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Hillary Clinton’s private server contained information from 5 US spy agencies


Yahoo: Classified emails that were stored on the private email server of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contained information from five US intelligence agencies, McClatchy reports.

A congressional official with knowledge of the matter told McClatchy that intelligence officials who saw the five classified emails determined that they included information from five US spy agencies.

One classified email — now public and pertaining to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi — reportedly contained information from the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

McClatchy added, citing the official, that the “other four classified emails contained information from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [DNI] and the CIA.”

Last week, government inspectors told the Justice Department in a letter that “secret government information may have been compromised in the unsecured system she used at her New York home during her tenure as secretary of state,” according to The Associated Press. The inspectors requested the department to look into the possible mishandling of classified information on the server from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.


Clinton, Democratic presidential front-runner in the 2016 election, has repeatedly said she broke no laws or rules by forgoing a standard government email account in favor of the private account. She has also said, as recently as last weekend, that she is “confident” she did not send or receive classified information by email. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement last week that Clinton “followed appropriate practices in dealing with classified materials.”

But the inspector general of the intelligence community, in a letter to Congress, said a limited sampling of Clinton’s emails in question found at least four that contained classified information and should have been considered secret.

If Clinton had a technical security team to monitor her server for suspicious activity, Clinton could have had a system at least as secure at the State Department. If not, the information would have been vulnerable.

“The layers of security that would have to be employed to make a privately run exchange server as secure as something that is secured by the federal government would be pretty significant,” Timothy Ryan, a former FBI supervisory special agent who now manages cyber investigations for Kroll, told The Washington Post in March. “It’s not that it can’t be done. I just find it improbable.”

Clinton has said that the email system was established during Bill Clinton’s presidential administration (1993-2001), and her team has stated that “her family’s electronic communications was taken seriously from the onset.”

No matter the level of security the Clintons employed — which is still largely unknown — the fact that this information was found on her personal server highlights why officials in her position are supposed to use government emails.

“Even if Secretary Clinton or her aides didn’t run afoul of any criminal provisions, the fact that classified information was identified within the emails is exactly why use of private emails . . . is not supposed to be allowed,” said Bradley Moss, a Washington attorney who specializes in national security matters. “Both she and her team made a serious management mistake that no one should ever repeat.”

Broader questions about Clinton’s private email server have at times drawn attention away from the Democratic front-runner’s presidential campaign. The latest disclosure comes the same day as the release of a poll showing that a majority of voters nationwide do not consider her “honest and trustworthy.”

A separate poll released last week showed that she also trailed three strong Republican contenders — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and US Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida — in theoretical general-election matchups in the key swing states of Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia.


Probability of obese people reaching ‘normal’ weight less than 1%

Here’s another reason not to get fat.

We all know someone who was severely overweight, went on a diet, lost the weight, then quickly regained all of it back . . . and more. Now, a new study confirms our experience: the likelihood that obese people will lose the fat and return to a “normal” healthy weight is nearly ZERO — less than 1%.

obese man

Obesity is more than being over weight. The Centers for Disease Control classify a body mass index (BMI) of between 25 and 29.9 as “overweight,” anything above that as obese:

  • “Normal weight” means a BMI of 18.5–24.9
  • “Over weight” means a BMI of 25.0–29.9
  • “Obesity” means a BMI of 30.0–34.9
  • “Severe obesity” means a BMI of 35.0–39.9
  • “Morbid obesity” means a BMI of 40 or over

BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s mass (weight) by the square of his or her height, typically expressed either in metric or lbs. and inches. This is the formula:

BMI = mass (lb) ÷ (height in inches)² x 703

There’s an easier way to calculate your BMI. Click here!

CBS DC reports, July 20, 2015, that despite the fact that the great American diet industry makes several billion dollars worth of business each year, a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health says that most obese people will never achieve a “normal” weight.

Researchers from King’s College London analyzed 9 years worth of data for 76,704 obese men and 99,791 obese women from the United Kingdom and found that the annual probability of reaching a normal weight was less than 1% for both groups — just 1 in 210 for obese men and 1 in 124 for obese women. People who received bariatric (stomach-stapling) surgery were excluded from the study.

