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4- and 5-year-olds engaged in oral sex at California Lutheran pre-school

FOTM has published many posts on how America’s public government schools are dysfunctional. Our beloved DCG ends some of her posts on this subject with the sentence: “Reason number xxx to home school.” At last count, she is now at number 999,999.

There are now so many reasons, henceforth I’ll just use the infinity symbol.

So here’s Reason No.  why you should home school your precious children.

A preschool in Southern California is closing after parents discovered 4- and 5-year-old students were engaged in sexual activity among themselves. To top it off, the preschool is not even government-run, but a private religious one — that of a Lutheran church!


Elex Michaelson reports for Los Angeles’ KABC-TV7, Feb. 1, 2013, that parents of students at the First Lutheran Church of Carson (pre)School say their children had engaged in sexual activities with each other. As a result of those allegations, the school is now shutting down

Richard McCarthy says his 4-year-old son and at least another boy often received oral sex at school from a 5-year-old girl, and that his son “told me about all the bad things that girl had been doing to him. It went down in the classroom, it went down in the bathroom and it went down out on the playground. The two boys that have been introduced to this feeling that they don’t know how to process are still looking for it, and trying to make it happen.”
The California Department of Social Services cited the school for at least one sexual incident between the kids, overall lack of supervision and an improper teacher-child ratio.


McCarthy (above) and other parents are now joining attorney Greg Owen’s lawsuit against the school and the church. “To boil it all down, it comes to supervision,” Owens said. The lawyer will file the suit today.

Parents are angry they were only given two weeks’ notice that the school is shutting down for now. Church leaders wouldn’t go on camera, but told Eyewitness News off-camera that there were “only” two incidents involving inappropriate touching among the kids, and those cases are closed.

They also said the school is closing because the director is leaving for personal reasons, and no teacher wants the job. They insisted student sex has nothing to do with the closure, something McCarthy said is a lie.

McCarthy says after the school told him his son was acting up again, he rushed to campus. Fighting back tears, the father said “I just had to keep yelling in his ear, ‘You’re not in trouble, you’re not in trouble!’  And I just told him, ‘You’re never coming back here again for these people to do this to you.’”

The school is set to close this Friday. Parents say the girl accused of the oral sex is no longer at the school.


The Daily Mail reports that attorney Owen (above) will file a suit today (Feb. 4)  in the Los Angeles County Superior Court against the school, the church, the principal, the teacher, and an alleged child perpetrator. He is representing four alleged victims who, because of their age, cannot be identified under law. Owen said the children’s “lives will be ruined in many ways. And we know there are many more [victims].”

Now, McCarthy and other parents are concerned that their children, after being inappropriately exposed to sexual behavior at such a young age, may become sexual predators themselves.

“There’s no way I can just take him to another school and be that parent that just lets a predator loose,” McCarthy said. “How else do you explain it?”

Owen said, “Parents are saying, ‘My child is now a predator. Now how can I let him go to another school?’ I have talked to three of the parents who have not been able to, but I would think there are schools around. ‘There were many children lying there and they watched these acts. In our business and in psychological terms, that’s sexualizing a child at a young age.”

In an exclusive interview with KABC-TV, the mother of the little girl alleged to have given oral sex to the boys said her 5-year-old daughter was caught by a teacher inside a bathroom at school giving oral sex to a 4-year-old boy. The unnamed mother said: “It’s unfathomable on so many levels. For one, that it actually happened. For two, where it happened. For three, how often something happened. The way that she [her daughter] explained it, it was kind of like it was an everyday thing…from pulling the pants down to exposing themselves to, you know, trying to get somebody to put their mouth on the privates.”

The mother insisted investigators had found no evidence of child abuse at her home.

Rio Jesus

Notwithstanding the girl’s mother’s insistence, there is no way that a 5-year-old girl would know about oral sex, even less perform oral sex on boys, without having been sexually abused herself.

Our children are the canaries in the mineshaft of America. And all the signs point to our culture and society being in serious trouble.


