The sick tweets and pics of pedophile director James Gunn

Yesterday, our TrailDust published a post, “How Miley Cyrus Got That Way,” on the discovery of tweets of Hellywood director James Gunn, “joking” about his own fantasies about raping and molesting children, and about the Holocaust, rape, Jews, AIDS, and Mexicans.

James Gunn, 51, is most famous for directing Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel; he is also an executive producer of Avengers: Infinity War — all Marvel Studios movies. In 2015, Marvel Studios was “integrated” into the Walt Disney Movie Studios.

Interesting piece of trivia: The surname Gunn is derived from the Irish name MacGilGunn, meaning “sons to the servants of the god of the dead”.

Disney quickly fired Gunn as director of the franchise movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The never-Trump Republican columnist, Ben Shapiro, defended Gunn, saying Disney should not have fired him:

James Gunn is the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. He was slated to not only fill out the rest of that series but perhaps take over the entire Marvel franchise after the final Avengers film. Now he’s out of a job over decade-old disgusting tweets regarding rape, monkeys ejaculating on children, and similarly horrifying material. The tweets are purely loathsome.

That doesn’t mean he should have lost his job at Disney…. If everyone in Hollywood lost their jobs for saying loathsome things, there would be a lot of people in Hollywood about to lose their jobs (virtually every major comedian, for starters)….

Disney knew about a lot of this when they hired him in the first place; there were news stories about his past years ago, and he apologized for such jokes in 2012. If he had tweeted out new monkey masturbation jokes today, Disney would have great cause to fire him. As to his repulsive old tweets hurting the current project, Gunn is a director and writer, not a mainline actor, so the answer would be nearly zero. How many directors are currently working who have done far worse than Gunn, with no impact to the bottom line?….

Everyone is far too gleeful about scalps these days. That bespeaks a country full of folks interested in first use of rhetorical nuclear weaponry rather than a country full of people who would like, in the end, to go back to their daily business without having to worry about ending other people’s careers.

Without a limiting principle, the outrage machine will simply destroy us all.

TrailDust’s post did not show Gunn’s pedo tweets, which Gunn quickly deleted, but not before enterprising netizens had taken screenshots and archived them. I think you should see them, as well as some really disturbing images Gunn posted to Instagram, and decide for yourself whether they’re “jokes”.

Here are Gunn’s pedo tweets:

“I like it when little boys touch me in my silly place. Shhh!”

“The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of What It Feels Like When Uncle Bernie Fists Me.”

“The Expendables was so manly. I fucked the shit out of the little pussy boy next to me! The boys ARE back in town!”

“My new film: Jerkloose – A small town where beating off is legal & 1 high school kid jerks off in front of the others to show what fun it is.”

“This hotel shower is the weakest ever. Felt like a three year old was peeing on my head.”

“‘Eagle Snatches Kid’ is what I call it when I get lucky.”

“Three Men and a Baby They Had Sex With”

“I’m doing a big Hollywood film adaptation of The Giving Tree with a happy ending – the tree grows back and gives the kid a blowjob.”

“About the vomit as I’m stuffed with etouffe and eggplant. I’m Louie Andersoning my ass out (just the fat, not the little boys).”

“I remember my first NAMBLA meeting. It was the first time I felt ok being who I am. Some of those guys are still my BFF’s.”

NAMBLA = North American Man/Boy Love Association

“Oh, I forgot to tell you guys – last night I did a reading with a convicted pedophile.”

“The first time I masturbated to Justin Bieber it was a joke, but now I can’t stop! He’s like jerk off crack!”

“Video: 100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves:….” (WARNING: If you go to the link, it’s child porn, and you can be prosecuted for it.)

Here are some disturbing images Gunn posted to his Instagram account:

A girl with a pussycat head:

A giant rabbit holding a frightened-looking boy – the message “Happy Easter”:

A giant rabbit grabs a crying girl – the message “I hope you all have a wonderful Easter”:

Man wearing a rabbit mask – the message “Happy Easter, everybody! The Easter bunny will be at your house at 3 am, staring in your bedroom window“:

Drawing of a baby boy making the F-you middle-finger gesture:

I have never actually f—ed a raccoon“:

Dog in front of large pile of human bones:

James Gunn’s mentor, director Stanley Lloyd Kaufman, 72, tweeted about mentoring Gunn at a NAMBLA meeting, the “great wisdom” of Tony Podesta, peeing on children, sacrificing small children, and attending a Satanic Baby sacrifice.

I don’t believe the Gunn and Kaufman tweets are jokes. Besides, what’s so funny about pedophilia and child sacrifice?

Hollywood is a cesspool.

