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Bill Moyers makes me hurl

Looking at Bill Moyers’ face makes me want to hurl a hairball!

Moyers is 78 years old.

How much longer must taxpayers be forced to subsidize his pompous leftwing drivel on PBS?

Time to put this old cow out to pasture!

H/t Patriot Action Network


It’s come to this – “One Nation Under Allah”


Outrage as high school recites Pledge in Arabic saying ‘One Nation Under Allah’

DailyMail: Fury is brewing at Rocky Mountain High  School, in Colorado, after a multicultural student group were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic – replacing ‘one nation under God’ with ‘one nation under Allah’.

Following Monday’s pledge, Principal Tom  Lopez has been inundated with complaints from outraged parents concerned that saying the Pledge in any language other than English is unpatriotic.

Standing by his controversial decision, Principal Lopez has said that despite the irate telephone calls and emails, he is not in any way or form trying to push an Islamic agenda at the Fort Collins school. ‘These students love this country,’ said  Lopez to Fox News. ‘They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.

At the school, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited once a week and on Monday, a member of the Cultural Arms Club at Rocky Mountain High School read out an Arabic version. The pupils sought the permission of Principal Lopez, who previously had allowed the Pledge to be read out in French and Spanish.

However, the backlash began from students hours after the recital and has continued through the week as angry parents have  waded into the controversy. ‘We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice,’ said Danielle Clark, communications director of the  Poudre School District to Fox  News. ‘We’ve heard there are some who are  upset.’

Clark said though, that the club has a history of reading the Pledge in different languages and some parents have  emailed to say it ‘was a great thing’. And she added that the students had asked  permission from the principal. ‘We deferred to the students because it’s their deal,’ she said to Fox News.

Students at the school rushed to the classmates defense, keen to highlight the motto of the Cultural Arms Club which  seeks to ‘destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures.‘No matter what language it’s said in, pledging your allegiance to the United States is the same in every language,’  student Skyler Bowden told The  Coloradoan.

The issue for some parents and pupils at the  school is that in an Arabic translation of the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘one nation  under God’ is replaced with ‘one nation under Allah’. Obviously in Arabic, you would use the word  Allah, but Christian Arabs would use the word Allah,’ said Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American Islamic Relations. ‘It’s not necessarily specific to Islam and  Muslims.’

Principal Lopez has borne the brunt of the  criticism of the decision to allow the recital – and some have gone as far as to  label him as a traitor. ‘They claim they are outraged that this is blaspheming a real major tenet of our patriotism – which in their mind the Pledge of Allegiance is only in English,’ said Lopez.

Principal knows best...

Principal knows best…

Other parents have accused him of ‘pushing a  Muslim Brotherhood agenda – to push Islam into the school.’ ‘How on earth is it un-American to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in another language,’ said Hooper to Fox News. ‘It doesn’t make sense unless the people complaining are anti-Muslim or anti-middle eastern bigots.’

Indeed, the embattled head is becoming wary  at the number of complaints and level of abuse he has received. ‘I’ve been shocked with prejudicial  statements that have been made,’ said Lopez. ‘I’ve been shocked with the lack of seeking  understanding. There’s definitely suspicion and fear expressed in these people’s  minds. There’s some hate.

Lopez says the school is a place of inclusion where one message can be communicated in many different ways. ‘When they pledge allegiance to United States, that’s exactly what they’re saying,’ Lopez said. ‘They’re just using  another language as their vehicle,’ he said.

Well, call me a bigot yet I would be offended too. I distrust a religion, with a god named “Allah”, that:

  • Imprisons a Christian Pastor for “threatening the national security of Iran through his leadership in Christian house churches”;
  • Locks up and lashes women for being immodest;
  • Throws stones at Jewish kindergarteners;
  • Allows men to have sex with underage girls;
  • Has no love for unbelievers;
  • Doesn’t allow women to drive; and
  • Is the best of deceivers through Taqiyya.

The “religion of peace” that “Allah” purports is not symbolic of the patriotism that Americans hold true.


Here’s contact info for Rocky Mountain High School:

  • Address: 1300 W. Swallow Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80526-2412
  • Email: rmhs@psdschools.org
  • School principal Tom López’s phone no: 970-488-7005


Charlie Daniels Recites Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

How appropriate as we remember those we lost on 9/11/2001.


(h/t: newsbusters.org)

Massachusetts court gets it right!

