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Seattle VA office lost records; veterans told benefits ending

War on our military.


Seattle Times: Dozens of West Coast military veterans incorrectly received letters indicating they’d lose unemployment benefits after an overworked Department of Veterans Affairs office in Seattle lost track of records the veterans had submitted, according to a VA Inspector General report released this week.

The mail audit stemmed from a complaint that suggested about 1,000 pieces of unread mail from veterans were being stored indefinitely in a yellow bucket without a response from employees assigned to evaluate benefits claims. In some cases, the complaint alleged, veterans were told they’d lose unemployment benefits because they had not returned information to the office in a timely manner, even though they had met their deadlines. The unemployment benefits are given to veterans who can’t hold a job because of a service-connected disability.

Auditors who visited the Seattle office in April did not find a bucket loaded with unread letters, as had been alleged in the complaint. But they took a sampling of 132 employment questionnaires and determined that one-fifth of the veterans had been sent letters indicating a reduction or cancellation of benefits, even though they’d mailed forms that should have allowed them to continue receiving money.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., on Friday wrote a letter to VA Secretary Robert McDonald asking him to immediately implement reforms recommended in the report, such as increasing training and demanding a high-level corrective-action plan from a VA undersecretary to address broader problems with record management.

“I am shocked by the findings of this report and I hope you will agree this situation is entirely unacceptable. This is exactly the type of mismanagement and negligence that further complicates the benefits process for veterans, leading to unnecessary stress and unacceptably delaying benefits to which these veterans are entitled,” Murray wrote.

The VA Office of Inspector General publishes reports on issues at different VA hospitals almost daily. This week’s report focusing on unread employment questionnaires fits into a series of audits the IG launched last year centered on mismanagement of veteran records.

Others in the set included:

  • A Baltimore supervisor stockpiling 8,000 documents, including 1,500 records with sensitive personal information about veterans.
  • An Oakland, Calif., office that neglected to act on thousands of claims.
  • Employees at different offices who manipulated internal records to falsify reports on the processing of claims.

In Seattle, managers of the regional office that processes veterans benefit claims acknowledged it had fallen behind in processing unemployment records. It hired a dozen more employees in April to catch up on the backlog, the report said.


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Oregon shooter singled out Christians for slaughter

Yesterday, a lone gunman killed 9 and wounded 7 people in Umpqua Community College (UCC), a picturesque campus in Roseburg, Oregon. In a shootout with police, the shooter himself was killed. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, however, said 13 people died.

Here’s what we are told about the massacre thus far:

1. The killer singled out Christians

Stacy Boylen, whose daughter was one of the wounded, told CNN that the gunman started “asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them, and if you’re a Christian stand up. And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.’ And then he shot and killed them.”

A twitter user named @bodhilooney tweeted that according to her grandmother, who was at the scene of the carnage, if victims said they were Christian “then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”

Student Kort­ney Moore, 18, said she saw the teacher of her Writing 115 class get shot in the head at the college’s Snyder Hall before the gunman started asking people to state their religion and opening fire.

The killer’s disdain for religion was evident in an online profile, in which he became a member of a “doesn’t like organized religion” group on an Internet dating site.

2. The killer

Myspace Chris Harper-Mercer, 26 gunman in the Umpqua Community College in Oregon

His name is Chris Harper-Mercer, 26. He carried 3 pistols and a rifle.

It is believed Harper-Mercer was the anonymous poster on the chat forum, 4chan, who wrote this ominous comment the night before: “Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest. happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning. so long space robots.”

Reportedly, other posters on 4chan cheered him on.

Harper-Mercer’s online profiles indicate he had a fascination with the terror tactics of the Irish Republican Army, and bought Nazi memorabilia. In a blog post, he wrote this about Vester Lee Flanagan, who murdered a Virginia newswoman and cameraman live on air: “Seems like the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.”

Update: Harper-Mercer described his ethnicity as “Mixed Race”; his religion as “Not Religious, Not Religious, but Spiritual”; his ideal woman as “Pagan, Wiccan, Not Religious, but Spiritual” with “vampire, piercings, psychic, tattoos”; his hobbies as including “Killing Zombies”; and his favorite food as “Always Dieting, BRAINS!”. He had “connections” with two people, one of whom is a Muslim named Mahmoud Ali Ehsani who says he loves Allah and the Quran, and has a many photos of Muslim terrorists.

3. The gun-free college has only one unarmed guard

Joe Olson, a former president of Umpqua Community College, said that it has only one unarmed security officer and that the community decided against armed guards last year.

4. Obama immediately called for gun control

When news came about the shooting, despite the fact that reports that UCC is a gun-free zone and had only one unarmed guard, Obama immediately and illogically called again for gun control, bemoaning that America is “the only advanced country on earth [that] sees these kind of mass shooting every few months.”

