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We have a winner!

 . . . for the 6lst FOTM Caption Contest!

The FOTM writers had voted, each for his/her #1 and #2 captions. Each #1 vote is worth 3 points; every #2 vote is worth 2 points.

And the clear winner of the 6lst world-famous FOTM Caption Contest, with five #1 votes, totaling 15 points, is . . . .


Here’s her winning caption:

Chris Christie with crossdressing cheerleaders

dadorkAl is our 2nd place runnerup, with one #1 vote and two #2 votes, totaling 7 points. Here’s the caption:

Look what liberalism has done for the women of Princeton!

One of Sig94‘s captions is in 3rd place, with one #1 vote, totaling 3 points:

Upon hearing of his BFF’s personal problems, President Obama dispatched his own Emergency Erectile Dysfunction Response Team (EEDRT) to assist Gov. Christie. In the President’s own words.” ah, ummmm, errr ….. It always works like a charm for me!”

Sig94‘s three other captions, Tim Shey, and another of wendybar‘s captions are all in 4th place, each with one #2 vote, totaling 2 points each. Here are the respective captions:

Wearing their traditional orange and blue kilt/thong ensembles, members of the University of Glasgow Marching Society and Bake Club greet New Jersey Governor Chris “MacFatass” Christie with a 12 foot chocolate Ding Dong and a short dance selection from their children’s holiday presentation, “Park Your Twinkie In My Stinkie.”

NOTE: The Princeton Triangle Club is a theater troupe at Princeton University. Founded in 1891, it is the oldest touring collegiate musical-comedy troupe in the United States, and the only co-ed collegiate troupe that takes an original student-written musical on a national tour every year. The club is known for its tradition of featuring an all-male kickline in drag.This year’s Theme for the Triangle Club is “Gov. Christie’s Food Triangle – The Three Main Food Groups For New Jersey’s Economic Recovery. Roast Pork, Pulled Pork, Fried Pork, Pork Rinds, Pork Chops, Pork Brains, Pork Bellies, Stewed Pork, Pork n’ Biscuits, Pork n’ Gravy, Pork n’ Beans, Pork n’ Democrats, Porkin’ Republicans, Whipped Pork, Pork Flambe, Pork Pork Pork Pork Pork.

Obama’s Cheerleaders.

Ever since Chris Christie changed to a Democrat….his sons have all changed too!!!

Congratulations, wendybar!!!

Here’s your fancy-schmancy Award Certificate of Great Excellence, all ready for framing! LOL

dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple Strawberry

award certificate1

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Chris Christie secures title as Republican presidential frontrunner: poll


NY Daily News: Republicans are closer than ever to having a frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rising to the top among the GOP contenders.

Christie shines through as the favorite with 24% support among Republicans and GOP-leaning Independents, according to a CNN/ORC International survey released Friday.

Support for the outspoken Republican, who was reelected in November to a second term as governor of the Garden State, jumped from 17% when the last CNN poll was released in September.

Whether or not he will run is the biggest question on the minds of Republicans hoping to take the White House in 2016, since the 51-year-old is touted as the closest thing to a savior the conservative movement will get.

Christie remains demure on his presidential ambitions, saying that only he hopes Washington is watching the success of his policies in New Jersey.

In the new CNN poll, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul came second with 13% support. His numbers were steady since the last survey result.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), who was Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick in 2012, posted the third highest support at 11%. His popularity took a tumble from the September poll, when 16% named him as their favorite.

Texas Tea Party darling, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) were also listed among the top five picks for the Republican presidential race.

Results reflect responses from a telephone survey of 843 American adults from November 18-20.

For the Democrats, former Secretary of State Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton dominates as the preferred candidate, with an eye-popping 63% of Democrats saying they would vote Clinton.


Take our unscientific poll! Who would you prefer for the 2016 Republican candidate?


Things fall apart, but we can still play Caption Contest!

This is the 61st world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic (h/t FOTM’s DCG):

Chris Christie with crossdressing cheerleadersOn Nov. 18, 2013, New Jersey governor Chris Christie went to a Princeton-Yale football game and posed for a pic with members of Princeton’s Triangle Club dressed in drag as cheerleaders. 

You know the drill:

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  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“Phony politician with phony women: Frauds of a feather flock together.”

