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Surprise! (not) – Blacks and Latinos support Obamacare


By now, we should all know that Obamacare really is another wealth-transfer socialist scheme to manipulate some — especially young people who, being young and healthy, otherwise would not get medical insurance — to pay for the healthcare of the supposedly poor.

The latter would get free healthcare via “subsidies.” The money for those “subsidies” are taken from the more expensive healthcare insurances that the rest of us will now have to pay. (See “Obamacare disaster: Health insurances cancelling policies of hundreds of thousands” and “Elderly Americans in a panic over losing doctors because of Obamacare”.)

So it’s no surprise that Blacks and Latinos are the most diehard supporters of Obamacare.

Alison Vekshin reports for Bloomberg that, according to a Pew Research Center and USA Today survey conducted Sept. 4-8, as many as 91% of blacks and 61% of Hispanics approve of Obamacare, compared with only 29% of whites. Vekshin notes that “The battle over Obamacare is taking on political importance as Democrats hope a successful roll-out among Hispanics will further bind those voters to the Democratic Party and undermine Republican efforts to build more support before the 2016 presidential election.”

The POS, of course, knows all about this and is trying to get as many signed up as possible via such organizations as Voto Latino and the National Council of La Raza.


Side note: La Raza means “The Race,” which just goes to show, once again, that it’s not racism when the Left wallows in it. [Snark]


There’s even a Spanish-language Obamacare website, CuidadoSalud.gov, which corresponds to the English language HealthCare.gov website.

Alas, CuidadoSalud.gov not only is plagued with problems, the problems are worse than those of HealthCare.gov. The Spanish-language site was supposed to roll out this month, but although the website exists, the option to enroll electronically doesn’t.

And so CuidadoSalud.gov is now “indefinitely” delayed. LOL

Vdare.com’s Allan Wall warns that:

Hispanics, we have been assured again and again by the spokesmen of Conservatism Inc., are limited government natural conservatives who would flock to the Republican Party if only we’d be more open about immigration. But the reality is that Hispanics are flocking to Obamacare. They may just tip the scales to bring about its irreversible establishment. [...]

How did we get into this situation? I blame the GOP leadership. For years they’ve promoted mass immigration and pandered to Latinos. And what do they have to show for it? They’re still excoriated as “racists” and as the “white party”, despite the fact that they effectively do nothing to help American whites.

Clearly, the GOP needs new leadership—or American patriots need a new party. And fast.


Biden Tells La Raza He’s Middle Class Just Like They Are

What a doofus!

VP Biden reported a joint annual income of $379,000 on his last tax return.  I wonder if the Latino activists of La Raza picked up on that when he lumped himself with their poor, downtrodden middle-classness?

Obama says couples earning over $250,000 are rich and should pay their fair share.   Biden never got the message if he thinks his income is “middle class.”  There’s a great Daily Mail article detailing Biden’s ineptitude   here.


NOTE:  This video was posted by the Obama Campaign.  It’s perfect fodder for another Twitter-barrage.  Yeesh!

The Hispanderer in Chief

Via thehill.com (emphasis mine):

Obama picks immigration reform advocate to lead domestic policy
By Amie Parnes and Erik Wasson – 01/10/12 03:30 PM ET

President Obama has picked a strong advocate of immigration reform to head his Domestic Policy Council.

The White House announced Tuesday that Cecilia Muñoz, a former senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza, would replace Melody Barnes at the top of the council. White House press secretary Jay Carney announced the appointment during his press briefing.

Muñoz is now serving as the White House’s director of intergovernmental affairs and is in charge of outreach to state and local governments.

“The president has asked, she has accepted,” Carney said.

Muñoz is an immigration expert who worked for the National Council of La Raza, the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, until she joined the administration in 2009. The group works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans and advocates legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Obama has frequently been criticized by pro-immigration reform advocates for not pressing harder for changes to the country’s immigration laws. Hispanic groups also have complained that the administration has stepped up deportations of illegal aliens.  

All of this has led to questions about whether Obama will garner strong support from Hispanics in his 2012 reelection bid. It is crucial to Obama’s reelection that he win a large majority of the Hispanic vote, particularly in critical swing states such as Florida, New Mexico and Colorado.

Carney called Muñoz “the best person for the job.”

You will find the rest of the article here.

You can find out more about La Raza here.

Last I heard, the Dear Ruler had all but halted deportations of the illegal invaders, so I really do not get what the Hispanic groups have their boxers in a bunch about.