Sources: New York Post; CNN


Someone really should ask the POS in the White House about Chicago — a gun-control city where every weekend is marked by multiple gun shootings and carnage.

Chicago is the poster child for how gun control does NOTHING to stop gun violence, as chronicled every week by our DCG. See her latest post, “Gun control, Chicago style: More Than 50 People Shot for the Second Weekend in a Row in Chicago.”


China & Russia’s F-you to Obama

Obama knock-knock joke

Sangwon Yoon reports for Bloomberg, Sept. 25, 2015, that after Chinese President Xi Jinping left the White House’s state dinner (the one where “Michael” Obama displayed “his” massive trapezius muscles), he headed to New York to check in at the Chinese-owned Waldorf Astoria, just a few blocks from the UN campus.

On Sunday, Xi was joined by Russia President Vladimir Putin, who also picked the Waldorf for his first stay in Manhattan in a decade.

In 2014, the Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. sold the Waldorf Astoria to Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group Ltd. for $1.95 billion.

The symbolism of two such high-profile figures, whose countries routinely vote in tandem at the UN Security Council, choosing a Chinese-owned hotel cannot be lost on the White House.

But then Obama is no better.

As the Bloomberg report puts it, “after a decades-long tradition of staying at the storied hotel built on a former cemetery,” Barack Obama and his entourage relocated to South Korean-owned Lotte New York Palace Hotel for UNGA week.

Obama gives America the finger

For now, the 42nd floor of Waldorf Towers still serves as the official residence for the U.S. ambassador to the UN. While the Hilton will manage the property for the next century under the terms of its sale, Anbang’s ownership and call for a major renovation raised concerns about whether the Waldorf would remain a secure location for sensitive and classified government conversations, according to two U.S. officials, who asked not to be named citing sensitivity of the matter.


Naked, blood-covered zombie terrorizes California drivers; tries to get in cars

There is something very wrong with America.

Yesterday morning, in a residential neighborhood near a school in Victorville, California, a naked man, covered with blood, wandered the streets and tried to get into moving cars. Drivers had to fight him to prevent him from getting in.

Victorville is a city with a population of about 122,000 in the southern Californian high desert.

Victorville zombie

CBS Los Angeles reports, Sept. 28, 2015, that the area along El Evado and Seneca roads in Victorville is usually filled with school buses, parents and students.

But on Monday morning, a naked man covered in blood was wandering the streets and getting into confrontations with some of the parents who had to repel him from their cars.

Witnesses say the man was difficult to comprehend and was yelling at times. Lydia Lopez said, “You couldn’t even make out what he was actually saying. He was just screaming, ‘Ahhh!’ And just constantly screaming.”

Lopez shot the video with her cellphone video which has now gone viral (see below). She had her three young children in the car with her. Lopez said, “It really did look like more of a like zombie. He was in a zombie state of mind in a way ’cause looking at his face, you can just tell. He just wasn’t there. It didn’t even look like he knew what he was doing.”

A bystander named “Sam” tried to help a woman who kept pushing the naked man away. Sam said, “He was out of his mind. He was like speaking in tongues. He was … didn’t feel no pain. I was stopping the school buses. I was telling them to turn around because there’s a bunch of kids on there and there’s a naked man.” At one point, Sam even kicked naked man to the ground. Zombie-dude then got back up and yelled at Sam. So Sam kicked zombie in the groin.

The horrifying ordeal lasted up to ten minutes before police arrived.

When officers did, they tried to subdue the man and get him to obey their commands. The man attempted to steal a patrol unit before additional deputies arrived and assisted in taking him into custody.

Authorities eventually arrested the suspect who they identified as 19-year-old David Anglin. Anglin is accused of being under the influence of drugs, carjacking, and breaking into a nearby apartment.

According to Daily Press, officials said Anglin broke into an apartment nearby shortly before he was spotted nude on Seneca Road.

Amanda Buchanan said that “Before he was seen walking around naked, he broke into my friend’s house. He was pounding on her windows until one broke — that’s why his hands were covered in blood.” Anglin entered the home and attacked Buchanan’s friend, a woman, who was able to fend him off before reporting the incident to authorities.

Buchanan said her friend “was covered in blood from the attack” and was transported to a local hospital for observation.

Update (Sept. 30):

David Anglin is actually Daniel Anglin, says his mother, Denise.

Denise says her 19-year-old son is “mentally” disabled with bipolar and schizophrenia, and was on methamphetamine during Monday’s incident. She says says Daniel is getting professional help, but sometimes doesn’t take his medication and turns to drugs. The teen was arrested on suspicion of several charges, including carjacking and burglary. He has been released from the hospital and is at an undisclosed location recovering. (CBS Los Angeles)


Pact with the devil: Obama’s Pentagon tells our soldiers in Afghanistan to ignore child sex abuse

Colin Freeman reports for the UK Telegraph, Sept. 22, 2015, that the U. S. military is accused of encouraging our troops in Afghanistan to turn a blind eye to sexual abuse of young boys committed by local army commanders whom we had trained.

