10 reasons NOT to vote next Tuesday

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From John Philip Sousa IV’s essay on Stars & Stripes Forever:

Given that just a 2 or 3 percentage point drop in turnout among Republicans mean Democrats take control of Congress next year, I thought I’d list a few reasons why Republicans might want to consider skipping this election. Here goes …

1. If you like higher taxes, and you hate the explosive growth, new jobs, and higher incomes, that have lifted every American family — especially the poor — then don’t vote.

2. If you enjoy the polarization, blame shifting, and finger pointing in Congress, don’t vote. It seems like the moment the results of the last election were announced Democrats have been doing everything they can to create chaos and stop any progress at all. Imagine the congressional investigations they’ll launch if they take control of Congress. With Democrats in charge, expect even more resist, disruption, and delay.

3. If you want more violence in the streets, stay home. Groups like ANTIFA attack regular Americans with Democrat encouragement. Black Lives Matter regularly advocates for violence against police. Put Democrats in control and voters will send a clear message to these groups that their approach works and they should step it up in time for the 2020 Presidential elections.

4. If you want to replace rule of law with rule by the mob, don’t go to the polls. We all watched while Democrats found now Justice Kavanaugh guilty by allegation without the slightest shred of proof. They sought not to prevent confirmation by appealing to reason or argument. They worked to destroy a man’s reputation, career, and life — along with his wife, 2 daughters, and distraught mother — without presenting even a hint of justification.

5. If you want to stop the confirmation of conservative judges and appointees, forget about voting. Democrats have successfully stopped or delayed more presidential appointments than any congress in the last hundred or so years. Put them in charge of Congress and the trickle of confirmations will grind to a total stop.

6. If you think open borders for anyone who cares to enter is a good idea, then do nothing on November 6th. If you hate the idea of a wall, border security, or immigration enforcement; then Democrat control is for you. Don’t vote, let Democrats win, and we’ll see millions of new migrants enter America scot free. Not only that, but we’ll also see many billions more in spending on things like welfare, health care, and education for immigrants who flock here.

7. If you want more sanctuary towns, cities, and states that protect criminal illegal immigrants, then ignore election day. Crimes committed by illegal immigrants include murder, assault, rape, robbery and many more. But in sanctuary states and municipalities, police are banned from cooperating with federal authorities responsible for prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes. If you want more places where violent criminal immigrants are protected, vote Democrat in November!

8. If your heart’s desire is more government-controlled everything, then don’t vote. If you agree Obamacare doesn’t go far enough and that only a total takeover of healthcare by government is acceptable, then stay home on November 6th. Health care is only the beginning. Democrats now openly advocate socialism as a better approach than allowing free people, freely choosing, to decide our economic well-being.

9. If you’re ready to dispense with the Constitution and the freedoms it protects, forget about voting. If you agree with the left’s view that things like respect for personal freedom, individual dignity, and limited government are old-fashioned, then don’t vote. The Kavanaugh hearings were only a single shot in their assault on justice, rule of law, and freedom. They’ve been clear they also want to repeal the 2nd Amendment — by legislation or court decree. And it won’t stop there. With them in charge, our constitution and guaranteed rights will be little more than a memory.

10. If you like the idea of breaking the budget and running up even bigger deficits, don’t vote. Obama ran up our deficit by trillions of dollars — more than all the other presidents in America’s 200 year history COMBINED. More Democrats in Congress will make sure Trump and Republicans don’t return to the old-school idea of discipline and restraint in spending, that they can’t cut the size of government, make it more responsive, or bring new efficiencies.

These are just a few of the reasons you may want to stay home and let Democrats run rampant over the election this November.

Or, you can go to the polls and stop Democrat Socialist policies that will hurt our future, damage our economy, and destroy our freedom.

In this highly polarized, divided environment, every single vote counts, and with this election everything is on the line.

November 6th, it’s up to you.