Nothing like a little election year pandering to the illegal aliens who have invaded our country. Of course, many of them will be voting in the upcoming 2012 election, and if recent polling data is to be believed, El Presidente Obama needs all the votes he can get.


(h/t: boortz.com)


Black “Flash Mobs” the Beginning of Race War in America?

Violent riots are breaking out across the globe.


In the UK, 16,000 police officers flooded the streets of London on the night of August 9, 2011, after the previous night’s mayhem in which Metropolitan Police use armored vehicles to push back 150 rioters in Lavender Hill, Clapham; 20,800 citizens made 999 emergency calls (a 400% increase); and Birmingham Children’s Hospital staff were forced to barricade themselves in against the mob outside trying to break in. Government estimates that the cost of clean-up will run into ‘tens of millions’.

The riots that began in London have spawned copycat riots in Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds. Prime Minister Cameron’s conservative government is under fire for spending cuts to social programs in order to help reduce the country’s debt. Among those hit the hardest are large numbers of minority youths who have been at the forefront of the unrest.

Burnt out buildings in London's Croydon are doused down after a night of rioting


In Chile, on the night of August 9, 2011, masked demonstrators capped more than 2 months of unrest over public education funding by burning cars and looting shops in the capital Santiago. The protesters were met with force as Chilean police cracked down on further unrest over state education. At least 273 protesters had been arrested across the country, and 23 police officers were injured in the clashes.

Students hurl rocks and Molotov cocktails at an armoured police van in Valparaiso, Chile


Some 250,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 6, over the rising cost of living. Demonstrations actually began last month when a few people set up tents in an expensive part of Tel Aviv to protest rising property prices. The protests have moved to other cities in Israel, where some 50,000 people rallied.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a series of reforms including freeing up land for construction and offering tax breaks. But the reforms have only increased anger in the streets, according to reports.

Israel’s demonstrations are decidedly socialist in character. Here are some of the demands from protestors, according to Reuters:

  • Increase personal tax brackets for top earners
  • Enshrine the right to housing in the law; introduce rent controls; boost mortgage relief
  • Stop further privatization of things such as health facilities
  • Provide free education for all from the age of three months
  • Raise the minimum wage to 50 percent of the average wage

Spain, Greece, Portugal

All three have experienced protests and rioting in reaction to government austerity programs and bad economic conditions.

In late June, riots broke out in Athens and other parts of Greece as the bankrupt country’s parliament voted to approve severe cutbacks in government spending in order to receive more bailout money from the International Monetary Fund and European Union—or run the risk of defaulting on their debts. Dozens were hurt and businesses destroyed as police battled rioters with tear gas and night sticks.

In Spain, thousands of people turned out in late May to protest the country’s 21% unemployment rate and against government corruption and austerity measures to rein in the country’s debt. Hundreds of people set up tents in a Madrid square and spent a week there in protest.

Portugal saw massive strikes and protests last March in response to government spending cuts. At least 200,000 people gathered in Lisbon.

Demonstrations and riots also broke out in the Philippines, China, and Syria (see here).

The riots in the UK are about not just the economy, but also about race.

Katherine Birbalsingh, a teacher who exposed the failures of the UK’s comprehensive school system, writes in The Telegraph:

“No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were…on the whole, black. Then, finally, Toby Young’s Telegraph blog post on the riots was published. Is Toby Young the only  journalist out there who will dare say that these riots are about race?”

Toby Young wrote that “What’s so depressing about [the] outbreak of public disorder is that it indicates that little or no progress has been made when it comes to relations between the police and the local African-Caribbean population, particularly the local youths.”

United States of America

Here in the good ol’ U. S. of A, incidents of black flash mobs engaged in robbery (“flash robs“) and violence are on the rise, the worst being the one in Wisconsin on the night of August 4, 2011.

At around 11:10 p.m., a mob of “hundreds” of black teens ran amuck at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee. Police squads were sent to the area after reports of “mob beating,” fighting, and property damage. The mob attacked drivers in cars and pulled riders off motorcycles.

The dictionary defines “riot” as:

  1. A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people.
  2. Law A violent disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled for a common purpose.

So the truth is we’re already having riots in America. It’s just that  the police and media call them “flash mobs” instead of “riots.”

After key figures on the Left repeatedly called for a race war in America, is it any wonder that we are seeing more and more “flash mob” incidents with a decided racial overtone?

