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Remember those fair and balanced focus groups on Faux News?

Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

National Journal: Luntz Fails to Disclose Rubio Connection

S.V. Dáte writes at National Journal:

Polit­ic­al junkies who fol­low Re­pub­lic­an mes­saging guru Frank Luntz know how he felt that Marco Ru­bio per­formed in the most re­cent GOP pres­id­en­tial de­bate—his tele­vised fo­cus group, his Twit­ter stream, and his in­ter­views left no doubt that he’s a Ru­bio fan.

What they prob­ably don’t know about is Luntz’s close re­la­tion­ship with Ru­bio over the years, and how Ru­bio paid Luntz’s firm a third of a mil­lion dol­lars to pro­duce and pro­mote a book that Ru­bio used to im­prove his statewide name re­cog­ni­tion in Flor­ida a dec­ade ago…

Read the BREITBART article.


Consider the audacity of Frank Luntz telling you what you are thinking

The moment I first saw a Luntz focus group on Fox News I smelled a rat. Thanks to this article in Brietbart, we now have the evidence of false reporting.

Did you think that Cruz or Christy or Trump were your favorite candidate? Now that we have Frank Luntz focus groups, we can rest assured that we actually wanted Marco Rubio!

I am relieved to know that Frank is there to protect me from the costly mistake of not voting for Rubio. Thank you Faux News for helping us to know what we actually thinking. (sarc)

Clinton voter fraud at Iowa Caucus?

This morning, the powerhouse Drudge Report has a link to a YouTube video with the title, “Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus,” with this description:

The first chance they got they commit voter fraud.

Anything to which Drudge Report links, automatically takes on a sheen of credibility.

The video is a segment from CSPAN’s live coverage of the Democratic caucus of Polk County’s precinct #43, held in Roosevelt High School, Des Moines, on February 1, 2016.

In the caucus, votes were tallied by a primitive method of hand counting the raised hands of the people in the room. Bernie Sanders supporters are pointing to the video, claiming it showed there was Clinton voter fraud in Precinct #43 because of the discrepancy between the results of the first and second hand-counts.


Sanders won the first hand-count:

215 Sanders + 210 Clinton + 26 O’Malley + 8 Undecided = 459 Total

But Hillary won the second hand-count:

232 Clinton +  224 Sanders + 0 O’Malley = 456 Total

In other words, they lost 3 people but Clinton’s vote went up by 22, making her the winner of Precinct #43’s caucus.

Here’s the video:

The video begins with a woman in a red “Bernie” t-shirt doing a second hand count of Sanders supporters. At the 0:43 mark, she announces the result: 223!

At the 1:20 mark, a heavy-set woman with short brown hair in a blue t-shirt says the count for Hillary is 232. At the 1:40 mark, she says that some people had already left the caucus — “some people walked out the door” — which would account for why the total of the second hand count (456) was 3 fewer than the first hand count (459).

Beg. at 4:23 mark in the video, Precinct #43’s caucus chair Drew Gentsch announces the result of the second hand count:

232 Clinton +  224 Sanders + 0 O’Malley = 456 Total

Gentsch asked the people in the room if they wanted a recount. A majority raised their hands for “No”.

The discrepancy between the first and second hand-counts can easily be explained by the O’Malley supporters and the Undecided changing their minds:

  • Some of them went for Sanders in the second hand-count, increasing his votes by 9, from the first hand-count’s 215 to 224.
  • Others went for Hillary in the second hand-count, increasing her votes by 22, from the first hand-count’s 210 to 232.
  • The discrepancy of 3 between the total number of votes at the first and second hand-counts can be explained by “some people walked out the door”.

I know this is terribly important to Bernie Sanders supporters, and far be it for me to actually defend Hillary Clinton, but I do care about the Truth.

From the CSPAN video, I’m not convinced there was voter fraud at Precinct #43. Besides, the people at that precinct overwhelmingly consented to the results of the second hand-count by rejecting a recount. If they don’t care, why should we?

As for reports that 6 precincts used coin tosses to decide Hillary as the winner, The Atlantic points out that coin flips were used where there was a tie, and that Bernie Sanders had won a sizable share of coin tosses as well, according to information provided by the state Democratic Party.

What really dismays me about the Democratic caucus at Precinct #43, Des Moines, Iowa, are the HUNDREDS of mentally-ill useful idiots assembled in that room at Roosevelt High School:

Polk County Iowa Democratic Caucus Feb. 1, 2016


Forward! Yahoo to cut 15 percent jobs and close several units

On January 15, Dr. Eowyn reported on the five signs that U.S. and world economy is in trouble. This includes the fact that retail sales are collapsing, U.S. industrial production plunged (which is the fastest pace of collapse since May 2008), and hundreds of Wal-Marts are to be closed.

Yesterday I reported on how our economy grew at an annualized rate of just 0.7% in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared with the same quarter a year ago, official figures show. This is a sharp slowdown from the 2% growth recorded in the previous quarter.

O laughs

Now comes the news that Yahoo is set to reveal cost-cutting plans that include slashing 15 percent of its workforce, or roughly 1,600 jobs, and closing several business units, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday.

Reuters reports that the plans are expected to be announced after Yahoo’s fourth-quarter results on Tuesday and did specify which business units might be closed. A Yahoo spokeswoman said the company could not comment during its quiet period before releasing earnings.

