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Major U.S. magazine breaks with Obama admin by calling ISIS Islamic and apocalyptic

Dr. Eowyn:

This is VERY IMPORTANT, sobering, and downright frightening, so please make time to read it. The West has become so secular and post-modern relativists, we are incredulous about people who genuinely, truly are ideological/religious fanatics. Our politicians and opinion leaders made that mistake with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and they are doing it again with ISIS or the Islamic State.

Read and listen to what ISIS says! Put simply, ISIS is bat sh*t crazy. Not only are they Islamic, they are fundamentalist in their beliefs. Not only are they fundamentalist Muslims, determined to return the world to the medieval ages and committed to the grotesque barbarism wielded by Mohammad (beheadings, crucifixions, slavery), ISIS is apocalyptic in their beliefs. They are convinced the end times are near, and that the Islamic State is an instrument to bring on the apocalypse.

Please read and forward/disseminate via email & social media. Do it for your lives and those of your loved ones.

God help us.

Originally posted on Consortium of Defense Analysts:

In his bestseller book, People of the Lie, the late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., wrote that just as physicians must first properly diagnose and name a disease in order to cure it, we must first name a problem in order to combat it.

Although ISIS/ISIL calls itself the Islamic State, President Barack Obama refuses to identify the group that now controls a third of Syria as either Islamic or a state. Instead, in his speech of Sept. 10, 2014 and since, he calls the Muslim jihadists — who have been slaughtering Christians in Iraq, Syria, and most recently beheading 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya — generic “terrorists.”

Taking their cue from Obama, U.S. media like NBC News also call ISIS “terrorists,” absent any qualifying adjective. And although he denounced the beheading of the Coptic Christians and called them “martyrs,” Pope Francis similarly refuses to identify their killers as…

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Exorcist warns about ’50 Shades of Grey’

Sign of our times:

Despite lackluster movie reviews and warnings from Christian and cultural conservatives, as well as from feminists about its “domestic violence,” Fifty Shades of Grey broke box office records for Valentine’s Day openings by earning an estimated $81.7 million in its first three days. More than that, the movie is the second-highest February debut ever, behind The Passion of the Christ’s” $83.9 million opening in 2004.


In an interview with Cathoic author , priest and exorcist Fr. Patrick and three members of his deliverance team call the 50 Shades movie “evil” and warn that, like all pornography, watching the 50 Shades movie corrupts your soul and “deforms your heart,” resulting in our losing “the ability to discern right from wrong.”

Note: Fr. Patrick (not his real name) is a parish priest who has been a designated diocesan exorcist for 5 years after apprenticing for 6 years under an experienced exorcist. His deliverance team engage in prayer support for him while he battles against demonic forces in people who come to him for help. Fr. Patrick and the three members of his deliverance team asked to keep their identity secret due to the nature of their work.

Fr. Patrick: Going to a movie like that [Fifty Shades] will open you up to whatever is being promoted. Whatever you take in, you take into your heart.  It deforms the heart and then that is going to play out in your relationships. People are enjoying it–calling it recreation–but it is a mockery of God’s creation.

Deliverance Team (DT): Recreation is supposed to re-create us, but this desecrates. The movie makes a mockery of what God created. It is the spirit of irony that the main character is named Christian Grey. He acts in another way, not as a Christian. And grey? There cannot be shades of Christianity; it’s all or nothing. It is the devil that tries to convince us there is a grey area of right and wrong, and it is the devil that mocks.

In the Mass, we celebrate the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and his divinity. But in a black mass, everything is upside down and mocked. The holy is made unholy. Just as sex in marriage is a holy gift, in the movie it is against virtue and chastity and against God’s creation. That is what the devil does.

Fr. Patrick:  We are children of God.  If we watch movies that promote evil, it can be a slippery slope where the mind loses its ability to discern right and wrong and what is clean and unclean. We are talking about spiritual warfare.

I think it happens with the [Twilight] vampire movies. Why do people like them? Which spirits are they welcoming into their lives? Sucking blood? It’s contrary to what is holy; entering into a dark world where something is dead and dead forever. People are letting darkness into their lives and their relationships will not be better for it.

Note: E.L. James (real name Erika Leonard) wrote the book Fifty Shades of Grey, on which the movie is based, as Twilight fan fiction and “mommy porn”. I watched the first Twilight on rental video and found its romanticizing of undead vampires utterly sick and revolting, and so never watched the rest of the series. 

