Michelle Obama is a transexual?

I’ve had this post in draft for MONTHS. I’ve hesitated to publish this because of the gravity of what is being asserted, and the uncertainty of the evidence to support the assertion.

The startling assertion is that the current First Lady of the United States of America, known as Michelle Robinson Obama, is a biological male posing as a woman.

That anyone would make such an assertion is a mark of how much distrust and suspicion the Obamas have engendered, due entirely to Barack’s secretiveness concerning his Selective Service registration, school records (including even his kindergarten record!), and medical records; his refusal to explain why his Social Security number has a Connecticut prefix; and his outright deception about his birth certificate, an image of which he made public on April 27, 2011, but which forensic experts have determined to be a fake. It doesn’t help that the Hawaiian official, Loretta Fuddy, who had signed off on Obama’s purported birth certificate was the only passenger who recently died in a small plane crash.

Startlingly, even the Obamacare sign-up website healthcare.gov cannot verify Barack Obama’s identity! (See also “Investor’s Business Daily editorial asks if Obama’s entire life is a fiction.”)

So I decided to just present what I’ve found and leave the reader to draw his/her own conclusions as to whether Mooch is a transexual.

Obama calls his wife “Michael”

In a speech on September 30, 2011, at the transition or change-of-office ceremony of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Fort Myer, Virginia, Obama referred to his wife not as Michelle but as Michael.

As you can verify for yourself in the video below, Obama clearly said: “Distinguished guests, men and women of the finest military in the world, most of all, Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael and I also want to acknowledge your son Jack who was deployed today, all of you have performed extraordinary service to our country….”

Note: Deborah is Admiral Mullen’s wife.

Bafflingly, even the text of the speech on WhiteHouse.gov says the same thing:

“Secretary Panetta, thank you for your introduction and for your extraordinary leadership. Members of Congress, Vice President Biden, members of the Joint Chiefs, service secretaries, distinguished guests, and men and women of the finest military in the world. Most of all, Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael and I also want to also acknowledge your son Jack, who’s deployed today. All of you have performed extraordinary service to our country.”

Admiral Mullen’s first name is Michael. However, throughout his speech, Obama referred to Mullen as “Mike,” not Michael.

Michelle’s birth name was Michael?

Even before Obama’s gaffe, there were bloggers who said Michelle’s real (birth) name is Michael.

As an example, three months before Obama publicly referred to his wife as “Michael,” blogger Matthew B. Glosser wrote on June 30, 2011 that he was contacted by “an anonymous source” who claimed to be a former White House staff member of the Obama administration, specifically “a former member of the First Lady’s personal staff.” The source claimed to have sensitive information regarding a stunning revelation about Michelle Obama and wanted to arrange a meeting with Glosser in person to present the evidence for this claim.

Though initially skeptical, Glosser nevertheless met with the “anonymous source” on June 25, 2011. The source said “the major alphabet networks … are in the tank for Obama and it is network policy to cover up any critical stories regarding the President and his family. The White House has officially created a State media.” Then the source said the following about Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964. He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He [Michael] was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.

After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school. Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”. Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of “Michelle’s” true identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.

Writing for Examiner.com, Jan. 11, 2014, Dean Chambers says: “I have been unable to find any proof that a Michael LaVaughn Robinson even existed, and there is reasonable proof that Michelle LaVaughn Robinson (later Obama after marriage) has existed. Furthermore, there is no proof of a Michael Robinson playing linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers in 1981 or 1982.”

Pictures of Michelle’s strange crotch

Here are two pictures of Michelle Obama with a strange crotch-level protuberance suggestive of a shrunken penis. I have no way to ascertain whether the pictures are photoshopped. The sources of the pictures are Barack Ovomit and I Hate the Media.

Mooch's weenieMichelle was wearing this aqua blue dress when she gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention on August 25, 2008. One way to verify the pic’s authenticity is to find this image in a video of her appearance at the convention. 

Mooch's weewee2

The Video

The most recent claim that Michelle is a man is this fascinating video that systematically argues that physical traits, including her fingers, shoulders, neck muscles, head-to-body ratio and trace of an Adam’s apple, all point to her being a biological male.

If this is true, it certainly would explain why we’ve seen no pictures of a pregnant Michelle, nor has anyone found birth records of “her” two daughters.

H/t FOTM’s Glenn47, Miss May, and swampygirl.

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I found the YouTube video of Mooch’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

A full-figure view of Mooch is at the beginning and at the end of the video. The problem is she was moving so quickly, it’s difficult to spot the weenie. I found a way to slow down the video. Click here or go to http://www.youtubeslow.com/watch?v=sTFsB09KhqI.

Here are some screenshots I took from the video. Mooch’s aqua dress is of a clingy fabric that reveals every bump and bulge. Unlike most women, Mooch has ZERO abdominal fat, but there definitely is something at crotch-level which tugs. No wonder Mooch hasn’t worn another tight clingy dress since. LOL

0:16a mark

0:16a mark

0:16b mark

0:16b mark

0:16c mark

0:16c mark

0:17a mark

0:17a mark

0:17b mark

0:17b mark

0:17c maark

0:17c mark

0:18a mark

0:18a mark

0:18b mark

0:18b mark

0:27 mark

0:27 mark

17:33a mark

17:33a mark

17:33b mark

17:33b mark

17:33c mark

17:33c mark

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  2. Well, if we follow the reasoning of Sherlock Holmes, then after all the possibilities are critically examined, the simplest one that explains the most is likely to be the correct outcome, and that’s exactly what this one sounds like to me. It certainly explains a very great deal that presently leads to dead ends….

