1 of 10 Stores in US Are Victims of Flash Robs

It happened again, last weekend, in a suburb of Washington, D.C.
I’m referring to what the media euphemistically and mistakenly term “flash mobs” when the plain truth is that these incidents should correctly be called robbery, looting, and race riots. The media also will not say what we can all see with our own eyes — the perpetrators are black.
Jack Cloherty reports for ABCNews, Aug. 16, 2011, that a “flash mob” invaded and looted a 7-11 convenience store in Germantown, Md., early Saturday morning, stealing all the snacks and candy they could get their hands on, then left the store as quickly as they came.
The store clerk pressed the silent alarm when he belatedly realized there was a robbery in progress, and a police cruiser responded in under a minute. But by then, the mob was gone.
Montgomery County Police spokesman Paul Starks said, “It was anarchy for 60 seconds. We’ve counted at least 28 individuals we can see on the surveillance tape. We already have a good idea of who some of these people are. We are going after them all, and if we can identify the ringleaders, they are going to face some serious charges.” Police suspect the mob was organized using social media like Facebook or Twitter.
The term flash mob was first used to describe impromptu gatherings of people to sing or dance in a public space, alerted by text, email or Twitter, but the Germantown incident is just the latest in a summer when flash mobs have turned from spontaneous, fun events to outright felony.
Other incidents include:

  • Missouri riot: On April 10, 2010, some 900 youths, some as young as 11, converged on the shopping and entertainment district, the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Police responded to reports of vandalism and assaults. One group of teens robbed and beat a couple from Grandview. A girl in a prom dress was shoved into a fountain. Fights broke out. Police had to use pepper spray to disperse the mob.
  • Ohio race riot: On July 4, 2011, in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, a group of 1,000 youths organized through social networking sites to fight and disrupt an event.
  • D.C. mob robbery: On July 4, 2011, in Washington, D.C., a flash mob robbed a high-end clothing store earlier this summer.
  • Wisconsin race riot: On August 5, 2011, a flash mob stormed the fairgrounds at the Wisconsin state fair in Milwaukee. “My mom just got attacked by a flash mob,” said a caller to 911. “Punched in the face for no reason. We need emergency help right away.”
  • Philadelphia race riot & looting: Nowhere has the flash mob phenomenon been more popular than in the Philadelphia area. There, a man was assaulted by a group of about 30 who were believed to have gotten together through Twitter, according to the Associated Press. On June 23, a few dozen young people looted several hundred dollars worth of merchandise in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby, Pa.

The surge in flash mob crime prompted Philadelphia to impose a curfew for all minors under the age of 18 in targeted enforcement districts. Philadelphia’s black mayor Michael A. Nutter said, “This nonsense must stop. If you wanna act like a butthead, your butt’s gonna get locked up. If you wanna act like an idiot, move; we don’t want you here anymore. Parents who neglect their children, don’t know where they are, you’re going to find yourself spending some quality time with your kids in jail together.”
In Phladelphia, there have been no more violent flash mobs after about 70 young people were detained and then released to their parents, with a warning.

Buried in the ABCNews account is this alarming statistic:

The National Retail Federation estimates that about one in ten stores in the United States has been the victim of a “flash mob” invasion and robbery.

The Federation’s spokesman, Joe La Rocca, says, “These incidents can turn violent, they can injure customers, they can damage the store and then there’s the financial losses the retailers suffer.” In most cases, by the time the police arrive, the mob is long gone, making for a long arduous process to identify and prosecute the culprits.
The reaction from the Obama White House and Attorney General Eric Holder:

[For more, see “Obama & Holder Ignore ‘Beat Whitey’ Race Riots“]

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8 years ago

Placing electronic locks on doors that coincide with the alarm’s would create enough of a delay for law enforcement to arrive, and You will Have A Criminal Record if You Violate the Law in this Store! Assault or Bodily harm to employees will be prosecuted to the full extent of state law.

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?
8 years ago

I have found that Fellowship of the Minds is a great place to recieve news, religion, human interest stories, politics and musings.it’s this blend that keeps your site the one I always check in my mailbox. It also allows for personal commentary for each post.It seems many of these comments are back and forths between Fellowships authors and a place for them to thumps-up each other.That’s Okay, I don’t see many thumbs-up for others comments that are made? Please keep up the good post on Fellowship of the Minds.I really do enjoy them! This is my last comment…Thanks!…And I will… Read more »

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?
8 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Dear Eowyn: If you read my comment carefully, you will see that I said that it was Okay for Authors of FOTM to give each other Thumps Up.And I never said that I wanted a written reply to any of my comments either.
Maybe after two and one half years of writing to every conservative group and conservative person in media, with little or no response?….Or Maybe, I’m just too tired of writing , just to see my words in print anymore?
Thanks for your very kind words!..They mean a lot to me!..Thanks!