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Woman who supports killing babies washes feet of lawbreaker


“To honor the dignity and work of [illegal] immigrants,” the Catholic heretic, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-SF), helps Bishop Marc Andrus in the traditional foot-washing ceremony by pouring water on the feet of Yamile Cruz, 10, at Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in San Francisco.

Pelosi used the occasion to propagandize about HR15 – the bipartisan immigration “reform” bill that she claims would “reduce the deficit by nearly $1 trillion, secure our borders, unite our families, protect our workers and provide an earned pathway to citizenship.”

One of the richest members of Congress, the pro-abort Pelosi has a net worth estimated to be $100 million.

The Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church identifies abortion (and the support of abortion) to be an “intrinsic (i.e., unnegotiable) evil” and mortal sin. Shame on you, Bishop Andrus, for allowing this heretic to mock Christ and the Church by continuing to receive the sacred sacrament of the Eucharist.


NH state legislator: Obamas are a made-up family


Harry Accornero is a former Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Belknap 4 from 2010 to 2012.

He ran for re-election in 2012, defeated Glenn E. Dewhirst in the September 11 Republican primary, but lost to Democrat Beth Arsenault (46.6% to 53.4%) in the general election on November 6, 2012.

This is Accornero’s letter to the editor of the Laconia Daily Sun, March 21, 2014.

Former NH state rep. Harry Accornero

Former NH state rep. Harry Accornero

Who are the Obamas? People, I believe this is a made-up family

To the Laconia Sun,

Who are the Obamas? I for one do not believe the Obama’s are a real family.

Are the Obamas married? Is Michelle really a Michelle or a Michael? Are the girls really their daughters? Why are Obama’s records sealed? Why doesn’t anyone remember him from college? Why is there no original birth certificate? Where are his old girlfriends or boyfriends? People, this is a totally made up family.

The fix was in way before he ran for the Senate. How could this happen? Well, it took many, many people to sell out America and bring this communist into power. In my opinion the media help make him and his made-up family a reality. They made America believe that if we did not vote for a black American we were racist, and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

The Democratic leadership, with the help of many in the Republican Party were willing accomplices in this plot to overthrow America. Over the past 40-plus years the progressives/liberals with the help of many in the Republican Party have worked to make this a reality.

America was asleep at the wheel. We never believed this could happen in America, after all we are a free people. We had God on our side. Well, starting in the 1960s we turned our back on God and embraced abortion. We slowly took away parental rights. We took God and prayer out of our schools. We have allowed people who mean to do us harm to enter our country illegally and then we give them legal status and hand out American taxpayer dollars to them and tell our military to go to hell. We have set up a welfare system that rewards people who do not work to stay home and do nothing while working people pay for their way.

Now thanks to the Obama administration and the left wing of the Republican Party we have shredded our Constitution. As bad as this is, what is even worse is that America is still asleep at the wheel. We talk and talk and talk, but are afraid to take action. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves knowing that the gave their lives to give us a republic and a Constitution, only to have it taken away without one shot being fired.

Harry Accornero

In October 2011, while still a state representative, Accornero sent an email to every New Hampshire state representative stating that Obama “has crossed the line, and under Article III section 3 of our Constitution is guilty of treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy and attempting to overthrow our government from within. We have a President who allows our borders to be violated by illegals of any country while we are at war. He allows them work permits, access to our services and when apprehended by law enforcement refuses to have them jailed or deported.”

See also:


Sneeringly insulting leftist surprised by “strange revival of Republican America”

There have been predictions of the Republican Party’s demise since at least the 1990s. But to quote Mark Twain, “Reports of my death are much exaggerated.”

In the following essay in the Financial Times (, Edward Luce describes the GOP’s resurgence. Being a sneeringly superior leftist, Luce can’t bring himself to say it, but the GOP has none other than Barack Hussein Obama to thank for its latest revival.

I was going to critique Luce’s essay — how he conveniently leaves out the post-Sandy Hook gun control and Obama’s many scandals, especially the NSA massive surveillance that has alienated even some “Progressives”. But I decided against it after reading FT readers’ comments because they say it so much better than I could have. LOL

Their comments skewering Luce follows his essay.

Note: I’ve colored the good news in Luce’s essay in green, and his completely biased characterizations and insults in pink.



MSM (by Anthony Freda strange revival of Republican America

By Edward Luce, Financial Times, March 23, 2014

For years people have predicted the Republican party’s demise. The decline of whites as a share of the US population and the spread of tolerant values, such as support for gay marriage, would gradually snuff out its appeal. Yet the Grand Old Party has a stubborn way of bouncing back. The coming midterm elections in November are unlikely to be an exception, while the Republican field for the next presidential election looks stronger than at any time since 2000. Tomorrow may indeed arrive at some point. But for the time being, today is going pretty well for the Republicans.

