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Obama on gun violence: “Enough is Enough”

The murder of Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old boy murdered in an alley in Chiraq. What did Obama have to say about this act of gun violence? Nada. A shooting in Chiraq every 2 hours and 54 minutes? Nada from Obama.  There’s very strict gun control laws in Chiraq.

Tyshawn Lee/CBS video screen shot photo

Tyshawn Lee/CBS video screen shot photo

A record homicide rate in Baltimore this year. Nada from Obama. The Constitution of Maryland contains no provision protecting the right for individuals to keep and bear arms. 

A shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility with no known motive (at the time I write this post*)? Obama denounces gun violence.

Obama makes gun gesture

Never let a crisis, that suits your narrative, go to waste.

Via Yahoo: US President Barack Obama denounced the country’s epidemic of gun violence on Saturday and renewed a call for tougher controls on military-style weapons after yet another deadly shooting, saying “enough is enough.”

Obama said the suspect had been armed with an assault weapon — that was the first official word of this detail — and he also disclosed for the first time that the man had held hostages at the Planned Parenthood center from which he opened fire at people outside in an hours long standoff with police.

We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough,” Obama said in a statement.

Notice the Alinsky tactics used in his words: “tougher controls on military-style weapons”, “armed with an assault weapon”, and “easy accessibility of weapons of war”. I don’t need to spell out the intentional misrepresentation of his words. If I do, then you are a liberal.

Seems that the progressive media machine has set out to follow Obama’s narrative as well. Check out the headlines below that followed the shooting.

Colorado shooter Robert Dear

Colorado shooter Robert Dear

MintPressNews: “White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States.”

Vox: “Police described the suspect as a stocky, bearded white male wearing a trench coat. He was reportedly armed with a “long gun.” The FBI warned of threats to reproductive health facilities this past September, in the wake of graphic sting videos that purported to show Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts for profit.”

The Guardian: “Colorado Springs: a playground for pro-life, pro-gun evangelical Christians“.

HuffPo: “Terror in Colorado”. “Police have yet to determine a motive for the attack, but Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said that people can make “inferences from where it took place…The town also has a big evangelical presence, partly due to an economic development effort to bring Christian missionaries there in the 1980s, according to PBS.”

Slate: “Anti-Abortion Terrorism Must Be Stopped.” “As news continues to unfold about Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, one thing is clear: Domestic terrorism remains unchecked, even on the day after Thanksgiving.”

The Guardian: “Our culture and laws enabled the Colorado shooter, whatever his motive.”

crisis go to waste


*As of 6:30 last night, Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post was tweeting that after surrendering to police, Dear was heard to say, “No more baby parts,” an obvious reference to the series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

That doesn’t change the fact that the above statements/reports were made before a motive was known (if indeed this WaPo tweet is true). Nor does it change the fact that Obama can’t be bothered to acknowledge gun violence that is rampant in cities with strict gun control.


Man demands abortion after surrogate learns she’s having triplets

Well this turned into a terrible situation, especially for one of the babies.

Melissa Cook/Photo via NY Post

Melissa Cook/Photo via NY Post

A Georgia man hired Melissa Cook (age 47) for $33,000 to have a child by in-vitro fertilization using his sperm and the eggs of a 20-year-old donor. The woman, from California, was implanted with three embryos. The “dad” became overwhelmed when he learned she was having triplets — and demanded the woman abort one of the fetuses while threatening her with financial ruin, Melissa claims.

“They are human beings. I bonded with these kids. This is just not right,” Melissa Cook told The Post. They learned she was having triplets when the embryos babies were around 8 or 9 weeks. He almost immediately began to raise concerns, and they have grown increasingly threatening, she said.

Cook, a mother of four — including her own set of triplets — is now 17 weeks pregnant. She also had a fifth child as a surrogate. According to California law, aside from life-threatening exceptions, fetuses babies can’t be aborted once they become “viable,’’ or around 20 weeks.

The dad’s lawyer, Robert Warmsley, says “the dad understands, albeit does not agree, with your decision not to reduce,” which he wrote in a Friday letter to Cook, who has never met the sperm donor.

Apparently they have an agreement, hence the threat of financial harm. “As you know, his remedies where you refuse to abide by the terms of the agreement, are immense [and] include, but are not limited to, loss of all benefits under the agreement, damages in relation to future care of the children [and] medical costs associated with any extraordinary care the children may need,” the lawyer warned.