Some other findings:

  • For the morbidly obese (BMI = 40.0–44.9), those odds decreased to 1 in 1,290 for men and 1 in 677 for women.
  • Some 50% of patients who managed to achieve a 5% weight loss regained the weight within two years.
  • Over the full 9-year course of the study, only 1.67% of the men and 2.25% of the women managed to achieve a normal body weight.

The study’s dismal conclusion:

“Our findings indicate that current nonsurgical obesity treatment strategies are failing to achieve sustained weight loss for the majority of obese patients.… Even when treatment is accessed, evidence suggests behavioral weight loss interventions focusing on caloric restriction and increased physical activity are unlikely to yield clinically significant reductions in body weight.”

A 2012 study had warned that at the rate we’re going, by the year 2030, in 15 years, more than 4 of every 10 (42%) Americans may become obese and 11% severely obese. Just think of what this means in health care costs….

The table below gives the BMI equivalents in height and weight. To use the table, find your height in the left-hand column, then move across the row to your weight. The number at the top of the column is the BMI for that height and weight.

BMI in height-weight

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Teen invented a homemade gun-firing drone

Drone technology is growing by leaps and bounds.

Drones are also becoming a public nuisance and danger.

Last Friday, July 17, 2015, private drones hampered firefighters battling a raging wildfire in California which swept over an interstate and torched 20 vehicles.

Five drones were flying over the wildfire and their presence caused firefighting aircraft to leave the area for about 20 minutes. Three of the five drones left the area right away, but two drones interfered with firefighting operations, U.S. Forest Service spokesman John Miller said.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokeswoman Janet Upton said, “We do believe that this affects our firefighting operations. It was very windy yesterday, and any time air operations are halted that affects our ability to put out these fires.”

gun-firing drone

The latest: An 18-year-old in Clinton, Connecticut, Austin Haughwout, has mounted a handgun on a drone, turning it into a remote-controlled firing weapon.

There is at present no law against his homemade gun-firing drone, but the FAA is investigating.

Can you imagine gun-firing drones in the wrong hands? God help us.


Yesterday’s Conspiracy Theory Has Become Today’s Common Knowledge

Do you remember Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ mysterious death?

I could see them fitting me for a tinfoil hat

I could see them fitting me for a tinfoil hat

I can still see the raised eyebrows of people I spoke to about the reporter’s death. It was too far fetched for them to ponder to possibility of a presidential murder list. But now we see that the impediment to such a conspiracy is NOT the technological impossibility. So don’t go fitting me for a tinfoil hat just yet. And if your car has OnStar or something like it, you may want to find some way to disconnect it.



Cybersecurity proposed for cars as systems proven vulnerable to takeover

By BOB UNRUH  – Published: 11 hours ago

Two U.S. senators are proposing the SPY Car Act of 2015 to create privacy standards for computer systems that control today’s generation of electronics-heavy vehicles – just as a commentator for explains how hackers who set him up in a new vehicle were able to take over its controls – brakes, transmission and more – while he was driving down the road at 70 mph…




Rolling Stone journalist made enemies in FBI, CIA

By Paul Joseph Watson – – June 20, 2013

The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated…


Results of Google search for “hackers control your car:”

See also Dr. Eowyn’s post  Obama dead pool: Reporter investigating NSA dies in suspicious fiery car crash

Concerning conspiracies, the book of Proverbs clearly recognizes their existence and warns against them in the very first chapter:

“My son, if sinful men entice you,
do not give in to them.
If they say, “Come along with us;
let’s lie in wait for innocent blood,
let’s ambush some harmless soul;
let’s swallow them alive, like the grave,
and whole, like those who go down to the pit;
we will get all sorts of valuable things
and fill our houses with plunder;
cast lots with us;
we will all share the loot”—
my son, do not go along with them,
do not set foot on their paths;
for their feet rush into evil,
they are swift to shed blood.
How useless to spread a net
where every bird can see it!
These men lie in wait for their own blood;
they ambush only themselves!
Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;
it takes away the life of those who get it.”
– Proverbs 1:8-19

Conclusion: Men and women have been involved is harmful conspiracies since the moment Adam and Eve conspired with the serpent to gain forbidden knowledge. Conspiracies happen. Bilderbergers, we’ve got your number.