DTThe work of the devil can be seen whenever righteous roles or relationships are attacked. With sins of the flesh, ultimately it is against the person. All of the other sins we commit are outside the body but sins of immorality are against yourself the inside of the body.

From a religious standpoint, every point of contact, every breath we take, every thought we take, takes us closer or further away from God. If we sit still, the clock ticks…if we do nothing it’s an opportunity lost.

Fr. Patrick: It is said, that Internet pornography is just six key strokes away from satanism. There is an association with evil and there are Satanic sex cults.

DT:  In sex cults, people are drawn in with curiosity, but it becomes a matter of what they are willing to do against virtue and against morality. Depending on what you are willing to do to diminish the dignity of another person, it will determine how high you rise.

Fr. Patrick: They [bad movies and pornography] are against the path of sanctity. They open people up to that way of thinking. We begin to justify sin and then our filter can no longer discern holiness from evil. Instead of asking if there is something wrong with a movie, I would ask, is it redeeming?

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St. Francis of Assisi’s end times prophecy and the two popes

St. Francis of AssisiSt. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)

At the end of the book, Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis Of Assisi (London: R. Washbourne, 1882), is a section titled “Some Prophecies of the Holy Father St. Francis.” On pp. 248-250 is the following prophecy about the Church (paragraph breaks added):

Shortly before he died in 1226, St. Francis of Assisi called together the members of his order and warned them of great tribulations that would befall the Church in the future, saying:

Act bravely, my Brethren; take courage, and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both spiritual and temporal, will abound; the charity of many will grow cold, and the malice of the wicked will increase.

The devils will have unusual power, the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity. At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death.

Then scandals will be multiplied, our Order will be divided, and many others will be entirely destroyed, because they will consent to error instead of opposing it.

There will be such diversity of opinions and schisms among the people, the religious and the clergy, that, except those days were shortened, according to the words of the Gospel, even the elect would be led into error, were they not specially guided, amid such great confusion, by the immense mercy of God.

Then our Rule and manner of life will be violently opposed by some, and terrible trials will come upon us. Those who are found faithful will receive the crown of life; but woe to those who, trusting solely in their Order, shall fall into tepidity, for they will not be able to support the temptations permitted for the proving of the elect.

Those who preserve their fervour and adhere to virtue with love and zeal for the truth, will suffer injuries and, persecutions as rebels and schismatics; for their persecutors, urged on by the evil spirits, will say they are rendering a great service to God by destroying such pestilent men from the face of the earth. But the Lord will be the refuge of the afflicted, and will save all who trust in Him. And in order to be like their Head [Jesus Christ], these, the elect, will act with confidence, and by their death will purchase for themselves eternal life; choosing to obey God rather than man, they will fear nothing, and they will prefer to perish [physically] rather than consent to falsehood and perfidy.

Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.

H/t Yahoo News commenter Sabazios for the St. Francis prophecy.

Below are 6 facts for your reflection and discernment:

Fact No. 1

“Church law says a pope’s resignation is valid only if he takes the decision in full freedom and without pressure from others.” (Reuters)

Fact No. 2

On Feb. 28, 2013, after serving 8 years, Pope Benedict XVI stepped down from the papacy. He is the first pope to resign since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, and the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294.

Described as “the main intellectual force in the Church” since the mid-1980s, now-Pope Emeritus Benedict was originally a liberal theologian, but adopted conservative views after 1968. A genuine scholar, Benedict’s prolific writings defend traditional Catholic doctrine and values. During his papacy, Benedict XVI advocated a return to fundamental Christian values to counter the increased secularisation of the West. He regards relativism’s denial of objective truth, and the denial of moral truths in particular, as the central problem of the 21st century. Pope Benedict also revived a number of traditions, including elevating the Tridentine Mass to a more prominent position.

Fact No. 3

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and his spokesmen repeatedly deny he was forced to resign. (Reuters)

Fact No. 4

Despite the denials, speculations that Benedict had been forced to resign persist to this day.

