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Favorite holiday workout plan of ABC news anchors

Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer swear by it! ;)


holiday workout plan

H/t FOTM’s WildBillAlaska


Dianne Sawyer is a Boob!

Found this over at newsbusters. Really funny.       



So enthused about promoting the far-left protests, ABC anchor Diane Sawyer on Monday night‘s World News championed “the Occupy Wall Street movement” by ludicrously claiming that “as of tonight, it has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries — every continent but Antarctica.”

Protests against the wealthy in “thousands of countries,” including Cuba, China and every country in Africa? Per the U.S. State Department, however, there are only 195 nation states in the world, so Sawyer imagined five times as many protests as could possibly have occurred.

For rest of story and vid pls go HERE