New U.S. Army manual forbids our soldiers from criticizing Islam

The evidence is mounting that the Obama regime at best coddles radical Muslims, at worst it’s actively supporting and arming them. To wit:

  • The Obama regime refuses to call US Army psychologist Nidal Hasan, who perpetrated the worst shooting ever to take place on a U.S. military base, at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009 — an Islamic jihadist. Despite eyewitness testimonies that Hasan had shouted “Allahu Akbar! (Allah is Great!)” before opening fire, killing 13 and wounding another 29; and regardless of internal Army reports indicating Hasan’s fellow officers had reported his outspoken sympathy with radical Islam since 2005.
  • In August 2011, afraid of offending the delicate sensibilities of Muslims, the U.S. Marine Corps banned Marines serving in Afghanistan from — I kid you not — audible farting.
  • In Sept. 2012, a highly-decorated 18-year veteran Army officer, Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, was fired from teaching a course on Islam because he had the temerity of actually teaching “negative aspects” the truth about Islam. (More evidence at the end of this post.)

The latest is a new U.S. Army handbook for troops deployed to the Middle East, forbidding our soldiers from making derogatory comments about the extremist Taliban, pedophilia, or Islam in general, as well as any comment approving of rights for women.

Aren’t we fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan? So if the Obama regime were in power then, U.S. soldiers in the Second World War would have been barred from making “derogatory comments” about Hitler and the Nazis.

What lunacy.


The non-partisan public interest organization Judicial Watch reports Dec. 11, 2012:

Here is a strong indicator that the Obama Administration’s crusade to appease Islam has gone too far; a new U.S. military handbook for troops deployed to the Middle East orders soldiers not to make derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia, among other outrageous things.

It gets better; the new manual, which is around 75 pages, suggests that Western ignorance of Afghan culture— not Taliban infiltration—is responsible for the increase in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces.

The soon-to-be-released Army handbook is still being drafted, but [The Wall St. Journal] … got a sneak preview and published an article [for subscribers only] that should infuriate the American taxpayers funding the never-ending war on terror. The manual is being created because someone with authority bought the theory that cultural insensitivity is driving insider attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

More than three dozen insider attacks have killed 63 members of the U.S.-led coalition this year, according to the article, and some blame “American cultural ignorance.” The bottom line is that troops may experience social-cultural shock and/or discomfort when interacting with Afghan security forces, the new military handbook says. “Better situational awareness/understanding of Afghan culture will help better prepare [troops] to more effectively partner and to avoid cultural conflict that can lead toward green-on-blue violence.”

The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

At least one high-ranking military official had the backbone to publicly criticize the new manual, albeit through a spokesperson. U.S. Marine General John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, doesn’t endorse it and rejected a proposed forward drafted by Army officials in his name. “He does not approve of its contents,” according to a military spokesman quoted in the story.

Earlier this year the Obama Administration changed the way federal agents are trained to combat terrorism and violent extremism by eliminating all materials that shed a negative light on Muslims. Under White House orders, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) destroyed instructional material that characterizes Muslims as prone to violence or terrorism in a government-wide call to end Islamophobia.

Under Obama practically every major federal agency has been ordered to participate in Muslim outreach initiatives, including the Justice Department with a special program to protect Islamic civil rights, Homeland Security meetings with extremist Muslim organizations and the nation’s space agency (NASA) with an unprecedented mission to focus on Muslim diplomacy.

Additionally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed a special order to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned them from the U.S. and the administration sent an America-bashing mosque leader (Feisal Abdul Rauf) who blames U.S. foreign policy for the 9/11 attacks on a Middle Eastern outreach mission. The Obama Administration even ordered a government-funded meal program for home-bound seniors to offer halal cuisine prepared according to Islamic law.

About U.S. Marine General John Allen who has refused to endorse the new Muslim-appeasing military manual: This is the same Gen. Allen whose previously-announced promotion is now indefinitely postponed, and who will soon be replaced by Gen. Joseph Dunford as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. See “Obama purges U.S. military command (Part 1),” Dec. 3, 2012.

