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Ben Swann Reality Check – Obama’s Drones = Hypocrisy

Ben Swann is news anchor and investigative reporter for Channel Fox 19 in Cincinnati.  In story after story, he lays out the facts so clearly they’re undeniable. If the national MSM had his intelligence, integrity and courage, this country would be a far better place.

Will it soon be illegal to sell your stuff?

I’ve received several email alerts about this upcoming court case. If it flies, it will put Craigslist, Ebay,  Church Bazaars, Garage Sales, Used Car Lots and Secondhand Thrift Shops out of business..

Ben Swann – QE3 = QE Infinity Until the Crash

Ben Bernanke giving banks $40,000,000,000

 per month indefinitely?

Democratic Platform Needs a Reality Check

The 2012 Democratic Platform, a creation of the recent convention in Charlotte states:

The September 11th Reality Check by Fox 19 investigative Reporter, Ben Swann, pretty clearly show the Obama Administration is funneling support to Al-Qaeda — a far cry from disrupting, dismantling and defeating it!

What’s Up with the Kill List?

Remember the old days when Nixon’s White House “Enemies List” had the country in an uproar?  Why does Obama’s “Kill List” get a pass?

I Think Ben Swann is a Tolkien Fan

Listen for the play on words referencing Lord of the Rings towards the end.

Post Office Ripped Off by Congress

More proof that we are governed by sociopaths.

Harry Reid Double-crosses Himself

Aurora Shooter Had Inside Help?

Ben Swann brings up questions I haven’t seen addressed by the MSM and interviews eye witnesses who say he had at least one accomplice inside the theater.

The Drone Report

Ben Swann’s Reality Check is a regular feature of Cincinnati Fox 19.  Commenters on his Facebook page asked how he gets away with covering stories none of the other MSM will touch.  He said it’s because, despite it’s name, Fox 19 is not under the restraint of a big media corporation.  It is fully-employee owned and the reporters are allowed much greater editorial discretion.  That’s why “it’s the news you won’t hear anywhere else.”