  3. Would it be conceivable that the “Michael and I” slip was a deliberate act of inoculation? If they felt the subject could not be covered up safely anymore, then this might begin to dull the public’s sense of outrage when more of Obama’s strange secrets come out.


    I can’t speculate about Michelle’s gender. However, the big fuss about women wishing they had non-saggy arms like Michelle’s, has always seemed odd. And the photos on this post showing a bulge do not look photoshopped.

    If this is our imaginations running wild, the whole thing could be easily dispelled by the release of records from Michelle’s and Barack’s past. Honest records would quiet all but the wildest conspiracy types.

    • “the photos on this post showing a bulge do not look photoshopped.”

      TD, I find this most significant, in view of your graphic artist profession and familiarity with Photoshop.

      • That’s how I see it, knowing photoshops weaknesses and strengths. It could have been retouched, but if so, it was done very masterfully. Note the structural folds in the dress and the pants. They are unlikely to have been thought of by a photoshop artist, but they display the fact that an “object” is effecting not just the immediate shadows, but also the general fit and draping of the garment. This can be faked, but not easily.

        • TD,

          I found the video of Mooch’s 2008 DNC speech, from which I took screenshots. Please scroll up to my Update at the end of my post, and give us your professional opinion. The folds of her dress definitely indicate there’s “something” there. Thank you!

          • This may be evidence of falsehood in one of the pictures I thought were not retouched. On the other hand, I do see possible lumps under the dress.

      • I could have my kids supply DNA. If Michelle will comply also. Or we could just use a handwriting specialist. Piece of cake.

    • May I just play the devil’s advocate here and theorize that it could be a simple static issue with the dress material? Lord knows I struggled for years with slippery dress material that would NOT stop “climbing” up the stockings, no matter how much hair spray, anti static spray, or lotion was applied to the stockings underneath–in certain climates, NOTHING keeps the dress from creeping up. Just a theory…

      • Mary,

        Static cling doesn’t explain why the dress pulls precisely at “her” crotch. When my dress or skirt has static cling, it sticks to my thighs and legs, not my crotch ’cause there’s nothing there that protrudes for the material to cling to!

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  5. Matthew B. Glosser is a fake, as you can tell from his other “work”–it’s all spoofs. So I wouldn’t take any of his supposed documentation as valid. Still, I think it’s likely to be true about Michelle being transsexual, and the Glosser piece might be an attempt to discredit anyone who says so. Check out any videos of Michelle working out, or playing football. Not typical of a first lady, or any lady. Certainly there are women who are strong and athletic, but those women are known for their athletic ability. Michelle wasn’t on any teams, as far as I know, and we never heard of her as an extraordinary athlete. Maybe because she used to be a man?

    • YES – the Glosser photo is an obvious ‘shop job. Just a cursory glance gives it away.

      Otherwise, great post, and there’s plenty to this, apparently. Too bad the bogus photo will damage credibility in the minds of those who are still in the dark, and will disregard the rest of the mounting evidence.

  6. The couple possessing the aliases of Barack and Michelle Obama are very well choreographed hoaxes on the citizens of the United States of America.
    Where is the photo history of barack obama and michelle robinson?
    Where are the pictures of the pregnant Michelle?
    Why are there no photos of her emerging from the hospital holding the infants?
    Why don’t barack and michelle’s daughters look ANYTHING like either of their parents?
    Why has America never seen photos of them and their growing children????
    The Obama’s are the ultimate cons and…they’re getting away with it!
    Imagine…a grifter, leading our country into a possible WW III !

    And…whoever discovers even a shard of truth about either of them… i.e.
    Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Tom Clancy, Loretta Fuddy to name just a very few of the very long list of people, suspiciously…. DIE!
    The Obama’s or, whatever the heck their true names are, are extremely nefarious people with extremely questionable backgrounds.

  7. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it’s a duck”……..old timey logic……it still works for me!

  8. She’s probably not a tranny. I’m an M2F, and the hardest thing to get down is the voice. The honest truth is, very few of us “pass” in the general populace, and certainly one of the most videotaped and photographed women on the planet would never be able to pull it off, unless her surgery occurred before puberty.. Her big hands and size 13 feet are certainly exceptional, but not without precedent.

    On the other hand, those kids are Barack’s like Michael Jackson’s kids were his. Puh-leeze!

    • there are males, usually homosexual, who do not sound male, without surgery. i also know a couple of heterosexual males that sound like females on the phone. and back to my first sentence, i dated a guy and had heard many stories of his homosexual brother. the guy i was dating also had many friends who were female. one night decades ago when few were out of the closet, we were watching a movie on the sofa, which faced away from the front door, following a knock on the door, i listened to an excited girls tell a story about a cat fight at a bar. when he returned to the sofa, he said “that was my brother. i guess you’ve heard the stories?”