“Two years ago this week, [Pope] Benedict’s announcement that he was stepping down for health reasons shocked the Catholic Church and much of the world. It also loosed conspiracy theorists who believe Benedict was forced to resign…. The circumstances surrounding Benedict’s decision to step down have titillated scholars and the journalists alike, especially given the fact that his resignation came not long after the ‘Vatileaks’ scandal. The release of internal Vatican memos, by some accounts, revealed how Benedict’s efforts to reform the church, like provide transparency on the global sex abuse scandal and the management of the Vatican bank, were undercut by internal politics. (The Atlantic)

Fact No. 5

Homosexuals love Pope Francis:

  • Pro-homo GQ loves the Pope
  • Pope Francis made the cover of Time, New Yorker, Rolling Stone and The Advocate, an LGBT magazine that makes no secret of its problems with previous Popes but chose Francis as “person of the year”. (CNN)

The Advocate's Pope Francis cover

Fact No. 6

The satanic pop singer who calls herself “Madonna” — she who dressed up as the Baphomet in the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show and cavorted with horned masked demons in the recent Grammy Awards show before a cheering crowd also wearing horns — calls Pope Francis “kind of groovy.” (Billboard)

Madonna with demons 2015 Grammy Awards

Draw your own conclusion!


Sunday Devotional: Jesus Christ drives out demons, again

Mark 1:29-39

On leaving the synagogue
Jesus entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John.
Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever.
They immediately told Him about her.
He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up.
Then the fever left her and she waited on them.

When it was evening, after sunset,
they brought to Him all who were ill or possessed by demons.
The whole town was gathered at the door.
He cured many who were sick with various diseases,
and He drove out many demons,
not permitting them to speak because they knew Him.

Rising very early before dawn, He left
and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed.
Simon and those who were with Him pursued Him
and on finding Him said, “Everyone is looking for you.”
He told them, “Let us go on to the nearby villages
that I may preach there also.
For this purpose have I come.”
So he went into their synagogues,
preaching and driving out demons throughout the whole of Galilee.

Jesus casts out demon

I predict that, like last Sunday, the priest at Mass at my parish this morning will not make any mention of the Devil or of demons or of demonic possession or of our Lord Jesus Christ driving out demons.

Only one of the following three can be true:

  1. The author of the Gospel of Mark was lying.
  2. Jesus was delusional in believing there are demons and that He has the ability to cast out demons.
  3. Mark was telling the truth — Jesus did drive out demons — which makes any priest or minister who refuses to address this subject a coward, at best, or at worst, a liar by omission.

“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist. (La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.)” -Charles Baudelaire, Le Joueur généreux, 1864.

What’s the best defense against the Devil and demonic possession?

Be faithful to the First and Greatest Commandment of All (Matthew 22:37):

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Jesus, I love you!

Jesus, I trust in You!


Sexual “liberation” is a sign of society near its end: The enthrallment with “50 Shades of Grey”

. . . as shown by surging sales of S-M bondage gear as we approach the release date of the revolting Fifty Shades of Grey movie, timed for Valentine’s Day no less.

BDSM gear just screams Valentine's Day. /sarc

These torture devices just scream “Valentine’s Day”! St. Valentine must be weeping….

The movie is based on the book of the same name, Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic porn novel about bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism (BDSM) written under the pen name of E. L. James by Erika Leonard, a middle-aged British woman who looks like a transvestite.

"E. L. James"

“E. L. James”

The book’s widespread release in 2012 spurred a 7.5% jump in sales of sex-themed products, including toys, videos and books the next year, according to research firm IBISWorld.

In anticipation of the movie’s release, a range of items featured in the movie are increasingly popular in store and online, including leather paddles, blindfolds, horsehair floggers, wrist cuffs, bondage rope and riding crops. The New York Times reports that ben wa balls (Don’t ask me what they are. I have no idea and don’t want to know) in particular, featured in an especially graphic scene in the book, seem to have especially captured readers’ imaginations and money. The openly-homosexual fashion designer Marc Jacobs has also turned to leather, collaborating with the designer Zana Baynem, whose bondage wear is worn by the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Sado-masochism (now re-named BDSM for bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) is the perverse deriving of sexual pleasure from inflicting and receiving pain and humiliation.

The psychological profession once deemed S-M a psycho-sexual disorder because a natural instinct of all human beings and all creatures is to avoid pain, but no longer. The current version of the American psychiatric manual DSM-5 excludes consensual BDSM as a diagnosis when the sexual interests cause no harm or distress. One of the profession’s representative, Dr. Joseph Merlino, author and psychiatry adviser to the New York Daily News, said in an interview that a sadomasochistic relationship, as long as it is consensual, is not a psychological problem. Merlino must be unclear on the meaning of folie á deux.