Massachusetts court rejects challenge to ‘Under God’ in Pledge of Allegiance

The Becket Fund:  Yet another challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance foundered Friday when Middlesex Superior Court Judge Jane Haggerty held that Massachusetts schoolchildren may continue to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in full each morning. The Pledge of Allegiance is being challenged in a lawsuit by the hypersecularist group American Humanist Association,  which asked Judge Haggerty to declare the words ‘under God’ unconstitutional and to prohibit recitation of the Pledge in Massachusetts schools.

Local Massachusetts schoolchildren who wanted to continue reciting the Pledge in their public school classrooms intervened in the lawsuit to defend their right to continuing saying the traditional Pledge. The schoolchildren, their parents Daniel and Ingrid Joyce, and the Knights of Columbus, are represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a non-profit law firm that has defended the Pledge for almost a decade.

“This is a great victory for everyone who believes that human rights come not from the whim of the government, but from a higher power, which is what the Pledge proclaims,” said Diana Verm, Legal Counsel at the Becket Fund.

Citing previous decisions from the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco and the First Circuit in Boston, Judge Haggerty upheld the words “under God,” emphasizing that the Pledge of Allegiance is not a religious exercise, but “a voluntary patriotic exercise” that “teach[es] American history and civics.” Judge Haggerty also pointed out that no schoolchild can be required to recite the Pledge.

Members of the American Humanist Association have the right to remain silent if they want to, but they don’t have the right to silence everyone else,” added Verm.

In rejecting the American Humanist Association’s equal protection argument, Judge Haggerty ruled that mere disagreement does not mean discrimination: Schools do not have to shield students from viewpoints with which their parents may disagree.

“In upholding the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance, the court has kept faith with the foundational concept of this country – ‘that we are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable rights,’” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus.

This is the fourth of a series of major lawsuits that have attempted to remove the words “under God” from the Pledge. The Becket Fund has thus far successfully defended all four. Acting as co-counsel on the case is J. Patrick Kennedy, of Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas, LLP in Boston.

The plaintiffs may appeal Judge Haggerty’s decision to the Supreme Judicial Court, Massachusetts’ highest court.

This judge got it right!


Wake Up America!

We are enslaved to our debt. Wake up, America! Before it is too late…

Every man, woman and child in America is enslaved to the national debt. As an artist, I have painted my vision of the dire circumstances that surround us. Now, more than ever, each American must make a choice: we must unlock the shackles that enslave us, or will we lose our freedom. It is my hope and prayer that America will “wake up” before it is too late.

Those who are familiar with my work know that I like to use symbolism and metaphor to engage the viewer. See if you can find and decipher the many symbols in this image by visiting http://www.jonmcnaughton.com

In the painting I have intentionally hidden six keys that represent solutions that will release us from the chains of economic and political bondage. Find these keys and share them with as many Americans as you can. If we don’t “wake up” future generations may not know what it means to be free.

-Jon McNaughton, political artist

To see an interactive map of this painting, or to find the six keys, please go to http://www.jonmcnaughton.com

Sheriff Joe’s press conference, March 31, 2012

What if you gave a press conference and no members of the press deigned to come?

That’s what happened at a press conference attended by 1,200 citizens, which was held last Saturday, March 31, at the Church on the Green in Sun City, Arizona.

Sponsored by the Surprise and Sun City Tea Party groups, the press conference featured Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his all-volunteer Cold Posse’s lead investigator Mike Zullo as the keynote speakers, on the “probable” forgery of Barack Obama’s online birth certificate and selective service forms.

Most of the event was comprised of information that has already been released in earlier press conferences, but not widely reported on by the mainstream media, out of fear of ridicule, or perhaps fear of sanctions by the federal government.  Despite this, Arpaio and Zullo did disclose several updates to this case:

  • The word spacing and typewriter fonts on Obama’s birth certificate are uneven, suggesting the use of multiple typewriters, and consequently, cutting and pasting from various original documents.
  • The numbers listed on Obama’s online birth certificate are out of sequence with other birth certificates released around the same purported time of Obama’s birth.
  • Sheriff Joe had sent a letter to the director of the Selective Service asking for Obama’s original Selective Service registration form. Arpaio was told that nothing was wrong and that if he had a reason to inquire further, he should get in touch with the FBI. (For background of the investigation into Obama’s selective service card, watch this video.) Arpaio will continue to pursue this matter with the selective service authorities.
  • When asked who could be behind a conspiracy of this magnitude, he admitted that they do not yet know exactly who is behind this conspiracy. When asked if George Soros was behind it, Zullo seemed to admit the possibility.
  • In response to questions about a purported Kenyan Birth Certificate, as well as a video making the rounds that seems to show Obama telling an audience he is from Kenya, Zullo made clear that both were fabricated and both distracted from real issues in Barack Obama’s eligibility.

