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WASHINGTON, DC – Sources close to the White House have learned that Barack Obama is planning to run for the office of Pope when the College of Cardinals convenes to elect a successor to ailing Benedict XVI at the end of this month. Calling on the promise of Equality for All, Obama is said to firmly believe that the time has come for a non-Catholic to occupy the Vatican‘s highest office.

Foreseeing a looming citizenship issue he states that he has discovered an Italian birth certificate that proves he was born in Rome before he was born in Kenya. “That Hawaiian birth certificate never has been worth what I paid for it anyway,” he noted.

Continuing, he concluded, “And there’s no way that a handful of cardinals could be more expensive to buy than 10 million voters in Michigan.” Further questions should be directed to Obama’s Papal Campaign Manager, Abdul Azeem Khan.

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Michigan’s Right to Work Bill Has Unions All Shook Up

This is Huge!


Son of famous Masters-Johnson sex researchers convicted of public masturbation

I don’t know how to characterize this piece of news. Calling it “ironic” doesn’t fit, so I’ll settle for this being some kind of cosmic joke.

Dr. William H. Masters (1915-2001) and Virginia E. Johnson were pioneers in the study of human sexuality, especially sexual arousal and dysfunction. For their research, the couple (whom I’d always thought to be rather creepy) conducted interviews and observed sex acts. They wrote the best-sellers Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy, which have been translated into 30 languages. They founded an independent not-for-profit research institution in 1964, originally called the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation and renamed the Masters & Johnson Institute in 1978.

Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters

Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters

Two days ago, on Dec. 3, 2012, their 60-year-old married son, William Masters II, pled guilty to public lewdness after he was arrested last May for masturbating in New York’s Central Park, just 25 feet away from a public walkway. The Central Park incident is the first of two arrests of Masters for public indecency this year! (The other arrest was in Michigan.)

Mugshots of William Masters II

Mugshots of William Masters II

The Daily Mail reports, Dec. 4, 2012, that a New York police officer reported seeing Masters expose his genitals and masturbate in an area of the park called the Ramble that’s known for homosexual liaisons. The police complaint said: ‘The defendant intentionally exposed the private parts of his body in a lewd manner and committed a lewd act in a public place… with intent that he be so observed.”

Masters also is charged with exposing himself to two female undercover police officers as they passed by his exclusive summer home in Michigan this past September. That case is pending.

A local source described the Michigan locale to the New York Post, as “a very rich, wealthy gated community, with cottages built by families like [tire magnate] Harvey Firestone.”

Masters II was nude on the banks of the Pinnebog River at the Port Crescent State Park area in Hume Township when two female kayakers paddled by. The kayakers were undercover cops in a sting operation because of numerous lewd incidents reported from that area over the years.

The two officers said Masters II “yelled for attention” from his perch on a nearby dune and then proceeded to make “obscene gestures” at the women when they looked his way. The officers beached their kayak and chased after Masters, calling for backup from a Michigan conservation officer to help in their pursuit.

Given Masters’ previous history, officials in Michigan planned to canvass the area surrounding the posh summer homes in the Pointe aux Barques where he was caught, showing local women photographs of him in an attempt to link him to a previous plague of flashing incidents.

Master’s defense lawyer Irwin Rochman tells the New York Post his client is getting counseling.


Uh Oh!

The wedding party fell into Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan after the dock that they were standing on broke while posing for photos.

Strange Underground Noises Heard Across the World

Loud rumbling and groaning sounds are being heard in many locales across the world:

The person who posted this video on YouTube speculates that the sounds may be caused by surreptitious drilling and construction of large underground shelters by governments that are taking the threat of 2012 seriously.

I found some other videos of strange sounds. This one, recorded somewhere in Michigan on August 19, 2011, seems to be from space instead of from beneath the earth:

Here’s one from Homel, Belarus, on August 14, 2011:

As of March 22, 2011, The Big Wobble had compiled a map of reported strange sounds in the United States:


Have We Lost Our Mind? Warning Duct Tape Needed For This Story!

A Suspiciously “Wet and Firm” Diaper

People when will enough be enough?


by AOL Travel Staff

Posted Jun 26th 2011 10:45 PM

TSA security officers at Florida’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport patted down a cancer-stricken, 95-year-old woman and forcibly removed her adult diaper during the search, CNN reports. Could this end up being yet another TSA PR nightmare?

