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Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner on why many trans women don’t have surgery: “A lot like their own parts”

And Caitlyn says “gender reassignment surgery” is not as bad as you think. I guarantee you every man reading this will have a different opinion.
From Daily Mail: Caitlyn Jenner spoke candidly about her sex life and gender reassignment surgery in an interview with friend and TV legend Larry King on Thursday. When King asked Jenner why she has elected to not speak about her surgery, which she underwent this past January, the former Olympian said it was out of ‘respect’ that she elected to stay quiet.
She later said of the procedure: ‘It’s not as bad as you think.’ 
Jenner was also asked to speak about her sexual orientation, and revealed that she still was not sure which sex she was attracted to at this time.
That is when King, 83, told Jenner that she still had some ‘pretty good sexual years’ left at the age of 67 before asking: ‘What are you doing later?’
This caused Caitlyn to light up, laughing and blushing as she said: ‘I just got hit on by Larry King!’
‘Who do you desire? Do you desire women or men?’ asked King. ‘I don’t know. I don’t really know. I don’t even go there Larry,’ said Jenner.
King then asked Jenner how old she was, before stating she had ‘good sexual years’ ahead of her, which made Jenner smile. ‘Do you want to talk about that? Do I have hope?’ asked Jenner, who paused for a few seconds and looked at King before bursting out in laughter. ‘Yeah,’ said King, before asking Jenner about her plans later that day.  
Jenner only recently announced that she had undergone reassignment surgery, sharing the news in her recently released memoir. She has been reluctant to speak in depth about what she underwent in her recent wave of interviews, but did open up a bit while speaking with King. ‘Those things are very personal, wouldn’t you agree,’ said Jenner.
‘Just because your trans doesn’t mean you have to answer every question. I understand that people are fascinated by that stuff.’
King then interjected to explain that the he was only interested in the subject for one reason, asking: ‘What is the surgery like, what is it like to go through with it.’
King also made a point of noting that he had previously asked other transgender individuals the same question and that many told him: ‘It’s not as bad as you think.’
Jenner echoed that sentiment, adding that despite that fact approximately 68 percent of transgender women do not get reassignment surgery to her knowledge. It is unclear where Jenner got that number or its accuracy.
When asked about why less than half of transgender women elect to undergo the surgery, Jenner said because it was ‘expensive.’
King then pointed out that the expense was not an issue for Jenner, who appeared to get a bit riled up by that statement. ‘Well no, fortunately I work,’ said Jenner. ‘And I’m not going to apologize, I worked all my life.’
Jenner later told King however that ‘what’s between your legs doesn’t define who you are.’
She also said that ‘a lot’ of transgender women ‘like their own parts.’ 

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“I am Cait” cancelled after two seasons

Apparently not enough people wanted to watch Bruce/Caitlyn and his/her adventures. Go figure.

Not enough interest in watching the "transition"...

Not enough interest in watching the “transition”…

From Daily Mail: Caitlyn Jenner’s docu-series has officially been cancelled after two seasons. The 66-year-old confirmed weeks of rumors that I Am Cait is coming to an end on her Twitter page on Tuesday.
‘After 2 amazing seasons of @IAmCait, it’s time for the next adventure,’ Caitlyn shared. ‘Thank you E! & thank you to the best girlfriends I could ask for!’
The news doesn’t come as a surprise following much speculation that the show would not return due to low ratings. I Am Cait debuted strong in July of last year, with 2.73million viewers tuning in for the series premiere.
However the show failed to hold onto its audience in its second season. Just 860,000 viewers watched the season two finale, with ratings dipping as low as 480,000 during the season.
‘There just weren’t enough viewers,’ a source told Radar Online earlier this month. ‘The show can’t compete with other programming.’
E! released a statement shortly afterwards saying that ‘no decision had been made’ at that time regarding the future of the show.
I Am Cait followed the life of the Olympian, who was born Bruce, after her gender transition.

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Caitlyn Jenner's Reality Show Returns to Series Low

Too bad, so sad.
caitlyn jenner
Caitlyn Jenner returned to E! on Sunday night with the sophomore season of I Am Cait. And the new run, which premiered with far less fanfare, was down in its first same-day showing according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Sunday’s episode of I Am Cait brought in 745,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating among adults 18-49. That’s down more than 500,000 from its freshman finale — and nearly 2 million off from the series launch. The real measure of success for I Am Cait, like all series now, is how it performs after delayed viewing. And E!, for its part, attracts a significant number of Kardashian franchise viewers with encores. But I Am Cait’s performance has been under a very particular kind of microscope since its 2015 premiere. Jenner had brought a record-setting audience for her 20/20 sit-down a few months previous, and the premiere set an ultimately unreasonably high bar for interest in the show.
I Am Cait’s first episode brought in a strong sampling for E!, with an average 2.7 million viewers tuning in to that first episode and a 1.2 rating in the key demo, but the show’s Sunday night audience quickly dipped — though no episode ever fell below the 1 million-viewer mark until the March 8 return.
All told, with live-plus-7 ratings, first-run telecasts of I Am Cait’s eight-episode first season averaged 2.2 million viewers and a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49.