See also:

H/t Eyes Wide Shut


Harvard University will have an Incest-fest

We warned you that legalizing same-sex marriage will have a slippery-slope effect. Practitioners and proponents will seek to normalize, if not legalize, other social taboos such as polygamy, incest, bestiality, and pedophilia.

And it’s all happening:

Here’s more evidence: The elite Harvard University, Obama’s alma mater, will have a debaucherous hookup dance called “Incest-Fest” this winter.

The word “hookup” (also called ”booty calls” or “friends with benefits”) refers to an increasingly common practice among America’s youth, especially on college campuses, of sexual intercourse without emotional commitment or even a preliminary pretense of a date. Stripped of its urban slang patina, hookups really are just casual sex — what used to be called “one night stands” — which is just another word for promiscuity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the highest prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is among the young: “Estimates suggest that even though young people aged 15–24 years represent only 25% of the sexually experienced population, they acquire nearly half of all new STDs.”

Harvard U’s Kirkland House

Oliver Darcy reports for CampusReform.org, Oct. 10, 2012:

At least one student at Harvard University is expressing outrage over the name of “Incest-Fest,” a hook-up dance to be held at the university’s famous Kirkland House dormitory this winter.

The event, described in the Kirkland House Wikipedia entry, is an annual  “debaucherous dance open only to [male and female] members of the house.”

Harvard’s official student newspaper, The Crimson, also mentions the event in it campus life guide. “You’ll spend all of Secret Santa week watching underclad men gyrating in the dining hall and figuring out who you’ll hook up with at Incest Fest,” it reads. “[H]ouse life is incredibly close-knit, bordering on downright incestuous. But there’s more to Kirkland than raunchy dining hall skits and regrettable hook-ups,” the paper continues.

Junior Samantha Berstler, who is a resident in the Kirkland House however, argued in an op-ed in the The Crimson, that the party’s name is “offensive and insensitive”  because incest is no joking matter. “The name ‘Incest-Fest’ is not sexy or cute or clever,” wrote Berstle.

Other students commenting responded to Bestle’s criticism, however, suggesting she should lighten up. “Don’t go and let other people have a sick time getting laid,” wrote an apparent student, Marcus Bunny.

A spokesperson for Harvard University did not provide comment to Campus Reform, despite multiple inquiries via phone and e-mail.

Famous former residents of the Kirkland dorm include Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


SF gay activist arrested for child porn of 1 year olds

“Relativism poses as humble by saying: ‘We are not smart enough to know what the truth is—or if there is any universal truth.’ It sounds humble. But…[i]t’s like a servant saying: I am not smart enough to know which person here is my master—or if I even have a master. The result is that I don’t have a master and I can be my own master. That is in reality what happens to relativists: In claiming to be too lowly to know the truth, they exalt themselves as supreme arbiter of what they can think and do. This is not humility. This is the essence of pride.”John Piper, Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God

Have you ever considered that the Left’s championing of moral relativism actually is their way of rationalizing and justifying their own moral perversions? If there’s no clear right and wrong, then what they do isn’t wrong.

Bernie Ward

Take Bernie Ward for example. A prominent leftist, Ward was a former aide to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) and a popular radio talk host on San Francisco’s KGO 810 AM with his own news talk show, as well as a 3-hour Sunday program called “God Talk.”

In 2008, Ward pled guilty to distributing child pornography “between 15 and 150 times” via the Internet and was sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment. In the chat logs with a woman who posed online as a dominatrix, Ward also described sexual activity with his own children, although both he and his children denied to investigators that the activities ever occurred.

Most recently, another San Francisco leftist champion of moral relativism, 66-year-old prominent gay activist Larry Brinkin was charged with six counts of sending and receiving images of child porn, including those of children as young as one year old.

How utterly perverted can a man be to find a one-year-old child sexually appealing?