Jean Weber was traveling with her ill mother on June 18 from Florida to Michigan to see relatives “in the final stages of her battle with leukemia” when the incident occurred.

Weber told CNN that while she thinks the officers may have been “procedurally correct…the procedure needs to be changed.” Weber noted that her mother had had a blood transfusion the week before.

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Food Stamps Used to Buy Lobsters and Steaks

America is broke. 1 of every 4 homes are underwater. 1 of every 8 Americans are on food stamps.

But Americans are a generous people. We help fellow Americans who are in need. But we deeply resent those who take advantage of our generosity by abusing government welfare, such as the food stamp program.

Every year, taxpayers spent $40 billion on those food stamps that are intended for the poor. Every one of those food stamps are paid for by you and me and the 53% of Americans who still pay income taxes.

According to the U.S. Agriculture Department, food stamp fraud totaled nearly $100 million since 2007. Abuse of the food stamp program accelerated when debit-style cards replaced paper coupons in the 1990s.  Examples of fraud and abuse include:

  • People hungry for cash ask the store to ring up a small food sale or a phony one. An employee agrees to hand over money, maybe $50, but takes a larger amount off the card for a nice profit, sometimes as high as 100%.
  • A store west of downtown Detroit sold bags of the exotic chewy drug khat in exchange for food-stamp benefits. The cash was then wired to Somalia and other countries.
  • The owner of Ann’s Market in Detroit, Wasfi Shalhout of Dearborn, Michigan, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2010 for $1.2 million of food stamp fraud. Shalhout would write dollar amounts on old lottery tickets and tell customers to present them at the counter. Customers waited in line 10-deep to trade food-stamp benefits for cash. Shalhout used the funds to pay off his mortgage, purchase property in Israel, and leased three vehicles.
  • A recent example of food stamp abuse is Leroy Fick of Auburn, Michigan, who won $2 million in a state lottery game nearly a year ago but is still getting food stamps.

Below is evidence of someone abusing the food stamp program. The evidence is a grocery store receipt, dated February 8, 2011, from the Angeli’s County Market in Menominee, Michigan. My brother sent this to me in an E-mail. Please help this go viral!

I’m among the 53% of Americans who pay income taxes. I don’t buy cold water lobster or Porterhouse steak, but go to the discount Grocery Outlet.

But this individual in Michigan whose food stamp debit card account ends in 5865 bought cold water lobsters, Porterhouse steaks, and Diet Mountain Dew because someone else is paying the $141.78 bill. That someone else is you, me, and other taxpayers.

When do we say “ENOUGH! We’re sick of it and we won’t put up with it any longer”?

One good way to say “ENOUGH!” is to report fraud when you see it. Here’s how, from the U.S. Department of Human Services website:

If you know of, and wish to report fraud or abuse of the cash assistance, food stamp, Medicaid or any other benefit program provided by the Department of Human Services, call the 24-hour hotline for fraud at (202) 673-4464 in the Office of Program Review, Monitoring and Investigation (OPRMI). Anonymous calls are accepted. Callers who give their names can request confidentiality at (202) 671-4496.

UPDATE: A few hours after I published this post, Fellowship of the Minds received an e-mail from David DiCrescenzo of AmericanPatriotsPress.com, informing us that he wrote on exactly this same food stamp abuse about 10 days ago. Mr. DiCrescenzo called Angeli’s County Market and spoke tothe manager, Dan Bursik, who confirmed the purchase. Read DiCrescenzo’s blog here!

UPDATE (June 5, 2011): Sharp-eyed reader Patti found this news on Fox11 WLUK-TV, June 3, 2011:

Louis Cuff, 33, was arrested Wednesday and charged with welfare fraud for misusing hundreds of dollars of state-issued food stamps. Authorities say Cuff used a Michigan-issued food stamp card to buy and then sell food items for about 50 cents-on-the-dollar. One of the receipts from February includes six lobster tails, two porterhouse steaks and soda, totaling $141.78. The Menominee County Sheriff’s Department says anonymous tips led to a month-long joint investigation with the Michigan Department of Human Services. Lt. Greg Nast with the Menominee County Sheriff’s Department says he was told someone found the receipt near the grocery store. Authorities say Cuff admitted to selling items purchased with food stamps on three occasions. If convicted, Cuff faces up to a five year prison sentence.