Here’s the video of the press conference. Note the entire group stood for the Pledge of Allegiance (1:40 mark), unlike Maricopa High School.

The Surprise & Sun City West Tea Party groups are asking ALL Arizona citizens to sign a petition directed to Ken Bennett, AZ Secretary of State, that states the following:

Petition Requesting a RESOLUTION as per ARS 41-121-1. The Secretary of State shall: Receive bills and resolutions from the legislature, and perform such other duties as devolve upon the Secretary of State by resolution of the two houses or either of them.”

We the undersigned Arizona citizens are requesting that the Arizona House, and / or the Arizona Senate pass a RESOLUTION directing Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to send a certified letter to Democratic National Committee Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, requesting that she produce certified source documents that are satisfactory to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that positively identify the U.S. natural born citizenship and the Selective Service System Registration of Barack Hussein Obama II. With the recent findings of the MCSO Cold-Case Posse, there is probable cause to believe that Barack Hussein Obama II’s Selective Service System Registration Form and his State of Hawaii Certification of Live Birth Form are criminal forgeries, it is imperative to determine Barack Hussein Obama II’s status regarding his eligibility to be placed on the 2012 Arizona ballot.”

To sign the petition, go here. Please forward the link to your friends and family who live in Arizona!

H/t Western Center for Journalism.


Maricopa High teacher mocks student for Pledge of Allegiance

Darla Dawald of Patriot Action Network reports, March 30, 2012, that a teacher at Arizona’s Maricopa High School mocked a female student for standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The student’s dad, Greg, posted the incident on Facebook. This is what he wrote:

So if your kids go to school at Maricopa High do they stand for the Pledge? I think you might be surprised. My daughter is the only one in her class to stand and the teacher joined in with the class to mock her about it. I am so angry right now!!!!

I am so upset about it. The teacher then asked her to stay after class to talk about it and it embarrassed her even more. She wrote her feelings, her precious heart could not say what she felt, and she hated the feeling of the class and now he wants to try to take her to the counselor to ‘talk’ about it.

I am very proud of my daughters. They have had many experiences to be one of the few or the only one to stand in many situations for honorable values and standards.  

Please join me in calling Maricopa High School at (520)568-5100 to let them know what you think. Remember to be courteous and polite but firm. The Teachers name is Mr. Almond.

I went onto Maricopa High School’s website. Here’s contact info for the school:

  • Address: 45012 W. Honeycutt Ave., Maricopa, AZ 85139
  • Phone: (520) 568-8100
  • Fax: (520) 568-8119

The school’s principal is June Celaya, (520) 568-8100 ext. 4017, email: jcelaya@musd20.org

I cannot find a Mr. Almond among the school’s staff, but there is a male teacher named Charles Allman, (520) 568-8100 ext. 4087, e-mail: callman@musd20.org.

The Superintendent is Jeff Kleck.  You may send emails to the Governing Board which is made up of 5 community members who “work hard to ensure that the children in our community receive the best educational opportunities possible” by clicking on this link:  http://maricopa.cyberschool.com/District/Department/1-Governing-Board


Less than an hour after I posted this, Fellowship of the Minds received an e-mail from a public relations firm on behalf of Maricopa High School, containing a statement from the school’s principal:

MARCH 30, 2012

(Maricopa, Ariz.) – Following is statement from June Celaya, principal of Maricopa High School, regarding a student who recently observed the pledge of allegiance.

“On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, a student stood to take part in observing the pledge of allegiance, while others in the classroom chose to remain seated – a right, and a choice, given to every student per our MUSD School Board Policy regarding ceremonies and observances. Those who choose not to participate are expected to observe the courtesy of not disturbing others.

Unfortunately the student who stood to observe this patriotic right, returned to her seat prior to finishing the pledge and indicated that she felt mocked and embarrassed by other students in the room via written communication to the teacher, Mr. Charles Allman. Mr. Allman then asked to speak to the student privately to clarify her concerns. Upon determining her feelings, Mr. Allman followed protocol and reported the incident to the counselor, with whom the student was given the option to speak. It was Mr. Allman’s first priority to ensure the student felt safe in her learning environment, which is truly a second home for all students.

Maricopa High School, and the entire District, cultivate a supportive learning environment and a community in which our students, staff and parents feel safe. It was Mr. Allman’s first and only concern to ensure the student in question did not feel embarrassed or hurt in any way, by practicing in this patriotic observance, which is a point of pride for our great nation and those who serve the country to sustain our freedom.”