Take the fast-approaching congressional elections. President Barack Obama is giving everything he has in terms of fundraising to retain Democratic control of the Senate. The remainder of his presidency depends on it. Even diehard optimists doubt Democrats could regain control of the House. Yet the more Mr Obama throws at the Senate, the lower his poll numbers fall. Last week he hit a new low of 41 per cent approval versus 54 per cent disapproval. History says an unpopular president’s party loses ground in midterm elections. This year is unlikely to buck the trend.

Republicans need to win six seats to regain control of the Senate in November. Twenty-one of the 36 seats up for grabs are held by Democrats and seven of those are in states that were won by Mitt Romney in 2012. In contrast, just one of the 15 Republican seats being contested was won by Mr Obama. Embattled Democrats, such as Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, and Kay Hagan of North Carolina, are essentially running against Mr Obama. They have made it clear they do not want his visible support and they talk of Obamacare – his signature healthcare law – as though it was some kind of virus. Charlie Cook, the veteran forecaster, now gives Republicans better than 50:50 odds they will control both chambers for the rest of Mr Obama’s term. Not bad for a party in decline.

Outside Washington, Republicans are more in resurgence than in decline. In 24 states the party holds the governorship and both chambers of the legislature, against just 16 states where the Democrats are in full control. The remaining 10 are split. All told, 30 states have Republican governors.

In some cases, such as Texas, where the Hispanic minority is about to become a majority, the writing is on the wall for conservatives unless they drop their reflexive nativism. In others, such as California, where Republicans have for years done their best to alienate immigrant groups, the party faces the likelihood of being in a permanent minority. Non-whites dislike being scapegoated for society’s ills. They also tend to be more tolerant of fiscal redistribution than whites. Being a party of “small government, big prisons”, is not a recipe for long-term Republican success.

Yet there is something deep within America’s political DNA that recycles first-generation social democrats into second-generation conservatives. For most of the 20th century, Catholic Italians and Irish were a reliable Democratic voting block. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan changed that partly by using dog whistles to play on their racial fears and partly by appealing to their upwardly mobile aspirations. There is no rule that says Latinos cannot gradually move into the Republican fold. Of America’s ethnic groups, only black and Jewish voters are unshakeably Democratic. If a Republican-controlled Congress can push through immigration reform next year, it could undo much of the sense of alienation felt by Hispanics. With barely a quarter of the Latino vote in 2012, the Republican performance can only improve.

A lot will ride on who wins in 2016. Democrats have won five of the past six presidential elections, if you include George W Bush’s Supreme court-imposed victory in 2000 (he lost on the popular vote). Demographics suggest it will become a little more difficult with each cycle for a Republican to take the White House. Moreover, conservative activists in places such as Iowa and South Carolina, which have an outsized say in choosing the party’s nominee, are moving ever further from the US mainstream. Evangelism, opposition to women’s reproductive rights and homophobia are increasingly eccentric planks of an elderly, white base. It becomes increasingly difficult for a moderate, socially tolerant Republican to win his party’s crown. Or so theory goes.

Yet there is nothing like the prospect of victory to galvanise a defeated party. In 2012 most talented Republicans sat on the sidelines. The field comprised Mr Romney plus a human freak show. It was obvious which way the winds were blowing. In contrast, most of the big names this time are either throwing their hat into the ring, or flirting with the idea. From the libertarian Rand Paul, to the moderates Rob Portman and Chris Christie, and the dynastic Jeb Bush, Republican talent clearly sniffs an opportunity.

The contrast with the Democratic field is sharp. Only Hillary Clinton is likely to run and her advisers are agonising over how to distance themselves from Mr Obama without risking his support.

As for Mr Obama, the botched rollout of his healthcare law has done more to discredit the case for activist federal government than Republicans could hope to achieve. For the time being, the hope and change wing of the Democratic party is quiescent. It will be hard for Mrs Clinton to rekindle their enthusiasm. That gives Republicans their best chance since 2000 to regain the White House. The party of yesterday may yet have a future.

Here’s a sample of brilliant comments skewering Edward Luce:

FredIsStillDead | March 24 5:04pm | Permalink

It’s not ‘nativism’ to ask that laws already on the books be enforced. I have yet to hear any mainstream Republican ask us to close our borders to legal immigration.

Biased articles like this are part of the reason Republicans are perceived as anti-non-whites. Asking for fiscal responsibility in having social programs we can afford is not anti-non-white, it’s something every family has to do when maintaining a budget.

Asking for states to have the right to be self-deterministic isn’t anti-non-white, it’s asking that the federal government allow states to govern themselves. Our country was DESIGNED to have states with different policies so that we can have many choices to examine and succeed, instead of one large federal failure like Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Dept. of Education, and dozens of other federal programs that supersede state’s rights under the lie of ‘the common good’.

City after city, and state after state, have shown us that government programs that restrict liberties and do nothing to reward having a job fail. Yet liberals still clamor at taking more money out of the economy and giving it to people that are better off not working at all thanks to the many social programs available.

Continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is madness. It’s time for a change, and the Republican party, forced to be the Tea Party, is the only one trying to stop the madness of the failed experiment called the ‘The Great Society’


User4519931 | March 24 4:43pm | Permalink

“the spread of tolerant values”… “done their best to alienate immigrant groups” … “party of “small government, big prisons” … “using dog whistles to play on their racial fears” … “homophobia” … “human freak show”.

