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Phantom Party Files Copyright Claim Against Sandy Hook Researcher

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Takes issue with posting of Urbina/Richman photo

A Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement claim was filed on September 16 against the owner of the “Sandy Hook Hoax” Facebook page concerning photographic images of Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman. Unsurprisingly, Facebook opted to take the fb-lockclaim at face value without investigation and remove the image, according to Tony Mead, SHH’s administrator.

Facebook does not disclose what party has filed copyright claims against its users. An appeals, or “counter notification” process leaves the door open to potential litigation by the claimant if ownership of the given image can be produced. Under Facebook’s policy the respondent has no other way of appeal other than and cannot determine who it could be facing in court.

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Crooked Journalist Returns to Broadcasting

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Will cover “Death Squad Fran’s” North American Tour

“Brian Williams will make his return to the air September 22 on MSNBC as part of a team of anchors covering Pope Francis’ first trip to the U.S.,” reports.

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Global Movement for Health and Wellness

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whatcottOn this episode James speaks with Minnesota-based author and homeopathic physician Dr. Cilla Whatcott on the contemporary wide scale acceptance of homeopathy throughout the world in countries including the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and Cuba.

The two also discuss the research and practice of homeoprophylaxis, a safe and natural alternative to conventional vaccination, the dominance of US healthcare by insurance companies and the pharmaceutical cartel, and how people can seize control of their health through alternative medicine.

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“Crisis Actors” Alison Parker and Adam Ward

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The “journalistic” duo were prone to elaborate get-ups and antics both on and off the air –  UK paper says

Photographs obtained from the social media accounts of slain reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward posted by the Daily Mail on August 26 indicate the pair greatly enjoyed dressing up at work and play. At one point they are even photographed in a dressing room preparing “fake injuries” as combination crisis actor/reporters.

“The reporter and cameraman shared this photo of them being painted with fake injuries for a news segment,” the Mail remarks.


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The Empty Pickle Jar: A Lesson on Life

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Bastard Child of Skynet Brutally Murdered in Philadelphia

HitchBOT in Boston during happier traveling days. COURTESY OF MEAGHAN CARROCCI

HitchBOT in Boston during happier traveling days. COURTESY OF MEAGHAN CARROCCI


Posted: Monday, August 3, 2015, 11:57 AM

Update: TORONTO (AP) – The Canadian talking and tweeting hitchhiking robot that met its untimely end in the United States over the weekend might be given another chance at life.

HitchBOT’s co-creators Frauke Zeller and David Smith said Monday that they’ve been overwhelmed with support and offers to revive the robot since it was vandalized beyond repair on the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday and they are considering rebuilding it.

The robot was on a hitchhiking, social experiment adventure in the U.S. after trekking across Canada and parts of Europe last year. Strangers helped hitchBOT travel from place to place while checking items off its bucket list.

The robot was designed to traverse continents on the kindness of strangers and could toss out factoids and carry on limited conversation.​

Earlier story:

POLICE have little information about a four-faced robotic Canadian hitchhiker last seen intact near Old City’s Elfreth’s Alley before he was found beheaded, his torn-off arms at his side.

“I just think someone saw it, probably came out of a bar and was drunk and beat the crap out of it,” Philadelphia Police Detective Joe Murray told the Daily News yesterday. “Leaving it in Old City on a Saturday night is probably the worst idea ever. Anything could happen.”

Murray was speaking about hitchBOT, a “social experiment” from roboticists at Ryerson University, in Toronto, who didn’t quite receive the “brotherly love and sisterly affection” our town is known for.

He had an Android-tablet brain and stuck out his opposable thumb to encourage folks to pick him up, using a built-in camera to see and a microphone to hear, according to a Ryerson website set up for him.

“Oh, dear, my body was damaged, but I live on back home and with all my friends,” hitchBOT, who apparently did not realize that he’d been decapitated, posted Saturday on Facebook after the violent incident. “I guess sometimes bad things happen to good robots! My trip must come to an end for now, but my love for humans will never fade. Thank you to all my friends.”

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NYT Jumps Down the Rabbit Hole

Below is an article I found via Yahoo News. While the substance of the article may be important, I wanted to share the hypocrisy  of my “favorite” news outlet-

Chicago (AFP) – The jailhouse death of a black woman imprisoned after allegedly getting combative during a traffic stop in rural Texas has raised suspicions amid heightened racial tensions in the United States.

Prosecutors said Monday they plan to release a security camera video that shows nobody entered or left the cell of Sandra Bland, 28, before her body was discovered in what authorities said was an apparent suicide.

But, with tensions inflamed in the wake of a series of high-profile cases of black men being killed by police in disputed circumstances, many people wouldn’t trust any official account of the incident.

“It is right to resist simple explanations for extraordinary events,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote.

“Indeed, because state violence echoes through the African-American experience in this country, it is even understandable if black people might occasionally experience a sort of ‘Phantom Lynching Syndrome.'”

A video of Bland’s arrest — that shows her pinned to the ground after being pulled over for failing to signal a lane change — helped fuel suspicions that something nefarious may have happened.


What was it that Charles Blow said?

“It is right to resist simple explanations for extraordinary events,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote.

Really, it is right? Or is it only a right when the left has an agenda to fulfill? Below I have put a few of the MANY articles I found in which not only does NYT deny any sort of conspiracy, they deem those who do not accept spoon-fed inconsistencies as a danger to societal function.

If you want, feel free to paste your favorite NYT anti-conspiracy memory in the comments below.

Hat Tip to YAHOO news for the article, which can be found at the link below.;_ylt=AwrC1C4.PK5VO1oAV5HQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMHZ0NG9yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg