1 of 8 Americans on Food Stamps

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Good grief.
Today’s (June 3) Bloomberg news reports that more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps. The total U.S. population is 309.416 million. This means 13% of Americans — 1 out of every 8 Americans — are on food stamps! 

The number of Americans receiving food stamps in March topped 40 million for the first time as the jobless rate hovered near a 26-year high.
Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program subsidies for food purchases totaled 40.2 million, up 21% from a year earlier and 1.2% more than in February, the Department of Agriculture said yesterday in a statement on its website. The number of recipients has set records for 16 straight months. [Let’s see… That’s how long Obama’s been president! -Ed.]

Food aid climbed as the unemployment rate stayed at 9.7% in March for a third straight month, near levels last seen in 1983, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate rose to 9.9% in April. Jobless numbers for May will be released tomorrow.
An average of 40.5 million people, more than an eighth of the population, will get food stamps each month in the year that began Oct. 1, according to White House estimates. The figure is projected to rise to 43.3 million in 2011.
How are y’all enjoying the Hope and Change?
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0 responses to “1 of 8 Americans on Food Stamps

  1. this is exactly what the fraud and his regime want!

  2. I think these politicians and that includes
    Obama should get a “taste of their own

  3. Steelworkers (such as yours truly) warned this was coming for over thirty years. There’s nothing amazing when —
    — A country ships millions of jobs offshore,
    — Replaces that work with NOTHING,
    — Then pretends to be amazed when people have no work and therefore need food stamps.
    The minute deindustrialization began, re-agrifications should have started. Every factory closed should have signalled the start of at least a hundred familiy farms.
    The food stamp statistic verifies what we have said for a generation:
    There is NO SUCH THING as a post-industrial economy. Never was and cannot be. Spread the word — fast. We need millions of family farms up and running way before the next election.

    • Franz—unfortunately, the government would regulate the heck out of them, and Obama will not help small businessmen. He wants people to be needy. Actually, he would love for us to live in mud huts.

    • Franz said: “There is NO SUCH THING as a post-industrial economy.”
      Yes, there is… it’s called Zimbabwe. Well, actually, that proves Franz’ point.

  4. I wonder if the Billions with a “B” was in the form of food stamps. Its time for someone to put Israel to rest once and for all. Its aleays in the interst of the mad dog to put it out of its, and our, misery.

  5. Obama needs to be impeached, he is not addressing the depression. Close the Fed and reinstall the National Bank, a bank for and by the people.

  6. Unemployment at 9.7% my sheeple butt.
    Double that!
    For more information on just how dumbed down the American sheeple are visit their web site.

  7. I am certain this makes Obama (the great baloney slicer) very happy. Those that voted for this dude; thanks for NOTHING.

  8. Awright, more Democrat voters! Crank up the deficit!

  9. Rev Reggie Jackson

    There is a sneaking suspicion that Obama wants all of you white people to see how it feels to be on food stamps like about 50% of all blacks have been on them at one time of their life. And now, you white folks are going to get use to eating the gubment cheese and canned spam and powered milk and powered eggs baby.
    And his new world order antichrist puppet masters are making him do all of us in whether we are black or white. For the only color that turns them on is green and gold and silver baby!!
    And if all of their plots of destroying our nation through the Katrina’s and the Haiti’s (I believe that they possess an earthquake weapon) and the 911’s which I am 99.9% that they orchrestrated; are carried out to fruitition; we are going to have a horrible time in the next 2 years leading up to 2012 when the Myans said that it will be all over.
    And by then; I believe that we will be in world war 3 and the antichrist beast that has owned all of our Presidents; will demand that we take his mark of the beast chip; that will turn its host into brainless zombie slaves (most of you are already half brainless zombie now) of the new world order antichrist beast system.
    And according to Revelation 14:9-11; if you take that mark (chip) in your forehead or hand, you will forever be in the lake of fire and brimstone because it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader!!