So whip and flail away, and be happy! /sarc

After the book was first published in May 2011, Fifty Shades of Grey became an instant hit. Daily Mail says the bondage book is “credited with rekindling the lives of U.S. women” — which is another way of saying American women have become so jaded by “ordinary” sex, they now turn to the infliction and receiving of pain and humiliation to “jazz up” their sex lives.

The sheeple’s reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of an increasingly depraved America.

Ever heard of the Southern Decadence Festival?

The festival is one of America’s most notorious celebrations of sodomy, public sex acts, prostitution, drunkenness, and worse. But the Southern Decadence Festival is by no means the only such festival. According to the Autumn Gay Pride Calendar, decadence festivals are held across post-Christian America and Western Europe, as well as in Canada, Brazil, Belarus, Ireland, Scotland, S. Africa, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Australia.

Writing for Patriot Action, Linda Kimball laments that:

“The decent, God-fearing, family loving America poignantly captured on canvas by Norman Rockwell is dead, or nearly so. In its place is ancient Carthage, a brash, devil-worshipping, pleasure-seeking, drunken, obscenely libidinous freak-show.”

Carthage, a city in today’s Tunisia, was the capital of the ancient Carthaginian empire, as well as the 4th most important city of the later Roman empire. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle considered the city to have one of the best governing institutions in the world, along with those of the Greek states of Sparta and Crete.

By the time of St. Augustine (354-430), Carthage had become depraved and rotten — porn-fueled, sexually obsessed, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, jealousy, suspicion, paranoia, hate, mental illness, sexual sadism, murder and crime. As Augustine wrote in The Confessions of St Augustine, “I came to Carthage, and all around me in my ears were the sizzling and frying of unholy loves.”

By the 5th century, Carthage had fallen to the Vandals; then conquered by Muslims in the 7th century.

In his book, Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism And Then Christianity Rejected Homosexuality, Dennis Prager wrote:

Human sexuality, especially male sexuality…is utterly wild. Men have had sex with women…men…little girls and young boys…a single partner…large groups…immediate family members…animals…inanimate objects…by dressing in women’s garments…through urinating and defecating on each other…by watching other humans be tortured…by fondling children…by looking at pictures of bodies or parts of bodies. Not all have been condoned…but many have, and all illustrate what the unchannelled sex drive can lead to.

The simple truth is that human sexuality needs to be properly channeled. Proper channeling leads to civility, safety, trust, and true social progress. But when the sex genie is unleashed, as is the situation throughout America and the West, things begin to go terribly wrong, as evidenced by the growing plague of public sex acts, serial killers, rapists, sado-masochists, pederasts, pedophiles and other predators preying upon Americans and their children. America has sunk so low that even young children sexually prey on other children. In fact, sex crimes are more frequent and more evil than ever.

In a 2003 book, Sex Related Homicide And Death Investigation, retired NYPD lieutenant commander Vernon Geberth, observed that,

sex related cases I am encountering today (as a consultant) are more frequent, vicious, and despicable than I ever experienced as a homicide cop…. There are more serial killers today.

Geberth recounts case after brutally horrible case wherein the most unspeakable evils are perpetrated upon women, boys, and girls before their lives are snuffed out. Geberth had this to say about sexual fantasies, and how they can become aberrant:

“….development of bizarre sexual images involving grotesque unnatural distortions of sexual imagery…is reinforced through repetition, illustrated by the use of sadistic porn and fantasy stories…(of) sexual sadism. Sadistic fantasies…may involve activities that indicate…dominance…over the victim…. This case involved Cameron Hooker… (whose) fantasy was to dominate and torture nude women…his fantasies were fueled by an extensive collection of hard-core porn.” (pp. 23 and 741)

In his address, “Pornography, Depicted Violence, And Crime,” on March 16, 1991, Richard M. Reade, prosecutor of the State of Victoria, Australia, said that in his opinion, “the serious problem our community faces (is) a result of porn…made freely available.” Reade describes in graphic, horrifying details, a sadistically brutal attack upon a 31 year old woman. On being arrested the sadist said,

“I have been reading books on bondage and I felt a strong urge to act out what was in the books…. I knew it was wrong but couldn’t help myself…. It’s those bondage books…those rotten books!”