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Too bad, so sad: Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner cancels his/her speaking tour

Methinks the public has had enough of Bruce/Caitlyn.
Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn
TMZ reports that Bruce/Caitlyn’s 5-city speaking tour is over before it even gets off the ground.
jenner tour cancellation
The “Unique Lives and Experiences” tour was set to kick off in Toronto on February 22. “People” close to Bruce/Caitlyn told TMZ that he/she had scheduling conflicts, so they’ve pulled the plug. Riiiiight.
The Toronto venue told TMZ there were still “a lot” of tickets left for Bruce/Caitlyn’s speaking engagement when he/she backed out. Despite that, TMZ was told it was absolutely canceled purely due to the scheduling issues.

Hire me: it'll only cost $100,000!

Hire me: it’ll only cost $100,000!

Fear not though. If you’d like to hire Bruce/Caitlyn for a speaking engagement, it’ll only cost you $100,000.

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Man who spent $107K on boob jobs, face- and butt-lifts shows transgenderism is a psychological disorder

Sometimes, it takes a grotesque example of a disorder to jar us out of our collective media-brainwashed minds, so that we finally and clearly see reality for what it is.
Fulvio Pellegrino is that example.
Fulvio Pellegrino, 56, transgender
As reported by Jo Tweedy for Daily Mail, Jan. 6, 2016, Fulvia Pellegrino is a 56-year-old male-to-female “transgender” in Peveragno, Italy, who has spent £74,000 (approx. $107,451) for a series of grueling surgeries procedures to achieve his current look, including 4 breast implants, more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, two rounds of liposuction, and a butt lift.

Pellegrino, who was born with the name Fulvio, became convinced he was “transgender” when he was 15 years old, but kept his feelings a secret because of his “narrow minded and very religious” family, his father being in the clergy.

Fulvio kept it a secret even from his wife, Marisa, with whom he’s been married for 32 years.

Fulvio & Marisa Pellegrino

Soon after they were wed, Fulvio began visiting gay clubs and cross-dressing in private in his garage. He said: “I was feeling trapped in my body. I hid in the garage and put make-up on dressed like a woman. I never showed that side of me because I was ashamed of it.”

In public, Fulvio exaggerated his masculinity, buying guns and owning expensive cars. He said: “It is difficult to grow up with a body which is not yours. You try to mask it in every way playing football, drinking beers, buying American 4x4s and go shooting to feel like a man. Instead you understand it is a mask and so you need to throw it away and become what you are.”

Finally, 16 years ago, Fulvio confessed to Marisa that he wanted to “transition” to becoming a woman. He said: “Obviously Marisa lost if for a moment, it is not something that is easy to accept. Today Marisa and I are nothing more than two sisters. We live together, we argue like two normal people but not like husband and wife.”

Marisa visited a psychologist to help her come to terms with her new life. Fulvio’s parents, however, were less accepting and refused to accept the new Fulvia. Fulvio said: “My dad asked my wife to sign a paper to send me into a psychiatric institution to make me change my mind. It was very hard, when my father passed away they didn’t let us go to the funeral because they were ashamed of us. The only people who accepted me were my brothers.”

Fulvio Pellegrino before & after

In 2004, Fulvio began hormone therapy and a series of plastic surgeries — breast implants; a nose job; a face lift; 3 more breast implants; liposuction; more than 150 cheek and lip fillers; and a £22,000 butt lift.

Fulvio Pellegrino had 4 breast implantsFulvio Pellegrino shows his facelift scars

To pay for the expensive surgeries, Fulvio, who used to run a restaurant but no longer works, sold his guns, cars, and a house in France. He and Marisa now struggle financially on Marisa’s wage as a holistic therapist.

While Marisa is happy to support Fulvio’s quest to achieve his desired look, inhabitants in their town of Peveragno are less supportive. Fulvio said: ‘I am now the clown of Peveragno. They point at me, they talk about me, they start inventing stories about me that I am a prostitute. My friends have all vanished – they didn’t accept me. I couldn’t be without Marisa and do what I do without her. She is always here with me.’

Despite their financial straits, Fulvio is determined to undergo more plastic surgery in his quest to look like Allanah Starr, an American “transgender” porn star.

Allanah Starr

Allanah Starr

Fulvio insists: “Plastic surgery is not a drug but its something that people like me need. I am not happy with my face and other parts of my body. I won’t stop here, I want to go ahead because it’s not perfect. If I reach perfection maybe I will stop.”

Bizarrely, Fulvio Pellegrino still has his male genitalia, just like his idol, Allanah Starr. I don’t want to upload Starr’s explicit pic to this blog’s media library. Go to the URL below if you want to see it. You are forewarned!