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Ann Coulter hits it out of the park at CPAC 2013

I think Ann is at her best when she has Liberal veins in her teeth. ~ TD 

The people who should take cover immediately include:

  • Chris Christie
  • Bill Clinton
  • President Obama
  • Lindsey Graham

Streaking teacher first to be fired under NJ’s new tenure law

BringhurstMark C. Binghurst (Source of photo: The Daily Journal)

Behavior has consequences.

A 5th-grade teacher in New Jersey, who was arrested for lewdness after running naked through an apartment parking lot, became the first successful test case of the state’s new teacher tenure law enabling a speedier firing of errant teachers. In the past, tenure cases had dragged on for a year or more.

Winslow school

Diane D’Amico reports for PressOfAtlanticCity, Dec. 13, 2012, that Mark C. Bringhurst was a fifth-grade teacher at the Winslow Elementary School in Vineland, NJ (photo above), for about eight years, and was its Teacher of the Year for 2011-12.

On March 21, Bringhurst was arrested by Berlin Township police in Camden County and charged with lewdness after running naked through the Greenway Apartments parking lot. According to the police report cited in the case, Bringhurst said it was the second time he had done so, both times on a dare, but he did not expect anyone to see him. The case was heard in municipal court, and in July the charges were amended to “acting in an improper manner” to which Bringhurst pleaded guilty.

The Vineland school district on June 27 notified Bringhurst that tenure charges would be brought before the local board of education, which held a hearing on Oct. 18. In his decision posted on the Department of Education web site Dec. 5, arbitrator Robert C. Gifford said Bringhurst exercised very poor judgment on more than one occasion, and his lack of judgement is not diminished by the fact that the conduct occurred outside of school: “The respondent’s actions are simply not consistent with the conduct that a fifth-grade elementary teacher must display, whether in or out of the classroom.” Gifford concluded that the penalty of dismissal was justifiable and reasonable.

The arbitrator’s decision does not affect Bringhurst’s teaching license or his ability to teach in another district. The decision to revoke his license would be made separately by the state Board of Examiners.

Bringhurst’s attorney, Robert Bowman, said he thought the arbitration process was “fair and expeditious” and “brought resolution in a timely manner.” Representatives of both the state teacher’s union and the school boards association said the new procedure protected Bringhurst’s right of due process while resolving the case in a timely manner. It took less than four months from the time charges were filed with the state.

State Department of Education officials said the case was the first to be handled under the new arbitration system, and there are currently 31 additional active tenure cases statewide.

The binding arbitration system is part of the new state TEACHNJ tenure reform law and was included to make it easier for school districts to terminate tenured teachers.

Prior contested tenure cases had gone through the administrative court system and had often taken a year to resolve. The New Jersey Education Association proposed an arbitration system to make sure tenured teachers could not be arbitrarily fired and would still have the right of due process. Under the new law, signed by Gov. Chris Christie on Aug. 6, a hearing must be held within 45 days of a contested tenure case being assigned.

H/t NBC affiliate 4NewYork

As of this morning, Mark Bringhurst is still listed as a member of Winslow Elementary School’s faculty.


Hurricane Sandy victim feels used by Obama

Remember how after mega storm Sandy had devastated the East coast, Obama and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, on Oct. 31, 2012, made a big show of touring the storm-damaged areas?

Obama made this promise to New Jersey: “We are here for you, and we will not forget, we will follow up … until you rebuild. We will not quit until this is done. … We are not going to tolerate red tape.”

That was when RINO Chris Christie fell madly in love with the POS, mere days before the 2012 presidential election, although Christie had delivered a speech introducing (and presumably supporting) Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.

In Brigantine, N.J., there was a photo-op moment when Obama hugged a storm victim, Donna Vanzant, the owner of North Point Marina that was wiped out by the storm. Official Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza captured the hug in this photo, which was posted on the White House website:

Jim Hoft writes for Gateway Pundit, Nov. 27, 2012, that at the time Obama had promised to get help for Vanzant. But after nearly a month, Vanzant hasn’t received any help. She now feels Obama’s visit and promise were all a show, devoid of substance.

I was very excited and felt warm by the embrace thinking this is really going to happen. I’m going to get the help I need because he promised that. I’ve gotten no help. I’ve gotten nothing but ‘No, you’re not covered for this. No, you’re not covered for that.”

Welcome to the Obama’s Suckas Club, Vanzant!

Meanwhile, NBC4 New York reports that a shocking 800 apartment buildings in New York City are still without heat or power a month after Sandy.


Detroit public schools bribe students to attend

This is the low to which America’s public government schools have sunken.

Public schools in Detroit are now bribing students to show up — with a pair of Nikes.

But wait!

The resort to bribery is NOT motivated by the schools’ concern for educating America’s young. The bribery is to boost the number of attendance for Count Day, which in turn determines how much state funding the school gets. In Michigan, public schools get as much as $7,000 per student. Nor is Detroit the only city, and Michigan the only state that engages in this bribery.

Last year, pepper spray, punches and a gunshot were deployed in a mad Christmas-season shopping rush to purchase the new Nike Air Jordans.

Kelsey Sheehy reports for U.S. News and World Report, Sept. 10, 2012:

Once a year, Detroit Public Schools pulls out all the stops to get students in their seats.

In 2010, the district enticed students with a total of $20,000 in Target gift cards. The prize for attendance in 2009: a shot to win a laptop, iPod, or 42-inch flat screen TV.

This year, every Detroit public high school student who shows up to school on Oct. 3 will be rewarded with a free pair of Nikes, courtesy of a local shoe store.

The reason for all the swag: Count Day. The number of students in attendance for the entirety of count day in the fall determines 90 percent of per-pupil state funding for Michigan public school districts. The other 10 percent is determined by a second count day in the winter.

“Count information is critical to districts, because each student translates into state funding,” according to the Michigan Department of Education.

Per-pupil funding varies by district in Michigan, with a minimum payout of close to $7,000 per student, and schools across the state woo students with pizza parties, raffles, and giveaways to ensure they max out their state funding.

Basing school funding on attendance numbers from only one or two days out of the school year provides funding stability for districts, but it can also “create perverse financial incentives … to not retain students after the count date,” according to a March 2012 report by the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University–Bloomington.

Count Days are not exclusive to Michigan. At least 10 states determine school funding using a single count day–including Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, and Iowa. Several other states mimic Michigan’s practice of multiple Count Days, but for many of those states, that only amounts to two days, the CEEP report states.

Using incentives to bump enrollment on Count Days is not exclusive to Michigan, either.

In 2011, the Maya Angelou Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., raffled off a shopping spree in an effort to reach its goal of 100 percent attendance on Count Day. And Northeast Academy Charter School in Denver turned to gift cards in 2010 to attract new students prior to Count Day, according to a local CBS station.

Northeast Academy’s move was effective. The school enrolled at least 10 new students, thus increasing its state funding, the station reported. “[It is]more efficient. It means more income, same expenses,” Joseph Arlinghaus, director of advancement at the academy, told the TV station.

That mentality is just one of the concerns critics have about Count Day. Measuring average daily attendance for the school year or taking student counts over an extended time period gives states a more accurate portrayal of the funding needed in each district, experts say.

That reasoning prompted New Jersey to move away from a system of using a single Count D ay this year, with Governor Chris Christie’s office calling it a “common sense” move.

H/t FOTM’s igor!


Paul Ryan’s speech at 2012 RNC

I watched Congressman Ryan’s speech last night and thought it to be very well done: clear and clear-eyed, well-delivered, determined, and effective.

He did not take cheap shots at Obama but emphasized, citing evidence, that Obama failed to do what he said he’d do, which is to fix the economy. More than that, Obama has made things worse, adding $5 trillion to our national debt since he came to office — more than all other presidents in U.S. history. Ryan’s message to Obama is that the latter can no longer keep blaming the Bush administration of 4 years ago and that it’d be stupid to give a failed Obama administration 4 more years to do more of the same.

Ryan noted that he and Mitt Romney are of “different faiths,” but drew our attention to what really matters, which is that he and Romney share the same moral principles and commitments. Without mentioning Romney’s Mormonism, Ryan reminds us that what matters is that Romney is a good decent man.

Like Gov. Chris Christie a day ago, Paul Ryan delivered sober warnings about the present condition of the U.S. economy — our $16 trillion national debt, unemployment, the continuing housing slump, Medicare, the burden of Obamacare. Like Christie, Ryan ended on an optimistic note — but only if we roll our sleeves up and get to work. Ryan’s last words:

“Let’s get it done!”

If you didn’t see Ryan’s speech, here’s your chance!