[Source: Robert Peters, The Link Between Pornography and Violent Crimes (Free Republic, 2004).]

In his book, The American Sex Revolution, Pitirim Sorokin described the morally depraved, sexually decadent social conditions in the Old Kingdom of Egypt 4,500 years ago, just before its collapse:

“Sexual anarchy assumed extreme forms and spread through a large part of the population. Side by side with an increase of sexual perversions, a shameless sexual promiscuity also greatly increased. They seduced members of the same family. Relations between father and daughter…son and mother…Adultery, rape…prostitution greatly increased…homosexual love entered the mores of the population…all the aberrations of morbid eroticism…unnatural relations, flagellations, and sodomy.” (p. 93)

Does that sound familiar?

St. Augustin’s description of ancient Carthage and Sorokin’s portrait of the decadence of ancient Egypt also depict post-Christian America and the West today.

St. Augustine defined evil to be the absence or privation of good. He warned that “a privation of good…can continue to the point where a thing ceases to exist altogether.”

But I doubt the millions of Americans who will flock to movie theaters for Fifty Shades of Grey will heed his warning.

See also:

UPDATE (Feb. 11, 2015):

From USA Today‘s review of the movie 50 Shades of Grey:

Fifty Shades glamorizes sexual violence, implying that women seek to be controlled. What goes on between consenting adults on equal footing is one thing, but the power imbalance here is striking, especially given that Fifty Shades and its two sequels were written by a middle-aged woman. Another woman, Sam Taylor-Johnson, directed the film and a female screenwriter, Kelly Marcel, faithfully adapted the novel to the screen. In the wake of rising rates of sexual assault on college campuses, in the military and elsewhere….”


What is Obsidian, the company that allegedly “wrote the script” for Sandy Hook?

In an interview with Alex Jones, school shooting consultant and former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig claims that Obsidian, a company in Washington D.C., “wrote the script” for the fake Sandy Hook school massacre of December 14, 2012. (See “Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig”)

 H/t “Barry Soetoro, Esq.”

I don’t know how Halbig came to this conclusion, nor do I know if Obsidian indeed is the script writer and orchestrator of Sandy Hoax. But this is what I found out about Obsidian.


Obsidian Analysis Inc.

  • ranks #217 in the 2014 Inc. 500 listing
  • 5th-fastest growing private company in the District of Columbia
  • Although Obsidian Analysis Inc. is among the Inc. 500, curiously Wikipedia does not have an entry on this company.

Meaning of Obsidian

The dictionary says the word “obsidian” has only one meaning. It is a noun for a hard, dark (black or blackish green in color), opaque, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.


Note the black pyramidal shape in place of the letter A.

Obsidian logo

Here’s a picture on Obsidian’s website making clear its corporate symbol is a black pyramid. The pyramid has occult Illuminati associations.



Just as I was thinking that what’s missing in the pyramid is the single eye — also an Illuminati Masonic symbol — here’s the eye! Obsidian Analysis Inc. is located on Eye St. in D.C.! You can’t make this stuff up.

1776 Eye St NW 4th Floor | Washington DC 20006 | p: 202.459.0500 |

I’ve been to Washington, D.C., at least 5 times, but I don’t recall there being an Eye St. So I searched for “1776 Eye St. NW, Washington DC 20006″ on Google Map, and just I had suspected, there is no Eye St., but there is an I St.

Here’s a screenshot I took from Google Map (note Obsidian’s proximity to the White House, a mere 2 blocks away!):

Obsidian on Google Map

Now ask yourself this question:

Why would Obsidian Analysis Inc. present its address on its website as 1776 Eye St., instead of 1776 I St.?

What is Obsidian Analysis Inc.?

Obisdian says its clients are government (U.S.) and private sector. Obsidian describes itself as:

Obsidian Analysis provides superior management consulting services to decision makers across the full range of security and resilience domains. Our capabilities cover the entire life-cycle of decision making – from analysis and assessment; to planning; to course of action development; to incident operations; to evaluation; to training and exercising; as well as to stakeholder outreach and engagement.

