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Race Riot: Mob of 50 blacks ransack Georgia Walmart for the hell of it

Once again, the news headline coyly says “teens.”

Once again, the actual news is about BLACK thugs.

The Smoking Gun reports, June 30, 2015:

Led by a teenage boy throwing gang signs, a mob of vandals descended on a Walmart store in Georgia early Sunday and trashed the business in a reported attempt to “see how much damage they could cause,” police allege.

During the 1:45 AM ransacking of the Walmart in Macon, rioters pulled a patron from an electric wheelchair and dragged him to the floor, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report. (See below: click to enlarge)

Deputy Jones1

Investigators say that a “crowd of 40-50 individuals consisting of black males and females” were led into the store by Kharron Green, 17, who can be seen on surveillance video “presenting gang signs in the air with his hands.”

For about five minutes, Green & Co. ran through store aisles “destroying merchandise and vandalizing the property,” cops reported. Upon arriving at the trashed Walmart, a deputy noted that one aisle was “destroyed and coated with broken merchandise” and that the “length of the store from front to rear was lined with items which had been shattered, destroyed, turned over and thrown about.”

kharron green

Green, pictured above, was arrested at the scene. A Walmart employee interviewed by cops said that he spoke with Green in the store’s parking lot and that the teen “stated that this was a planned event, and that they had planned to see how much damage they could cause.”

A Walmart manager estimated the value of damaged merchandise at $2000.

While Green refused to identify any of his fellow marauders, he told cops that the group “had all come from a party.” Charged with criminal street gang activity, inciting to riot, and criminal damage to property, Green is locked up in the county jail in lieu of $11,200 bond.

Citing the ongoing investigation, a sheriff’s spokesperson declined to release Walmart surveillance video of the rampage. Though if investigators have trouble identifying other suspects, the footage could be released in an attempt to generate tips from the public.


Taxpayer-Funded Professor: ‘Whiteness’ Is ‘Terror,’ Confederate Flag Represents ‘Capitalism’

The good professor...

The good professor…

Daily Caller: Sociology professor at the University of Memphis has used her Twitter account to announce that white people are synonymous with “terror” and to define the Confederate flag as the quintessential symbol of capitalism.

The taxpayer-funded professor is Zandria Robinson. The pair of tweets (her tweets are since protected) are the highlights among a set of Robinson’s compiled by Campus Reform and the website

Here is a screenshot of Robinson’s June 26 tweet telling the world that the concept of having white skin is identical to the concept of terror:

robinson tweet

And here is a screenshot of her tweet from June 24 explaining that the Confederate flag is the fundamental symbol of capitalism.

robinson tweet2

The $20-dollar word “heteropatriarchal” used by the fourth- or fifth-tier public school professor means a combination of male and heterosexual power “essentially describing the severe sex and gender bias prevalent among the elite ruling classes of nation-states,” according to the Collins English Dictionary. However, this fancypants definition is currently “pending investigation.”

This week, Robinson proclaimed that white people — “white folks” — believe that being polite provides immunity from her biting analysis of power structures based on race.

robinson tweet3

The University of Memphis professor has also said she believes marriage that should be “widely accessible to a range of relationship types and that black people — “black folks” — obtain fewer economic benefits from marriage because they have less money. (She doesn’t appear to discuss the economic effects of marriages involving rich black people or poor white people.)

robinson tweet4

robinson tweet5The academic freedom policy at the University of Memphis describes the public school’s professors as “citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution.” As such, while school officials won’t censor them, “their special position in the community imposes special obligations” because “the public may judge the profession and the University by their utterances.” The policy advises faculty members to “exercise appropriate restraint,” “show respect for the opinions of others” and “make every effort to indicate that they do not speak for the University.”

On her Twitter account, Robinson describes herself thusly: “Dirty South black feminist sociologist. Zora-type ethnographer. Some babies’ mama. Negressdamus. Norf Memphis Teacake’s wife. Never in no particular order.”

Robinson has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Her dissertation is entitled “This Ain’t Chicago: Regional Accomplishment in the Black Urban South.” She received her master’s and undergraduate degrees from the University of Memphis.


America’s Greece: Puerto Rico is bankrupt

Puerto Rico map

Reuters reports that yesterday, June 29, 2015, in a televised address, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said Puerto Rico faces bankruptcy and asked that the commonwealth be allowed to restructure its debts under U.S. bankruptcy code. But Puerto Rico is not eligible for debt restructuring under the U.S. bankruptcy code because it is not a municipality.