As examples, on March 25, 2010, ACORN’s CEO Bertha Lewis called for an immigration race war in America:

“Immigration is the next big battle…. We’re getting ready to be a majority, minority country…. We’ll be like South Africa. More black people than white people…. You get yourselves together, get strong, get big, and get in this battle….it’s all about money…. [T]he face of immigration needs to be a lot blacker than it is…join this immigration war. Black people, young black people…JOIN. Don’t march along side, don’t march in back, be right out front!…. That will be the battle for the kind of government that we have.”

Sometime around May 2010 at a Hispanic La Raza rally in UCLA, Ron Gochez, a history teacher at Sanchee High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District, openly called for a Mexican revolution against “capitalism,” “imperialism,” and the white man, because America is really “their” land.

Then, there’s none other than the President of the United States himself calling for a race war.

On October 25, 2010, in a radio interview that aired on the Spanish-language television network Univision, referring to the Americans who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants (at last count, 63% of U.S. voters), Obama called on Hispanics to “punish our enemies”. (See “Obama Foments Race War in America”)

I have a message for all you punks intent on instigating a race war in America:

The United States ranks No. 1 in the world in gun ownership, at 88.8 guns per 100 residents (2007 figure), whereas England ranks #88 at 6.2 guns per 100 residents.

Unlike the Brits, Americans are armed and ready to take on punks!


Racist Hispanic Group Funded by Taxpayers

La Raza (in English, The Race) or the National Council of La Raza calls itself “a non-profit and non-partisan advocacy group in the United States, focused on improving opportunities for Hispanics” — Americans of Mexican descent.

But as its name “La Raza” implies, it is actually a racist organization. La Raza denies it’s racist, insisting instead that its name “La Raza” actually means the innocuous, non-race-specific, warm-and-fuzzy “The People.” That is political sophistry. Go to any Spanish-English dictionary and search for the English translation of “raza.” I did, and this is what I found:

Google English Spanish Translation for raza:

Dictionary – View detailed dictionary

  1. noun
    1. race
    2. breed
    3. strain
    4. colorcast

In other words, La Raza is a racist Latino, mainly Hispanic, organization that champions the “rights” of illegal immigrants aliens, as well as advocates open borders and the return (Reconquista) of the southwestern US to Mexico.

The territory in red represents radical Hispanics' fantasy and goal of Aztlan - the mythic homeland of the "brown race" (their term, not mine).

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor was a 6-year member of La Raza.

This racist organization receives funding from philanthropic organizations, such as the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as corporations such as Citigroup and Wal-Mart. La Raza also receives some $5 million of our tax dollars each year — when America is more than $14 trillion in debt.

Ask yourself this question: Would the US government ever provide funding to a group that champions the rights of the “white” race or the rights of any other outlaw group? But our feral gubbmint is doing just that, pouring our hardearned dollars into this rat hole that champions the rights of ILLEGAL immigrants. For those who are language-challenged, illegal means OUTLAW!

Ralph Alter writes in the American Thinker, Stop government funding of La Raza,” March 11, 2011:

As we observe the baby steps being taken by the newly elected budget-cutting Congress of 2010, we are coming to realize how absurd the old Washington political approach of throwing money at our problems is. The remarkable capitalist engine driving our free republic had become so incredibly powerful that for decades politicians have been able to shovel billions of dollars toward our foreign allies and adversaries, developed a safety net that assured food and medical care for nearly all U.S. citizens (and millions of non-citizens) and funded crackpot studies of no use and political causes of nearly every stripe.

The funding for one such political group seems particularly inappropriate considering our current fiscal dilemma. Mike Piccione at Human Events pulled the tax returns from 2006 to 2009 for the radical Latino group, the National Council of La Raza, and discovered that our federal government shelled out nearly $12 million to help the controversial group promote open borders and amnesty for illegals during that period.

La Raza translates from the Spanish to “the Race.” The group has been associated with the motto: “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza, nada.” This translates as “For The Race, everything, outside The Race, nothing.” The group publicly rejects it’s link to this motto as well as any connection to the popular Mexican concept of “reconquista” (Mexico) or taking back the southwestern United States by overwhelming demographics.

The details of La Raza’s use of those federal funds includes generous compensation to 17 foundation officers and board members ranging from $119,675 to $378,446. The tax returns also itemize a total of $800,787 for expenses “to lobby the U.S. government for money.”

Apparently at one time this made sense. A similar donation to a white supremacist group would never had gotten out of the gate. Paying special interest groups in order to enable them to lobby the government to pay them to lobby doesn’t seem like a very good investment, especially to a group promoting the continuation and extension of billions of dollars in payments for the welfare, education and medical payments for non U.S. citizens.

Call or write your congressman and insist that all funding to La Raza be ended.


Too Many Whites and Men in U.S. Military

That’s exactly what we need for the U.S. military — more PC.

Political correctness has already poisoned the well of politics, education, public and private discourse, and the one institution that should not let political considerations interfere — the U.S. military.

On December 22, 2010, Obama signed the bill repealing “don’t ask don’t tell,” thereby ending the 17-year-old ban on openly gay men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

Then there is the Muslim jihadist, Army psychologist Nidal Hassan, who went on a shooting spree in Fort Hood in November 2009, killing 13 and wounding 30? Although Hassan made known his jihadist views in speech and writing, the Army did nothing.

Hassan’s murderous rampage prompted a feeble response from the Department of Defense (DoD) — a directive issued on November 27, 2009, restricting servicemembers’ free speech by forbidding them from actively advocating “supremacist doctrine, ideology, or causes,” including writing blogs or posting on Web sites. But it remains unclear how the DoD defines “extremist” and “supremacist”:

  • Does “supremacist doctrine, ideology, or causes” include groups such as Jewish groups who believe that Jews are the Chosen People, or Muslims who believe that Islam — and by extension Islamists — is supreme?
  • Do ”hate groups” include Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam that calls white people “blue eyed devils”; the Hispanic La Raza who advocates the retaking by the “brown race” of the American southwest as Reconquista; liberals who demonize conservative tea partiers with false accusations of racism; and gay rights activist groups such as Act Up, which describes itself as “a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger“? 
  • Or do “extremists” and “hate groups” mean Christians, pro-lifers, and pro-gun rights Americans? That’s what a leaked 2009 internal memo of Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security said. Despite the controversy generated by the leak, the DHS to this day has not repudiated its identification of Christians, pro-lifers, and pro-gun rights Americans as “extremists” and “hate groups.”

Now comes news of more PC poisoning of our military.

Yesterday, a report ordered by Congress deems the military to be too white and too male at the top, and calls for changing recruiting and promotion policies and a lift on the ban on women in combat.

Pauline Jelinek of AP reports, March 7, 2011, Report says too many whites, men leading military” (H/t fellow Anon):

Seventy-seven percent of senior officers in the active-duty military are white, while only 8 percent are black, 5 percent are Hispanic and 16 percent are women, the report by an independent panel said, quoting data from September 2008.

One barrier that keeps women from the highest ranks is their inability to serve in combat units. Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials.

The report ordered by Congress in 2009 calls for greater diversity in the military’s leadership so it will better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix in the armed forces and in American society.

Efforts over the years to develop a more equal opportunity military have increased the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities in the ranks of leadership. But, the report said, “despite undeniable successes … the armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve.” “This problem will only become more acute as the racial, ethnic and cultural makeup of the United States continues to change,” said the report from the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, whose more than two dozen members included current and former military personnel as well as businessmen and other civilians. Having military brass that better mirrors the nation can inspire future recruits and help create trust among the general population, the commission said.

Among recommendations is that the military eliminate policies that exclude women from combat units, phasing in additional career fields and units that they can be assigned to as long as they are qualified. A 1994 combat exclusion policy bans women from being assigned to ground combat units below the brigade level even though women have for years served in combat situations.

“If you look at today’s battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not like it was in the Cold War, when we had a defined battlefield,” retired Air Force Gen. Lester L. Lyles, the commission’s chairman, said in an interview. “Women serve — and they lead — military security, military police units, air defense units, intelligence units, all of which have to be right there with combat veterans in order to do the job appropriately.” Because they are technically attached to, but not assigned to, combat units, they don’t get credit for being in combat arms, something important for promotion to the most senior ranks.

Lyles said the commission consulted a panel of enlisted women on the issue. “I didn’t hear, `Rah, rah, we want to be in combat,’” Lyles said. “But I also didn’t hear, `We don’t want to be in combat.’ What they want is an equal opportunity to serve where their skills allow them to serve.”

Stretching the definition of diversity, the report also said the military must harness people with a greater range of skills and backgrounds in, for instance, cyber systems, languages and cultural knowledge to be able to operate in an era of new threats and to collaborate with international partners and others.

An acquaintance of mine (and Anon’s too) who had served for many years in the military and still has his ears to the ground sent us this:

Promotion boards are already directed to ensure that a certain number of promotions go to minorities and women. [This is Affirmative Action on steroids, otherwise known as the racial/gender Quota System. ~Eowyn] That has been the case since the Clinton administration.  I expect that the Obama administration will demand that general officer promotions be restricted to women and minorities until the proper ratio is achieved.”