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Facebook locks page of 12-year-old black boy who says Obama hates America

C. J. Pearson

His name is C. J. Pearson.

He is 12 years old, from the state of Georgia and, like Obama, he is part-black.

In a 3-minute video uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 21, 2015, Pearson applauds former New York governor and mayor Rudy Giuliani who, unlike other Republican élites, actually has the guts to speak the truth — that Obama does not love America. For that, Giuliani has been roundly attacked.

Pearson’s video has gone viral and has received nearly 1.3 million views.

This is what Pearson said:

“Hi, my name is C. J. Pearson. Today I want to just applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama . . . . I don’t care about being politically correct at this point.

President Obama, you don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is — an assault on Christianity, an assault on America, and a downright hate for the American values that our country holds: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and every single thing that our country stands for. If you love America, President Obama, you wouldn’t try to take away what all working Americans have worked for their entire lives. You wouldn’t do this if you love the people of America . . . .  I definitely do hope that one day other people would get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation. . . .”

But this boy is now being punished by Facebook for his video.

Joe Newby reports for Examiner.com, Feb. 28, 2015, that Pearson discovered that his personal Facebook page was locked.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner.com on Saturday, Pearson said he received a message from someone about 6 a.m. Friday. That’s when he learned his account and page had been locked for “suspicious activity.”

He jumped through all of Facebook’s hoops, but wasn’t able to recover his account. So he created a new profile to take its place. His public page was not affected, but he can no longer administer the page. Fortunately, a friend is helping to post links to that page.

Facebook did not respond to Pearson’s requests for help, nor would they tell him what the alleged suspicious activity was. Examiner.com reached out to Facebook, but the social media giant has so far refused to respond.

Pearson said he is working on legislation to lower the age of those serving in the state House and Senate. The legislation, which is set to be the subject of a hearing on Monday, would lower the age of House members from 21 to 18, and lower the age of state Senators from 25 to 21. Pearson said he was using Facebook to line up witnesses for the hearing, but Facebook’s actions have made that more difficult. He can’t read any messages sent to his old profile and the old page doesn’t show up.

This is not the first time Facebook has blocked conservatives for questionable reasons. In March 2013, for example, Facebook banned Florida blogger Diane Sori for 30 days over something she never posted. Facebook has banned conservatives for clicking “like” or simply saying “thank you.” Conservative pages have also been targeted and shut down for questionable reasons while other pages have been allowed to flourish. Articles mentioning Islam were falsely flagged as “unsafe” and pages critical of Islam have been removed over false claims of inappropriate material.

H/t FOTM’s Anon

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Satan Is the First Democrat


Democrats love to lie.

From global warming to the Lois Lerner IRS scandal; from Benghazi to “You can keep your plan”; from Fast and Furious to “I did not have sex with that woman”; it seems like every time a Democrat opens their mouth, a litany of lies spew forth. Where did they learn this? From the very first Democrat, satan, the father of all liars. “When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” (John 8:44)

Democrats hate women.

Democrats see women as easy marks, ripe for manipulation. They believe that if they can sway women to identify themselves as victims, then those same women will turn their backs on family and marriage, and embrace the Democratic Party. To that end, Democrats endlessly push women to accept communist-inspired feminism. Where did they learn this? From the first Democrat, satan, who used the same tactic to seduce Eve.

At the root of this deception lies a deep-seated hatred of women. And any good psychiatrist will tell you that hatred stems from fear. Democrats learned this fear from their founder, satan, who has good reason to fear women: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush they head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Genesis 3:15 Douay-Rheims)

Democrats are baby killers.

By supporting abortion and organizations like Planned Parenthood, Democrats contribute to the wholesale murder of the unborn, and, in many cases, to babies that are born. If you vote Democrat, for any office, then you have a hand in this most vile of all sins and crimes. Good luck defending yourself before God when your hour of judgement comes.