Larry Brinkin

Erin Sherbert reports for SFWeekly, Sept. 26, 2012, that Brinkin, San Francisco’s well-known gay rights activist, appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to six felony charges of sending and receiving images of child pornography.

The charges came three months after Brinkin, 66, was first arrested by San Francisco police, who claim he had been using the e-mail address zack3737@aol.com to view images of children as young as perhaps 1 year old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men, accompanied by highly racist commentary.

On May 8, the SFPD was contacted regarding Brinkin’s alleged illegal activity. Investigators secured a search warrant on his home where he lives with his husband and son. They seized items from his house, including computers, videos, VHS tapes, and a floppy disc. Police later determined Brinkin received e-mails and sent two reply e-mails containing child pornography. Then on Aug. 8, the SFPD seized additional computers belonging to Brinkin, which allegedly contained dozens of images of child pornography. On Sept. 20, police arrested Brinkin again and booked him on child pornography charges.

Brinkin retired in 2010 after serving 22 years as a contract compliance officer for San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission. Beloved member of the gay community, the S.F. Board of Supervisors had declared the first week of February as “Larry Brinkin Week.”

Now I know why the latest push from the Left is to “normalize” pedophilia as just another ho-hum “sexual orientation.”


Joe Paterno knew he’ll be sued for Sandusky’s molestation of boys

…and here’s the evidence.

Sometime this summer, Paterno transferred his share of ownership in his half-million-dollar home to his wife, Sue, for $1, according to a New York Times report.

Joe and Sue Paterno

The property transfer was conducted less than four months before the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal rocked Penn State University and caused Paterno to be fired on Nov. 9.

Documents obtained by the Times show that on July 21, he sold his share in the house to “Suzanne P. Paterno, trustee” for $1 plus “love and affection.” The Paternos had bought the State College, Pa., house in 1969 for $58,000, which now is valued at $594,484.40.

Paterno’s attorney Wick Sollers insists that the property transfer is unrelated to the grand jury investigation of the allegations that Sandusky, Paterno’s defensive coordinator until 1999, had abused young boys for years, at times in the showers at the football facility. The grand-jury investigation began in 2009.

Sollers told the Times in an email that the property transfer was part of a “multiyear estate planning program” in which the transfer “was simply one element of that plan.”

Yeah, sure…..

According to the NY Times, University of Pittsburgh law professor Lawrence A. Frolik, an elder law expert, said he has never heard of a husband selling his share of a house for $1 to his spouse for tax or government assistance purposes.

I can’t see any tax advantages,” Frolik said. “If someone told me that, my reaction would be, ‘Are they hoping to shield assets in case if there’s personal liability?’ ” He added, “It sounds like an attempt to avoid personal liability in having assets in his wife’s name.”

Paterno knew he likely would become a target of civil lawsuits by Sandusky’s victims. The property transfer to his wife is to protect and secure Joe Paterno’s assets. Someone should look into what good ol’ Joe has done with the couple’s other assets, such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts.

Meanwhile, ABC News reports that one of Sandusky’s alleged victims has hired a lawyer to look into suing Sandusky and others who may have kept the scandal quiet. The attorney could target Penn State staff or workers for the former coach’s Second Mile charity.

Paterno, who will turn 85 next month, is in line for a pension of more than $500,000 as a state employee who had worked at Penn State since 1950, according to an Associated Press report. The formula for determining benefits gives him a pension equal to 100% of the average of his three highest-salaried years. Over the last three years, Paterno’s annual pay increased from $541,000 to $568,000.

The civil lawsuits can and should go after his pension.

In the future, staffers aware of child abuse may face more than a lawsuit. The Wall Street Journal reports there is a bill planned in the Pennsylvania state legislature requiring anyone in such a position to inform police of the abuse. Current state law simply requires notifying “the person in charge,” which is what Joe Paterno did when he reported to his immediate superior — Penn State U’s athletic director — of Sandusky’s anal rape of a 10-year-old boy in the locker-room’s shower.