  9. Michelle may very well be a male. There’s no mistaking obummer clearly calling her “Michael” in the top video and obummer’s speech faltering a couple of times immediately after the blunder. What’s most worrisome is the fact that our elected representatives know the truth about these impostors and refuse to perform their duties to expose the truth. The risk of being murdered versus saving their necks is proof of the cowards they truly are.

  10. Well, all one needs to determine really is… does “he/she” have a Gynecologist? A doctor for those bits can only be ascribed to someone with actual female bits, science and surgery are unable to create or even make a proper fascimilie of the female organs, both inside and out, same with “making” male organs, it *cannot* be done. If the case is that “he/she” is truly a man and just trying to play it like being a woman, then they would not have a docotor for female parts, as they would have no female parts to doctor.

    • first…who publicizes the name of their gynecologist or lack thereof although that would be a tell tale sign if a woman did not have one…. And second, you are incorrect that organs cannot be duplicated. There is a doctor in Colorado (whose name I do not recall) who has patients from all over the world because he is something of a genius in recreation of appropriate organs. I saw a documentary on PBS about his work.

  11. There is every good chance she’s a trans. However, you don’t tell a story about her having gender reassignment surgery and then suggest there is a penis. it would’ve been removed. That much has to be disregarded if there really was surgery. Much as I dislike these people, and as much as I believe she was a he, I don’t believe there’s a penis.

    • I agree with you, Teelee. If Mooch had gender reasssignment surgery, there should be no weenie. But it may be that she had partial gender reassignment: i.e., hormone treatment, shaving off the Adam’s apple, but no surgical excision of penis. Cher’s daughter Chastity, now renamed Chas, appears to be a man, but she/he still has not yet had genital surgery to “build” a penis.

      • see, Dr. Eowyn, I think the entire headline is wrong…a gender reassignment would mean HE wanted to become a SHE. That would entail hormone and surgery but at the least hormones which would make the male parts less and the feminine parts more…but I don’t think HE has done ANYTHING except dress as a woman. Barry would want a functional male. That does not require any hormones or surgery…just good depilatory and make up…but a good cross dresser could pull off the look without the obvious bulges and so maybe He/She WANTS the public to know of yet another transgression being foisted upon us. In the 70′s there were very few hospitals in the US doing gender reassignment…which was a lengthy years long process…and some transgender people went to Sweden where the process was more mainstream….I do not believe that one of US facilities at that time doing gender reassignment was JH. I am not sure JH does that even now…but they definitely did not in the 70′s.

    • Thank you TEELEE, for the sensible reminder. I don’t know if there are more than one categories of gender reassignment, possibly some not surgical. Frankly, I don’t want to know, either. you could be giving us the key insight on the matter.

      I think the big offense for many of us is the indisputable fact that the truth about the Obamas’ backgrounds is completely blocked. This ONLY happens when there is something to hide.

  12. I have long had this suspicion.
    Having lived and worked in New York City for 55 years, I can spot a cross dressing pervert a mile away. This report seems to confirm my suspicions. Besides, anthropologically speaking, a Watusi woman would tend to be thin (less stout) and tall. And then there was the woman who was killed in October after trying to ram the White House gate.

  13. I’m so glad to see this post, I actually have a running bet with some one from 08 that he/she is. Where are all her “girl friends” from her past? Why are they never mentioned? Bet Oprah knows for sure. If you look at them dancing at the inagural ball you can tell. Let’s face it BO gay and wouldn’t want a real woman.

  14. Okay, I need to say here that I was more than baffled while watching the video of Mochelle’s physical characteristics. Yes, she certainly does show male characteristics, both in her physical traits and her mannerisms. But the speaker claiming to be so very knowledgeable in forensics needs to go back to school. I was floored at her statement that it is almost unheard of for a woman to have a longer ring finger than index finger, and a normal woman’s height is seven times her head height, not the eight times height that M shows. I can attest to the fact that I am a woman, was born a woman, even gave birth to four children, yet somehow my ring finger is visibly longer than my index finger. This is true for both of my hands. Both of my daughter’s also have ring fingers longer than index fingers. If this trait is almost unheard of, then perhaps we three are the only such females in existence. By the way, my husband’s left ring finger is shorter than his index finger, but his right ring and index fingers are the same length.

    As for the height issue, my head height is just short of one eighth my body height. Unfortunately, I have a whole lot of female issues that are completely unheard of in men, so my fingers and height measurements hardly prove me to have been born a male. These false claims by the speaker only make most of her video less believable, IMHO.

    I want to add my thanks for the interesting topics and information.

    • Ditto. That’s as far as I got in the so-called “proof,” looked at my hands, and quit right there.

      Seriously, this is tinfoil hat territory.

      • The finger issue is only one factor among many presented in this post. IMO, the video maker/narrator overstated her case by making it an ironclad rule that only men’s ring finger is longer than women’s. That being said, it is a fact that scientists have found human male’s ring finger tends to be longer than their index finger, and vice versa in females. Like every empirical generalization, there are exceptions.

        From http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/09/110905160922.htm:

        “Biologists at the University of Florida have found a reason why men’s ring fingers are generally longer than their index fingers — and why the reverse usually holds true for women. … It has long been suspected that the digit ratio is influenced by sex hormones, but until now direct experimental evidence was lacking. … Essentially, more androgen equated to a proportionally longer fourth digit. More estrogen resulted in a feminized appearance.”

