#1 Worst Congressman

The following is an editorial in no less than the liberal San Francisco Chronicle. It is titled “Man Without a Mirror” in the Chronicle‘s “hard copy” paper edition. Hmmm, does that mean the Chronicle is saying Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla) is a VAMPIRE? LOL

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla)


December 28, 2009

Freshman Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., has a knack for making news. He famously quipped that the GOP health care plan is for sick Americans to “die quickly.” He also suggested that former Vice President Dick Cheney “STFU” – you know what that means – and referred to a Federal Reserve lobbyist as “a K Street whore,” for which he later apologized.
Now Grayson has shown that he cannot take that which he so liberally dishes out. On Dec. 15, Grayson sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an “investigation and prosecution” of the Florida woman who set up the Web site, MyCongressmanIsNuts.com.
Grayson complained that blogger Angie G. Langley had chosen a name that “is utterly tasteless and juvenile,” that she “falsely depicted herself as a constituent,” when she lives in a different congressional district. As she continues to raise funds to unseat him, Grayson argued that Langley should be “imprisoned for five years.”
Five years? Whoa. That’s slightly shorter than the time convicted lobbyist/bagman Jack Abramoff is expected to serve.
Langley told the Orlando Sentinel, “This man is nothing but a bully and an intimidator.” One year in D.C., and he thinks he’s a king.

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10 years ago

So there was a discussion (I was not part of it initially) on NB yesterday about the clowns in Congress and I was called in to create a video about them. Well, I’ve got the trailer, and I’ve got to make sure I get this Grayson guy into the full version. He is definitely a notable member of the 111th Clowngress!

10 years ago

We all learn from constructive criticism. What is the problem here?

Michael Hong
Michael Hong
9 years ago

the name “MyCongressmanIsNuts.com.”
does imply that the owner of that website belong in Grayson’s district.
How would you feel if I make a website call “my crazy ex-gay boyfreind” then have your picture all over the wall?