1 of 2 Detroiters Can't Read

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Dilapidated houses in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan, once was a booming city. No more. It is dying before our eyes.
At its peak, America’s former “automotive center” was the 5th largest city in the U.S.A. Today, Detroit is the 11th largest city and can “boast” of these dismal statistics:

  • 33.8% of Detroit’s residents were below the poverty level in 2007, the highest among large U.S. cities.
  • In December 2010, Detroit had a 19.1% unemployment rate.
  • 31.6% of households in Detroit were headed by a female with no husband present; only 26.7% of households were married couples living together.
  • Whereas the city had fewer than 6,000 blacks in 1910, today blacks comprise 81.6%, while whites account for 12.3% and Hispanics 5% of Detroit’s population.
  • Detroit was the 3rd most dangerous U.S. city in 2009, according to a study by the CQ Press.

Add to the above doleful list this latest statistic: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read.
According to a report released on May 4, 2011 by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund, 47% of the residents of Detroit are “functionally illiterate.”
View a copy of the report in pdf here.
Functional illiteracy refers to a person who can read and possibly write simple sentences with a limited vocabulary, but cannot read or write well enough to deal with the everyday requirements of life in society, such as reading a prescription or a job advertisement, and filling out basic forms like job application forms.
Illiteracy is highly correlated with poverty and crime. As examples, over 60% of adults in the US Prison System read at or below the 4th grade level; 85% of US juvenile inmates are functionally illiterate; 43% of adults at the lowest level of literacy lived below the poverty line, as opposed to 4% of those with the highest levels of literacy.
H/t beloved fellow Sagebrush.
Read how immigration and multiculturalism destroyed Detroit, “An Elegy to Detroit“.

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0 responses to “1 of 2 Detroiters Can't Read

  1. Steven Crowder put together a really good picture of Detroit fairly recently- a year ago, or so. He compares the glory days with today. Worth the 13 minutes if you haven’t seen it. Crowder goes ghetto.
    This video also shows in detail how liberal policies and unions created today’s Detroit.

  2. and as long as there is diversity and affirmative action around nothing about similar situations in our cities is likely to change…

  3. lowtechgrannie

    2003 Detroit K-12 Public Education audit shows that lack of money is not a problem. Thowing more money into the pot doesn’t work. Here’s the 2003 audit they needed to comply with all the Federal Dollars.
    Adopted Budget for this year:
    See how the Labor Unions are Sucking Them Dry!
    Current Bargaining Agreements (PDFs of all agreements are online)
    AFSCME Local 345 – Settlement Agreement (2004-2013)
    AFSCME Local 345 CBA (2000-2003)
    Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees – CBA (1999-2003)
    Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees – Settlement Agreeement (2003-2007)
    Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees – Settlement Agreement (2007-2013)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [NHA,Food Service] – CBA (1999-2002)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [NHA,Food Service] – Settlement Agreement (2003-2008)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [NHA,Food Service] – Settlement Agreement (2008-2014)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [SSA,NHA,FoodService] – Settlement Agreement (2002-2003)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [SSA] – CBA (1999-2002)
    Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals [SSA] – Settlement Agreement (2003-2014)
    Detroit Federation of Teachers – CBA (2005-2009)
    Detroit Federation of Teachers – Settlement Agreement (2009-2012)
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – CBA (1999-2003)
    International Union of Operating Engineers – CBA (2003-2006)
    International Union of Operating Engineers – Settlement Agreement (2006-2014)
    MI Bldg. JourneyPersons – Settlement Agreement (2003-2009)
    MI Bldg. Trades ForePersons – Settlement Agreement (2003-2009)
    MI Building Trades ForePersons – CBA (1999-2003)
    MI Building Trades JourneyPersons – CBA (1999-2003)
    Non-Instructional Supervisory Personnel – CBA (1999-2003)
    Non-Instructional Supervisory Personnel – Settlement Agreement (2003-2009)
    Non-Instructional Supervisory Personnel – Settlement Agreement (2009-2014)
    Organizaton of School Administrators and Supervisors – CBA (2009-2013)
    Police Offcers Labor Council – CBA (2003-2009)
    Teamsters Local 214 [Site Mgmt] – CBA (2003-2008)
    Teamsters Local 214 [Site Mgmt] – Settlement Agreement (2009-2012)

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Here’s a juicy clause in Detroit School District’s Agreement with the Teacher’s Union! (From Page 10 of 154 page contract)
    D. Political Action DeductionsThe District agrees to make payroll deductions available to members of the bargaining unit
    for the Union’s Political Action Fund under the following conditions: The member’s authorization shall be voluntary. It shall not be a condition of continuing membership or employment. The Union agrees to pay in full all costs related to the implementation and maintenance of the aforementioned payroll deduction.
    If any provision of this section is invalid under Federal or State law, said provisions shall be modified to comply with requirements of said Federal or State law.
    E. IndemnificationThe Union agrees that in the event of litigation against the District, its agents or employees arising out of this provision, the Union will co-defend and indemnify and hold harmless the District, its agents or employees for any monetary award arising out of such litigation

  5. jeesh…what a disaster this place has become. More proof that liberal policies fail.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Basically, the American Public Education system, regardless of state, cries it needs more money and runs a levy on the ballot, the Labor Unions rake off the cream, the taxpayers are screwed….. and the kids remain a pack of illiterates with high self-esteem who embrace Gaia and diversity.

    • As long as they’re faithful left/liberals who think AmeriKKKa is the enemy, folk don’t need to be able the read/write there.

  7. But 3 out of 2 Detroit residents are registered Demo-rats (thanks to ACORN).

  8. sage-kidrock is from Michigan,his latest song “BornFree” is so good. /they put out that he does alot to try an save Michigan.or help it. Is that so? The news I hear about the muzzies coming in there,really ticks me off. I wonder how many of them are illegals? They need to put signs up everywhere,”Muslims Leave NOW” don’t worry,the other states if it is spread around about how thick they are will come. No one is hearing how bad it is here on the west coast. The only time we hear something is when they are winning something in court,which seems like every time you turn around.{B.S} One thing the bastards are taking their tubins off,here when they are driving our trucks down the freeway,{not paying road tax} I think they might be getting a little GUN SHY.

  9. Two points:
    1) I bet every one of them can pick out a “D” on a ballot from 10′ away.
    2) Pretty soon they will be in good company when the illiterate camel-washers have taken over their once great city.

  10. I had no idea, thanks for sharing all of this, and the comments too.


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