        What this means is that if a woman’s ring finger is longer than her index finger, she probably has more androgen than most women and, I suspect, more aggressive as well.

        I did this post because one of the things FOTM does is to ask questions others don’t and won’t. I have no idea whether Mooch is a man or a woman, and said readers must draw their own conclusions, which you are free to do. But there’s no need to denigrate and insult my post by calling it “tinfoil hat territory.” So asking questions is now crazy?

        • As for me, I’m anything but aggressive, sadly so. It takes a lot just for me to speak my mind, like here. Or to behave aggressively in any other way.

        • It seemed to me that you were making a case, not asking questions.

          If I’m mistaken, I apologize, but I still think the idea is pretty far-fetched.

          His calling her Michael was probably a mistake reading his teleprompter.

        • Dr. E., my ring finger is also longer than my index finger and I can at times be more aggressive than the average female, so I for one agree with what you explained above :)

  15. A Transsexual Transvestite from Transylvania!!!

    • You dispute the facts about the ring finger and height, point taken. But, do you have an adams apple or a scrapped adams apple? Too many secrets surrounding this clown act in d.c.

      • No, no adams apple for me, or my daughters. Very feminine. I could see some of the points in the video being valid, To my mind, the biggest thing that implies M is masculine is her behavior and general physical size, though not height alone.

  16. I’ve long wondered about this myself. Saw the second video a few days ago. Don’t know if she is or isn’t, but only these two could inspire so much speculation about their pasts.

  17. Agree with Dr Eown…well sort of. In a sex reassignment, the penis would have been removed or at the least, hormones given to develop female characteristics that would make the penis not useable for any play time activity. BUT…I see no indication that michelle has taken (or produced) any female hormones. Why would she want to be female when barry is gay? She can call herself anything she wants but he would want a man unaltered. And by the way, Chas Bono HAS had the entire process completed. he did an interview talking about having sex for the first time as a man (eww). But everyone missed another factor in the original report..how does one go from a football player at Oregon state to Princeton? That’s quite a leap…and that’s leaving out all the johns Hopkins part which I do not believe to be true…there has been no sex reassignment at JH or anywhere else…she is male, no doubt…but Princeton does not admit just anyone so if he/she had the grades and money to go to Princeton why would they have been at Oregon state? Somehow somewhere Michael/michelle found himself some serious connections or a sugar daddy to have pulled that one off.

  18. You guys remember “My Fair Lady” with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn from the 60′s? And this lively tune?

    Why can’t a woman be more like a man?
    Men have a penis, and nuts like pecans.
    But if you’re Micheal Obama, you certainly can!
    You can be sexy! Like a freak from Thailand!
    Use some pills and a scalpel, it sounds like a plan!
    You say you’re a woman, but you look like a man!

    • Oh my aren’t you clever! Excellent work, Sig94…..except I do not believe that Michael has had either piills OR scalpel (except for the adams apple of course). I cringe every time I read about our “beautiful and stylish first lady”…when the coup comes…and it will as it must…perhaps the invading army will document the equipment for all to see and we will know conclusively.

  19. Although I’m not a fan of the Obamas, I have found plenty of pictures of her as a baby, young girl, and young adult. At no time was she ever dressed any other way than as a female. That would mean that her parents would have had to have been confused as to whether their child was really a boy and then dressing her as a girl. I suspect that this is all hokie and should be ignored. People are simply too gullible and will believe anything especially if it’s a real hot rumor. And as far as Mr. Obama’s reference to a “Michael,” that could have been someone else that he was talking about since he didn’t say “my wife Michael and I” in that sentence. You know how clips get manipulated to make something sound different than what it really is…it happens all of the time.

    • “You know how clips get manipulated to make something sound different than what it really is…”

      Did you not read my post? I took pains to track down the TEXT of Barry’s speech on the White House website. It still says “Michael and I.” No manipulation there.

    • Could it be a Jamie Lee Curtis thing — born a guy but something went wrong — hermaphrodite with both organs — had to choose — they chose chic?

  20. Good job, Dr. Eowyn. I think no gender surgery happened because they are gay. S/he just loves to pretend. And as for the voice, there are guys who can maintain the high pitch forever.

    Check out Sy Rogers’ site. He was gay and going to be a tranny, but found Jesus and changed his mind. He is very-much hetero, married with kids, etc. He has a ministry to people who want to be rescued from that lifestyle/mindset through the power of Jesus. BUT his voice is high and lilting. He says it was his culture/upbringing, and he can’t change it.

    • Good point about the high voice, Ginger. I had wondered about why some sodomites lisp or speak in a hyper-effeminate voice that not even women today use, whether it’s innate or learned. So I researched on the web and found this article by Dr. Caroline Bowen, a speech-language pathologist. Turns out it’s all an affectation: Homosexuals who lisp and speak in an exaggerated effeminate way do so deliberately.


    • The only surgery could be breast implants. Some gay guys like playing dress up but still want their male member to be intact.

      I have seen some beautiful women who were in fact guys…they knew how to disguise their real gender so very well! Michelle needs to learn how to tuck better. I’m sure she/he could find someone in the gay community to help her/him to be a bit more polished.

      It astonishes me that even with having 22 aides to help her/him she/he still looks frumpy!

  21. If this is true, and I’m believing more and more that it is, then it makes sense of so many other things, such as the lack of pics and birth info of the two kids, and why a flaming homo who never showed any interest in girls at all would suddenly get married.

    It’s not that farfetched. I worked with someone for five years that I thought was a very attractive female. Later, multiple sources told me “she” was a “he” and I noticed an adam’s apple that I never paid any attention to before. Then a homo guy who worked there told me he had sex with “her.”

    The White House is going to need to be fumigated after O’s term.

  22. In the video “Irrefutable proof”….. michelle has an Adam’s apple…..

    A girlfriend and I fought with some folks on another blog when we mentioned that there were no photos of her being pregnant on line. Something that most parents do when they are first time parents…they take a photo of the belly bump.

    We said that the daughters were adopted also…..boy did we get flack!

    Glad to see that there are some other like minded folks out there!


  24. T’ain’t no dick. Itz a KOOOTIE TRAP and we should all be thankful itz there.

  25. Michelle/Michael had big connections with Jessie Jackson and Mayor Daley I read somewhere else. As for hands, I have very long fingers and it depends on which way i splay them as to whether or not the index and ring finger are the same. If I hold them straight forward and move out the pinkie, they are the same. If I let them lean with the pinkie, the index finger looks much shorter.

  26. have been suspicious for quite some time. This may be some of the “universe shattering” evidence that is coming soon. Remember how hard he worked for homos/trannies installing them in govt positions, making June for gays/trannies,(skipping Memorial Day tributes) the disgusting party in our Whitehouse and on and on……

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  28. Where’s her birth certificate?

  29. I don’t know whether she is transgender or not, but I do know that most transvestites are usually better looking than Michelle with a much finer eye for detail. They usually have exquisite taste in clothes. Michelle has worn some very beautiful clothes as first lady, but most of the time her style ranges from blah to ugh.

  30. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post, including your careful research. I find “Michael and I” most noteworthy, as well as the pictures. Clearly, in light of the lack of disclosure and transparency of the Obamas, anything is possible. Just exactly what are they covering up?

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  34. Heard of this, but yours is the best treatment I have seen: a very neutral, thoughtful well-balanced approach to a difficult topic. I appreciate that sort of thing. Good work. Will keep my eyes open and antennas up in the future.

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  37. Thanks for the excellent expose’ about Moochelle Ovomit. It’s too bad that the Democrat media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC) didn’t investigate this, but then, they wouldn’t be the Democrat media if they did. Your article brings to light a very real possibility, that Moochelle is really a man. And it’s not just the bulging crotch, but all the other manly traits that this hideous creature has. You’re right, there’s never been any pictures of a pregnant Moochelle. I suspect that Moochelle Ovomit’s kids, are just as much “her’s”, as Michael Jackson’s white children are really his. Thank you for your link to my blog, and I have given you a link back. Maybe some day, America will take seriously, the investigation of this very sneaky Barack Ovomit and his angry wife.

    • Thank you! May I know the source of the pic of Mooch-with-a-weenie in the aqua dress?

    • 29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

      30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

      31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

      32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

      • How are questions about Michelle’s biological gender “corrupt communication,” “grieve .. the holy Spirit of God,” “bitterness, wrath, anger, clamour, and evil speaking,” and “malice”?

        By your comment, what you are doing is to shut down all questions. I submit that your comment is “corrupt communication.”

      • You know Faye Brown, I appreciate your point of view and agree with you…but having said that…I think that this falls into the special case consideration. While there may have been cross dressing men in the time of Christ..I doubt very seriously that they were in positions of power and committing fraud and treason every day of their life just because of their dress or how they presented themselves. In my opinion, the Obamas have individually and collectively committed treason since the first day he/she/they appeared on the national scene. As such, I think honest discussion of intelligent adults would be not only allowable but encouraged. Our country is in deep deep trouble and only considerate, thinking men and women will MAYBE be able to pull it back from the edge of the abyss. Normally I would say sexuality is between you and your God…but in this case, I think it is a matter of national importance because the Commander in Chief is not only not a citizen, not even eligible to run for the office he currently holds, but demonstrates a hatred for anyone who is not like himself….he/she/they are committing fraud and treason every day they continue to occupy the white house, which by the way I own and would like to see them evicted. In that case, I do believe that Christ would grant us a bit more leeway to discuss the situation at hand. This is not GOSSIP….this is an intelligent discussion of a serious matter. We have been humiliated on the international stage by almost every move made by our “leader”…Michael is right up there too and as citizens who vote and pay taxes I think that we are allowed to know at least PART of the truth of these two occupiers. We the people demand some truth and that’s what this forum is all about. As I recall, Jesus was all about truth. I do not believe that anyone could create a case for Dr. Eowyn presenting anything but a thoughtful representation of facts and allowing a civilized discussion of a situation that could affect us all. In your shaming of this entire discussion, I believe one could correctly assume that you are in fact judging ALL OF US who have commented. So…shame on you. God bless us one and all but if you are not part of the solution, then I believe you are part of the problem. I could be wrong…but I doubt that I am.

        • Catherine … my use of scripture is never intended to shame or hinder a civilized discussion .. And I apologize if I have .. it’s just that so many seemed to be spending so much time in opinions of the physical … yet because those in office SHOULD be held in the highest of social example .. I can’t help but consider just what would be a perfect example of social standards which would satisfy the masses for one to lead and represent the American people .. would it began with a specific gender, color, Indian, Caucasian, Mexican, Negro, a specific religion, a slender or stout frame .. one language are versed in all language .. one gender, transgender, gay, straight, what perfection of standard could represent a world so versatile in their Nation of people .. Or would any of this matter if their hearts were truly humanitarians standing for the overall good and equality of all people .. something that seemed to have been lacking in sooo many holding this office … but since it seems there would be no clear satisfying physical choice of perfection, what good does it do to mock, ridicule or belittle any because of a physical difference .. if the veil was removed from mainstream eyes and we saw intelligent species of all shapes, multi-gender, color and sizes .. where would such a mind set stand … how would their hearts find their unity of oneness … I would think a unity of oneness would began with the acceptance of all in their uniqueness as an individual people .. Loving and caring one for the other, without victimizing any without prejudice ..

      • Dr Eowyn you are very observant.. I think I can solve the gender issue of Michelle Obama. By DNA proof. Her/ his DNA should match that of my 3 sons by Michael.

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  39. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    And this one is all KINDS of interesting!

  40. I believe this is possible and have. However, I AM a female with a longer ring finger .I have had gene testing for a blood cancer and I AM a 100% female kerotype!! I am by no means male.

    • It’s not just the ring finger it’s the sum total of all the physical characteristics that cause Michael to stand out amongst women. It’s the broad shoulders, it’s the bone structure of his brow, it’s the man’s knees and upper thighs. It’s the penis visible underneath her dress…It’s plain as day to me, she’s a man.

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  44. (the video above of M. O.)

    What really seems strange (to me) as a perhaps (mother) …why would she stand away from her children? …I found that rather weird and very unnatural! Also young children give full body hugs… the oldest had her leg sticking out as if she did not want to get any closer…

  45. I’ll never look at them the same. I’m on board with this bombastic hoax.

  46. As much as I’m up for believing anything negative about this abominable pair, her monstrously disproportionate waist, hips, pelvis and thighs look to be 100% African female to me.

  47. Well I for one am not surprised. I think it’s true. He/she/it ??? does not move like any girl I have ever seen and knowing Barry’s fondness for males it now makes perfect sense. Could this be part of Sheriff Joe’s info that is supposed to come out. The both of the Obamas always look like the cat that ate the canary, like they are pulling something over….I guess they were. Simply disgusting and gross, truly hell sent individuals.

  48. Hi

    About a month ago I sent an email out to my list of about one hundred people, claiming that Michelle Obama was a transsexual. I had viewed the now banned YouTube video about this and when I saw that your website carried this story, I decided to send out the email because I respect your website.

    In the last four weeks I have thought much about this issue and I have discovered the following:

    > Barack Obama’s reference to “Michael and I” is not conclusive evidence of anything.

    > The incriminating picture of Michelle Obama’s crotch at the Democratic Convention cannot be found in the corresponding video.

    > Michelle Obama’s brother, who she has interviewed with on at least one occasion, which can be seen on YouTube, is the spitting image of her.

    > Her hair is real and is not receding like you would expect for a fifty year old male. Rather it is voluminous, as you would expect for a fifty year old female. Michelle Obama was born in 1964.

    > The following web page that you link to which has been constructed by the blogger you cite, Matthew B. Glosser, is part of a spoof website which can be determined by reading the entire web page carefully, including the comments:


    There are too many red flags to mention.

    > The picture of Michelle Obama graduating from university, which is available on the internet, is clearly one of a female who bears a strong resemblance to the Michelle Obama of today.

    I have just issued a retraction to my list admitting that Michelle Obama is not a transsexual.

    If you don’t want people to think that you are a disinformation agent, you should issue a retraction about Michelle Obama being a transsexual. She is not.

    • Andrew Mackinnon,

      You do what you want with your blog, but please stop issuing commands on how I run my blog. I’m retracting nothing. What I did in this post is to present the arguments and purported evidence out there. Note that this post’s title ends in a question mark, “Michelle Obama is a transexual?” Note that I also clearly stipulated that I don’t know if the rumor is true and that readers must make up their own minds. The video being now banned also should tell you something. It contained no obscenity or vulgarity, and yet YouTube banned it. One should ask why.

      As for “Her hair is real and is not receding like you would expect for a fifty year old male. Rather it is voluminous, as you would expect for a fifty year old female. Michelle Obama was born in 1964,” you really don’t know much about negroid (anthropological term) hair, do you. The ever-changing hair styles you see on Mooch are wigs. Just look at the hairline.

      That last bit about FOTM being “disinformation agent” is hilarious. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You really should consider stand-up comedy.

      I and the other 5 FOTM contributors must be the poorest “disinformation agents” in the world because we’re paid $0 (zero). The fact is we’re so principled, FOTM intentionally does not carry commercial ads, which means all of us make a big fat ZERO for our unpaid public service to God and country every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year, for 4.5 years now. But then I really don’t expect you to understand that.

      Come to think of it, you may be a disinformation agent yourself! (See, I can throw malicious scurrilous accusations around as adroitly as you.)