Note: Puerto Rico is an incorporated U.S. territory in the Caribbean with a total population of around 3.6 million people, 12.5% of whom are black or sub-Saharan African. As such, people born in Puerto Rico are natural-born citizens of the United States. The territory operates under a local constitution, and Puerto Ricans elect a governor. However, Puerto Rico lacks voting members in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, both of whom have plenary jurisdiction over it under the Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act of 1950. A 2012 referendum showed a majority (54% of Puerto Rico’s electorate) disagreed with “the present form of territorial status” and preferred full statehood in the USA. (Source)

Governor Padilla said sacrifice must be shared by bondholders, as he called for Washington to allow a bankruptcy debt restructuring. Padilla said his goal is to come up with a negotiated moratorium with bondholders to postpone debt payments for a number of years.

The Caribbean island is struggling to relieve a $73 billion debt burden. It came to a crunch point on Monday – at the same time as did debt-laden Greece – after a dire report on its stability by former International Monetary Fund economists was released ahead of key deadlines on Wednesday to repay debt.

Steven Rhodes, the retired U.S. bankruptcy judge who oversaw Detroit’s historic bankruptcy and has now been retained by Puerto Rico to help solve its problems, gave a blunt assessment on Monday. He said Puerto Rico “urgently needs our help. It can no longer pay its debts, it will soon run out of cash to operate, its residents and businesses will suffer.” Rhodes said the island’s future hinges on gaining eligibility for debt restructuring, while stressing that bankruptcy would not be a “bailout.”

Padilla said, “Puerto Rico needs a complete restructuring and development plan, comprehensive and inclusive, that takes care of the immense problem we face today, not on a short but on a long-term and definitive basis. The alternative would be … halting of payments with all the negative consequences that this implies.”

Padilla said the next step must be to get creditors to agree to more favorable payment terms. He is establishing a working group to examine restructuring public debt, with a deadline to have a plan by Aug. 30. The legislature is required to approve the plan.

Former IMF economist Anne Krueger, co-author of the report commissioned by Puerto Rico which recommended debt restructuring, tax hikes and spending cuts, said, “The situation is dire, and I mean really dire.  The needed measures may face political resistance but failure to address the issues would affect even more the people of Puerto Rico.”

Gov. Padilla warned that, if Puerto Rico follows the report’s recommendations of debt restructuring and austerity measures, Puerto Ricans may face cuts in services as the government reduces spending, including fewer teachers, higher property taxes and suspension of the minimum wage.

But the report, made available late Sunday, said Puerto Rico’s fiscal problems are much worse than assumed and that the island needs to restructure its debts because tax rises and spending cuts alone would not be enough of a fix.

Bondholders, even those who own government debt that is generally regarded as sacrosanct, would have to take a hit under the report’s recommendations. The report recommended a debt restructure via a voluntary exchange of existing bonds for new ones with a longer or lower debt service profile.

The prospect of a debt restructuring spooked investors and sent the price of Puerto Rico’s benchmark general obligation bonds that carry an 8% coupon and mature in 2035 74514LE86=MSRB down nearly 10% to a record average low of 69.510 cents on the dollar. Shares of monoline bond insurers with exposure to Puerto Rico’s securities fell sharply. Assured Guaranty (AGO.N) shares fell 13.3% while MBIA Inc (MBI.N) dropped 23.4%.

The U.S. government seems unlikely to get involved despite months of talks between Puerto Rico and the U.S. Treasury about options to seek financial help. An unnamed White House source familiar with the situation said, “There’s no one in the administration or in D.C. that’s contemplating a federal bailout of Puerto Rico.”

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How the Left shut down debates and how Conservatives can fight back


Fox News contributor Guy Benson is the co-author of the new book End of Discussion.

The Daily Signal interviewed Benson about how the left uses topics like race and bigotry to silence conservatives in debates.

You can watch the full 10-minute interview or see Benson’s answers to each question by going to the times in the video listed below. His answers constitute a list of the tactics used by the Left to silence us:

  • Race baiting “dog whistles” to stymie political debate (2:12 mark)
  • Accusation that the purpose of voter ID laws is racist because they limit minority voters (4:04 mark)
  • How the Right can combat the Left’s claim that voter ID laws are racist (6:12 mark)
  • Opponents of same-sex marriage are bigots (7:48 mark). Interestingly, Benson is a homosexual, but he defends those who oppose same-sex marriage even though he doesn’t agree with their viewpoint.