– June Celaya, Principal of Maricopa High School
For more information on the Maricopa Unified School District visit http://www.maricopausd.org or call (520) 568-5100.
CELL: 480.220.6051

You can also read MHS’s Pledge of Allegiance Statement in PDF format, here.

Update (March 31):

Last night, this post attracted a flood of comments by individuals claiming to be Maricopa High students and parents, all defending Allman as “an exceptional teacher.”

According to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the U.S. Code, the Pledge “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present and not in uniform may render the military salute. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.”

If Mr. Allman is such “an exceptional teacher,” why did he not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? Not only is that the proper etiquette, when he saw that out of an entire class of students, only one student (Greg’s daughter) stood up, as the teacher he should have stood up himself, as well as urge the other students also to stand — if only to spare the girl embarrassment. I was a teacher — a university professor — for 25+ years. I would have done that, for the sake of the girl, even if I didn’t believe in standing at attention for the Pledge.

By allowing a situation in his classroom where a lone student stood alone for the Pledge, this “exceptional teacher” not only was insensitive to the feelings of one of his students, he also set a very poor example to the other students by violating the U.S. Code.


Free to speak his mind…

Even if he is a jerk / Photo by Matt Stone

Brookline group: Wave bye to Pledge of Allegiance in school

From Boston Herald: (Ungrateful) Peaceniks in leafy, lefty Brookline are trying to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from town schools, insisting the iconic verse has anti-patriotic overtones and even shades of McCarthyism — a claim seen as an insulting absurdity by families of fallen soldiers and 9/11 victims as the 10th anniversary of that horrific day approaches.

Brookline Political Action for Peace — also known as Brookline PAX — will push Town Meeting voters in November to urge the School Committee to end the requirement that principals allow a weekly recitation of the Pledge during morning announcements. The town lets students choose whether to participate.

The activist group argues the pledge has no educational value and is “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath, reminiscent of McCarthyism or some horrific totalitarian regimes.”

The petition is chiefly the work of Marty Rosenthal, the Brookline group’s co-chairman, who also led a successful bid in the 1980s to eliminate the pledge from Town Meeting’s official proceedings, making it a voluntary part of the prelude.  “I’ve spent 40 years in civic involvement. I yield to nobody in patriotism,” said Rosenthal, an attorney. “The pledge is at odds with America’s most important traditions.

Rep. Frank I. Smizik (D-Brookline), a co-signer, calls the resolution an exercise of First Amendment rights and an anti-bullying measure, saying it would protect students who do not wish to pledge. We’ve had so many problems with bullying. . . . One kid gets mad at another kid because he’s something that he doesn’t like or does something that he doesn’t like,” Smizik said. “That kind of stuff happens.”

Rosenthal insisted, “I have the highest gratitude for people who have given the ultimate sacrifice. But what are they doing it for? Is it for the flag of the United States, or the principles that we stand for? I believe that what we’re doing with this is in the highest traditions of what we stand for.”

To which Joe Colantoni, a Korean War veteran, responded: “Tell him he’s full of (expletive).”

This guy can’t handle the Pledge of Allegiance being recited just once a week?  Excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for his weak allegiance to what the majority of Americans most likely feel is patriotic. I hope the school board doesn’t yield to his selfish demand.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag
Of the United States of America,
And to the Republic for which it stands:
One Nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all”


A Powerful Cartoon

H/t beloved fellow Tina


The Left: They’re Goin’ After Our Kids

I received this from The Tea Party Nation and I just lost it. Everyone, please read this. Ever see a momma lion and her cub? Are you not a Momma/Pappa Lion to your kids? I know this is where it ends for me. My kids. I’m all in. How about you. Pass it on.


Posted by Lloyd Marcus on April 4, 2011 at 8:50pm

Tea Party Nation

Brother and Sister patriots. As I write this article, my heart is full, almost tearful. I just watched a moving music video by Diamond Rio, “In God We Still Trust”, which is being banned by radio stations around our great country. My heart is heavy because more and more God, patriotism and everything we hold dear are under vicious attacks by “The Left“.

Most insidiously, the Left is going after the hearts and minds of our children. Fox News reported several schools are discouraging the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance while teaching our kids America is the greatest source of evil in the world.

Allow me to define “The Left” to Americans like my brother David who is not a political junkie. David is busy working hard, raising his family and only catches sound bites from the liberal mainstream media.