This is interesting — “Exercise, Training, and Education“:

Obsidian Analysis provides expert, professional, and relevant exercises, training, and education to clients in both the government and the private sector. Obsidian supports and develops high-impact crisis simulations and exercises across a variety of security and resilience challenges: including Cybersecurity, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, as well; as climate adaptation. Obsidian applies a rigorous methodology to help organizations test plans, evaluate capabilities, and assess relationships among key partners and stakeholders. Obsidian has developed, executed, and evaluated 155 crisis simulations and exercises from the local level through the Federal Cabinet, including the President of the United States.

Obsidian Analysis plans, directs, and coordinates Training and Education programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of our clients’ workforces. By rigorously assessing training and education needs, Obsidian training and education programs focus resources on building the most relevant and mission-critical knowledge and skills.

Obsidian’s Leadership Team

Many of what Obsidian calls its “leadership team” of 20 (16 men, 4 women) formerly worked for BAE Systems (formerly Detica and DFI Government Services) and/or some agency of the federal government, typically DHS, NSA, or FEMA. Below are the 3 top leaders.

Note: BAE Systems is a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company headquartered in London, with operations worldwide. It is among the world’s largest defense contractors — the second-largest based on applicable 2012 revenues.Its largest operations are in the United Kingdom and United States, where its BAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the US Department of Defense.

Kevin O'Prey1. Kevin P. O’Prey, Ph.D.: Co-founder, chairman & president of Obsidian. Ph.D. in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.A. in International Relations from Grinnell College. Author of several books on international security; formerly a fellow at the Brookings Institution, Managing Partner of the Palisades Group, and President of DFI Government Services.

matthew-travis2. Matthew Travis: Co-founder and executive VP of Obsidian. Former president of Detica, Inc. (formerly DFI International). A former naval officer, Mr. Travis served as engineering officer aboard USS CARR (FFG 52) and as White House Liaison to the Secretary of the Navy. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Mr. Travis also earned a Master’s Degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University and an Executive Education Certificate from Harvard Business School.

Jason McNamara3. Jason McNamara: VP of Obsidian. Former chief-of-staff of FEMA. B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from Johns Hopkins University; M.A. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from University of Delaware.

For all the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hoax, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


U.S. Navy base in Southern California is shaped like a swastika

The word swastika derives from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “lucky or auspicious object”.

The swastika is an ancient symbol that dates back to the Neolithic and is considered to be a very sacred and auspicious symbol in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

But the symbol is now stigmatized, being synonymous with Nazism because the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany adopted the swastika as its flag. In fact, if one were to paint the swastika on a public building in the United States, especially on a Jewish synagogue, it is considered “hate speech” subject to prosecution.

So it is all the more curious that none other than a government building in the United States — the U.S. Navy base in Coronado, California, is shaped like a swastika.

Naval Base Coronado is a consolidated Navy installation encompassing eight military facilities stretching from San Clemente Island, located 70 miles west of San Diego, California, to the La Posta Mountain Warfare Training Facility and Camp Morena, located 60 miles east of San Diego.

Naval Base Coronado

Dan Glaister reports for The Guardian that ground-breaking began for the six-building complex at the Coronado US navy base in southern California in 1967. While the original plans called for two central buildings and a single L-shaped barracks, Naval Amphibious Base Complex 320-325 evolved in design. By the time it was finished in 1970 it had four L-shaped buildings – set at right angles.

The resemblance of Naval Base Coronado to the swastika went unnoticed by the public for decades until it was spotted in aerial views on Google Earth (co-ordinates 32.67657°N 117.15827°W). 

Coronado U.S. Navy base

U.S. Naval Base Coronado

John Mock, the architect of the building complex, insisted it isn’t a true swastika: “We knew what it was going to look like, but it isn’t that. It’s four L-shaped buildings … looking at it from the ground or the air, it still is.”

That hasn’t stopped the buzz on the Internet by bloggers, anti-discrimination activists, lawmakers and a talk-radio host. Some bloggers surmise that the buildings were put up by German POWs as a Hitler tribute. Others say nearby buildings look like planes pointing at the swastika. Still others say that, sideways, the buildings resemble Calvary crosses — and they all point to Jerusalem.

So in 2008, the Navy added $600,000  to its budget in an effort to camouflage the shape of the complex with landscaping, rock structures and solar panels. “We take this very seriously,” said Scott Sutherland, deputy public affairs officer for the Navy Region Southwest. “We don’t want to be associated with something as symbolic and hateful as a swastika.”

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69