        Somewhat talented, but broke disinformation agent willing to concoct all manner of falsehoods and kooky conspiracy theories looking for work! Want a puff piece on your favorite politician? I’m your man! Want to discredit honest and reliable researchers? Call me now! Nothing is too low for me. I’ll play the race card! I’ll circumvent all logic and evidence to “prove” any point you want! Special discount to Democrats and useful idiots!

      • I replied to your post above on the same day of 26th May, 2014 but filed it in the wrong place below. I want people to know, as my post below indicates, that I don’t believe that you’re a disinformation agent. As you’re aware from already having read my post below, my post above doesn’t claim that you’re a disinformation agent.

        Regarding this issue of Michelle Obama’s gender, I wanted to write to you today, Dr Eowyn, and say this. Your photograph above of Michelle’s hair in your comment posted on 5th May, 2014, which does look very much like a wig, has unnerved me. It is actually quite possible that the following web page you reference above in your article was actually deliberately set up to make the idea of Michelle Obama being a transsexual appear to be a hoax after people expressed concern about her gender in earlier years such as 2009, as I have seen on the internet, such as in Yahoo Answers dated 2009. The web page below is obviously dated later – 2011. I know that the occult, which is quite possibly behind the following webpage, often goes to extraordinary lengths to perpetrate deception:


        The above website is quite clearly a spoof website and the photograph of the footballers is clearly photoshopped. I’m not trying to win an argument about this website above but it would be good if we could come to a mutual understanding about it.

        Regarding the true state of Michelle Obama’s gender, I have resigned myself to the fact that I don’t feel I have enough evidence to prove that she is a transsexual. For me, this is one of those uncertain subjects which is best left alone by me. My powers of observation and discernment are probably not powerful enough to tackle this subject.

        I can well understand your position on this subject, Dr Eowyn, especially since you have posted the video above of Barack Obama referring to “Michael and I”. That is very intriguing indeed.

        It would be extremely helpful if you could provide links to the source of photographs of Michelle Obama that you believe show her to be wearing a wig, if it’s convenient for you to spend that time.

        I was pretty clinical with my earlier two comments but I want you to know, Dr Eowyn, that I honestly really appreciate what you’ve done with this website. Your article exposing the use of amputee crisis actors in the obviously staged Boston Marathon bombing was brilliant. I sent a link to that article together with testimony from Dr Stanley Monteith, the retired orthopaedic surgeon with 35 years experience, to many people. It was extremely compelling.

        Thanks a lot, which is what I didn’t say in my previous comments. Given the fantastic changes that we’re starting to see, such as David Brat defeating Eric Cantor in the recent Virginian election, your website is obviously making a dramatically positive impact.

        • “the source of photographs of Michelle Obama that you believe show her to be wearing a wig,”


          I would have to spend time I don’t have to track down the source. I do distinctly remember that the photo was published in a standard news source, probably Daily Mail. And thank you for the kind words about FOTM. :)

  49. At the end of the day, the facts sum to the Obamination & family being a very strange subset of what we have come to understand as a reasonably normal executive family.

    Yes, other Presidents have had their imbroglios and peccadilloes, but he takes the fruitcake for overall weirdness, from birth to this day. I believe this is a fair summing and statement of what we know for certain about a very uncertain personality.

  50. Dr. Eowyn

    I am telling you the facts in a clinical manner. I am not trying to win friends and influence people (which is perhaps a weakness of mine).

    I am absolutely not saying that you are a disinformation agent. I am clearly saying that if you don’t want people to THINK you are a disinformation agent, you should issue a retraction. I am implying that if you don’t want your credibility to be compromised, you should issue a retraction.

    I was taken in by this hoax of Michelle Obama being a transsexual before I even viewed your article above. I just hadn’t told anybody about it yet. I am not blaming your article above for my mistake in sending an email out about it. I am simply telling you what happened.

    The incriminating photograph of Michelle Obama’s crotch in the blue/green dress at the 2008 Democratic Convention is photoshopped because this image cannot be found in the corresponding video.

    I would not be surprised if Barack Obama deliberately referred to “Michael and I” in his speech that you cite in your article above in order to give credibility to the false story of blogger, Matthew B. Glosser, about “Michael Obama” at the following website which you link to:


    There is absolutely no doubt that this is a spoof website pretending to be a Christian website. If you spend ten minutes reading over it, this becomes readily apparent. The red flags are all over it. It was foolish of me not to check this website out carefully before falling for this hoax. You are annoyed because you think that I am deliberately implying that it was foolish of you to not check it out, but I’m not deliberately implying that. What I am saying is that I feel stupid, though lately I have gotten used to it.

    Barack Obama needed to take the heat out of all the people rightly claiming back in earlier years after his election in 2008 that he wasn’t eligible to become the president of the United States of America because he was born overseas, probably in Kenya. He obviously hasn’t provided a legitimate, authentic birth certificate to date proving that he was born in Hawaii as he claims he was. The birth certificate he has provided is fake.

    So it is quite possible that it was decided to create this hoax about Michelle Obama being a transsexual in order to discredit the people complaining about his place of birth, if they ended up falling for this hoax. People who think that this whole scenario of creating this hoax is too fantastical don’t know how the current office of the President of the United States of America operates. It operates based on one fabrication after another.