The surrogate  received another letter from Warmsley on Tuesday urging her to schedule a “selection reduction” — abortion of one of the fetuses babies — by day’s end.

Cook wrote an emotional letter to the dad, “The doctor put in three healthy embryos . . . The chances were high they were all going to take. You knew I was 47 years old. If you knew you only wanted two babies, then why put in three embryos?” According to her contract, Cook is entitled to her $33,000 pregnancy fee for one baby, plus an additional $6,000 for each additional child.

Given the pressure she’s under, Cook said she was wavering on her decision to keep all three babies. “I have to reduce. I’m scared. I don’t want to suffer,” said Cook, who is split from her husband and lives in Woodland Hills, Calif. (What about the baby’s suffering?)

Jennifer Lahl, head of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, a group that opposes surrogacy, said the Cook case is the first she’s aware of in which a surrogate mom has gone public to expose the pressure she’s under to undergo an abortion.

The dad’s lawyer declined comment to the New York Post.


Subway Guy sentenced to 15.6 years in prison


Jared Fogle, 38, who became a multimillionaire (15M) from being a spokesman for Subway, claiming he’d lost a ton of weight by eating just Subway sandwiches, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt to 15.6 years in prison for sex with minors and possession of child pornography.

Bill Chappell reports for NPR, Nov. 19, 2015, that the case involved Fogle’s interstate travel to pay minors for sex, as well as at least 400 child pornography videos — many of which Fogle had received from Russell Taylor, the head of his kid-oriented non-profit charity, the Jared Fogle Foundation.

In April 2015, three months before Fogle’s arrest, Taylor was arrested for child exploitation, possession of child pornography and voyeurism. On May 6, Taylor attempted suicide at the Marion County Jail and was placed on life support. Taylor will be sentenced in December.

In July 2015, police raided Fogle’s home in Zionsville, Indiana, for child porn. When Fogle was charged, the U.S. attorney’s office in southern Indiana noted:

“His [Fogle’s] child pornography crime began when he learned that alleged co-conspirator Russell Taylor was sexually exploiting a 14 year old girl in March 2011. At that time, Mr. Fogle did nothing to stop the abuse or report it to authorities, but chose instead to receive and repeatedly view the child pornography involving the girl and those other minors produced by his alleged co-conspirator in the years that followed. Mr. Fogle admitted in court pleadings filed today that his actions caused the sexual victimization of a total of 12 minors in Indiana before his co-conspirator’s arrest in April 2015. He preyed on minor victims who did not have the ability to protect themselves.”

Soon after the raid of Fogle’s home, Subway announced it had severed all ties with him.

Subway had known about Fogle’s pedophilia as early as 2008.

In an interview with Business Insider, a Subway franchisee named Cindy Mills said Fogle told her he “had sex with” child prostitutes between the ages of 9 and 16 years old in Thailand and the United States. Mills said she had told Subway’s corporate office in 2008 but the company ignored her complaints. (Source: The Superficial)

Today, Fogle was sentenced to 188 months on each count, to be served concurrently. That amounts to just over 15.6 years. Fogle must serve a minimum of 13 years before he’s eligible for parole. After his eventual release from prison, he will be supervised for the rest of his life.

Prosecutors had sought a punishment of 12 years in prison, while Fogle’s lawyers asked for a sentence of 5 years. Fogle is also reportedly paying about $1.4 million in total restitution to 14 victims, some of whom live in his home state of Indiana.

Judge Pratt said Fogle was “obsessed” with pornography and having sex with minors. Responding to Fogle’s statement that his actions have devastated his wife, who reportedly is seeking a divorce, Judge Pratt interrupted him to say, “You gave your wife almost $7 million though. She’ll be OK.”

In a sequence that WISH-TV reporter Nick Natario describes as “disturbing and very graphic,” prosecutors in their portion of today’s hearing read aloud text conversations between Fogle and a prostitute who was also a minor, in which emojis and text shorthand such as “LOL” appear in discussions of having sex with minors.

At today’s hearing, Fogle’s defense presented two medical experts, including Canadian forensic psychiatrist Dr. John Bradford, who effectively blamed Fogle’s Subway weight-loss for his pedophilia. Bradford testified by phone that when Fogle “lost weight it seemed that in a short period of time he developed compulsive sexuality.”