In short, the Left shut down debates by playing the perennial cards of Racism and Bigotry.

racism is the Left's defense mechanism

How do we fight against their tactics?

  1. Don’t take their bait.
  2. Let their accusations of “Racist! Bigot!” roll off like water off a duck’s back. In fact, my standard response to trolls calling us racist is with a bored Y-A-W-N. yawn
  3. Calmly, confidently, and serenely point out their hysteria and irrationality.
  4. Turn their accusations against them, as shown in the examples below:

racist2Racismblacks are not racistpeanutsBooker T. Washington

H/t Robert K. Wilcox


Walmart says no to Confederate cake, but bakes an ISIS-flag cake

It’s been 150 years since the end of the American Civil War that ended the Confederacy. But in the current anti-Confederate frenzy whipped up by politicians and the media, a Walmart store actually refused a customer’s request for a Confederate-flag cake, but assented to his request for a cake topped with the battle flag of ISIS or the Islamic State — the flag of jihadists who behead Christians.

On June 25, 2015, Herman Netzhammer went to the bakery department of a Walmart Supercenter on Northshore Blvd. in Sidell, Louisiana, and requested an Edible image cake printed with the confederate flag image on it.

Walmart denied his request.

The next day, Netzhammer returned to that Walmart and requested an Edible image cake with the ISIS battle flag image. As he recounts:

“They cheerfully did it. and sold me my ISIS cake. WTF Walmart! ISIS is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery, and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States……..but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car at Wallmart? It’s a damn shame.”


Here is Netzhammer’s rejection letter for his Confederate cake request:

ISIS receipt

And here is his receipt for the ISIS cake that Walmart made:

ISIS cake

H/t Clash Daily and FOTM’s CSM

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Charleston police officer fired for posting pic of himself on Facebook wearing Confederate flag boxer shorts

The American Civil War ended 150 years ago, in 1865, but you wouldn’t know it with the current frenzy whipped against the Confederate flag and all things Confederate. (See “War against the Confederacy: Did Obama sign an executive order outlawing confederate flag?“)

The latest: A police officer of North Charleston, SC, was fired for posting a picture of himself on his personal Facebook page, wearing a pair of Confederate flag boxer shorts.

Shannon Dildine

Shannon Dildine

Elaine O’Flynn reports for the Daily Mail, June 26, 2015, that Shannon Dildine posted the photo on Facebook a few days ago. The pic went viral and was spotted by his bosses at North Charleston police department, who fired him the next day.

Charleston, in South Carolina, is still reeling from the murders of nine black people in a church last week by alleged white supremacist gunman Dylann Roof.

North Charleston mayor Keith Summey and police chief Eddie Driggers

Police Chief Eddie Driggers sent Dildane a letter saying the Facebook photograph meant he was associated with a symbol of ‘hate and oppression’ and made it impossible for him to be an officer in Charleston,The Post and Courier reported. Driggers’ letter says:

“On Tuesday … the City learned that you posted on Facebook a photograph in which you were wearing only a pair of boxer shorts emblazoned with the image of the Confederate flag. Your posting in this manner led to you being publicly identified as a North Charleston Police officer and associated both you and the Department with an image that symbolizes hate and oppression to a significant portion of the citizens we are sworn to serve.”

Dildine can appeal the decision within ten days.

Earlier this week a firefighter in Texas was sacked from his volunteer job after he wrote on Facebook that Roof “needs to be praised for what he has done.”

News of the police officer’s dismissal comes as a monument to Confederacy President Jefferson Davis in Richmond was vandalized. “Black Lives Matter” was spray-painted on the side of the memorial in Monument Avenue, Richmond, as part of a sweeping movement across the US against structures celebrating the Confederacy.

Several retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, have banned products displaying the Confederate flag, although Nazi symbols, and the flags of dictatorships like Cuba and Iran are sold. Graffiti has also been daubed on three statues of Confederate leaders at the University of Texas’ Austin campus, on a memorial in St Louis, Missouri, and in Charleston.


War against the Confederacy: Did Obama sign an executive order outlawing confederate flag?

In the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting and alleged shooter Dylann Roof’s racist manifesto and images of him with the Confederate flag, there is a nationwide frenzy to purge the flag and other symbols of the South.

Dylann Root with confederate flag

On Monday, June 22, 2015, Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley, a Republican, called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State House.