Clearly, Mr. Edward Luce is one of the tolerant and inclusive crowd, respectful of diversity and the differing viewpoints of others! Wow!


Jamesb22 | March 24 3:42pm | Permalink

Since Obama was “elected” – G.O.P ELECTORAL GAINS:

U.S. HOUSE ~ + 56 SEATS (with 10 to 20 more this Nov.)
U.S. SENATE ~ + 2 SEATS (with 6 to 10 more this Nov.)
GOVERNORSHIPS ~ + 9 SEATS (with 5 or so more this Nov.)

Only in the sick twisted dreams of the Leftist press is the G.O.P. “dead.” The fluke of a “black” Marxist will only happen once (two terms). The fluke/advent of the “first woman” president will only happen once.

The USA is a center/right country – being hi-jacked by the Leftist media and it’s Hollywood allies. This HORRIBLE Obama economy WILL drive people back to conservative reality.


DAVEBUC | March 24 3:28pm | Permalink

The problem in this country is the MEDIA. People like you who trash the The republicans while building up the Democrats. Your lies helped the Black Muslim become POTUS and helped pass Obamacare which with 100% certainty result in the END of medical care in this country! The media can and does control presidential elections. The vitriolic lies spewed during the month prior to the last election helped BHO win. However, since state elections are more personal and actually involve issues, it is a lot harder for the media which is primarily national to corrupt the vote!


DonWilliams | March 24 2:49pm | Permalink

1) I worked as a volunteer for the Howard Dean campaign in 2004, for three Democratic Congressional campaigns, and for the Obama campaign in 2008 (both primary and general). How is it that Edward Luce can discuss this subject and fail to note that the black community has suffered an unemployment rate averaging 15% for the past 5 years?? — their reward for helping to give the Democrats the White House and huge supermajorities in both the House and Senate in 2009-2010. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs executives divided up $Billions in bonuses handed to them out the back door of the US Treasury via the AIG bailout.

2) 2009-2010 was a once-in-30 years opportunity — and what happened? Nothing. Democratic leaders bleated about the Magic Filibuster –but were happy to nuke that Filibuster when it came to ensuring their buddies got patronage jobs. Just not when it came to doing anything to help the average American.
We didn’t hear about the Magic Filibuster in 2001 when 12 Democratic Senators like Ben Nelson voted to let George W Bush steal $3 Trillion out of Social Security/Medicare and hand it to the Rich as a tax cut. To create jobs — in China.

3) Hillary Clinton voted for an unnecessary war that killed more black men in 10 years than the Ku Klux Klan managed in 140 years — and she is the leading contender for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

We have 25 million unemployed Americans –and yet the Democrats’ signature initiative is a “reform” to bring in millions more of cheap foreign labor to drive down wages and take jobs.

4) In many ways, the Democrats are WORSE than the Republicans –for the same reason that a mole who claims to be your friend only to stab you in the back at the opportune moment is worse than an honest enemy who shoots at you from the front.

The Democrats give lip service to supporting the lower income 99% — in order to take charge of any populist movements for reform so that they can lead those movements over the cliff.

The Party is a fraud — it exists as a Potemkin Village that actively coopts, undermines, subverts and sabotages the very principles, values and goals it publicly proclaims. Because, like the Republicans, it works for a few hundred billionaires. It differs from the Republicans largely in having a much greater degree of deceit and hypocrisy.


And my choice for the Best Comment:

Michael V. | March 24 2:06pm | Permalink

The worst article of the year FT. Congrats!

The Ukraine. And Now.. The Rest Of The Story..

First off if I hear Lurch Kerry speak one more time  about Ukraine’s  “Sovereign Borders”  I Think I will PUKE!! 



If he is so worried about a “Sovereign Nation” then how about doing something about the 30 freaking million Illegal, yes ILLEGAL Aliens you want to give Carte Blanche Amnesty to. They are invading our borders daily. Protect us you Big Freakin  Doofus.


Paul Joseph Watson from has a great vid below explaining that this “Thing” in the Ukraine is really about……You got it.


You see it just so happens that big oil has just recently discovered these huge deposits of oil in Western Ukraine.  They can not move on them because of Ukraine’s ties to Russia. Russia runs it’s pipelines thru Ukraine that feeds Europe. This is all about Oil and NATO. See Vid below. It explains it much better.

Paul Joseph Watson
March 4, 2014

The untold story behind the crisis is that this is an energy tug of war being fought between Russia and the west, with Ukraine caught in the middle.

Oops, How'd that get in there.  LOL

Oops, How’d that get in there. LOL


And then we have this little part of the story.

Also tell me why  Pierre Omidyar ( C0-Founder E-Bay) and probably George Soros are neck deep in this overthrow with our CIA and all sorts of nice nefarious fellows of our Gov. And supporting these nice Nazi’s?

Why Is The Mainstream Media Ignoring The Rabid Anti-Semitism In The New Ukraine Government?

