10 states where Lucifercare wipes out existing healthcare plans

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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! (Lewis Carroll, “Jabberwocky“)

I bring you great tidings of . . . bad news.

The following is culled from Sarah Hurtubise’s article for The Daily Caller, Sept. 28, 2013. I’ve changed certain names (e.g., Obama to Pres. Lucifer; Obamacare to Lucifercare) to indict the guilty.

President Lucifer  famously had promised the American people that under his (un)Affordable Care Act, we can keep our existing healthcare plan. He said:

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan!”


“If you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have!”

All lies.

Back in 2009, Nancy Pelosi famously said that “we” (Congress) must pass Lucifercare in order that “we” (the American people) find out what’s in it.

The second “we” refers to us plebians, not the first “we” of Congress, because after foisting Lucifercare on us plebians, Congress exempted themselves and droves of privileged others from Lucifercare.

Who's exempt from Obamacare

You’ve got to hand it to that Pelosi. She’s right!

Every day since Congress passed and the POS signed that accursed Act into law, we are finding out the rot that’s in Lucifercare.

Here are ten states where consumers may like their health care plans, but — SURPRISE! — we won’t be able to keep them:

1. California: 58,000 will lose their plans under Lucifercare; another 54% of Californians expect to lose their coverage, according to an August poll. The health plans that have exited California’s Lucifercare exchange include:

  • Aetna, America’s third largest insurer, left in July 2013.
  • UnitedHealth.
  • Anthem Blue Cross‘s health plan for small businesses.

2. Missouri: Patients of the state’s largest hospital system — which spans 13 hospitals including the St. Louis Children’s Hospital — will not be covered by the largest insurer on Lucifercare exchanges, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. Anthem covers 79,000 patients in Missouri who may seek subsidies on Lucifercare exchanges, but won’t be able to see any doctors in the BJC HealthCare system. (Are you as confused as I am?)

3. Connecticut: Aetna won’t offer insurance on the Lucifercare exchange in its own home state, where it was founded in 1850. The reason? “We believe the modification to the rates filed by Aetna will not allow us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans and meet the service expectations of our customers,” said Aetna spokesman Susan Millerick.

4. Maryland: 13,000 individuals covered by Aetna and its recently-purchased Coventry Health Care won’t be able to keep their insurance plans if they want Lucifercare subsidies on the exchanges. Aetna and Coventry canceled plans to offer insurance in the exchange when state officials wouldn’t allow them to charge premiums high enough to cover costs.

5. South Carolina: 28,000 people were insured by Medical Mutual of Ohio, SC’s second-largest insurance company, until it decided to leave the state entirely in July due to Lucifercare’s “vast and quite complex” new regulations. Company spokesman Ed Byers said Medical Mutual’s patients would be switched over to United Healthcare plans instead.

Obamacare bureaucratic mazeClick to enlarge!

6. New York: Aetna pulled out of New York’s exchange in late August in an effort to keep their plans “financially viable,” said Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener.

7. New Jersey: 1.1 million Aetna customers are at risk in New Jersey, where the leading insurer also won’t be a part of the exchange.

8. Iowa: Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Iowa’s largest health insurer, decided not to offer plans in the Lucifercare exchange. It sells 86% of Iowa’s individual health insurance plans.

9. Wisconsin: Two of the three largest insurers in the state won’t offer plans on the exchange. United Healthcare and Humana patients will have to get a new health insurer to buy insurance on Obamacare exchanges.

10. Georgia: Just five insurers are participating in Georgia’s Obamacare exchange. Medical Mutual of Ohio left Georgia and Indiana as well as South Carolina, due to Lucifercaree regulations. Aetna, along with Coventry, also decided against participating in the George health exchange.


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    10 states where Lucifercare wipes out existing healthcare plans

  2. Stay off the exchange site, because any information you enter on that site cannot be deleted – including the account itself.

    The commies are building a permanent database for later use, and we all know what that use is going to be.

    -And anyone that does not see that doesn’t understand the history of totalitarianism.

    Hitler would have gotten a woody if he had had access to personal info at his fingertips.

    There is a reason the NSA is gathering all that info on us, and it has nothing to do with national security, but everything to do with regime security.

    And I wonder how much more money non-Obama supporters will have to pay if the goonion clown at the registry manages to ferret out that one is a conservative?

    I’ll just bet it’s a bunch.


    • It might be a good time to shove Cloward-Pivens strategy right down there damn throats. Everybody access the site, enter fake names, s.s numbers. OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM , cause it to crash. Use that commie bastard Alinsky’s ideas against the pricks

  3. People need to wake up. When the democons passed this bogus bill and lucifer signed it, then the unconstitutional judge roberts sold the country out by making it a law it was 2,000 some pages long. Now it is 22,000 plus pages long and growing with new regulations everyday. lucifer does not have the power to change a law. Only congress can do that and I have not seen any bills in congress or votes to change anything. So the law stands as bogus from day one when he exempted the first person from this so called law. A law is for all not just some, they might think they are the chosen ones but are far from it. Get your nose out of the clouds lucifer because God might just decide he has had enough and send you back to where you came from. People who think they are better than everybody else are their own enemy.

  4. Even Kathleen Sabelius admitted to Jon Stewat on Comedy Central that Obamacare isn’t that great of an idea. He got a lot of applause from the audience when he said he was in favor of single payer health insurance.
    Hill Burton healthcare was pretty good, perhaps they should get that out of the mothballs, along with Glass Steagall and give them a shot.
    Staggering along without Glass Steagall in place and having an Affordable Health car? System in place isn’t producing JOBS, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, PROPER NUTRITION FOR OUR KIDS, DECENT EDUCATION.
    But hey, the CIA is making sure that AlQaeda is on the job either fight for us or against us to that Satan can take us down.
    We need to call our Congressmen and somen and tell them to reinstate Glass Steagall, and put Wall Street out of business. The have Congress utter credit for infrastructure projects that wil l put our people back to work. Then Obamacare will just be a thing of the past because no one in the right mind will allow it to continue a second longer. Reinstate Hill Burton if possible with immprovements. Start building thousands of new modern hospitals and training thousands of doctors and nurses. Get our peoople healthy, ggive them jobs and let them eat again and educate the kids right. I imagine Moochelle is planning her High Satanic Holiday Halloween Bash at the WH.
    I wonder what John Boehner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel are going to wear for Halloween. The Grim Reapers? Thank goodness Christmas is coming soon, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the New Born King. Jesus our Emmanuel……God with us….HE will never leave us nor forsake us……..Hooray for Jesus.

  5. Well heck, only 47 states to go.


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