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11 responses to “10 reasons NOT to vote next Tuesday

  1. I’m going to add #11, why you’ll vote nex Tuesday. None of the above, I am a freedom loving woman, and I pledge allegiance to my country.

  2. I will go and vote this coming Tuesday, but, being a life-long New Yorker, I do not expect anything to change in either New York City or New York State. The Democratic Party has had the City in a STRANGLEHOLD ever since Jimmy Walker, and the City has always leveraged the State as a whole. This is due to two basic factors: The entrenched liberal elites in Manhattan and the blue-collar factions in Brooklyn and the Bronx, on the one hand, and the immigrant bloc throughout the City, on the other. Suffice it to say, conservatives and libertarians are relatively few and far between, outside of Staten Island.
    Nor will I vote for someone whose name I have never heard of, or for any candidate who appears on both the Republican and Democratic slates. (Yes, it happens here in NYC for elected judges).

    But go to the polls I will and check out who, if anyone, is available.

    In addition to the voting bloc problems with New York, Florida and California have similar voting bloc problems. It’s the demographics, and these demographics will change in the next generation’s time—unless an unchecked immigrant invasion happens that will tilt the whole thing out of line forever.

    Rarely has a midterm election been so crucial to the survival of the Republic. Yet this election is it. The past two years have resembled an arm-wrestling contest that never seems to end. Hopefully, God Almighty will be with us.

    • Chicago & Illinois will be much the same as New York, except that our RINO governor will lose to the Democrat, and Illinois will accelerate it’s freefall.

  3. Democrats are supposed to vote on the 7th, not the 6th! I already voted.

  4. perhaps states should employ something like an electorial college, so that one city in a state is not able to determine the outcome of an election. I’m pretty sure none of the entrenched establishment would want that though.

  5. The Bible says He doesn’t want us to be lukewarm. It is our duty and responsibility to vote. Encourage all the non voters you may know to go out and vote.

  6. always ask for a paper ballot and for you uninformed an amicus brief outlining the massive voter fraud was just introduced to the supreme court . If you are stupid enough in this climate to commit voter fraud you will be caught .The biggest reason to vote is that trump needs to continue to drain the swamp and initiate the “plan” to lock them up and try them via military law for treason sedition and crimes against children. Q Speaks

  7. In 2016, I wrote in Hillary Clinton.

    For some inconsequential office at the local level, not for President.

    It wasn’t so much a vote for her, as it was an opportunity to badmouth and call her several names. I could’ve spent an hour “voting”, and used the entire sheet of paper I was given for my ballot.

    I’ll be sure to spew on somebody else Tuesday.

  8. Open borders is priority number one for the globalists. Ever notice how certain agendas proceed forward no matter which wing of the Uniparty is elected.
    After American citizenship is diluted and it becomes a third world cesspool will the inbred elites start the famine with all the Monsanto seeds?
    They are hoping the bunkers are deep enough and that the Praetorian guards never abandon post but they won’t be immune from the chaos they create.

  9. This is part of the reason why, the Bolshevik/Liberal/DemocRats want mass invasion migration, to vote out the patriot Americans, and vote in Liberal Totalitarianism. This is why the current generation of Bolsheviks are for “Democracy”. Because as in the former Rhodesia & SA, with the Bolshevik control of much of the MSM and exaggerating class,race,religious strife, they can manipulate the voters to “Vote” in their puppet communist politicians and bring in communism via the vote.

  10. Stephen T. McCarthy

    I voted early (NOT by mail!) A straight “R” ticket.

    And I managed to convince a woman I work with to change her votes on certain important state propositions. She had been fooled by the Liberal propaganda, but thankfully she came to me (a well-known Christian political animal at the work-site) to ask how I was voting. When she saw that some of my votes were different from what she’d penciled in, she asked “Why?” and I was able to untangle her propagandized understanding of some of the issues. So, I almost feel like I voted and… I will be voting again, when she goes to the polls on Tuesday.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


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