Where did Democrats learn to kill babies? From their father, satan, for who else could have inspired Herod in his slaughter of the babies of Bethlehem?

Democrats are ungrateful little twerps.

Rather than bless America, the greatest of all countries, they seek to “fundamentally transform” it. Where did they learn this? The answer is obvious. From the very first Democrat, satan, who sought to “fundamentally transform” Heaven. And look where that got him.

Democrats are not very smart.

In fact, you could call Democrats downright dumb. By attacking God and all that He stands for, they are fighting a losing battle with zero chance of winning. Even more horrible, the end result of all their muck-raking is an eternity in the fires of Hell. They punish themselves in the worst possible way for their own stupidity.

Satan, their founding member, is not very bright, either. From the beginning, he knew he couldn’t defeat God, yet he raised hell anyway. Like his Democratic followers, he punished himself for his own stupidity.

You could make a good argument that satan is mentally deficient, even mentally ill. Perhaps the world’s first masochist. Who else would ignore all reason and common sense in order to sentence themselves to an eternity of torment? Wait, I know who. Democrats.

If you’ve read this far, and you still insist on voting for a Democrat or supporting a Democratic candidate or position in any way, then know this: you are following in the footsteps of the first Democrat, satan, and paving the road for your own eternal destruction.

You can’t plead ignorance. You can’t bury your head in the sand and vote Democrat because you’re a union man, or because you’ve been conned into victimhood and the lie that men are the cause of all your problems. If you do, you’re begging to be sent to Hell. It will be a Hell of your own making.

We have an election next week. For your own good, for the good of your family and all those you love, do the right thing, vote for God.





This Is Fun. Speed Painting. Take 2 Minutes to Watch Video.

His name is D. Westry – The Master Speed Painter. This painting will not make sense until the last second. Amazing.  :)

He has a website http://www.speedartman.com/

And other stuff on the web.

~Steve~                           H/T hujonwi

Movie promises a prize to those who convert to Satanism


More in-your-face evil.

A movie will be released this Friday, which promises a reward — “an exclusive offering” — to those who would join “the eternal vigil” by converting one’s declared religion on Facebook to that of Satanism.

The movie, Devil’s Due, is a cheap knockoff — by a no-name director with no-name actors — of pedophile Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby.

The movie is so cheaply made that it took a mere six days of filming: 5 days in the Dominican Republic, and a day in New Orleans.

Which, of course, is why 20th Century Fox, the movie’s distributor, is resorting to this cheap publicity trick of promising “an exclusive offering” to those who would convert to Satanism.

Utterly despicable and repulsive.

Seriously, if you’re gonna sell your soul to the Devil, at least get a better Faustian bargain than a dollar off the ticket price, which is my guess of what that “exclusive offering” means.

Make sure you tell your children and grandchildren to avoid this movie.

H/t FOTM’s swampygirl


Mob of 400+ feral black teens loot NY shopping mall

If you want to corrupt the truth, start with corrupting the language.

To understand U.S. media’s news reports, we need to know their secret code. Here are some media code words:

  • “Flash mob,” “hundreds of teens,” “brawl” and “fights” are the codes for black race riot.
  • “Knockout game” is the code for assault — punching a stranger to the ground.

On Christmas Day, some 600 “teens” feral blacks converged in a “flash mob” on rioted at a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida. 62 police officers were brought in to “curb the melee” put down the riot.

The next day, December 26, 2013, there was another “flash mob” riot of more than 400 “crazed teens” feral blacks who looted and assaulted shoppers in a Brooklyn, NY shopping mall.

Kings Plaza Brooklyn

In the news report below, the words between quotation marks are the reporters’.

Kevin Sheehan, Natasha Velez and Natalie O’Neill report for the New York Post, December 27, 2013, that a “wild flash mob” “stormed and trashed” the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, New York, causing so much “chaos” that the mall was forced to close during post-Christmas sale.