Former U.S. soldiers say they were ordered to ignore local Afghan commanders taking young boys as sexual playthings — a practice known as bacha bazi (“boy play”) which is common in Islamic Afghanistan where extra-marital sex and female prostitution are frowned upon. The veterans say the U.S. military placed greater priority on maintaining good relations with local Afghan commanders and militia leaders because they will take over once American forces pull out.

The New York Times says soldiers who objected to the abuse often found themselves facing disciplinary proceedings as a result.

Dan Quinn, a former Special Forces captain who, along with a colleague, was disciplined for allegedly beating up a U.S.-backed Afghan militia commander who kept a boy chained to his bed as a sex slave, told the NYT: “The reason we were here is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights. But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the Taliban did — that was something village elders voiced to me.”

LCpl Gregory T. Buckley Jr.

In 2012, a U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan, LCpl Gregory Buckley Jr., was shot by one of a large entourage of “tea boys” living with an Afghan police commander named Sarwar Jan on the military base in Helmand Province.

Sawar JanJan, who denies the allegations, has a reputation for corruption, support for the Taliban and child abduction.

Buckley’s father blames bacha bazi for his son’s death, saying that the teenage boy who killed his son may have blamed him for failing to stop abuse by a local Afghan commander.

Buckley Sr. told the NYT that he is tormented by the possibility that his son’s death was linked to the sexual abuse: “As far as the young boys are concerned, the marines are allowing it to happen and so they’re guilty by association. They don’t know our marines are sick to their stomachs.”

General John F. Campbell, commander of both US and allied forces in Afghanistan — a post he assumed on August 26, 2014, in other words, an Obama appointee — denied on Sept. 22 there was ever a policy for forces to ignore Afghan officials’ sexual abuse of minors.

Gen. John F. Campbell

Campbell said in a statement:

“I personally have served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and am absolutely confident that no such theater policy has ever existed here, and certainly, no such policy has existed throughout my tenure as commander. I want to make absolutely clear that any sexual abuse or similar mistreatment of others, no matter the alleged perpetrator or victim, is completely unacceptable and reprehensible.”

Blah, blah, blah.

LCpl Buckley’s Facebook page here.

H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV and christy

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Wesleyan Student Writes Column Criticizing “Black Lives Matter” Movement And Critics Respond By Demanding The Defunding Of The Newspaper And The Editors Apologize

Originally posted on JONATHAN TURLEY:

200px-Wesleyan_University_Shield.svgThere is a first amendment controversy that has erupted at Wesleyan University over a column written by Bryan Stascavage, a 30-year-old student who served two tours in Iraq, penned an op-ed in the school newspaper that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. Stascavage is a sophomore majoring in philosophy and political science at Wesleyan and staff writer for the Argus. He wrote a piece criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement — a position shared by many who view some in the movement as espousing anti-police sentiments and, as discussed on this blog, often denouncing people for declaring that “all lives matter” as racists. However, Stascavage and the editors of the college newspaper were met by a torrent of criticism and calls for funding for the newspaper to be withdrawn. To its credit, the University stood strongly with free speech. However, the editors then issued an abject apology that clearly…

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Chinese military joins Russia in Syria

Dr. Eowyn:

Meanwhile, Obama’s ISIS policy — never much of a policy to begin with — is falling apart. His hand-picked ISIS/Islamic State “czar” – retired Gen. John Allen – is resigning, come November. And Putin is calling Obama’s bluff on the latter’s “war” against Islamic State, saying Russia will go alone if Obama rejects his proposal to fight IS jointly.

Way to go, Obama! Everything you touch turns to crap. And yet Rasmussen Reports says you still have 50% approval rating from “likely U.S. voters.” Go figure.

Originally posted on Consortium of Defense Analysts:

“The board is set . . . the pieces are moving.” -Gandalf, Lord the Rings: The Return of the King

According to The New York Times and FT, in addition to nine T-90 tanks and more than 500 marines for possible ground attacks, Russia is building up its air base near the port city of Latakia in Syria with some of its most advanced ground attack planes and fighter jets, and 2,000 troops as the “first phase” of its mission to shore up the Assad government. The planes are protected by at least two or possibly three SA-22 surface-to-air, antiaircraft systems, and unarmed Predator-like surveillance drones are being used to fly reconnaissance missions.

Russian air base near Latakia, Syria

Now, China is entering the fray.

The pro-Assad Al-Masdar (The Arab Source) reports on Sept. 23, 2015:

[T]he Russians appear to have a contingency that involves another world power that was absent from the U.S…

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