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The Two Rascals Caption Contest

This is the 110th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:


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To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“Don’t worry, Barry. A deal’s a deal. My successor as House Speaker, Paul Ryan, won’t be looking into your fake birth certificate either!”

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John Boehner to resign as House Speaker

From New York Times:

Speaker John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, will resign one of the most powerful positions in government and give up his House seat at the end of October, throwing Congress into chaos as it tries to avert a government shutdown.

Mr. Boehner made the announcement in an emotional meeting with his fellow Republicans on Friday morning.

This is long overdue.

I’d like to think Boehner’s resignation will make a difference, but so long as Mitch McConnell — whom I loath even more than Boehner — remains as Senate Majority Leader, the GOP will continue to be eunuchs, and even more Republicans than the 62% in a recent Fox News poll will feel betrayed by their party.

H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV


A Caption Contest for the 114th Congress

This is the 92nd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

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U.S. House Speaker John Boehner kisses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, as he holds the gavel after being re-elected speaker on the House floor at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

About the pic: On January 6, 2015, during the opening session of the 114th Congress, Congressman John Boehner (R-Ohio) kisses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after being re-elected to a third term as House Speaker.

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To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Et tu, Boehner?

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Imam opens House of Representatives with prayer to Allah, again

America is going to Hell in that proverbial hand basket, and here’s just one of the reasons.

Did you know that, about two months ago, on November 14, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives invited an imam to open its sessions with a prayer to Allah?

CSPAN reports that the prayer was offered by a Muslim cleric from the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, Monmouth Junction, NJ.

Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli, a native of Lebanon, said:

“The name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah, the cherisher, the sustainer of the world. The most gracious, the most merciful master of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship and thine do we seek. Guide us to the safe path. The god of all the prophets and the messenger says in the Koran, he does not place a responsibility on you greater than you can bear. Everyone will receive the good they have earned and vice versa. Let us pray. O god, bless us as we begin a new day. Bless this assembly. Bless the people and nation it represents. O god, at this time in our history, the challenges for our nation and the world are many. O god, grant these men and women the wisdom, the guidance and the strength to pursue compassion, justice and sound judgment. O god, in your wisdom, you have placed upon them great responsibility and honor. O god, please help them with your guidance and your light. O god, O god, improve the well being of all inhabitants of this great nation and beyond. Amen.”

The blogosphere is alight with news of that. But Nov. 14, 2014, was not the first time House Speaker (and leader) John Boehner (R-Ohio) saw fit to invite a Muslim to offer a prayer to Allah. Here’s a video I found from July 31, 2013:

The Florida Senate did it too, on March 18, 2014:

And at Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives too! – on Dec. 12, 2011:

Those are just a few I found in a quick search on YouTube. I’m sure there are many other examples.

Of the 55 delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, 51 were Christians (49 Protestants and 2 Roman Catholics). Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were anti-clerical Christians; Thomas Paine was a deist. NONE was Muslim.

As historian John Fea observes, “If . . . the United States was not ‘founded on the Christian religion,’ then someone forgot to tell the American people . . . . The idea that the United States is a ‘Christian nation,’ has always been central to American identity.” (For a more detailed treatment, see Bill Flax, “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?,” Forbes, Sept. 25, 2012.)

It’s bad enough that the United States of America, founded by Christians on Christian principles, now has a Muslim do the invocation prayer at the House of Representatives, considered and designed by our Founders to be the government body most representative of the People. But did you know that Islam’s Allah may in fact be a pagan moon deity demon called Hubal or Baal?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether the Allah of the Qur’an is in fact a pagan Arab moon god of pre-Islamic times. The idea has been mentioned in literature for more than a century, but only recently has the theory been seriously promoted. See:

Now you know one of the reasons why America is so screwed.

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Freshmen House Repubs already ignoring campaign promise by backing Boehner

Cynics say elections don’t make a thing in America.

The report below is more grist for their mill.

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner kisses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, as he holds the gavel after being re-elected speaker on the House floor at the U.S. Capitol in WashingtonOn Jan. 6, 215, John Boehner kisses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after narrowly winning a 3rd term as House Speaker, having survived a stiff challenge from 25 conservative Republicans. (Source)

Cristina Marcos reports for The Hill, Jan. 7, 2015, that conservative groups are blasting several new House Republicans who backtracked on campaign promises to oppose John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) bid for another term as Speaker.

During their 2014 races, those Republicans had pledged to vote for alternatives to Boehner and the current House GOP leadership.