Haley’s move, the New York Times reports, sparked off “with striking speed and scope. . . an emotional, nationwide movement to strip symbols of the Confederacy from public parks and buildings, license plates, Internet shopping sites and retail stores.”

Organize Now, a Florida equal-rights activist group, has started an online petition calling for the removal of a monument to Confederate soldiers from Orlando’s Lake Eola Park. (Source)

Yesterday, New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu, a Democrat, called for the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from the center of Lee Circle. Lee was the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. Landrieu said, “Symbols really do matter. Symbols should reflect who we really are as a people. We have never been a culture, in essence, that revered war rather than peace, division rather than unity.”

At the same time, hypocrisy and double standards abound. Amazon will no longer sell the Confederate flag, but continues to sell Nazi memorabilia. Walmart won’t sell the Confederate flag, but has the flags of dictatorial Iran and Cuba for sale.

Even more alarming is a blogger’s claim that Obama recently signed an Executive Order banning the manufacturing, distribution, and possession of Confederate flags and other memorabilia. This is what the blogger of Real News, Right Now — a man who calls himself R. Hobbus J.D., “an internationally acclaimed independent investigative journalist” — wrote on June 23, 2015:

During a White House-hosted dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan Monday evening, President Obama, flanked by select cabinet members, announced he has signed into law an executive order banning the manufacturing, distribution, and possession of Confederate flags and other memorabilia….

The executive order is the 209th issued by President Obama since taking office and is being hailed as a major victory against racism. Based largely on Germany’s anti-Nazi laws, the order, which officially goes into effect on June 18th, makes it illegal to possess “any item or symbol bearing the sign of the Confederacy.” President Obama, calling the Confederate flag a “symbol of hatred,” compared its history to that off the Third Reich, saying, “You don’t see government buildings in Germany flying the Nazi flag, we shouldn’t have to see the Confederate flag here.”

Also included in the executive order is an amendment to 18 U.S. Code 249, allowing for any “individual or entity found to be in violation of the law” to be prosecuted under the federal hate crimes statute. Under federal law, the punishment carries a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years. “In light of recent events, I’m inclined to believe a ten-year sentence is far too lenient,” Al Sharpton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today. Blitzer, who agreed with Sharpton, said many in Washington have echoed similar sentiment.

Under orders from the White House, the Department of Justice, while working in conjunction with local and state law enforcement agencies, will, in the coming weeks, launch a nationwide operation to halt manufacturing and distribution of the soon-to-be-illegal contraband. According to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the brunt of the operation, spearheaded by the FBI, will focus on the deep south and Midwestern regions of the U.S., “However, state and local agencies across the country are being asked to conduct their own seizures.”

There’s just one thing wrong with R. Hobbus’ post: It cites no source(s), nor are there embedded source links. Not even one.

In an effort to verify Hobbus’ alarming claim, I conducted an Internet search for this Executive Order, Obama’s 209th, to no avail. This is what I found:

1. To begin, Hobbus made a factual numerical error. According to the Federal Register, Obama has issued 216 Executive Orders, not 209.

2. The White House’s website on Obama’s Executive Orders ( listed two Executive Orders issued in June 2015 (June 24 and June 17), and one on May 26, 2015. None of the three recent Executive Orders has anything to do with banning the Confederate flag.

  • The June 24 Executive Order is on hostage recovery activities. It makes no mention of the Confederate flag or other Confederate symbols. Verify for yourself by clicking here.
  • The June 17 Executive Order has to do with amendments to the manual for courts martial, and makes no mention of the Confederate flag. Verify for yourself by clicking here.
  • The May 26 Executive Order terminates the national emergency that was declared in a previous Executive Order (no. 13617) with respect to the risk of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the Russian Federation. The May 26 Executive Order makes not mention of the Confederate flag. Verify for yourself by clicking here.

3. As for Hobbus’ claim that Obama’s alleged executive order amended 18 U.S. Code 249, thereby allowing for any individual or entity found to be in possession of any item or symbol bearing the sign of the Confederacy to be prosecuted under the federal hate crimes statute, I also was unable to verify the claim. I went on the U.S. Department of Justice’s website, specifically its web page on 18 U.S. Code 249, also known as Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. There is no mention of any amendment outlawing the Confederate flag. Verify for yourself by clicking here.

I suggest that other bloggers, like DCGazette, stop being gullible and reblog Hobbus’ bogus Real News, Right Now post. Hobbus is yanking our chains, for his perverse amusement. Shame on him.