Michael Snyder
The Truth
March 4, 2014

In World War II, the United States fought against rabidly anti-Semitic fascists.  In 2014, the United States helps them overthrow democratically-elected governments.  And the sick thing is that the mainstream media is acting an an accomplice because it is purposely ignoring or greatly playing down the rabid anti-Semitism in Ukraine.

The anti-Semitism of many of the “reformers” that have seized power in Kiev does not fit with the narrative that the U.S. government is trying to push, so the mainstream media conveniently turns a blind eye to the fact that the United States is essentially helping neo-Nazis take power.  In fact, leaders of the Svoboda Party have been appointed to numerous important positions throughout the new government.  As you will read about below, the head of the Svoboda Party has denounced the “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry”, another top Svoboda official regularly quotes Joseph Goebbels, and the Party itself was known as “the Social-National Party” (in reference to National Socialists) until 2004.  There is a long history of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, but our politicians in Washington D.C. don’t seem to care about that.  All they seem to care about is making sure that there is not a pro-Russian government in Ukraine no matter what the cost.

There is a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin cited “ultranationalists” as one of the reasons why Russian troops had to intervene in Ukraine.  What we are seeing in Ukraine right now is eerily reminiscent of what we saw in Nazi Germany before World War II.  The following comes from a recent Gawker article

There is a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin cited “ultranationalists” as one of the reasons why Russian troops had to intervene in Ukraine.  What we are seeing in Ukraine right now is eerily reminiscent of what we saw in Nazi Germany before World War II.  The following comes from a recent Gawker article

Earlier this week, a synagogue in the country’s southeast was firebombed. There have been multiple reported beatings of Jews and acts of vandalism at Kiev synagogues. A leading rabbi in Kiev has called for Jews to leave the city and the country, if possible—though he later said he was stressing that it’s dangerous for everyone out there—and the Israeli embassy has reportedly advised members of the Jewish community to stay off the streets.

Some people are dismissing these as “isolated incidents”.  Well, then how do you explain the white power flags and other neo-Nazi symbols that have been going up all around Kiev?  In the video posted below, you can see a white power flag that has been erected in a city government building in Kiev…

The truth is that it is not a good time to be a Jewish person living in Ukraine.  Just like in so many other nations around the planet, anti-Semitism is on the rise.  The following is from an article about the rising anti-Semitism in Ukraine that comes from a news source in Israel

“We are aware of a terrible situation unfolding there,” Frenkel noted. She receives updates on the crisis from a friend of her son’s; the contact has described attacks and accusations being leveled at Jews on a regular basis. Among other things, Frankel has been notified that a grenade has been lobbed into a synagogue, a hareidi man assaulted on his way home from synagogue on Shabbat, and anti-Semitic graffiti has cropped up in several places.

Earlier I mentioned the Svoboda Party.  It is one of the primary political parties that make up the new governing coalition in Ukraine.  Unfortunately, this party has historical roots in Nazism and nobody disputes this.

According to Slate Magazine, the Svoboda Party was even called “the Social-National Party” until 2004…

The party traces its roots to a Nazi-allied partisan army during World War II  and was known as the Social-National Party—in reference to National Socialism—until 2004.

And the current leader of the Svoboda Party, Oleh Tyahnybok, is quite a piece of work.  The following is what Stephen Lendman had to say about him…

“Washington openly backs fascist Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok…In 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from former President Viktor Yushchenko’s parliamentary faction. He was condemned for urging Ukrainians to fight against a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.”

In 2005, he denounced “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry.” He outrageously claimed they plan “genocide” against Ukrainians.”…

Tyahnybok extremism didn’t deter Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. On February 6, she met openly with him and other anti-government leaders.

In early January, 15,000 ultranationalists held a torchlight march through Kiev. They did so to honor Nazi-era collaborator/mass murderer Stepan Bandera. Some wore uniforms a Wehrmacht Ukrainian division used in WW II. Others chanted “Ukraine above all” and “Bandera, come and bring order.”

Isn’t that lovely?

And another top Svoboda Party official loves to quote Joseph Goebbels and other top Nazis from the World War II era

Another top Svoboda member, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, a deputy in parliament, often quotes Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, as well as other Third Reich luminaries like Ernst Rohm and Gregor Strasser.

You would think that the U.S. government would want nothing to do with such people.

But instead, the U.S. government has actively aided their rise to power, and now members of the Svoboda Party have been appointed to very important positions throughout the new government in Ukraine

As the fires die down from the turmoil in Kiev, a political party that has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia is set to reap the benefits of the new government arrangement.

The Svoboda Party will take control of not one, but three ministries in the interim government.

These posts include the deputy prime minister and the heads of the agriculture and environmental ministries. In addition to these positions, a Svoboda lawmaker was appointed the new prosecutor general in the interim government.

Are you disgusted yet?

You should be.

If I was a Jewish person living in Ukraine, I would be trying to get out as fast as I could.