Has anyone seen my tinfoil hat? 


Human baby body parts and tissue for sale

About a week ago, on July 14, 2015, the Center for Medical Progress released a shocking undercover video showing a national leader of Planned Parenthood (PP), Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting that PP uses the illegal partial-birth abortion procedure to obtain and sell intact fetal body parts.

While casually sipping wine and eating salad, Nucatola revealed that PP charges $30 to $100 per specimen, and that fetal livers are especially in demand – although “a lot of people want intact hearts these days,” and she has had requests for lungs and “lower extremities.” (See “Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted human babies”)

Responding to the enormous backlash over the undercover video, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards apologized only for the “tone” taken by Dr. Nucatola (whatever that means), but not for selling the body parts of aborted babies. Another shocking video exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies is expected this week. (Source)

Although trafficking in human body parts is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000, nevertheless there is a thriving business doing just that, including the sale of fetal body parts and tissue, under the guise of “research.”

One of those thriving businesses is a company called StemExpress, based in Placerville in northern California. On her LinkedIn page, StemExpress’ founder and CEO Cate Dyer trumpets:

Dyer founded her biotechnology company in Placerville with only $9,000. Four years later StemExpress, which provides human blood, bone marrow, human primary cells and tissue for medical research, ranks No. 363 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies, with 1,315 percent growth over a three-year period.

StemExpress founder-CEO Cate Dyer stands next to photo of a stem cell

StemExpress founder-CEO Cate Dyer stands next to photo of a stem cell

(If you’re thinking, as I do, that Cate Dyer looks “butch,” here’s a clue: she donated $100 to an LGBT group called Outright Vermont.)

This is how StemExpress describes itself in its Product Catalog 2013-2014 (h/t Ann Barnhardt):

StemExpress is a global biotechnology company that was founded in May of 2010. We have the largest variety of raw materials available in the industry. Combined with our access to raw material, StemExpress is also your one stop location for fresh, fixed and cryopreserved human primary cells. Our human tissue products range from fetal to adult tissues and healthy to diseased samples…. Using the most up to date technology we guaranty every sample delivers the purity, viability & quality your investigators need. StemExpress procures specimens from various hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. We are licensed and/or certified in accordance with local, state and federal requirements. Our IRB approved protocols and consents protect you as well as our donor’s privacy in accordance with HIPAA guidelines…. By partnering with StemExpress, we can reduce the time your team spends isolating cells or collecting raw materials. Let us take your research to the next level.

From StemExpress’ Product Catalog‘s “Custom Products”:

StemExpress offers a variety of customized products and services. If you would like information about an item that is not listed in our catalog, please contact us. Phone: (530) 626-7000 • Email: info@stemexpress.com

Examples of some custom products include but are not limited to:

Whole Amniotic Fluid…collected pre-term from all types of pregnancies at varying gestations. Procurement involves complete anonymity for the patients who are donating….there are no identifiers that can be traced back to the donors.

Under “Tissue Procurement”:

Stemexpress has the largest variety of raw materials available in the industry. Human tissues range from human fetal, adult, cadaverous, diseased samples and bone marrow. No other biotechnology company offers the vast variety of tissue types that we procure….

Human Fetal Tissue
•Umbilical Cord
Chorionic Villi [rich source of stem cells; the chorion is a membrane formed during pregnancy between the fetus and mother]
•Numerous other tissues available

Neonatal Tissue
•Umbilical Cord
Wharton’s Jelly [a gelatinous substance in the umbilical cord]

Here are some prices:

There are numerous categories of umbilical cord blood (UCB). UCB that are CD3 + Pan T cells sell for:

Fresh: 10 million/vial – $554 price/unit
20 million/vial – $1,108 price/unit
25 million/vial – $1,386 price/unit

Cryopreserved: 10 million/vial – $476 price/unit
20 million/vial – $966
25 million/vial – $1,191

Fetal Liver

Various cells are generated from fetal livers. Fetal Liver CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells (FL-CD34) are positively selected from homogenized liver tissue. First, fetal liver tissue is enzymatically digested and further processed to generate a leukocyte-rich suspension. CD34+ cells are then positively selected from the leukocyte-rich suspension using immunomagnetic anti-CD34 microbeads, leaving highly purified fetal liver CD34+ cells.