If you’re a follower of Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN), you would have read the many blinds on the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. As examples, a recent two-part blind item (one and two) described how:

  • If a child is accompanied by a parent to an audition, odds are the child won’t get the role.
  • Tweens are pressured into giving oral sex for roles.
  • Men stalk changing rooms, eyehumping minors getting ready for their shoot.
  • On one movie set, there’s a Halloween bucket full of condoms that the producers make liberal use of. The only mandate from up high is that no one gets pregnant.

H/t Reddit; Voat; Steemit


People are now raising “theybies” and letting children choose their gender


Gallup Poll shows Democrats’ attack on Trump-Russia isn’t working: Americans cite illegal immigration as top problem

In Gallup’s most recent poll on what Americans see as the most important problem facing the nation, Russia doesn’t even show up as a problem, not just for Republicans, but also for Democrats.

That’s how phony the hue-and-cry about Trump and Putin by Demonrats and their media accomplices is.

Even Democrats don’t care.

Gallup Poll reports, July 18, 2018, that immigration was identified as the top problem by all Americans, Republicans, Independents, as well as Democrats:

  • 22% of all Americans, up from 14% in June: 22% is the highest percentage naming that issue in Gallup’s history of asking the “most important problem” question.
  • 35% of Republicans, up from 21% in June.
  • 17% of independents.
  • 18% of Democrats.

Gallup Poll July 2018

Gallup Poll July 2018 Party differences

Americans, of whatever political party, have good reason to think illegal “immigration” as the number one problem of this country. See:


Deer herd adopts motherless calf

This is a true story of a calf named Bonnie in Holland, Erie County, New York — how she was separated from her mother, ran into the forest, was adopted by a herd of deer, and eventually rescued by a kind and persistent woman to live happily ever after in a sanctuary for farm animals.

After you read Bonnie’s story, you’ll never look at a steak the same way again.

Elisha Ainsley reports for Happiest, June 26, 2018, that at just 4-months-old, Bonnie the calf’s world was turned upside down.

Bonnie and her mother lived on a farm in Upstate New York.

But when their farmer passed away, all of his livestock had to be sold. It was likely that Bonnie and her mom would be split up once they were sold.

One day, last summer, as Bonnie’s herd was being loaded onto a truck, she made a break for it. Bonnie ran away as fast as she could and into the nearby forest.

The runaway cow’s escape became the stories of legend.

There were the occasional sightings of her but nobody had been able to get close enough to catch her.

Sightings came from people spotting her walking through their properties; others were photographs caught on wildlife cameras. The residents of Holland became divided. They couldn’t agree on what they thought should become of Bonnie.

As time passed, the weather grew colder and the winter snow began to fall. If Bonnie was out in the wilderness, it was unlikely she could have survived all this time alone. But as it turned out, she wasn’t alone.

A herd of wild deer adopted Bonnie as one of their own.

But as a domesticated animal, Bonnie wasn’t suited to the harsh winter woods.

Luckily, before any hunters could find her, a kind woman named Becky decided to help Bonnie survive the winter.

Every day, Becky would trek through the snow to bring Bonnie food, water, and fresh bedding.

After a while, Becky gained Bonnie’s trust, so she decided to call Farm Sanctuary for help.

Over the course of two weeks, Farm Sanctuary made several attempts to rescue Bonnie, to no avail. By that time, the calf had been living in the wilderness for eight months.

On a third attempt, the sanctuary eventually succeeded.

When Bonnie woke up at the Farm Sanctuary she realized that she was now in a safer, warmer place to live out the rest of her days — with fellow cows, instead of her former deer family.

Farm Sanctuary is America’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization, founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. The sanctuary has rescued thousands of animals and cared for them in New York and California. Farm Sanctuary educate millions of people about the plight of factory farm animals and the deleterious effects of factory farming on our health and environment, as well as advocate for laws and policies to bring about institutional reforms.

Farm Sanctuary is rated by Charity Navigator 4-stars and a 97 (out of 100) score for its accountability and transparency, and an overall 3-stars and a score of 88.41. You can also see for yourself the non-profit’s most recent IRS Form 990 and most recent audited financial statements.

To donate, go here.


Baltimore bans restaurants from including sodas, sugary drinks on kids’ menus

sugar in drinks

If you’re lucky enough to not be aborted, demorats want to dictate to your parents what you shall drink at restaurants.

Researchers have found though that 100 percent fruit juice can often have just as much sugar as soda. That’s ok…at least the city can “feel good” about telling you to serve your kids.

From Fox News: Restaurants in Baltimore are now officially barred from including sodas and other sugary drinks on kids’ menus, according to a city ordinance that went into effect Wednesday.

Baltimore is now the biggest U.S. city and the first on the East Coast to pass this kind of measure, said Shawn McIntosh, director of the Sugar Free Kids Maryland advocacy group. Seven California cities and Lafayette, Colorado, have enacted similar ordinances, according to health officials.