In other words, Paterno — a “lifelong” Catholic — merely did the legal minimum, instead of the morally right thing to do, which would be to report the rape to the police.


Penn State Sindrome: Culture of Silence and Denial

“The relativism which is not willing to speak about truth but only about ‘what is true for me’ is an evasion of the serious business of living. It is the mark of a tragic loss of nerve in our contemporary culture. It is a preliminary symptom of death.”
― Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

This man's sexual abuse of boys was enabled by our culture of moral relativism

More people are coming out claiming they were sexually molested by former Penn State assistant basketball coach Jerry Sandusky. Early this morning, I heard on overnight CBS News that the victims may be as many as 100.

Sara Ganim of the Patriot News reports, Nov. 17, 2011, that new victims are coming out after Jerry Sandusky’s primetime television interview last Monday, according to two State College attorneys.

Hearing his voice and his words proclaiming no wrong — while admitting he showered innocently with young boys — was a trigger for some who say they were abused by the former Penn State defensive coordinator. One said it went back to the 1970s, around the time Sandusky founded the Two Miles charity that prosecutors say was his axis for finding victims.

Authorities have set up a tip line for this case, but won’t say how many new victims have come forward. No more charges have yet been filed.

Some of the new victims who talked to attorney Andy Shubin are afraid of retribution from Penn State-crazed fans, or being blamed — like one victim — for the downfall of Joe Paterno.

Mike Gillum, the psychologist working with the Clinton County boy who first came forward to authorities in 2008 and whose statement led to the grand jury investigation, said Wednesday that the teen boy is having trouble in school because he is being bullied with threats and verbal abuse for coming forward.

Shubin said about the people he talked to Wednesday that “In some cases we’re finding that they are hiding in a fairly remote area, they are afraid of being discovered.” Others have already come forward and say they were dissuaded from being honest.

Attorney Justine Andronici, who’s working with Shubin, said, “In some cases they have disclosed something in careful ways to people in positions of authority and they were not believed [but] were, in some cases, scolded and silenced.”

All of which led Ken Connor, the chairman of Center for a Just Society, to ask:

The newly released grand jury report is a damning indictment of the people and institution at the heart of the scandal – people who had ample time and opportunity to act but did nothing. The report is a chilling illustration of how dysfunctional our moral barometers have become, and raises more questions than answers:

How is it that an athletic, 6′ 4″ young man witnesses an aging sexual predator sodomizing a 10-year-old boy only to slink way and call his daddy for advice rather than acting to stop the assault right then and there?

How is it that his father advises him to report the incident to the coach, rather than the authorities?

How is it that that coach contacts the Athletic Director, rather than the police?

How is it that a custodial staffer who witnesses the perpetrator performing oral sex on a child doesn’t call the cops?

These bizarre and infuriating questions go on and on up the chain of command at Penn State, to the University President himself.

What can possibly account for such apathy and inaction in the face of the victimization of young children?  Have we become so consumed with our own self interest, with the interest of our institutions, that we can just ignore the victims of these human tragedies?  Have we become so jealous of our own “comfort zones,” that we’d rather see a child rapist walk free than take the trouble to get involved?  What does that say about us as individuals?  As a culture?

At least eight lives have been scarred forever because not one adult had the courage to shout stop, or yell, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”  We raise our children to believe that adults have their best interests at heart, are there to protect and care for them.  This is particularly true of authority figures such as coaches.  Not only were these boys victimized by a man they looked to for guidance, they were betrayed by other adults who had the power to put a stop to the abuse but didn’t.  And why?  Because the witnesses feared for their jobs?  The University’s reputation?  The bottom line of the football program?

It is a sad testament to the character of the Penn State organization and its students that the main concern expressed in the immediate aftermath of these revelations has been the fate of Coach Paterno’s football legacy.  Where are the protests on behalf of the victims?  Where are the tar and feathers?  Where are the adults who were supposed to protect our children?  The apathy and self-centeredness that has been exposed here is breathtaking and should cause us to engage in serious moral and spiritual introspection.