Fresh: 0.5 million/vial – $565 price/unit
1 million/vial – $931
2 million/vial – $1840
Cryopreserved: 0.5 million/vial – $539
1 million/vial – $877
2 million/vial – $1,754

StemExpress states that its human body parts and tissue are “For InVitro Research Use Only.” From the Catalog’s “Use of Goods”:

1. All products received from StemExpress, LLC are intended exclusively for in vitro use only. These products are not intended for use on human beings. Please note that any use of StemExpress, LLC products for any purpose other than intended including use for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes will result in legal ramifications.
2. StemExpress, LLC does not accept any liability for the improper use of our products. We deliver our products only to research and teaching institutions, commercial enterprises, and public researchers. Any signs of improper use of StemExpress, LLC products by a client will result in refusal of delivery and termination of any contract associated with this client.
3. StemExpress, LLC opposes any research in violation of any ethical, legal, or governmental standards within the United States and the import countries of our clients. We do not accept any liability for such research or use by our clients.

aborted baby's body partsSource:

Now that it’s known that Planned Parenthood sells baby organs and body parts, no doubt there’ll be women who’ll get pregnant and abort for cash.

Since euthanasia is a booming enterprise in Holland, one wonders what actually happens to the body parts and tissue of the 650 babies who are euthanized legally murdered by physicians there each year. See also “Euthanasia on the rise in America due to lucrative organ-harvesting.”

I’ll leave you with the following latest news on Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted babies:

  • It’s not just Planned Parenthood, the taxpayer-funded John H. Stronger, Jr. Hospital in Chicago may also be in the dead baby selling biz because its name appears in the transcripts from the undercover video with Dr. Deborah Nucatola. (LifeNews)
  • According to a new Rasmussen poll25% of Likely U.S. Voters favor the sale of body organs from aborted babies for use in medical research. 54% oppose, and 22% are undecided. 43% favor the use of fetal tissue in medical research; 34% are opposed; 23% are not sure.
  • The Obama administration not only says the selling of aborted babies’ body parts is “ethical,” spokesman Josh Ernest said today that Obama will not defund Planned Parenthood. (LifeNews) That means the evil POS is forcing you, me, and every taxpayer to fund this ghoulish practice, against our conscience.


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Why are there right angles on Pluto?

Want to take another trip with me down the rabbit hole?

rabbit hole

It is said there are no right (or 90-degree) angles in nature.

That is true if you exclude crystals or crystalline structures. Other than that, right angles on our Earth are man-made.

Which makes it really, really intriguing that an amateur space enthusiast claims he’s spotted right angles and rectangles on the surface of Pluto.


Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond Neptune. Primarily made of ice and rock, Pluto is relatively small—about one-sixth the mass of the Moon and one-third its volume.

Discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto originally was considered the 9th planet from the Sun in our Solar System. After 1992, its status as a planet fell into question following the discovery of several objects of similar size in the Kuiper belt. In 2005, the International Astronomical Union for the first time formally defined the term “planet,” resulting in the removal of Pluto from the “planet” category.

Pluto’s distance from Earth — 4.67 billion miles (7.5 billion km) —  makes its in-depth study and exploration difficult.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is the first and so far only attempt to explore Pluto directly. Launched in 2006, New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto 6 days ago on July 14, 2015, after a 3,462-day journey. Scientific observations of Pluto had begun 5 months before the closest approach and will continue for at least another month.

Using images of Pluto taken by New Horizons, below is a video by Joe White of ArtAlienTV, uploaded to YouTube on July 16, 2015. White writes:

“Are these some huge rectangular building structures on the surface of Pluto? Full analysis. They run diagonally to the much smaller pixels so are possibly not due to pixelation. They are not JPEG artifacts as this is a TIFF image. Some of these possible alien city structures are miles across. They must be very large to even show from this distance in this latest Pluto image from NASA’s historic new horizons mission. Some of these diagonal structures may be down to chromatic aberration and the fact that this is a composite of 2 images but the larger structures have shadows so I can’t see how that could explain them all. it looks like the image was deliberately obfuscated by NASA with diagonal blocks so as to hide some of the possible structures.”