Beginning at 5 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2013, more than 400 “crazed teens” — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into “brawls” all over the shopping center.

The “troublemakers” looted and ransacked several stores as panicked shoppers ran for the exits and clerks scrambled to pull down metal gates.

Black mob in Brooklyn mall

Abu Taleb, 31, a clerk at the kiosk Candy Plaza 2, said, “I was begging them to stop. There were a lot of kids, hundreds of kids . . . [Security] would chase them out one door and they would come back in another door. I’ve been here seven years, and I have never seen anything like this before.”

Some of the “teens” staged a “game of knockout” on the top floor — and one may have been carrying a gun, sources said.

Shante, a 21-year-old perfume merchant, said, “They were playing the ‘knockout’ game. People were getting really scared.”

“Fights” at the mall also broke out in front of McDonald’s and Best Buy, where a group of girls began screaming and throwing punches as security guards struggled to break up the “brawl.”

Some of the “teens” — who had planned the “rowdy meet-up” on social media — later took to Facebook to brag about it. Ray Ray Sextana posted on Facebook, “[Kings Plaza] was on tilt today but n-ggas wasn’t catching me.” Another “teen,” Mark Wallace, posted, “S–t was crazy at Kings Plaza. So the security started shutting down the mall and kicking all teens out but it was so much of us they couldn’t get control. F–ked up my middle finger tryna fight them bitch ass security guards.”

Two security guards carried “a teenage boy” out by his wrists and ankles, video footage shows. Nobody was injured seriously and no arrests were made, police sources said. 

The mall was shuttered at around 7 p.m. for roughly an hour and has since issued a temporary “no teens” rule, in which anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult.

As if that’ll prevent another “flash mob” by those lovely “teens.”

In his bestseller on narcissism and evil, People of the Lie, the late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., pointed out that we must name the problem if we are to solve it. Imagine doctors trying to cure cancer if they can’t even call it by its name, “cancer.”

That’s what the U.S. media are doing with the problem of black crimes and the hordes of feral young blacks — products of sexual promiscuity, absent fathers, and broken homes — who commit mayhem (hey, it’s just “flash mobs” and “knockout games”!) in HUNDREDS, thereby overwhelming the capability of security guards and law enforcement.


OK Folks Time To Track Santa On His Journey.

In Cooperation with NORAD , FOTM has linked its massive satellite system and servers,     ( No not really. Hey Santa you listening?)

(Hey Boss does a laptop flung thru the air constitute a satellite system?)

Anyway, Ahem Just click link below for really cool thing for you and your kids for Christmas Eve.

Tracking Santa On His Flight


Here’s anther link for fun.


OH and here is more proof Santa is real


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OK Troops, Time To Fight. A&E fires “Duck Dynasty” Phil for disapproval of homosexuality

Time To unleash the sleeping Giant

(Original story here)

I have never seen “Duck Dynasty“, but as I see it this Guy Phil Robinson gave an interview with GQ that has the LGBT groups knickers in a twist.  Whatever, if you are sick and tired of this oh -so-tolerant group all you need to do is go to

FaceBook link below and click like. Show A&E actions have consequences.


Please Pass it on with FB and Twitter

Please Sign Petition Here 



Facebook page dedicated to defense of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” has received well over 400,000 likes since it was launched just 14 hours ago. The page was created late on Wednesday evening, after news broke that A&E was suspending Robertson over his comments on homosexuality.

Within 10 minutes, the “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back on Duck Dynasty” page had 100 likes; in 30 minutes, the page had 1,200 likes. It grew exponentially from there; in three and a half hours, the page had 162,000 likes. The page states: “This page is to show support for the freedom of speech of Americans. Unless Phil is reinstated to the show, we refuse to watch the A&E Channel!”

**UPDATE** The Facebook page has now received over 1.3 Million likes. Plus over 26,000 comments on this story.

At 7:00 AM EST FRI.