Eminent psychiatrists Drs. Paul R. McHugh and Joseph Berger both maintain that so-called transgenderism is really a form of body dysmorphism — a psychological disorder in which the afflicted person perceives his/her body in a distorted manner. Anorexics are body dysmorphic, in that they see their bodies as fat when they are not, and so starve themselves into cadavers. “Transgenders” too are body dysmorphic, perceiving their bodies as being of the wrong sex, and so undergo hormone “therapy” and grotesque surgeries in a fruitless effort to “transform” their bodies — from male to “female”, in the cases of Fulvio Pellegrino and Bruce Jenner.
But no matter the breast implants, facelifts, butt lifts/implants, cheek and lip fillers, Pellegrino and Jenner remain biological males, with male XY chromosomes. Even if they are castrated, neither would ever have mammary glands (real breasts) or ovaries or a real vagina. The pseudo-vaginas of transgenders who had their male genitalia excised, actually are surgically-gouged wounds, that must periodically and painfully be pried open so that the wounds don’t heal.
Bruce Jenner came out as Caitlyn in a glamorous cover-story of Vanity Fair magazine, in which the magazine’s very artful photographer-of-celebrities, Annie Leibovitz, carefully posed Jenner with his hands behind his back because she knew that Jenner’s man hands would give the lie to his “transformation” into Caitlyn.
Caitlyn Jenner's man hands
In truth, the only difference between “Caitlyn” and “Fulvia” is that Bruce Jenner’s “transition” — breast implants, facelift, and “facial feminization surgery” (whatever that means) — was more artfully and tastefully done, whereas Fulvio Pellegrino went whole hog with his nails, lip fillers and breast implants.
Bruce Jenner & Fulvio Pellegrino
But it is precisely Fulvia’s grotesqueness that reveals what transgenderism and male-to-female transgenders really are — a psychological body-dysmorphic disorder of men who surgically mutilate themselves into transvestites with breast implants.
C’est tout.
See also:


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Transgender pornography increasingly popular in America

Michelle Obama dancing on The Ellen DeGeneris Show in March 2015. See “Is Michelle Obama a transexual?

More than 1½ months after I published a post asking if and how much the current movement to normalize and popularize transgenderism is driven by Americans’ growing appetite for tranny or T-girl pornography, the main stream media finally picked up on this phenomenon. (See “The dark side of the push for transgenderism: Sex with she-males”)

Chris Morris reports for CNBC, Aug. 27, 2015, that transgender porn has been steadily climbing in popularity for years. But with Bruce Jenner’s coming out as “Caitlyn” and the favorable publicity surrounding that, T-porn has grown into a full-fledged phenomenon.

Chauntelle Tibbals, an independent sociologist (and former visiting scholar at the University of Southern California) who studies the adult entertainment industry, says in typical academic gobbledeegook: “Porn is part and parcel of society, and our culture is getting more aware and understanding. Even though transsexual porn has existed forever, as the world and our culture is becoming more accepting, it looks at and interacts with this content in a way that is more savvy and forthcoming. In that way, the content has to step up its game.”

Transgender porn is becoming a hot seller. GameLink, an online porn provider, says its sales of transgender porn have increased 14% in the past year, and now make up 10% of its overall revenue.

The top states in consumers of GameLink’s tranny porn are:

  1. California, which accounts for 17.6%.
  2. New York, 7.3%.
  3. Illinois, 5.6%.
  4. Texas, 5%.
  5. Arizona, 4.9%.

To date, no other online porn company has revealed statistical data about the transgender viewing habits of its customers. Only Evil Angel has addressed the subject, telling the International Business Times that the category has been its most popular in terms of revenue per scene for decades—since the company can command a premium of more than 20% for the content.

In my July 11 post on tranny porn, I referenced a Salon article by Tracy Clark-Flory, a self-described “gender queer,” which claims that heterosexual men are the main consumers of T-girl porn. According to the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, by Sai Gaddam and Ogi Ogas, T-girl porn is the 4th most popular type of “adult” porn website.

Two male “celebrities” are known to have a penchant for sex with transgenders. One of them is actor Eddie Murphy. The other is former football pro Hank Baskett (husband of reality TV actress and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Kendra Wilkinson), who reportedly had an affair with a she-male “model” named Ava Sabrina London when Kendra was 8 months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Google “transgender porn” and you’ll find naked images of grotesque transgenders men with breast implants and male genitalia. In his book Miracles, C. S. Lewis presciently observed that “Sexual intercourse is rapidly becoming the one thing venerated in a world without veneration.” And in our “post-modern”America where sex is the be-all and end-all, and where there no longer are constraints on sexual behavior, people get bored with normal, ordinary sex and look for new thrills to titillate their jaded but never-satiated appetites. Tranny porn is one of those new thrills.

Is there any wonder that the Devil himself is a transgender?

Meanwhile, 65-year-old Bruce “call me Caitlyn” Jenner is finally admitting his homosexuality, saying that he would like “to date” a man. In a clip from his reality TV show that’s plummeting in ratings, he says, “It would be very attractive to me to have a guy treat me…like a normal woman.”

Caitlyn Jenner is a normal woman?


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