It has been said that America’s universities represent the future of our society.  If that’s true, and if Penn State is representative of other universities, then may God help us all.


Crotchless Panties for Kids

There is a silent undeclared war against America’s children. It is a covert coordinated effort to normalize pedophilia.

Candies shaped as condoms are sold to our kids.

Our government mandates all newborn babies be given Hepatitis B vaccination although the disease is a sexually-transmitted disease in the United States. Hepatitis B virus cannot be spread by casual contact but is transmitted via infectious blood or body fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids.

Crotchless panties do not serve the purpose of underwear (i.e., to prevent our clothes from being soiled) but are a sexual turn-on for fetishists.

So why would anyone manufacture crotchless thong panties sized for 7-year-old girls? And why would a children’s clothing store sell the panties?

Colorado’s KUSA Channel 9 News reports, November 14, 2011, that while shopping for her kids in a new store called “Kids N Teen” in Colorado’s Greeley Mall, Erin French found crotchless thong panties for sale among the stuffed animal backpacks and princess dresses.

Erin French

The mom took out her cell phone to document the inappropriate merchandise. Her grainy video shows pink and leopard-print thong panties with no crotches.

French told KUSA:

“I was mortified. My first initial response was, ‘Am I really seeing that?’…They’re sized to fit a 7-year-old girl. That’s just totally inappropriate.  There is one purpose for an item of that nature and that is not something we want to encourage for our girls.”

The owner of Kids N Teen didn’t want to speak on camera and  would only give her name as Kristina. Defending the store, “Kristina” said that the store’s only been in business for two weeks and they’re still trying to figure out what to sell. She also said that while her store caters mostly to kids, about 25% of the inventory is for teenagers — as if crotchless panties for teenagers are appropriate. There is also the fact that the crotchless thongs being sold are sized to fit 7-year-old girls, who are not teenagers.

After a complaint from mall management, Kids N Teen removed the crotchless panties.

Pics from Daily Mail. You can see KUSA’s news video on this here.

H/t our beloved Miss May.


Sanduskys Claim Innocence

This morning’s waking-up news is that accused pedophile and former Penn State U assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky finally has spoken to the media and claims innocence.

S-u-r-e he is….

Except for these pesky eyewitness reports, from the Grand Jury’s Indictment of Sandusky:

  • Wrestling coach Joe Miller saw Jerry and a boy (called “Victim 1″ in the Grand Jury Indictment) in the weight room, “lying on their sides, in physical contact, face to face on a mat.”
  • A 15-year-old youth named F.A. saw Jerry touch and tickle Victim 1 and “drive with his hand on Victim 1′s leg.”
  • A Penn State graduate assistant saw a young boy, aged about 10, in the university’s locker room shower, “with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky.”

The graduate assistant reported what he saw to head coach Joe Paterno, who reported it to his immediate superior, Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley. Later, the graduate assistant met with Curley and the university’s Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Shultz. Curley and Shultz reported it to Penn State President Graham Spanier.

But no one ever reported the anal rape incident to the police.

In the course of the communications from Paterno to Shultz, the anal rape witnessed by the grad assistant became what Paterno called “something of a sexual nature,” to Curley and Shultz’s something Sandusky did that made the grad assistant feel “uncomfortable,” and eventually to what Spanier called “horsing around in the shower.”

Meanwhile, his wife Dorothy also claims innocence and ignorance, despite the fact that:

1. She had helped Jerry out with the running of the Second Mile charity he had started in 1977 for disadvantaged troubled boys. The charity gave Jerry access to hundreds of boys, from whom he selected all of his young victims, who as the Grand Jury Indictment notes “were vulnerable due to their social situations.”

2. ESPN News reported that Jerry “endearingly called his wife ‘Sarge’ because she was in charge of their home.” But “Sarge” somehow missed all the activities going on in their home.