In a nut shell, the Left is mostly spoiled brat former 1960s hippies. Their WWII generation parents sacrificed and gave them everything. Consequently, these ungrateful arrogant superior elitists think the world revolves around them. Everything is about making “them” feel good about themselves.

They claim ownership of compassion and tolerance. Thus, they pontificate about the evils of America; racist, sexist, homophobic and consumers of way too much of the world’s resources. The Left believes the poor around the world has too little because we Americans have too much.

These Leftists; Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta and Al Gore to name a few, fly around in their private jets, live in palatial estates and command salaries which could fund a small country. These outspoken liberal elitist hypocrites consume more resources monthly than most of us will consume in our lifetime. And yet, they have the nerve to lecture us about using too much energy and the evils of American capitalism.

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud financial success and desire it for all Americans. But, don’t ride everywhere in a limo while lobbying the government to force me to drive a “tinker toy”.

The Left has an irrational resentment, if not hatred, of America. Insanely, numerous liberal Hollywood actresses support dictators and cultures in which, if they lived in those countries, they would not be allowed to be who they are in America. They would be reduced to being silent and subservient to men. And yet, these screwed up women defend dictators while accusing America of being evil sexist. Their “Blame America First” former hippie parents have trained them well.

Excuse my rant. But, that is who the Left is in a nutshell. Now, back to how they are going after our kids.

Despicably, the teachers’ union in Wisconsin used clueless students to help rally against their parents who are the taxpayers represented by Gov. Scott Walker. “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Scott Walker has got to go!”

The Left has also launched an all out assault on home schools. The Bibles says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

Obama and company are doing everything in their power to “bully” parents into surrendering their children over to them for government indoctrination.

In my travels to 200 tea parties across America in many states including Alaska, by far, home schooled kids are more poised, self confident and better educated than public school kids. Please don’t take offense. This is my honest observation.

For crying out loud, two thirds of Wisconsin public school 8th graders can not read proficiently! Any kind of discipline in public schools is considered an infringement on a student’s rights and subject to a law suit. Several inner city schools require students pass through a metal detector. Some schools have day care for kids who have kids. Schools will not give a child an Aspirin without parental consent. But an abortion, no problem. “This will be our little secret from your mom and dad. Now, go outside and play”.

A dear friend’s son is a 23 year old America hating Marxist. Sadly, this young white male believes American white males are the SOBs of the world. His mom still remembers the day he can home from middle school devastated and in tears. He was taught to feel guilty for the cruel abuse his ancestors and America’s founding fathers perpetrated upon native Americans and blacks.

Folks, the Left is going after our children.

Kristen Campbell is a tremendously brave high school student. I love this kid’s backbone. Kristen wrote a piece published in her school newspaper disagreeing with Michelle Obama. Kristen was called a racist. Her car was vandalized. The wrath of loyal Queen Obama supplicants, black students, parents and local church groups, came down hard on this child. Kristen was verbally and physically attacked. Folks, I’m talkin’ serious. Kristen was even threatened with a knife. Still, Kristen remains bold and outspoken in her defense of conservatism. http://giovanniworld.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/eagles-fly-alone/

Isn’t college suppose to be about the free flow of ideas? Leftist faculty at Rollins College is out to get a student, Jamie Pizzi, for daring to write an opinion piece on “anchor babies”. These so-called ambassadors of tolerance are only for free speech when you are spouting liberalism. Conservative speech is swiftly met with severe punishment until it is silenced. http://collegemediamatters.com/2011/03/26/illegal-immigration-colum…

They’re goin’ after our kids, folks!

Remember, the elementary school where kids were forced to sing the almost godlike praises to Obama? “Barack Husein Obama, Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!”

I watched a video with young black males dressed in military attire performing like a military drill team. They were saying “Because of Obama I’m inspired to be an architect, engineer and etc.” On the surface, this message might appear “positive”. I say, what a huge slap in the face to our great nation. Sadly, the democrat’s years of teaching blacks they are victims of racist America have been extremely effective. So, blacks were not free to achieve until Obama? Totally absurd. The video shows further indoctrination of the black youths by having them espouse the virtues of Obamacare. ALL LIES!

They’re goin’ after our kids, folks!

We MUST stop them. Step one is ending King Obama’s reign of terror with your vote November 2012.

“Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama 2012″. Please join us!

Please sign and encourage your friends to sign this petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/1milliontodefeatbarackobama/

We’ll only pay lip service to teaching silly things like reading, U.S. history, civics, science and math. We’ll train them in the things which truly matter such as being good global citizens, saving the planet and embracing gay marriage”.

-Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

PS. Over My Dead Body. ~Steve~