Milk, 100 percent fruit juices, water, and flavored or sparkling water without added sweeteners must now be the default beverages for kids’ meals at Baltimore eateries. Mayor Catherine Pugh signed the legislation earlier this year.

The ordinance is intended to stop youngsters’ overconsumption of sugary drinks, perceived as a key factor in high rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

“Taking out empty calories from sugary drinks is a powerful lifestyle change we can make to help our children to get and stay healthy. This law will help families make the healthy choice the easy choice,” Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen said in a statement.

One in four Baltimore children currently down at least one soda each day, according to Sugar Free Kids Maryland. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that one in three school-aged kids in the city is obese.

Baltimore restaurants that don’t comply with the ordinance will be faced with a $100 penalty, McIntosh said. She said eateries “have hopefully gotten on board” already and changed their printed menus for kids, but they’re not expected to have fully made that switch by Wednesday.

“They have to at least put a sticker on, have signage. Their online menus have to be changed because that’s an easy fix. So they’re not expecting them to print all new menus by today,” she said.

Youngsters can still drink soda at city restaurants if an accompanying adult orders it for them.

The “Healthy Beverages for Children’s Meals” ordinance was opposed by the Restaurant Association of Maryland. In a Wednesday email, association vice president Melvin Thompson said “public policy that interferes with the minutiae of restaurant operations exacerbates the business challenges already facing city restaurants.”


How Miley Cyrus Got That Way

…and why so many Disney child stars become completely twisted.

James Gunn photo by by Ian Gavan / Getty Images for Disney

BREITBART: Disney Director James Gunn Exposed: Disturbing History of Child Rape ‘Jokes’

by John Nolte – 20 Jul 2018

Disney director James Gunn has a years-long history of “joking” about his own fantasies about raping and molesting children. Gunn also has a history of making racist and homophobic jokes about the Holocaust, rape, Jews, AIDS, and Mexicans.
Gunn is most famous for directing Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel. He also has an executive producer credit on Avengers: Infinity War. All are Marvel products. The following is important…

Marvel is owned by Disney.

Disney also owns ABC Television…


For the last ten or fifteen years we have watched one innocent Disney child star after another transform into sick perverted adults. This Breitbart article begins to give us a hint at the pedophile swamp that these kids are thrown into.

For James Gunn’s pedo tweets, see “The sick tweets and pics of pedophile director James Gunn“.

Seattle neighborhood saw homeless population quadruple last year

ballard homeless

Homeless tents in Ballard

Like many other proggresive-run cities on the west coast, Seattle has a serious homeless crisis. A neighborhood north of downtown Seattle, Ballard, is experiencing a growth in homeless as well as crime.

This past Monday, a four-year-old girl was assaulted at a Ballard community center by a person who is believed to be homeless. The woman was intoxicated and after the assault she attempted to shoot up heroin behind the center. It was reported that police took 20 to 30 minutes to respond.

In May, a homeless man attempted to rape a woman in the restroom of a Ballard auto dealership. Fortunately dealership employees were able to thwart the attempted rape attack.

Now comes this story from the Seattle Times, “Ballard’s homelessness quadrupled last year, and anger is spilling over,” which highlights the homeless situation in Ballard.

Excerpts from the story:

“As Seattle’s homelessness crisis continues to grow, Ballard is experiencing an influx larger than almost anywhere else in King County. The annual Point In Time count found a fourfold increase in homelessness in central Ballard in just one year, with 214 people tallied there on one night in January.

The rise is testing the traditionally liberal politics of Ballard, and the loudest voices are now talking about crime. Fear of crime in south Ballard is higher than the average in Seattle, according to a recent city survey. Property crime rose 11 percent last year, and the number of dispatched calls to 9-1-1 are up in the neighborhood, but the violent-crime rate has been steady since 2015, according to Seattle police data.

Residents complain about a slow or lax police response, and they feel the city isn’t listening to them. Facebook pages and Ballard’s Nextdoor site are flooded with photos and footage of homeless people in an effort to make noise.

Mike O’Brien, who represents Ballard on the Seattle City Council, knows the neighborhood’s patience has worn thin in the 2½ years since Seattle declared a state of emergency on homelessness.

“That’s a long time to be living in ‘Hey, it’s a little bit of a crisis. Let’s get through it,’ and the numbers continue to increase — and in some neighborhoods, like Ballard, significantly,” O’Brien said. “The length of this crisis and the lack of the city’s ability to create a comprehensive strategy to reduce the crisis is really pushing people’s buttons.”

Homeless people are coming to Ballard, caseworkers say, to flee tent-camp cleanups in other parts of the city and often to stay away from downtown, where many have had anxiety-inducing experiences with other homeless people.

RVs can legally park overnight in the industrial areas near Ballard’s waterfront. There’s a food bank and Urban Rest Stop in Ballard, and until earlier this year, it had a city-sanctioned tiny house village.”

Read the Time’s whole report here.

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