In order to enhance the right angles, White undertook the following “manipulations” of NASA’s raw images of Pluto:

  • Enhancing light-dark contrasts by making the light lighter and the dark darker.
  • Turning enhanced-contrasts images into negatives, both color and black-&-white.
  • Zoom close-ups of parts of an image.

Here are screenshots I took from the video. Please ignore a tiny sketch of a hand in some of the screenshots. That’s White’s cursor, which I’d circled in red in the first screenshot below. I’ve also painted red arrows pointing to some of the right angles.

Click images to enlarge

Pluto raw image 9.00

Pluto contrasts enhanced 5.21

Pluto enhanced contrasts negative 12.18Pluto negative 4.38Pluto b&w negative 9.28

Bear in mind the caveat that these images were taken by New Horizons from a GREAT distance. The great distance could have distorted Pluto’s surface features to make them appear rectilinear, rectangular, and right-angled.

On the other hand, if these indeed are right angles, the implications are mind-boggling. The rectangular structures would be unimaginably HUGE.

See also “Strange structures on Moon“.


As politicians hike up minimum wage, robots threaten to displace fast-food workers

CNBC reports that fast-fooder McDonald’s continues to tank.

The 6-month outlook for McDonald’s franchisees is at an all-time low, according to a survey by restaurant industry analyst Mark Kalinowski. Some 29 franchisees, who collectively own and operate 208 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, were asked to give their 6-month forecast from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). The average response was 1.69, the lowest in the survey’s 12-year history. 

Previously, the lowest rating was 1.81, which was recorded just 3 months ago.

Those 29 franchisees said their same-store sales fell 2.3% in June—2 full percentage points worse than Wall Street expectations.

One franchisee said, “At least half of the operators in my region are on [the] verge of collapse. With minimum wage for fast food workers potentially increasing to incredibly high levels, we are facing a crisis situation.

Those minimum-wage workers should know that it won’t be long before employers turn to robots, instead of fork over ever higher wages.

Here’s a report by Dylan Love for Business Insider a year ago:

A company called Momentum Machines has built a robot that could radically change the fast-food industry and have some line cooks looking for new jobs.

The company’s robot can “slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places the slice onto your burger, giving you the freshest burger possible.” The robot is “more consistent, more sanitary, and can produce ~360 hamburgers per hour.” That’s one burger every 10 seconds.

The next generation of the device will offer “custom meat grinds for every single customer. Want a patty with 1/3 pork and 2/3 bison ground to order? No problem.”

Momentum Machines cofounder Alexandros Vardakostas told Xconomy his “device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them.” Indeed, marketing copy on the company’s site reads that their automaton “does everything employees can do, except better.” […]

Here’s a schematic of what the burger-bot looks like and how it works. It occupies 24 square feet, so it’s much smaller than most assembly-line fast-food operations. It boasts “gourmet cooking methods never before used in a fast food restaurant” and will even deposit your completed burger into a bag. It’s a veritable Gutenberg printing press for hamburgers.

fast food robot
Meanwhile, a robot’s been built which shows a glimmer of self-awareness.

Duncan Geere reports for techradar, July 16, 2015, that roboticists at the Ransselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have built a trio of robots that were put through a variation of the classic ‘wise men puzzle’ test of self-awareness – and at least one of them passed.

Two of the three robots were prevented from talking, then all three were asked which one was still able to speak. All attempt to say “I don’t know,” but only one robot succeeds. When that robot hears its own voice, it understands that it was not silenced, and says, “Sorry, I know now.”

It might sound a pretty simple task for a human, but it’s not for a robot. The bot must listen to and understand the question, then hears its own voice saying “I don’t know” and recognize it as distinct from another robot’s voice, then connect that with the original question to conclude that it hadn’t been silenced.

In a new interview in The Observer, futurist and Artificial Intelligence developer Ray Kurzweil predicts that robots/computers will surpass human intelligence in just 14 years. By the year 2029, computers will not only be able to do all the things that humans do, including learning from experience and making jokes, they will also be capable of outsmarting us.

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