Here are the turncoat freshmen House Republicans:

1. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.): Grothman indicated last year that he’d be a thorn in Boehner’s side upon arriving to Congress, though he didn’t explicitly promise to vote against him. Grothman said at an August debate, “I would have no problem looking for an alternative to Speaker Boehner. I have no problem standing up to Republican leadership.” But Grothman ultimately voted for Boehner, leaving conservatives who predicted Grothman would join their grassroots efforts disappointed. RedState blogger Erick Erickson wrote, “Elections have a way of voluntarily and willingly neutering congressmen. There will be no standing up by Glenn Grothman.”

2. Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.): Hice had expressed dissent during the House GOP leadership elections in November, but voted for Boehner’s continuation as House Speaker. Hice blamed his vote on a poorly organized rebellion: “I truly regret that a proper campaign was not waged, with the issues fully debated, that would have allowed a conservative to prevail in November, yet I huddled with fellow conservatives up until 10 minutes before the House was called to order,” Hice vowed that conservatives will keep Boehner on guard in the new Congress, saying, “Indeed, today is not the final verdict on the Speaker’s leadership or even a vote of confidence. If he does not deliver on his pledge to lead as a conservative, we will displace him.”

3. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.): Like Hice, Loudermilk also blamed poor organization, saying he had voted for Boehner because no “viable alternative” came forward. Insisting that he had expressed dissent during the closed-door House GOP conference leadership elections in November, Loudermilk said, “When Republicans chose our nominee, I was one of three who voted for new leadership. However, nearly two months later, we still were not presented with another serious candidate.”

4. Rep. Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.)

5. Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) 

6. Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.): Walker said during the 2014 campaign that he’d vote for Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) who chairs the panel investigating the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi. But Walker chose to vote for Boehner after an alternative candidate didn’t come forward in November, and maintained that “A change in House leadership, at this time and in this way, would have detracted from our conservative message.”

Only one freshman, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Ala.), opposed Boehner on the floor in Tuesday’s vote after pledging to do so during his campaign. But Palmer seems to be confused because he voted for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who is not a member of the House, to replace Boehner as House Speaker.

Three other freshmen Republicans who didn’t make campaign pledges also defected, but it’s newcomers who made promises that are under fire.

The conservative Madison Project (MP) excoriated the defectors — Loudermilk, Mooney, and Ratcliffe — whom MP had endorsed during the 2014 campaign, for violating a pledge they had signed with MP’s political action committee that, if they were elected to the House, they would vote against the current leadership. MP’s political director Drew Ryun said in a statement: “Choosing to side with the Washington establishment and turn a blind eye to John Boehner’s attacks on conservatives and his unwillingness to stand up to President Obama and executive amnesty was a slap in the face to the conservative movement.”

Ryun said that Madison Project had spoken to grassroots conservatives in the respective districts to put the lawmakers “on notice”: “This vote and act of betrayal to our conservative principles will be at the forefront of our minds when deciding to endorse in the future.”

All empty threats.

Obama gives America the finger

No wonder Obama the POS is already giving Congress and Republicans the finger, saying, “Sure, [Republican members of Congress and I will] disagree on some things. We’ll have to compromise on others. I’ll act on my own when it’s necessary.”

 H/t Martha Trowbridge


GOP elites tell Conservatives and Tea Party to shut up

The bastards have already forgotten that we elected and reelected them to office.

Citing Politico as her source, Melanie Batley reports for NewsMax, Nov. 6, 2014, that just two days after their historic midterm victories, the Republican congressional leadership is “sending out signals” to the Republican rank-and-file, especially the so-called “hard right,” that infighting and gridlock will not be tolerated.

In other words, they are telling Conservatives and the Tea Party to shut up.

The way Politico put it was: “Emboldened by sweeping midterm election victories, Republican leaders are vowing not to repeat the errors of past years, when messy fiscal fights eroded public confidence in Washington and became the hallmark of the GOP-controlled House.” That’s because the GOP leadership feel justified in demanding loyalty from the conservative wing of the party, given that the victories from this election cycle were mainly the result of the party’s early backing of establishment candidates, some of whom are from moderate districts.

Mitch McConnell

1. Incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he will not go along with conservative calls to use the debt ceiling as leverage for spending cuts, an insistence by Tea Party members which triggered the government shutdown last year. McConnell has already vowed that there will not be a government shutdown on his watch. And in his victory speech Tuesday night, McConnell made it clear he would also be extending the olive branch to Barack Obama, saying the GOP has a “duty” to work with the White House on issues they agree on. “I’m pretty familiar with our conference including the new members who are coming in,” McConnell said. “The vast majority of them don’t feel they were sent to Washington to fight all the time.”


2. House Speaker John Boehner is telling colleagues he plans to be a “responsible leader.” By that, he means the party needs to be unified to take advantage of its political dominance.