Forensic psychiatrist John Bradford

Forensic psychiatrist John Bradford

Fogle’s lawyer insisted that while his client had had sex with minors, his victims were adolescents and not children. But as Jordan Fischer of local RTV6 Indianapolis reports, some of the child pornography victims in the case were as young as 6.

Judge Tanya Waltan Pratt

Judge Tanya Waltan Pratt

Judge Pratt is widely considered the toughest judge in the Southern District in terms of prison sentences. While I applaud Pratt for her sentencing of Fogle, Gateway Pundit calls her a “far left” judge because in 2011, she put a stop to the enforcement of an Indiana law banning federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Because of her action, Indiana taxpayers are forced to pay for abortions to this day.


Homeless dog saves newborn baby from garbage dump

A homeless dog has more humanity than human beings.

Katherine reports for LifeWithDogs, Nov. 4, 2015, that a stray female dog is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless creature saved the life of a newborn baby boy.

While rummaging in a garbage dump in Campinas, Brazil, the hungry dog found the newborn boy with his umbilical cord still attached. As seen in the photo below, the dog gently carried the baby in her mouth to a house near the dump.

homeless dog saves newborn from garbage dump

The humans in the house rushed the baby to the nearest hospital. Doctors found the baby unharmed by the canine heroine and in good condition.

Local residents are in disbelief that a mother would throw away her baby to die in a garbage dump. Authorities are now looking for her.

Thanks to this gentle stray dog, the baby boy is alive today.

Although there is an account claiming the incident was in Oman instead of Brazil, LifeNews confirmed the Brazilian locale, citing Univision as a second corroborating source.

LifeNews also reminds us that this is not the first time that a canine angel rescued an abandoned newborn human. A similar incident occurred in 2013 in Thailand when a family dog rescued an abandoned newborn baby girl from a roadside dump.



Abortion and Cuba’s demographic collapse

abortion is murder2

This is a sobering, terrifying article.

Cuba, a single-party Marxist-Leninist state since 1959, is officially secular or atheist, although 59% of the population are Christian (mostly Catholic).

Marcus Roberts writes for Australia’s MercatorNet, Nov. 4, 2015, that Cuba’s demographics are in dire straits. Since the 1970s, the birthrate has been in free fall, tilting population figures into decline.

Cuba already has the oldest population in all of Latin America. Experts predict that 50 years from now, Cuba’s population will have fallen by a third, with more than 40% of Cubans older than 60. That aging population will require a vast health care system, the likes of which the state cannot afford. 

What is odd is that low birthrate is a problem much more common in rich, industrialized nations, instead of poor ones like Cuba.

The reasons for Cuba’s precipitous population decline include:

1. Cuban women, becoming educated, are marrying later and opting to have fewer children. As Dr Hazel Denton, a former World Bank economist who studied Cuban demographics and is now at Georgetown University, explains: “Education for women is the button you press when you want to change fertility preferences in developing countries…You educate the woman, then she has choices — she stays longer in school, marries at an older age, has the number of children she wants and uses contraception in a more healthy manner.”

2. Cuba’s economy of scant job opportunities, a shortage of available goods and a dearth of sufficient housing, all of which lead Cubans to postpone having children, sometimes indefinitely.

3. Millions of Cubans leave the island and live overseas, especially young people who are fleeing the island in big numbers to the United States, not just for economic opportunities but, with normalization of US-Cuban relations, in anticipation of an end of a U.S. policy that allows Cubans who make it to the United States to naturalize.

4. But a main cause for Cuba’s demographic free-fall is that Cubans wantonly are killing their unborn, at a rate of 30 abortions for every 1,000 women of childbearing age, the second highest rate in the world and almost double that of the USA. Only Russia’s abortion rate is higher.

Abortion in Cuba is legal, free and a common, widespread practice, viewed as just another method of birth control. There is no social stigma attached to abortion. Cubans speak openly about abortions, and lines at clinics often wrap around the building. Many women have had multiple abortions, some as many as 10.

The source of the above information is a New York Times article of Oct. 27, by Azam Ahmed, deceptively and nauseatingly titled “In Cuba, an Abundance of Love but a Lack of Babies.” Ahmed writes:

A magnetic energy courses between Claudia Rodriguez and Alejandro Padilla, binding the couple in clichés of intimacy: the tendency to finish each other’s sentences; hands that naturally gravitate toward one another; a shared laughter that forms the soundtrack of their romance.