Fortunately, there are some people that are seeking to help them.  In fact, they will soon receive a million dollars from one organization to help with security…

Ukrainian Jews are slated to receive $1 million to increase security against possible upticks in anti-Semitic behavior in the wake of the country’s massive political upheaval.

The money is coming from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the Jewish Week reported, and is going toward protection for places where Jews gather, as well as for the elderly and poverty-stricken.

“From the many conversations I’ve conducted this week with Jewish leaders in the Ukraine, we understood that the situation on the ground is critical,” organization founder and president Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein said. “Rabbis and communal leaders feel under threat.”

Hopefully as word gets out about the extreme anti-Semitism of some of these Ukrainian politicians, our politicians in Washington D.C. will start to change their tune.

But we have seen this kind of thing before.  The Obama administration helped al-Qaeda take power in Libya, it is helping al-Qaeda try to overthrow the Syrian government, and now it is helping neo-Nazis rise to power in Ukraine.

It is almost as if a case of collective insanity has gripped the people running things in Washington.

I truly fear for what is ahead.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 5:20 am


(Illegal) Immigrant students see ‘Real Hope’ for financial aid now


Seattle Times: Ricardo Heredia has been plugging away at his bachelor’s degree for more than four years, taking breaks to work construction so he can earn enough to pay for another quarter of tuition.

But the 23-year-old business-administration major, whose family moved to the U.S. when he was 8 months old, hopes his fortunes will change this fall when Washington’s financial aid program for college students is extended to those who were illegally brought to the United States as children.

The Real Hope Act, signed into law last week by Gov. Jay Inslee, will extend State Need Grant (SNG) money to undocumented illegal students like Heredia who are studying in the state’s public two- and four-year colleges, as well as many private in-state colleges. Seventy colleges and universities in all are part of the program.

Figuring out which of these students qualifies for grant aid — which does not need to be paid back — is a challenge, because the federal aid form known as the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, won’t work if the applicant is not a citizen. College financial-aid officers use FAFSA data to determine whether students are eligible for SNG.

So Washington will contract with a website developer to create a special financial-aid form to determine which students are eligible, said Rachelle Sharpe, director of student financial assistance for the Washington Student Achievement Council.

The 15-month contract is for an estimated $100,000, and the website is expected to be up and running in April.

Heredia, a student at the University of Washington, Bothell, is going to take spring and summer quarter off to bank his construction-job money, then re-enter college in the fall. He’ll apply for SNG money, and hopes he’ll qualify for enough aid to finally be able to study full time.

Alejandra Perez, a UW-Bothell sophomore, is also hoping she’ll qualify. “I’m going to be checking on a daily basis, so the first time it (the website) comes out, I’m applying that day,” said Perez, 19, who has been living in the U.S. since she was 12 and graduated from Cleveland High School.

News about the new financial-aid website is available at

When it passed the Real Hope Act, the Legislature boosted the amount of money available for SNG by $5 million, to $308 million for the 2014-15 academic year, to help pay for the additional students who will qualify. But the extra $5 million isn’t earmarked specifically for undocumented illegal immigrants, Sharpe said. The money will be distributed to colleges based on need, with each institution deciding who gets it.

In the meantime, undocumented illegal students who hope to tap into the aid should be applying for college now and completing any financial-aid paperwork that individual institutions require, Sharpe said.

Although fall 2014 freshman application deadlines have passed at most of the state’s selective schools — including the UW and private schools like Seattle University — many other state schools and all community colleges are still taking applications.

Sharpe also encourages all students — legal residents or not — to use the state’s scholarship-finding database,, to find private scholarship money. Some scholarships accept undocumented illegal immigrants, and others are set up specifically for them.

Perez and Heredia both have private scholarships to help pay for college, although not enough to pay the full bill. Perez said that finding private scholarship money is time-consuming — she estimates she spent 100 hours last year writing essays and searching for scholarship dollars.

She’s also helped build an exhaustive list of scholarship opportunities for undocumented students, which is published on the UW-Bothell website.

State officials already know there’s not enough SNG money to go to everyone who qualifies. This year, about 74,000 are receiving it, but another 32,000 students who were eligible received no money. The additional $5 million will cover about 1,100 more students, Sharpe said. 

At four-year colleges and universities, the money is distributed on a sliding scale — students with the most need receive the largest sum, Sharpe said. But for community and technical colleges, which have a wide window of time to submit an application, the money is usually awarded to those students with need who meet a priority deadline.

“When you are a rolling-admission institution, it’s difficult to turn a student away today because you might have a lower-income student later,” Sharpe said.

Heredia is one of hundreds of students who helped lobby for passage of the bill. He said his parents sacrificed a great deal for him by crossing the border to seek a better life. His mother has not seen her parents for 23 years. “I’ll never be able to pay them back, but the closest thing I can come to that is getting an education,” he said.

So Washington State taxpayers are now paying for illegal immigrants to receive free education, good job! I feel badly for the tax-paying parents of kids who aren’t eligible for grants or are passed by for illegal aliens. Yet I would expect nothing less from Governor Inslee – elections have consequences.