Ryan budget does reverse debt spiral

By Rick Manning, Communications Director of Americans for Limited Government, Aug. 30, 2012

The economic news continues its grim march toward a reality that many believe may not be in the fixable category.

Preppers, who store foodstuffs and buy hard metal assets, have become mainstream as even Costco offers a wide variety of buckets filled with bulk food that are guaranteed to last for 20-25 years.

Gun sales are at record levels as people who never would have dreamed of getting a firearm are considering their needs in a society where the police might not be there to protect your family.

The Los Angeles Times features links to article on their websites “rest of the web” section featuring economists declaring that we are already in an “economic death spiral.”

The facts are indeed scary:

  • Our nation’s official $16 trillion national debt is now larger than our entire economy, putting America in a debt spiral that threatens to bankrupt the country.
  • Our nation will run a trillion dollar deficit once again this year.
  • Gross interest payments on the national debt are approaching half a trillion dollars every year.
  • The employment situation is only slightly better than during the last half of the Great Depression.
  • The European economy appears to be in near meltdown due to excessive government borrowing and a debt spiral that virtually ensures that multiple countries will actually go bankrupt.

But are these truths so devastating that our nation’s economy cannot recover, and Americans should just accept ever dwindling expectations and lifestyles?

Not if we choose to get control over our budget now.

If Representative Paul Ryan’s budget was followed for the next decade, the debt to GDP ratio would fall to 88 percent within ten years, and this is with relatively modest economic growth projections.

Obama’s rejected budget would also purportedly get us back to where we are today, just over 100 percent debt to GDP by 2022. Obama relies upon more aggressive economic growth assumptions than Ryan to make his numbers work.

Of course, for Obama’s budget to succeed, you would have to believe that the economy will grow at twice its current rate over the next ten years. This growth must occur in spite of massive tax increases imposed through Obamacare and on the personal incomes of those very small business job creators who are the nation’s economic engine. Hardly a likely scenario.

The bottom line is that the federal budget has continued spending around $3.6 trillion a year since Obama became president. Before he became president spending was just under $3 trillion. The increased spending is in large part locked in due to systemic cost changes created by the Pelosi-Reid Congress that lowered eligibility standards for safety net programs opening them up to many more people. As a result, annual spending will rise to $6 trillion by 2022.

This built-in spending has to be tackled in order for America to return to prosperity. Today, it is government spending itself that is sucking the life out of the economy. It is the constantly increasing hundreds of billions of dollars sent to China, Japan and financial institutions who purchased our debt each year that gnaws at our nation’s future viability.

And, finally, some economists are beginning to come to the somewhat obvious conclusion that the bloated federal budget actually chokes out the very growth needed to increase the total revenue collections needed to feed it.

For those who worry that our nation’s financial system might fail, the only adult choice is to support budget cuts now. While the Ryan budget is too tepid for my tastes (it doesn’t get to balance for forty years), it does drive the percentage of debt to GDP down below the 100 percent level in five years, crowding government out and re-tooling the tax code to encourage job creation and growth.

Many families have to make hard economic decisions in their own lives. Each of us knows that if each month, our credit card balance grows by four dollars for every ten dollars we spend, we are headed for real financial trouble.

Each of us knows that when we pay only the interest on a mortgage, we never own our home.

When faced with too much credit card debt, we cut back on our spending, eat at home more often, delay a vacation or new car purchase, and start paying more than the minimum payment due. Eventually, with hard work and time, the debt is paid, and we are no longer slaves to stuff we purchased long ago.

America needs to do the same by setting spending priorities and sticking to them.

Can America still afford public broadcasting? If not, it should be eliminated. Can America still afford to have around 2 million federal employees? Can America still afford to promise the current, expensive Medicare system to future generations of seniors, or does it need to be changed to make it more affordable in the future? Can America still afford to have military bases located throughout the world, or should some of these be shut down?

These are just a few of the thousands of spending priority decisions that Congress needs to tackle.

The gloom from the specter of an ever increasing debt burden that eventually collapses the entire U.S. economy need not be prophetic. The spending decisions over the past six years, need not destroy more than 200 years of economic liberty.

But only if America chooses to face the problem and make some tough decisions now, before prepping becomes the only rational choice.

H/t my friend Robert Wilcox.


Chris Christie Tears the Dear Ruler a New One

I got this in a couple of emails earlier today:

The money line is, “Well then, what the hell are we paying you for?”