The Grand Jury indictment makes repeated accusations that victims were abused inside the Sanduskys’ home. Victim 1 spent many nights there sleeping in a basement bedroom. The indictment asserts Jerry “indecently fondled Victim 1 on a number of occasions, performed oral sex on Victim 1 on a number of occasions and had Victim 1 perform oral sex on him on at least one occasion.” Phone records also confirm that Jerry made 61 phone calls from his home phone and 57 calls from his personal cell phone to Victim 1′s home phone.

But good ol’ “Sarge” Dorothy Sandusky somehow missed all that!

Here’s a pic of Dorothy and Jerry Sandusky:

Dorothy ("I know nothing!") and Jerry ("I like to horse around!") Sandusky

Do they remind you of this other happy couple?

Minnie and Roman Castevet in Rosemary's Baby (played by Ruth Gordon & Sidney Blackmer)

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that another 10 victims have come forward to the authorities since the arrest of Jerry Sandusky on Nov. 5 on 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys.


From Franklin Coverup to Penn State

This is a post I never wanted to write.  I’ve been sitting on it for three days because the whole situation is so evil, twisted and sick.  When the Penn State story first broke it immediately reminded me of the story of The Franklin Cover-Up    written by John DeCamp, an attorney who served as Senator in the Nebraska legislature for 16 years.

  (Amazon provides the “Look Inside” feature to check out the Table of Contents, the Index and do searches.  You’ll find references to George H.W.Bush, Warren Buffet, the Kiewit Family and many of the most powerful people in the federal government as well as powerful Omaha locals.)

DeCamp was actively involved in the investigation and represented the victims of the pedophile, drug and sex-trafficking ring operated out of Omaha.  The whole thing ended up being swept under the rug because exposure meant ruin for the most rich and powerful people in the State of Nebraska and all over the country, including Washington DC.  It literally was considered a national security issue.

Like Penn State, there was a high-profile children’s charity that provided the victims.  Believe it or not, it was Boys Town!  Yes, Father Flannigan’s Boys Town!

Like Penn State, the chief investigator, Gary Cardori, died in a mysterious plane accident.  It was known he had irrefutable evidence in the plane with him; but after the plane went down, the photographs and evidence were missing.

The Franklin case involved pimping out children and teens to satisfy the twisted perversions of the rich and powerful in Nebraska and around the country.

Sportscaster, Mark Madden, said on a local radio station in Pennsylvania that two reporters are investigating Sandusky’s Second Mile Foundation “pimping out young boys to rich donors.”

With all the similarity to the Franklin Cover-up case, we must not allow any cover-up at Penn State.  Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Links to newspaper coverage of the Franklin Case




District Attorney in Sandusky Case Went Missing in 2005

Ray Gricar, D.A. involved in the original pedophile investigation in the late 1990s went mysteriously missing in April, 2005.  Eventually, his laptop was found with the hard drive missing.

In this 11/7/11 PBS story, the reporter briefly mentions Gricar’s disappearance at the 4:50 point.

Condom-Shaped Candy Sold to Kids – in America

To be enticing, candy for little kiddies typically are cute-looking. An example are these Gummi Bears jelly candy:

So why are candies shaped as condoms being sold to kids?

On August 24, 2011, in his article “Condom-Shaped Candy Points to Pedophile Future” for henrymakow.com, Aspen writes: “Ever-new ways to saturate children’s minds with sex are being enacted with increasing pace. Anyone who doubts that there is a concerted effort to sexualize children need look no further than Asian candy shops for proof.”

To make his point, Aspen describes his shocking discovery that this condom-shaped candy is sold at child-height in Japanese supermarkets:

Aspen also points out that the “Delicious” brand new for the condom-shaped candy is printed in a font identical to that of Durex Condoms.

So I went looking for an image of Durex. Indeed, the “Delicious” brand name has the same font as the “Durex” brand name on this box of fruit-flavored (!) condoms:

The condom-shaped candy is a product of Sophisca Confectionery Corporation that Aspen claims to be “a Japan-based manufacturer and retailer of candies and sweets.”