American Visas For Sale: See Hillary Clinton


When Will America End Cash-for-Visas Racket?

Michelle Malkin

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry (the Punk) McAuliffe
never met a scam he didn’t like.

This may be the first and last time I ever write these words: America, follow Canada.

Our neighbors to the north finally have wised up to the international cash-for-visas scam. Last week, the country ended its foreign investor program that put residency up for sale to the highest bidder. We should have done the same a long time ago.

Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program granted permanent residency to wealthy foreigners who forked over 800,000 Canadian dollars for a five-year, zero-interest loan to one of the country’s provinces. The scheme turned out to be a magnet for tens of thousands of millionaires from Hong Kong and China. But as the Canadian Ministry of Finance concluded in its annual budget report this year, the program “undervalued Canadian permanent residence” and showed “little evidence that immigrant investors as a class are maintaining ties to Canada or making a positive economic contribution to the country.”

In several provinces, the foreign investor racket was riddled from top to bottom with fraud. Whistleblowers in the Prince Edward Island immigration office exposed rampant bribery among bureaucrats and consultants, who helped their clients jump the queue. The government failed to monitor immigrant investors or verify the promised economic benefits of the “investments.” The program didn’t just fast-track supposed business people with dubious business backgrounds, but also their entire extended families, who walled themselves in segregated neighborhoods.

Ads in Dubai bragged that investors didn’t even need to live in the country to take advantage of the citizenship-for-sale deal — and that their dependents could avail themselves of full health care and education benefits.

Fifteen years ago, an independent auditor hired by the Canadian government warned that he had “found that in many cases there was no investment at all or that the amount of that investment was grossly inflated.” The auditor nailed the expedient commodification of citizenship: “Canadians gave up something of real value — a visa or passport — and received very little in return.” He concluded: “A lot of people made a lot of money, mostly lawyers and immigration consultants who set up these bogus investments. It’s a massive sham. The middlemen made hundreds of millions of dollars.”

cash_entryI’ve been issuing the very same warnings about America’s EB-5 immigrant investor visa program, created under an obscure section of the 1990 Immigration Act, for more than a decade. The details of the U.S. program vary, but the facade is the same: trading residency on the cheap for the shady promise of economic development. Just as in Canada, the U.S. racket’s alleged economic benefits are largely hype.

Who has profited? As I’ve reported previously, the real winners are former federal immigration officials who formed lucrative limited partnerships to cash in on their access and politically connected cronies. An internal U.S. Justice Department investigative report revealed years ago that “aliens were paying $125K” instead of the required $500,000 to $1 million minimum, and “almost all of the monies went to the general partners and the companies who set up the limited partners.”

Tony Rodham, Hillary's brother, is growing rich selling you out.

Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother, is growing rich selling you out.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has been pressing EB-5 middlemen who operate a network of regional centers to cough up data on how many jobs these immigrant investor schemes are creating, lists of current and former corporate officers at the centers, and details of consulting services and other contracts into which the centers have entered. Where’s the rest of Capitol Hill?

Just as in Canada, American whistleblowers also have been raising red flags for years. Most recently, immigration officials in Laguna Niguel, Calif., last fall spilled the beans on how they “often rushed or skipped altogether economic reviews of applicants to the EB-5 visa program.” They did so under orders from senior managers pandering to wealthy and politically connected foreign applicants. The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General is investigating government retaliation against employees who reported the misconduct. “In essence,” Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, noted in a public letter, “high-level officials in the (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services bureau) are accused of creating an environment hostile to those who insist on following the law.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, #2 at DHS, is crony of Eric Holder

Alejandro Mayorkas, #2 at DHS, is crony of Eric Holder

That fish rots right down from the head of USCIS, Alejandro Mayorkas, who was confirmed for the job in December — despite remaining under investigation by the DHS Inspector General for his alleged role in intervening on behalf of GreenTech, a crony company with ties to Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton‘s other brother, Anthony. The alleged scam involved special treatment to the company, which wanted special treatment and EB-5 visas for, you guessed it, deep-pocketed Chinese investors.

Recklessly peddling foreign investor visas for the precious privilege of entry into our country is bad for our sovereignty, bad for workers and good for corruptocrats. Moreover, history shows that government is always bad at picking economic winners and losers. If Canada can come to its senses on this, why not America?

Would-be President Hillary is already selling you to the highest bidder.

Would-be President Hillary is already selling you to the highest bidder.

John Boehner The BoneHead!

Could someone please tell me why the GOP is in self destruct mode? I mean Obamacare is imploding, and Boehner is pushing immigration which is about 3% in polls I’ve seen in things people want done. Here’s a suggestion BONEHEAD. How about you dopes come up with an alternative to Obamacare for the Mid Terms.


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Boehner says no immigration deal until Obama enforces laws


Boehner on the brink: Speakership coup brewing over immigration

By Seth McLaughlin

Rep. Raul Labrador said House Speaker John Boehner should lose his leadership post if he pushes forward with immigration reform this year, CQ Roll Call reported.