    • It is not about left or right, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat. It’s about creating a subserviant class of slaves to serve the NWO Masters. They will have their way for a while. Their days are numbered, however. Christ will destroy the NWO and extablish His Kingdom.

  10. I agree with Doc’s wife. Mr. O wants us to be needy. Remember, he is the patrician, the nobleman, and we are the plebians, the lowlife and he knows what is best for us.
    However, I do believe that there are some of the working poor who need food stamps. But remember, such programs are always abused. Years ago, I was shopping in a grocery store and when I was finished, I of course stood in line for check out. In front of me were two women, and from their conversation they were mother and daughter. They were both dressed elegantly with designer jeans on and Gucchi bags. In their basket was shrimp, New York steaks, Brie cheese, and other expensive items. I watched them as the daughter pulled out her food stamps. I was appalled! I said to them and in front of the checker, “You are not poor! Why do you have food stamps?” I told her that these food stamps are meant for the working poor, for those really in need, not for people wearing leather boots and Gucchi bags. They got so angry that they told me to, “____ _______,” walked away and left their cart there. Other people heard me and they started to clap. I told them that being on a local Board that served the real poor, the homeless, people who were hungry, that this was an abomination and a clear sin! I would predict there is much, much abuse in the food stamp realm and that is why there is such a large percentage using food stamps.

    • When we were very young and naive, we lived in the MS Delta. I never went to the grocery that someone was not paying with food stamps. Many of these people came in expensive cars, and bought prepared, expensive food. That is a way of life, unfortunately, for many in the US. Joan, you and I are paying for their groceries.

      • Yup, check it out at WalMart today, too… tons of cooked rotisserie chicken, snack food, popsickles, not Great Value (WalMart generic) label in the bunch.

    • Joan,
      Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, granted the items in their cart were questionable when one is on food stamps but I can tell you, I ran out of unemployment benefits the end of March I have sent out close to 700 resumes in the last two years w/out any luck on finding a job, I am applying to jobs paying 1/5 of what I was making before I got laid off so no I’m not being picky on the jobs I’m sending my resume to. I have spent my savings trying to make ends meet and I just last month applied and got food stamps. I have never been “poor” my whole life until now so while I am food shopping I may not “look” poor but financially I am since I have all of about 50.00 to my name and don’t know how I will pay my bills this month including my house taxes. And just so you know I for one do not like eating processed foods when I go food shopping I buy all fresh organic veggies, fruit and meat so someone may think the same thing about me that you thought about that mother and daughter, I should not be punished or judged for wanting to eat healthy, I’d rather eat one healthy meal a day then 2 or 3 unhealthy ones just to appease those around me who see me using the food stamp card.

  11. Gregory Fegel

    Within the discussion of unemployment and welfare, there is a key issue that I find remains unexamined and unaddressed by most commentators. That is the issue that machines and computers have eliminated jobs that will never be replaced. In the early 20th Century, 85% of Americans worked in agriculture. By the 1970s, about 5% of Americans worked in agriculture, and today less than 3% of Americans work in agriculture. That decline in the need for agricultural workers is due to
    mechanization, which is a net eliminator of jobs. Computerization is
    also a net eliminator of jobs.
    The jobs that have been eliminated by mechanization and computers will
    never come back, unless the society becomes demechanized and returns to
    the ‘horse-and-buggy days’. Consequently, it is impossible to provide a ‘full-time job’ to everyone, and it will become increasingly
    difficult to provide a sufficient number of jobs, as mechanization and
    computerization continue to proliferate. One solution to this problem would be to reduce the hours of ‘full-time jobs’ to create more jobs.
    The US government could redefine a ‘full-time job’ as 32 hours per
    week, and require employers to hire more workers instead of paying
    overtime to employees already on the payroll. In such a scenario, it
    could be regarded as antisocial and unpatriotic to ‘hog the work for
    yourself’ by working overtime on a job.