What their love will not bear, for the moment, is a family. Though they plan to marry and have children, they will wait — until they are no longer sharing a small apartment with a half-dozen others, or perhaps until obtaining diapers and formula is no longer a gamble….

“‘You have to take into consideration the world we live in,’ said Ms. Rodriguez, 24, who says she has had two abortions to avoid having children too soon. Clutching Mr. Padilla’s hand, she said, ‘It would be so much harder with a child.’”

Another young woman, 27-year-old restaurant worker Claudia Aguilar San Juan, said, “I’ve had two abortions, one of them with Jorge” Padilla, her boyfriend of two years. “At the time, we didn’t think we were ready to have kids, and we continue to think that it’s still not the time.” Abortion is common in both of their families: their mothers have had four abortions each.

Back to the lovebirds Claudia Rodriguez and Alejandro Padilla.

The New York Times says:

Padilla, smirking, blurted out that Ms. Rodriguez’s aunt had undergone 10 procedures, prompting his partner to laugh.

‘Quiet,’ she whispered sharply, slapping his arm. ‘She has a degree in French and is inside right now.’”

MercatorNet’s Marcus Roberts rightly observes:

When the number of abortions that your aunt has had is a matter of mirth then you know that there is something seriously wrong with a society’s moral compass. Let us hope that Cuba’s view of family and the unborn changes for the better. Without such a change, the country faces a bleak future. But not quite as bleak as that faced by unborn Cuban children.

abortion is murder


Bill Gates says only socialism can save world from climate change

Bill Gates (l) and NATO general secretary Jens "666" Stoltenberg (r)

Bill Gates (l) and NATO general secretary Jens “666” Stoltenberg (r)

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world with a net worth estimated to be a mind-boggling $79.1 billion, who made his fortune from a capitalist enterprise, Microsoft, in a capitalist country, the U.S.A., bemoans that capitalism cannot save the world from the fiction of man-made global warming, aka climate change.

Louis Doré reports for the UK Independent, Oct. 31, 2015, that in an interview with The Atlantic, Gates said that the private, i.e., capitalist, sector is too selfish and inefficient to produce effective energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

Announcing his plan to spend $2 billion of his own wealth on green energy, Gates called on fellow billionaires to help make the US fossil-free by 2050 with similar philanthropy. He said:

Without a substantial carbon tax, there’s no incentive for innovators or plant buyers to switch [to green energy].

Since World War II, US-government R&D has defined the state of the art in almost every area. The private sector is in general inept.

The climate problem has to be solved in the rich countries. China and the US and Europe have to solve CO2 emissions, and when they do, hopefully they’ll make it cheap enough for everyone else.

In other words, Bill Gates wants the already much too powerful and bloated U.S. government — the public sector — to solve the problem of “climate change” via taxes to develop “green energy”.

I propose that Bill and Melinda Gates set a good example by giving up their energy-wasting palatial homes, luxury cars, private planes, and boats — all fueled by polluting fossil fuels.

This is the same Bill Gates whose foundation is funding the development of:

  1. contraceptive microchip that can be remotely controlled to release hormones that can act as abortifacients — drugs that induce abortion — into a woman’s body for up to 16 years.
  2. A non-surgical “permanent contraception” that is a sterilization drug, to be promoted worldwide.

The same Bill Gates who made this Freudian slip in a speech at the 2010 TED conference. Addressing the subject of how to reduce “global warming” by lowering the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) from Earth’s atmosphere, Gates proposed that a major way is to reduce the world’s population. He said: “Now if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health service, we could lower that [world population] by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.

In other words, Gates’ promotion of vaccines to Third World countries is not philanthropy — the purpose of vaccines is to reduce human population.

See also “Proposed UN Tribunal of Climate Justice threatens U.S. sovereignty, while Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting


Animal moms with their babies

Please don’t miss the last pic.

animal moms1animal moms2animal moms3animal moms4animal moms5animal moms6animal moms7animal moms9animal moms11animal moms12possum mom with babiesanimal moms13animal moms14animal moms15animal moms16animal moms17animal moms19animal moms18

Not to leave out animal dads, here’s a proud lion with his little cub:

animal dad

And here are human beings showing how much they cherish their young:


H/t josephbc69

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