I hate to tell the Governor of New Jersey, but that so-called “supercommittee” was never intended to succeed, it was created and put through that farcical dog-and-pony show to help Obama in his coming presidential campaign against congress. He clearly cannot run on his record.

The dems are hoping there are enough American Idol-watching dolts among us that think the republicans control the entire congress (even though they actually only control the House of Representatives) to buy into it.

The scary thing is, they are probably right.

Why do you think they took over education in the first place?


Are Mitt Romney and Other Mormons “Christian”?

Establishment Republicans are determined to engineer Mitt Romney to be the GOP’s presidential nominee, says Rush Limbaugh.

Certainly, Chris Christie’s surprise endorsement of Mitt Romney yesterday bolsters Limbaugh’s claim. Who wudda thought that the Christie admired adulated by so many conservatives for his pugnacious stance against teachers’ and other public employee unions turns out to be so establishment?

But it’s not just RINOs who want Romney. Liberals, too, want him to be the GOP nominee. Yesterday, none other than the liberal Washington Post‘s Alexandra Petri opines “Just nominate Mitt Romney, already.”

If the Republican Old Guard succeeds in engineering a Romney candidacy, the spotlight will be on his Mormon religion. Already, it is an issue.

An Evangelical pastor who supports Rick Perry caused a big controversy when he told reporters he thought Mormonism is “a cult”, prompting a denial of the opinion by the Perry campagn, and a characterization of it as “bigotry” by former member of the Reagan cabinet, Bill Bennett, speaking in support of Romney.

Mormons, of course, insist theirs is not a cult, but rather in the mainstream of Christian America. So is Mormonism really Christian? Below are excerpts from an article for Catholic Lane by Mary Kochan, “Is Mormonism a Christian Denomination?,” Oct 10, 2011:

Mormons have been publicly asking to be accepted as “Christians” and have their church, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, viewed as just another Christian denomination for decades now. But their own history makes this problematic. Their founder, Joseph Smith, claimed to have been told in a vision regarding the Christian churches that God “forbade me to join with any of them” and “all their creeds were an abomination in his sight.” It is hence Mormons (not Christians) who established, from the beginning of their group, an antagonistic relationship with those Christian groups already in existence, although in recent years Mormons have sought to downplay this antagonism.

[...] In one sense, clearly, Mormonism is Christian. If you were going to categorize Mormonism according to world-religion criteria, you would have to say they are Christians. World religions are the major belief systems found around the world that frame a tradition of enough cultural richness to support a civilization. The major world religions are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism and Islam. Clearly Mormonism fits into the broad “Christian” category. And so would many other groups whose relationship with the wider Christian world is antagonistic: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals, etc.

[...] It may be that in the not-too-distant future, we will have to categorize Mormonism as a separate world religion. It is the fifth-largest religious group now in the US, having passed the Lutherans, and the LDS are experiencing rapid expansion in other countries. In many ways its development parallels that of Islam. Both religions were founded by prophets who claimed to have been visited by an angel. They borrow heavily from Judaism and Christianity, yet reject their central tenets. Both rely upon strange revisions of history. The Koran identifies Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Miriam the sister of Moses, who lived over fourteen centuries earlier. The Book of Mormon makes numerous claims regarding the peoples of the Americas (including the idea that the American Indians descended from a lost tribe of ancient Israelites) that have been refuted by history, archeology, and anthropology. Both Islam and Mormonism claim that where their sacred writings contradict the Bible, the Christian and Jewish scriptures have been corrupted.

[...] In their initial approach to you, they will do all they can to hide or gloss over the distinctive beliefs of their church. Statements of Mormon belief sound so much like statements of the Christian faith that many Catholics and Protestants are quite willing to recognize Mormons as “Christians” [...]

Christians…are misled into the Mormon church where they are indoctrinated in a religion which rejects the central doctrines of the Christian faith, resulting in them bringing their children up as non-Christians. [...]

In order to protect Christians from this deception and to help Mormons learn the truth, we must understand how Mormon doctrine differs from the historic Christian faith that we share with Protestants. To do this, we will examine first what Mormons say, then how they define the terms they are using and how that differs from the Christian faith. Finally we provide a biblical, Christian response and suggestions for how to discuss these things with a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Central Question: Who is God?

