stance.
—Because bad guys do not practice shooting, and will normally shoot a little high.
—It also puts you into a solid, balanced, self defense stance
—And as you drop into that stance it is the perfect time to draw, point weapon, and pull trigger…in one continuous move! “Think About It!”