“I think it should cost him his speakership,” Mr. Labrador, Idaho Republican, said in an interview with the Capitol Hill news organization.

Mr. Labrador also refused to rule out running to replace Mr. Boehner — even if the Ohio Republican put the brakes on immigration bills.

“There is a hunger in the conference for bold, visionary leaders, and this is not just conservatives — you talk to more middle-of-the-road members of the conference, they’re kind of frustrated with the direction of this leadership, and they’re looking for ways to change that,” he told CQ Roll Call.

Mr. Boehner said Tuesday that he is not sure whether he will pursue immigration bills this year, days after House leaders outlined their principles at an annual GOP retreat that included border security and legalization for most illegal immigrants. The plan also included a specific new pathway for younger illegal immigrants.

Rep. Raul R. Labrador, Idaho Republican (Associated Press)

Rep. Raul R. Labrador, Idaho Republican (Associated Press)

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, also said he is doubtful that Congress will pass immigration reform this year.

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Supreme Court justice says it’s unjust to call ILLEGAL aliens “criminals”

Definition of “criminal”:

A person who has committed a crime.

Definition of “crime”:

An unlawful or illegal act.

It is a crime to unlawfully enter and reside in the United States of America, that is, to enter without the U.S. government’s permission, granted via a visa, a permanent residence (or “green”) card, or a U.S. citizenship certificate (or certificate of naturalization).

So, unless you have one of the following, you’re in the United States illegally, which means you’ve committed a crime, which means you’re a criminal:

U.S. visagreen cardU.S. citizenship certificate

The Supreme Court is the United States’ highest judicial tribunal, America’s highest court.

A court is a tribunal that adjudicates disputes and administers JUSTICE.

A Supreme Court justice is one of an elite group of nine unelected individuals who sit on the Supreme Court — for life — which means a Supreme Court justice determines and administers JUSTICE.

Supreme Court nonJustice Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court nonJustice Sonia Sotomayor

And yet, as reported by the AP (via CBS-DC), Feb. 4, 2014, at a talk at Yale University Law School, Obama appointee Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was asked about her use of the term “undocumented immigrants” instead of the term “illegal alien.”

Sotomayor said labeling these “immigrants” as criminals seemed insulting to her: “I think people then paint those individuals as something less than worthy human beings and it changes the conversation.”

No, Ms. Sotomayor, labeling those who are in the United States unlawfully as “illegal aliens” is simply dictionary correct.

However, labeling you a Supreme Court justice most certainly is a travesty.


Illegal immigrant college-aid bill now backed by the WA State Senate


Seattle Times: Now that lawmakers agree students brought here illegally as children should be eligible for financial aid,  the next fight could be over who takes credit for the idea.

The GOP (more like RINOs)-led state Senate on Friday passed the “Real Hope Act,” by a 35 to 10 vote, which would allow college financial aid for the students, if they meet certain conditions. The Democratically controlled House passed nearly identical legislation earlier this session. They call it the “Dream Act.”

The two parties volleyed their preferred monikers for the legislation so much Friday that GOP Sen. Barbara Bailey, of Oak Harbor, tried to put a stop to it.

“Just a point of clarification — and I think this is really important — this act is the Real Hope Act. No more dreams. This is real hope,” Bailey, prime sponsor of the Senate Bill 6523, said during debate.

Political leaders likely will wrangle for a few days over which bill will end up on the governor’s desk.

Senate Republicans (RINOs) want their bill to become law. Democratic Rep. Zack Hudgins, prime sponsor of the House bill, said he ultimately just wants it to pass.

“Some members would start a fight about this, and there needs to be some negotiating done. But I want the policy, and I think that’s the biggest thing,” he said.

There’s still some head scratching over why the GOP-led caucus in the Senate suddenly changed its mind about the bill.

When asked about the financial-aid bill at the beginning of the session, Bailey, chairwoman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, said, “I think we have a lot of things that take priority over this.”

That was their caucus position last year as well. Then on Thursday, the caucus made a surprise decision that the legislation would be one of the first bills passed by the state Senate this year.

The general response by the majority caucus was that it wasn’t a sudden decision. They’ve been mulling it for a while and wanted to make sure funding was available — the measure that passed Friday includes a $5 million appropriation.

About 74,000 students currently receive State Need Grants, and an additional 32,000 eligible students were turned away last year because of a lack of funding. It’s not clear how many more students would become eligible under this bill.

The caucus was also being lobbied hard by students and advocacy groups who support the legislation.

Ricardo Sanchez, with the Latino/a Educational Achievement Project, said he thinks a visit by 50 students from Bailey’s district a couple of weeks ago might have played a role.

One of the students, he said, cried while talking about coming here at age 3 and finding out in her senior year that she didn’t qualify for financial aid. Bailey started telling the students about her early life “and pretty soon she’s in tears, talking to the kids and saying ‘I really care about you.’ This was a real seminal moment I think,” Sanchez said.

Asked about the meeting, Bailey said she was moved by many stories, but reiterated the important thing for her was providing funding for the measure so students already eligible for financial aid would not be affected.