What Mormons will say they believe about God:

  1. We believe in God the Father who is the Father of Jesus Christ.
  2. We worship God the Father and pray to him in Jesus’ name.
  3. Jesus is our Savior.

Why the Mormon God the Father is not the Christian God the Father:

  1. “God the Father” to a Mormon is not God the Father, first Person of the Holy Trinity, Whom Christians confess. He is one of many gods.
  2. The Mormon worships God the Father because He is the god of this planet, but other planets have other gods equal to or even greater than God the Father.
  3. The Mormon “God the Father” had a father and was once a man on a planet who worshiped his own Father God. He was subsequently exalted to godhood. He has a physical, human body.
  4. It is the hope of the male Mormon to progress to the point where he too will be a god like God the Father and be ruling over his own planet.
  5. The Mormons have a saying: “What man is, God once was; what God is, man will become.” This is polytheism.

Christian answer:

  1. The God of the Bible is the Creator and God of all the universe, of all worlds, not just our planet. He made the heavens and the earth; there is no other God; there never has been any other God, nor will there ever be another (Gn 1:1; Is 43;10; 44:6, 8, 24).
  2. God the Father was never a man.
  3. You will never be God.
  4. True Christianity, like Judaism, is monotheistic. As our creed states “We believe in one God.”

Jesus: Brother of Lucifer?

Why the Mormon Jesus is not the Christian Jesus:

  1. The Mormon Jesus is the spirit-brother of Lucifer (Satan). They were both born in heaven by God the Father’s union with one of his many spirit wives.
  2. According to Mormon teaching, when it was time for Jesus to come down to earth, God the Father sent down one of his spirit wives from heaven to be born as a woman, Mary. Then he came down and had physical, marital relations with her in order for her to give birth to a human body inhabited by Jesus coming from heaven. This is a denial of the Virgin Birth.

Christian answer:

  1. Since God the Father does not have a physical human body, He did not impregnate Mary by a physical union (2 Chr 6:18; Jn 4:24).
  2. Jesus became incarnate by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary (Mt 1:23; Lk 2:30-35).
  3. God the Father does not have a wife or wives in heaven.
  4. Jesus is the eternally-begotten Son of God, one in being with the Father (Jn 1:1-18).
  5. He is not the older brother of Lucifer.
  6. He is the older brother, as well as Lord and God, of those born again by water and Spirit, God’s adopted children (Jn 3:3-17; Rom 8:14-17, 29).

Why the Mormon doctrine of man is not the Christian doctrine of man:

  1. According to Mormonism, all human beings existed as spirit children of God and his wife in heaven before coming to earth.
  2. They grow to spirit “adulthood” serving God (even fighting in heavenly battles), and are then sent to earth to be babies of human parents.
  3. The earthly life is their opportunity to become gods themselves, like their heavenly Father, by “obeying the laws of the Gospel” just as the god of this planet once did.

Christian answer:

  1. There is no biblical support for the idea that human beings were spirit children of God in heaven before coming to earth.
  2. Jesus was unique in being a human being with a pre-human existence (Jn 1:18; 3:13, 31; 8:23, 58).
  3. Jesus took on human nature at the Incarnation. God became man — not the other way around. His human nature was glorified at His Resurrection.
  4. We will be like God in that we will have the same kind of glorified human nature which Jesus possesses, not in becoming gods and ruling planets ourselves (1 Jn 3:3; Rom 8:22, Phil 3:20-21).
  5. While heaven is the presence of God with unfettered communion, the distinction between God and creatures remains (Rv 5:13, 14).

What is Salvation?

What Mormons will say they believe about salvation:

  1. All are redeemed by the Savior’s self-sacrifice, from the consequences of the fall.
  2. Immortality comes as a free gift, by the grace of God alone, without works.
  3. Jesus is our Savior.

Why Mormon salvation is not Christian salvation:

  1. According to Mormonism, everyone and everything — all of creation — has been redeemed and therefore “saved.”
  2. This salvation gains, for all human beings, a physical resurrection only — not eternal life. Eternal life is not “salvation”; it is “exaltation.”
  3. If you ask a Mormon if he is saved (per Evangelical parlance), he will answer yes.
  4. If you ask him if he believes you are saved, he will answer yes. This confuses Christians who do not understand that being “saved” and gaining “eternal life” are not the same thing in Mormon thinking.
  5. It is further confused by the Mormon distinction between “immortality” (salvation to physical resurrection) and “eternal life” (exaltation to godhood).
  6. The Mormons have a saying: “Salvation without exaltation is damnation.”
  7. Therefore, a Mormon can, with a straight face, tell you he believes you are “saved,” while he also believes you are damned!

