1.73 billion abortions worldwide in 40 years

Hitler and the Nazis are reviled for murdering 6 million Jews — a horrific page in human history which we call The Holocaust.
But there is an ongoing even bigger Holocaust that bestirs not our conscience, and instead is applauded and championed.
Fr. Shenan Boquet, president of the pro-life Human Life International (HLI), writes for LifeNews.com, April 1, 2013, that according to Dr. Brian Clowes, HLI director of education and research, there have been more than 1.72 billion worldwide abortions since the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.
That’s 1,730,000,000 little human persons killed in 40 years, or an average of 43.25 million abortions each year.
That figure is shocking enough. But Dr. Clowes points out the trend is not lessening but growing exponentially as more and more countries embrace and legalize contraception and abortion as methods of population control, which is always sold as “family planning” and “reproductive health.”
Among the 1.72 billion worldwide abortions are the 336 million abortions in China since 1971 — a figure that’s 21 million more than the total population (315,6 million) of the United States as of March 1, 2013.
In his article, “Data Reveal Scale of China Abortions,” Simon Rabinovitch reports that there have been 336 million abortions, 196 million sterilizations and 403 million intrauterine devices used in China since 1971. He notes that Chinese doctors every year abort roughly 7 million babies, sterilize nearly 2 million men and women and insert 7 million IUDs, though precise numbers are hard to come by.
But the United States is no slouch when it comes to abortion. In the 40 years since Roe v. Wade, more than 54.5 million American babies were murdered through abortion. That’s more than the population of the following countries (a select list):

  • South Africa, pop. 51.77 million
  • South Korea, pop. 50 million
  • Columbia, pop. 46.89 million
  • Spain, pop. 46.815 million
  • Argentina, pop. 40.117 million
  • Canada, pop. 35 million
  • Iraq, pop. 33.33 million
  • Venezuela, pop. 28.9 million
  • Afghanistan, pop. 25.5 million
  • Australia, pop. 22.881 million
  • Netherlands, pop. 16.775 million
  • Belgium, pop. 11.139 million
  • Greece, pop. 10.815 million

Moloch must be cackling with glee…. (See “‘I’m a millionaire because I had an abortion’: Abortion and Moloch.”)

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the little brother (@TheLightningNuz)

Our Lady of Medjugorje said, when asked through her visionary Vicka what happened to the souls of aborted children,… that ALL aborted babied were Holy Martyrs in Heaven w/ Her, & that they pray for their parents.


So sad 🙁

alice wolf
alice wolf

It’s all part of the genocide plan of the oligarchs. Their greed and their elitism knows no boundaries. Birth control, abortion, same sex marriage is all against God’s specific instruction which is that we are to multiply. How are we to have enough people with which to effect an economic recovery if we are busy killing off or choking off the birth of our future generations. There are about four generations each century who at about twenty five years of age are ready to do things that will bring about changes for the better in human civilized economic development, scientifically,… Read more »

Dennis H Bennett
Dennis H Bennett

Just think what would happen should Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama harness the press to decry abortion like he has to ban guns. In both scenarios the innocent die. In both scenarios the will of God is mocked.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. On many occasions I have quoted what Mother Teresa of Calcutta said in her speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, that abortion was the greatest evil and horror of our time. One cannot fathom the figure of 1.73 BILLION little babies, little children killed by their mothers and/or fathers. What a horror! What a massacre!


If these abortions had not happened the present population would be approaching 8.8 Billion.


The sickest part… we’re only counting surgical abortions. The number of estimated chemically-induced abortions in America since Roe vs. Wade is around 250 million… bringing our total in America to over 300 million, blowing that 58 million number out of the water. This is still only the documented ones.