So I went looking for Sophisca on the web.

I couldn’t find any Sophisca in Japan. Instead, I found Sophisca Confectionery Corporation as having a single location, in Taipei, Taiwan. This website says Sophisca registered its trademark with the U.S. government on September 15, 2003, and that the corporation’s “goods and services” are “candy; chocolate; rice-based snack foods; cookies; ice cream; sugar; honey; puddings; coffee; bread; cakes.”

Sophisca is a Taiwanese, not Japanese, corporation. This is Sophisca’s website, in mainly Chinese language. Here’s how Sophisca describes itself:

“In 1997, Taiwan’s first specialized candy store was born. Sophisca firmly upholds the principle that candies are not delimited or confined by national borders. We offer some 1,000 varieties of hard and soft candy, marshmallow, chocolate, healthy fruits, and honey — all manufactured in Taiwan, with the technology and market acumen of Japan and West Europe.”

Sophisca calls itself “A sweet place for sweethearts” and has this cute little lamb logo, which you can see for yourself on Sophisca’s Facebook page:

But the truth is even worse than Aspen believes. Sophisca’s condom-shaped candy is not sold in Japan and Taiwan because Sophisca has a presence in the United States — in California:

Sophisca Corp. (specializing in “gift baskets and parcels”):
629 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-1300

250 W Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776

Sophisca Candy & Gifts
2800 N Main St, STE 2086B
Santa Ana,  CA  92705-6609
(714) 564-9350

Aspen found that Sophisca has an entire line of sex and medical imitation candy products, clearly designed to attract the attention of young people. Many of these products are arranged on shelves low enough for children under the age of 10 to reach. They include:

  • BIAGRA – These are ‘Viagra’-shaped candies, with the word “Biagra” stamped on each individual piece. They come 25 in a bottle. The “Bi-” could be a reference to “bi-sexual”.
  • MOLTOSE – These items are not really “candy”, but a sweet jelly. The jelly is packaged in a plastic syringe, in the fashion of medical syringes. To ingest the jelly, children push the plunger and squirt the jelly into their mouths. Clearly, these items are meant to accustom young people to a life of drug taken.
  • UPUP – The “up” here is breast support provided by bras. This is evidenced by the picture on the box cover: breasts supported by a lacy pink bra. Of course, the faux brand name may serve as a double-entendre for erections, and perhaps as a triple-entendre for the act of sex itself. The candy itself is a set of individually-wrapped nude but armless female busts, complete with breasts and nipples.
  • OK – The box for this product has been designed to look like a box of bandages. A small cartoon image also graces face of the box:  it’s a cute little blonde girl in a nurse costume, and holding a syringe. Beneath the faux brand name is printed “QUEER-AID”. The candy itself is comparatively innocuous, being colored bandage-shaped tabs. I am not sure how bandages amount to aid for “queers”.
  • PLAYCHOCO - The packaging is a thin box with a “Playboy Magazine”-styled cover. The “magazine” name is printed in the “Playboy” font. While the Chinese script on the cover is not child-oriented, the image depicted is clearly a racily-dressed infant. The candy is chocolates, some of which have been shaped to resemble phalluses and breasts.

Aspen writes that he’s seen children as young as 10 years old buying these candies. He concludes:

“as children are drawn further and further into the world of sex, earlier and earlier sexual activation will be inevitable. Eventually, the sexual rights of children will arise, and powerful forces will emerge step to support and defend those rights. Eventually child sex will be normalized and customary, and following that, it will be encouraged directly by teachers and parents. [...] This is the plan for the future.”

As a matter of fact, the effort to “normalize” child sex and pedophilia is already underway here in the United States.

On August 17, 2011, the pedophile group B4U-ACT hosted a conference attended by some 50 individuals, including a number of admitted pedophiles – or “Minor-Attracted Persons” as they prefer to be identified – as well as several supportive mental health professionals. The consensus of the conference is that pedophilia should be removed as a mental disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), in the same manner homosexuality was removed in 1973.