Activist investors have pressed Yahoo to sell its core business rather than spin it off, even though a sale would likely incur more taxes. Last month, activist investor Starboard Value LP sent a letter to Yahoo taking aim at Chief Executive Marissa Mayer and her leadership team and raising the prospect of a proxy battle. The letter implied Mayer and other executives needed to leave, without naming her. It is unclear whether the plan Mayer is expected to announce would satisfy their demands, but cutting costs could make Yahoo more attractive to buyers.

Yahoo had about 11,000 employees as of June 30, according to its website, down from a Dec. 31, 2014 total of about 12,500 full-time employees and what it called fixed term contractors.

Last week Yahoo confirmed plans to close its offices in Argentina and Mexico. The company declined to specify how many jobs were affected, but said the offices were small and “sales-focused.” Yahoo has struggled to expand its Internet business, which includes selling search and display ads on its news and sports sites and email service, in the face of competition from Alphabet Inc’s Google unit and Facebook.

Mayer’s turnaround efforts have had little tangible effect so far.

Yahoo’s revenue has fallen slightly since she took the helm in mid-2012, and its share of U.S. Web searches is essentially flat with three years ago, gaining no ground on market leader Google. Yahoo’s shares fell 1.2 percent to $29.14 in afternoon trading on Monday. As of Friday’s close, the stock had lost about a third of its value over the year.



Facebook bans private gun sales

This will stop all the criminals from getting guns, I’m sure. Just another reason I’ll never get back on Facebook.

Two peas in a pod...

Two peas in a pod…

According to, Facebook has banned the private sale of firearms. This also applies to its sistered site Instagram. This was announced late last  Friday.

The ban applies to private, person-to-person sales of guns, but posts by licensed gun dealers are okay. Facebook already prohibits unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or marijuana.

Although Facebook has never been directly involved in gun sales, users have created groups used specifically for the sale of firearms.

Facebook updated it’s policy in 2014 to limit the sale of guns due to pressure from gun control groups. The company pushed forth efforts to block attempted sales to felons, minors or across state lines without an FFL.

They are a private company and are entitled to set their own rules. Just as I’m entitled to not use any of their social networking applications!



The transformation of Megyn Kelly

It’s never a good thing when a journalist, instead of reporting the news, becomes instead a subject of news.

That’s the case with FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly, because of her continuing combativeness with Donald Trump.

I don’t watch FauxNews [sic] because I, intentionally, don’t have cable TV. So I wasn’t aware of recent changes in Kelly’s physical appearance, until FOTM readers pointed it out. (See “Strange Bedfellows on FoxNews” and “FAUX NEWS secretly supports illegal immigration“.)

So I went looking for pics of Kelly and compiled the “before” and “after” comparison below:

Megyn Kelly in 2012 vs. 2016

Yikes! What happened to her?

It’s more than the short hair and eye makeup. There’s been a spiritual transformation, and it’s not to the good . . . .

Wikipedia says Megyn Kelly, 45, has a law degree (J.D.) from Albany Law School. An Irish-Italian Roman Catholic, she has three children with her second husband. Politically, she identifies as an independent and says she has voted for both Democrats and Republicans.


James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc.

Please help.

Memory Hole

The Board of Directors of the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. (“the Fund”) is pleased to announce the formal establishment of the Fund as a legal corporation in the State of Florida.

defenseThe James Tracy Legal Defense Fund Inc. was founded in January 2016 to generate financial support for retaining competent independent legal representation for Dr. James Tracy following the abrupt January 6, 2016 termination from his tenured position as Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies by Florida Atlantic University.

Academic freedom and free speech are among the basic tenets of a free and democratic society. Tenure is intended to protect faculty from the various political pressures often brought to bear on modern universities, and to allow faculty to research and address potentially controversial subject matter without fear of reprisal.

Additional information on the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund is available by visiting, where contributions are…

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Tom Hanks’ disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras skit with 6-year-old ‘sexy baby’

I don’t watch late-night TV talk shows. In fact, I hardly watch network TV, period.

So I wasn’t aware of this so-called “skit” by Tom Hanks that was broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4 years ago.

Tom Hanks and fake daughter Sophie

It’s a 6½-minute skit called “Toddlers and Tiaras,” in which a child actress pretends to be Hanks’ 6-year-old daughter Sophie, whom Hanks has groomed to be “sexy” since she was 3 months old to compete in the “Sexy Baby – Nevada” beauty pageant.

Note: Hanks has 4 children — 2 sons with his second and current wife Rita Wilson, and a son and a daughter with his first wife whom he divorced in 1987. Tom’s real-life daughter, Elizabeth Hanks, was born in 1982 and will be 32 years old this May.

Hanks looks downright creepy, his eyes pulled tight by plastic surgery.

Tom Hanks

The skit is presented as a satire of girl beauty pageants — but is it?

A 3-month-old baby is “sexy”? A 6-year-old girl is “sexy”? Only to pedophiles!

Ask yourself: Why would a mega-star like Tom Hanks devote his time and effort to make this long, supposedly-funny (which it isn’t) skit for a late-night talk show?

Or is it an effort to normalize pedophilia?

Watch it, then let’s hear from you!

H/t YouTuber pocketsofthefuture

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