  12. Cultural Wasteland

    Let’s remember who elected O. It was the American Sheeple. Too bad. The Republic was already dead by the time the imposter was elected. Now the insane asylum we call Congress has placed us firmly in the Socialist camp. RIP for the US. A Republic requires a moral people, but that hasn’t been the state of things here for a very long time. We will get what is coming to us — suffering and slavery for our embrace of evil…

  13. Many people living in America receiving food stamps are not Americans.
    Many are immigrants, and many millions are illegal aliens.

  14. Do you know why FEMA have internment camps.? This is for when the Gov can no longer afford to pay for food stamps. You need to understand that the US is now becoming a third world country.

  15. So somebody please tell me what was happening to Americans when Regan was laying off millions of middle mangers with “Reaganomics” and Bush Sn was laying off military personnel while fighting for his oil well in a Gulf War and Bush Jr was sending the last of the major jobs overseas following his coup of the white house? Get real people these forty million Americans getting food stamps did not happen over night but we are made to think so. Once again we are shown how the System is blind when a Whiteman is in charge, but will bring everything out to the light when a Blackman is in charge. I seen this happen in my life as well as many of my Brothers who had to come into a job situation and cleanup messes left behind by our white counterparts. FEMA has those camps ready for when the government initiates a race war so they can first get rid of the Blackman who has the ability to unify the masses (all races) against them.

  16. When Obama was elected, I made the statement to several friends that we will all be issued EBT cards within 2 years.
    I am still standing by this statement. Given the current trajectory, I see no reason why it couldn’t happen.

  17. Lahdahn, it is clear that some people make race the issue as much as they can. You miss the point entirely!

    • No Joan, I didn’t miss the point. When I got riffed in the first gulf war, I looked at my savings and figure it would take me six months to land a job and that if I get food stamps for six months then I can use the rest of my money to job hunt. When I went down to the office, I was refused the stamps, because I was a homeowner and I had a car. But in front of me was 3 generations of black women arguing over who should get benefits for the 14 year old baby. No I will never miss the point.

      • Lahdahn—I agree that this is a big problem. Youngest daughter just took a job in Mississippi, and was shocked at what some there will do. At income tax time, her co-workers were selling social security numbers of their children to others to be used as write-offs!

  18. Welcome to the New World Order Socialist Cesspool!
    Joseph McCarthy, a true American patriot, was the only Senator with the guts to expose the communist takeover of our government. The intensity of the attacks on him proved that he hit a home run against the subversive elements in government and society.
    The present state of the Union bears witness to the truth of the treasonous filthy rot and festering boil known as Capitol Hill.
    Everyone should read “None Dare Call It a Conspiracy” written by Gary Allen in 1971 (Google it !), another expose of the treason rife within our government.
    Folks, the war is upon us. It is freedom and liberty against the kleptocratic elite and their lapdog forces of globalist collective tyranny.
    Stand your ground or be a slave. It is your choice.

  19. Gee, maybe shipping all those good jobs to India and China wasn’t such a good idea. Oh well, the CEO got big fat bonuses so I guess it was worth it.
    If you check out the eligibility requirements for food stamps, you have to be dirt poor to qualify.

    • jr,
      You wrote “If you check out the eligibility requirements for food stamps, you have to be dirt poor to qualify.”
      Ever heard of FRAUD? The food stamps boondoggle is riddled with fraud.
      Here’s a headline from Florida, dated March 18, 2010: “Statewide Food Stamp Fraud Scheme Nets $3.5 Million”

    • Just so you know they have lifted a lot of the restrictions on getting food stamps I own a home and prior to this year I never would have gotten food stamps had they not lifted the requirements. All I had to show them was a letter from Unemployment stating I exhausted all benefits, a copy of all my utility bills, a copy of my house taxes and proof of identity.

  20. @ Steve @bruce
    What is the matter here? bruce has made a very good posting. People should hear him. It is Steve who ought to be banned from this website.