Christian answer:

  1. We define salvation according to what we are saved from. We are saved from sin and from the wages of sin — death.
  2. To be saved from sin is to be justified and sanctified. To be saved from death is to receive eternal life (Rom 6:22, 23).
  3. Being saved, justified, sanctified and given eternal life by the grace of God are all things which are interconnected in the Scriptures. There is no biblical basis for separating them (Rom 5).
  4. Seeking exaltation is contrary to the spirit of Christ. We are rather to humble ourselves, recognize our sinfulness and call upon the Lord for mercy and forgiveness (Js 4:6-10).

Why the Mormon hope is not the Christian hope:

  1. It is the hope of the male Mormon to progress to the point where he will be a god like God the Father and be ruling over his own planet. This is “exaltation,” and depends upon the Mormon “Plan of Eternal Progression.”
  2. The hope of Mormon females depends upon their being married, in a temple ceremony, to a Mormon male who achieves exaltation.
  3. Mormon women married to non-Mormons (“Gentiles”) can arrange for a “temple sealing” (marriage by proxy) to a Mormon male after their death. This is to assure that in eternity they are considered to have been married to and produced their children from a Mormon husband so that they and their children can be exalted.
  4. Mormon males expect to produce offspring in heaven with their mate(s), offspring who will subsequently be sent to populate their planet and achieve their own exaltation to godhood and so on and so on…

Christian answer:

  1. The God of the Bible is the Creator and God of all the universe, of all worlds, not just our planet. He made man for Himself and in His image to be in communion with God and enter into the love of the Holy Trinity.
  2. When man fell into sin and marred the image of God in his own being, the second person of the Trinity became incarnate — taking human nature to Himself.
  3. He then did what He could not do in the form of God: He died to save us from sin and death, so that we could come back into communion with God and share the love of the Holy Trinity. Our hope is to be with God, not to be God (Gn 1-3; Phil 2:5-11).

When Talking to a Mormon

Remember that the Mormon is trained to hide the difference between his beliefs and yours and to present himself as a Christian. However, his belief that he is a Christian is sincere, and his efforts to hide the distinctive of the Mormon religion are pursued in his desire to get you to accept Mormon teachings.

Do not allow glib, surface responses to go unchallenged; press the Mormon to define the Christian-sounding words he is using.

Define your own terms also. Draw the contrast for the Mormon. Calmly and clearly insist that what you and he believe about the nature of God, the identity of Jesus, the nature of man, salvation and eternal life are different. To pretend otherwise is dishonest.

Appeal to his honesty and sense of fairness. You might say, “Look, we are not going to get anywhere unless we are honest with each other. Without making any statement about which one of us is right, can’t we just acknowledge that we do not worship the same God?” or “Can’t we just acknowledge that we do not have the same hope for the future?”

Help the Mormon to consider the logical and philosophical problems with the Plan of Eternal Progression: If God had a Father and He had a Father and so on — then who was the first God? Mormons say it is an “infinite regression.” But since there is no way to cross an infinite distance or pass an infinite amount of time, there would be no way to get to “now” and to “us” from an infinite past. Time has to have had a beginning and it did. It began with the creation “of all things seen and unseen” by God. Mormons say that God is omnipotent (almighty, all-powerful), yet they say there are many gods. There cannot be more than one omnipotent being, so the Mormon conception of God is shrunken and distorted.

A big selling point of the Mormon hope for the future is the idea that families will be together eternally. But if Mormons become Gods of planets and then their children become Gods of other planets — how do the children and parents get together? Can a God leave his planet unattended while he goes to a celestial family reunion? This Mormon selling point would be diminished if we Christians were more vocal about our hope for the “new heavens and new earth” in which we know one another in the all the relationships of our present lives, only in glory (2 Pt 3:13; Rv 21:1).

Welcome the participation of Mormons in causes which we share for the common good: strengthening family life, fighting pornography and abortion, fostering the virtue of patriotism, and defending the Constitution. We honor each Mormon as a person who desires what is genuinely good for himself, his family and his society – and when we share the truths of the Christian faith with him.

[For more on the political implications of Mormonism see here.]