Whatever the reason, key members of the GOP caucus stand to benefit politically if the measure becomes law.

Chris Vance, a former chairman of the state Republican Party notes that GOP Sens. Andy Hill, of Redmond, and Joe Fain, of Auburn, are up for re-election this year “in very moderate suburban districts. They are probably saying to their more-conservative colleagues, we need a yes vote on this.”

He noted that House Republicans in Congress also are loosening up on (illegal) immigration reform. “There’s so much pressure building up over (illegal) immigration reform, it’s really hard to say no,” he said.

Republicans currently hold a narrow 26-to-23 majority in the state Senate because Democratic Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon caucus with the GOP. The party can’t afford to lose seats in the election.

So know the WA State GOP are caving on illegals, believing it will help them in re-elections? Can’t fix stoopid.

I’m sooooo glad I’m leaving WA State and moving to a red state soon (more on that in a week or so).


60,000 U.S. military veterans are homeless

homeless veterans

There is an epidemic of homelessness and joblessness among our military veterans. Shameful!

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports (via, Jan. 6, 2014, that as of January 2012, more than 60,000 veterans were homeless, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Reducing that number supposedly is a priority for the Obama administration. Although the number of homeless veterans dropped 24% nationwide from 2009 to 2013, Pennsylvania is an exception where the number actually increased 46%, to more than 1,400.

Our veterans’ homelessness is partly because of joblessness. A monthly lunch in Washington, D.C. attracts about 200 veterans. After they eat, the men and women who are unemployed stand up one by one to recite their service records, hoping someone else in the room will hire them. Many are highly accomplished.

Retired Air Force Col. Robert Freniere

One of the homeless and jobless veterans is 59-year-old Robert Freniere, a former colonel in the U.S. Air Force who retired in 2006 after braving multiple combat zones. →

After a 30-year military career in which he earned three graduate degrees, rose to the rank of colonel, and served as an aide to Pentagon brass, Freniere is unemployed and lives out of his blue minivan crammed with all his possessions and held together with duct tape.

He’d even tried getting a job as a janitor. But his plea for help to a janitor he once had praised when the man was mopping the floors of his Washington office, went unfulfilled. So have dozens of job applications that he’d filled out six hours a day, day after day, on public library computers.

How does he cope?

Freniere told the Philadelpia Inquirer, “You stay calm. That’s what we were trained for when I went through survival training.”

Last month, Freniere teared up as he asked for advice on finding a paycheck from Adm. James Hogg, who had officiated at Freniere’s retirement ceremony in 2006 and hailed him as “a leading light.” 

In an interview, Hogg described Freniere as “very smart” with “the gift of gab” and thought it “crazy” that the vet is jobless. “With all his experience, especially in intelligence, there’s got to be a spot for him.”

But jobs are hard to come by. Freniere, like many of his fellow down-on-their-luck veterans, does not match any hat-in-hand Hollywood image of homelessness. He receives an annual pension from the military of more than $40,000.

His struggle to find a job after retiring from the Air Force collided with the end of his marriage nearly two years ago. Unable to return to the home he shared with his estranged wife, and faced with expenses including bills for two sons in college and debts that mounted in his former a nicer lifestyle, he took up a nomadic existence. Between spells on the couches of friends in multiple states, he sleeps occasionally in motels and other times in the dented blue van.

homeless vets by states

The Philadelphia Inquirer verified the bulk of Freniere’s story, which is confirmed by military records. His is a story of service.

Born in 1954, Freniere was an Eagle Scout and joined the Army in 1976, and later the Air Force as an intelligence officer. As he moved through the ranks, he served in combat zones in Somalia, Panama, Haiti, and Kuwait, earned master’s degrees in political science and criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati and a master’s in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.

Freniere moved to the Pentagon in 2000 and was there when it was hit by terrorists Sept. 11, 2001. Two years later, he became special assistant to Gen. Stanley McChrystal, then the vice director of operations of the Joint Staff.

In 2005, Freniere volunteered to go to Iraq. But as he was preparing to deploy, his legs went numb one day, followed by back surgery. Instead of flying to Iraq, he spent a year and a half convalescing. In 2006, he retired from the Air Force.

After his retirement, it took him a year to find work. Like many retired servicemen, he turned to jobs with defense contractors which took him twice to Afghanistan. When he came home, he had nowhere to go after separating from his second wife.

Freniere said he had not been able to find a contracting job since August 2012 and blames the federal sequestration for squeezing contractors of money and of the confidence to hire people.

Freniere’s dyslexia makes focusing on a computer screen difficult. Online applications are so hard for him that tears well in his eyes as he describes his days at public libraries.

But Freniere said that he had not lost hope: “I’m a military guy. I’m mission-oriented. You don’t give up. I’ve got a lot of good experience. I’ve got two beautiful sons. I’ve got a van. I don’t know how long it’s going to hold up, but I’ve got it. I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for.”

See also “Democrats cut military pensions in favor of tax credits for illegals,” Jan. 14, 2014.