    • Hey, Davey,
      Do you always butt your nose into other people’s business? So you think Steve “ought to be banned” from this blog. You must not have read our “ABOUT” page ’cause if you had, you’d know that STEVE IS A CO-FOUNDER OF THIS BLOG!!!!
      You & Brucey, birds of a feather Jew-haters flock together.

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  22. Geezer Dookie

    Obama inherited this mess from the Redneck Republican Party.
    Bushonomics crushed America with two major wars and Big Bank Pandering.
    Now it’s up to the underdog party to clean up the Moral Majority Mess.
    Oh the janitor will get it. We can do no wrong!

    • Geezer (what an apt alias),
      To begin with, before you make a stupid comment such as yours, get to know us first. If you had bothered to just read our “ABOUT” page, you’ll realize that FELLOWSHIP OF THE MINDS IS NOT A REPUBLICAN BLOG, comprised of GOP apologists!!!!! If you had bothered to read my past posts, you’d see that I’ve taken the GOP to task as well. America is in the sorry state it’s in because BOTH parties had colluded to take this country away from the original design and intent of the Founding Fathers, down the ruinous road of socialism.
      Now, about your absurd boast that “the underdog party” will “clean up the Moral Majority Mess.”
      * “Underdog party”? You must be delusional. Hello, the Democrats are the MAJORITY PARTY — both in Congress and in terms of voter party identification! You also have the White House, the executive branch of government. Some underdog. Wait…! What you really mean is the “victim party” of self-pitying resentful whiners, malcontents, scapegoaters, demagogues, parasites, and haters.
      * Democrats are “cleaning up” the “inherited” mess? Not only are you stupid, you are also woefully ignorant. Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are spending this country into deficits so gargantuan, it’ll take generations of Americans to pay it off. Some “underdog” party you are, saddling our children and grandchildren with debt up to our eyebrows.
      Go educate yourself first, then come back and argue with us. Unless of course, you have a good excuse for your stupidity and ignorance, being a self-described “geezer,” the definition of which is “an eccentric old man,” in your case afflicted with age-related mental issues.

  23. As it turns, I think the only way out of the situation is Mr. Lyndon LaRouche’s political movement!

  24. Nice data and interpretation. However, we have to edmit that world’s economy is not in its good shape.

  25. We’re one of those 1 in 8. When my husband lost his job, we didn’t run for a hand-out and lived off our savings for over 2 years before the money ran out. I understand there if fraud out there, but honestly, at least in my state, you do have to prove your are poor to qualify. We must re-qualify every 6 months. We have to provide proof of income, tax returns, birth certificates, bank statements, rent and utility bills, as well as filling out forms providing all type of information. Trust me, it’s not fun getting the dirty looks at the grocery store when I pull out my EBT card, like I’m some sort of criminal because I want to feed my family. BTW, I work a FT time, but it pays so little. I still pay taxes, but my income is below poverty level. People accuse us of looking for a handout. No, I don’t want a handout, I want a job for my husband, but that isn’t happening.
    Sad thing is that the press is really pushing the food stamp numbers lately. Seeing how much money the government is spending on “services” really gets the public’s ire up (and makes the conveniently forget the billions siphones off to the banks and corporations). You start hearing that whispering of “let them get a job or let them starve”. Before you know it, then there’s the whispers of “they are not contributing to society, they are only a drain, they would be better off dead.” It’s not that far of a leap, as I’ve already heard such things in comments. Seems to me that is just the type of talk the regime likes to hear.

    • fictionfact,
      I am so sorry that your husband lost his job and your family has fallen behind and must depend on food stamps. You are exactly what the food stamps program is intended to assist! No American would resent you. It’s the fraudsters and illegals getting food stamps who taint the entire program.
      Thanks for verifying the Chicago gay man’s club story!
      May God bless and protect you and yours,

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