Rep. Steve StiversIn June 2014, Rep. Stiver’s chief of staff Adam Kuhn was forced for resign after his ex-lover, former porn star Jennifer Allbaugh posted a photo of Kuhn’s penis on Twitter. (Source)

3. Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers, a close ally of Boehner, told Politico, “What this election did is give us a working majority where we have at least 218 votes to pass a Republican agenda, and what I think will be a responsible Republican agenda. We’re not veering hard right, we’re playing it straight down the fairway, to use a Boehner-ism.”

Boehner and McConnell have already set out their legislative agenda, saying in a joint editorial that their top priority is to help the struggling middle class, and a first step will be passing many of the bills the House has already approved. “Enacting such measures early in the new session will signal that the logjam in Washington has been broken, and help to establish a foundation of certainty and stability that both parties can build upon,” they wrote.

The GOP elites maintain that unity could be paramount to maintaining the Senate majority in 2016, when a number of senators from blue and purple states are up for re-election.


Meanwhile, to make your Saturday even better [sarc], now that Republicans are in control of the Senate, John McCain is set to be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The same warmonger McCain who has never met a war he doesn’t want to drag the United States into.

Recall that McCain was a big proponent of a U.S. war in Syria. On September 4, 2013, he was one of three Republicans who joined 7 Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in approving a Senate resolution granting Obama authority to conduct military strikes on Syria’s government.



Americans are getting poorer, but Obama means to overwhelm welfare state with amnesty for 5M illegals

There’s no economic recovery, so say two indicators:

  1. New home sales
  2. Median U.S. household net worth

1. New Home Sales

An indicator of economic recovery is the health of the U.S. housing market, and the news is not good.

Erin Carlyle reports for Forbes, July 24, 2014, that sales of newly constructed homes fell by 8.1% (seasonally adjusted) in June compared to the prior month, according to Thursday’s U.S. Commerce Department report. Sales fell in all four regions, most dramatically in the Northeast, which saw a 20% drop from the prior month.

Worse still, compared to June of last year, new home sales actually went down 11.5%.

The median sales price of a new house sold in June 2014 was $273,500.

Housing economists point out that underlying economic factors–below average growth in median household income, labor force participation, bank lending and household formation–may be stalling the housing recovery.

2. Median U.S. Household Income

Median U.S. household income is the figure for a “typical” household at the median point in the wealth distribution — half of U.S. households have incomes higher than the median figure; half of U.S. households have incomes lower.

Anna Bernasek reports for the New York Times, July 26, 2014, that according to a study financed by the Russell Sage Foundation, the inflation-adjusted net worth of the median U.S. household in 2013 was only $56,335 — a decline of a whopping 36% from the median household net worth of $87,992 of 10 years ago, in 2003. 

Lord of the Flies

Meanwhile, his approval ratings now plummeted to a historically low 39%, President Beelzebub is intent on flooding the welfare system with even more parasites.

Yesterday, July 25, 2014, senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who has been with the POS since 2009, told the Christian Science Monitor that after the summer, Obama will go ahead with a “very significant” executive action on immigration.

On the same day, another of President Beelzebub’s minions, Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D., Ill.), appearing on Morning Joe, predicted that Obama will use executive action to grant amnesty to as many as 5 million who are in the United States illegally.

Pfeiffer even taunted Republicans, saying “The president acting on immigration reform will certainly up the likelihood that [Republicans] would contemplate impeachment at some point.”

But House Speaker John Boehner (R), via his spokesman Michael Steel, responded to Pfeiffer’s impeachment comments by calling them a “political game.” Boehner said, “It is telling, and sad, that a senior White House official is focused on political games, rather than helping these kids and securing the border.”

The GOP maintains that Obama has encouraged the influx of “unaccompanied minors” from Central America when he, in 2012, signed a memo authorizing deferred action on the deportation of certain children of illegal immigrants – the so-called “DREAMers.”

Indeed, the POS is doing exactly that — using talk of impeachment as political fuel to inflame Demonrats.

Kellan Howell reports for the Washington Times, July 26, 2014, that in a bid to bring in more campaign cash, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent an email to “useful idiot” donors for contributions to defend their president from an “imminent impeachment.” The email reads: “The White House announced yesterday that Boehner’s lawsuit could lead to the impeachment of President Obama”!

Never mind that Boehner had already rejected impeachment, and is instead pursuing the path of a lawsuit.

According to a new CNN/ORC International poll released yesterday, one-third of Americans (33%) think Barack Obama should be impeached and removed from office, but 65% say they don’t support impeachment.

Americans who favor impeachment include 57% of Republicans, 35% of independent voters, and even 13% of Democrats!

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