    Very few people fell for the hoax. It lay dormant for a couple of years. Then along comes somebody stupid like me who is a bit frayed around the edges and who doesn’t check the sources. Idiot that I am, I fell for it. I’m talking about me.

    Regarding the twenty-plus minute, banned YouTube video about Michelle Obama being a transsexual, it may have been flagged by one or more people in the truth movement who recognised that is was disinformation and who didn’t want to see other people in the truth movement falling for it and being discredited. In any case, it cannot be argued that because it was banned, it must be true. This is simply not logically valid. I am not trying to pointed criticise you by saying this. I am simply making an important point.

    I honestly respect your website. It reflects very well on you that you have posted my comment above, rather than blocking it. I understand if you think that I am criticising you but I really am not. It is obvious that you’re interested in the truth, otherwise you wouldn’t have allowed my comment.

    I don’t like the fact that I fell for this hoax. It reflects very badly on me and calls into question my ability to discern truth from falsehood. However, it is very important to get to the bottom of this issue, hence my comment above and this comment. I think that these will show a lot of other people just how easy it is to be taken in by a hoax if the proper due diligence of scrutinising it carefully is neglected.

    The truth movement is making enormous progress. It’s important to fully admit mistakes that I make such as believing this hoax about Michelle Obama being a transsexual, which is designed to discredit the truth movement, because none of us want to see our progress being impeded. I don’t care if making this admission reflects badly on me. In the medium to long term, it strengthens the truth movement. The politicians rarely admit when they get it wrong, do they. That’s a full-stop, not a question mark. We need to admit when we get it wrong. Only with the truth can we progress.

    I’m really sorry that you got taken in by this hoax like I did. I really am. Politicians whose daily bread and butter is lying don’t admit when they get it wrong. But we are different. We know we’re not invincible and we admit when we get it wrong.

    Then everybody benefits.

    Some people only get it wrong very infrequently like you. Other people like me have started to make a bad habit of it.

    Maybe this whole rigmarole will teach me to check my sources carefully. This hoax of Michelle Obama being a transsexual is disinformation 101. They’re playing hard-ball – putting out false information to trip us up.

    Onward and upward and best wishes to you.

    • Thank you for the clarification, Andrew. I’m leaving this post up, as a historical record. And the question mark at the end of the post title also stays.

      Best wishes.

      • traildustfotm

        Agreed! And the question mark stands, not only as a defense of our blog, but as a demand for answers from Washington, DC. There are too many deceptions surrounding this president.

        • Thank you, TD. Whether these rumors are true or false, they are a testament to the total absence of trust many Americans have in Obama — a distrust that is well-founded in his secretiveness, lies and deception.

          • Think of the slogan of the Israeli Mossad….”by way of deception thou shall do war.” Deception is hostile by it’s very nature and Obama is deceiving America. The American media are his co-conspirators and the spiritual descendants of Doctor Joseph Goebbels in that they gaslight the American people in order to cover for Obama.

      • One doesn’t have to rely on any phony pictures or articles to wonder about this. The video footage of Michelle herself playing football or doing a workout is enough to make one reasonably wonder.

  51. Michelle is a tranny in my opinion furthermore her friends Venus and Serena Williams are two transsexuals whipping the tar out of real female Olympic and professional tennis players. Could you imagine the fallout that would occur if there was a professional sport traditionally dominated by Black women and two White transsexuals came along and started whooping all the women and collecting all the prize monies and accolades? You can bet the ranch that somebody would have pipped up about it by now but being that Serena and Venus are two Black transsexuals whipping the tar out of White female professional athletes it’s deemed “correct” therefore not cheating.

  52. Is she or isn’t she? Maybe Air Force One is complicit. Let them go through TSA and the world will know.

  53. Damntherebstupidpeopleontheinterwebs

    Fellowship of the stupid.

    • Actually, “Damn…”, I beg to differ. Given that you made up an email address that contains the words “EataDick” and “yourmoms,” it’s you whose IQ is in the single-digit percentile.

      • I think this creep is the same troll who went along the comments and gave a ‘thumb down’ to them. We don’t know if s/he can read or write: s/he may just dictate their offal to someone to put down and send. “For it matters not what goes into one’s mouth, but rather what comes out of it.”

    • Normally this is where I would tell you to go blow yourself, troll.

      But I don’t think they make tweezers that small.


  54. To the guy who said MO had voluminous hair. Michelle Obama wears Great Lengths extensions on her hair (or s/he may have access to an even finer brand of hair extensions). That is how s/he got those bangs and that is what many wealthy women use on their hair. It is voluminous–the extensions are made of Remy hair–and bonded on to one’s hair near the scalp. S/he also wears wigs for some of her updos. Most celebrities and peeps on television wear extensions these days.
    She does have voluminous armpits–those are real.

  55. Who cares where it get’s it’s hair done or where it buys it’s wigs and extensions? Look at the bone structure of it’s brows and see how the brow paint mismatches the brow bone structure and you don’t have to be Rue Paul to know that the First Lady has a ten inch penis hanging out of her dress!

  56. I was wondering where crazy Nan Nan was getting her First Lady is Tranny from… lmao. Bunch of nuts in here. Funny thing is you still booted Nancy. She’s even to out there for this place. And Mike, you unfortunately had the wrong name. nancy thinks everyone who speaks against her crazy rants on social media is her ex husband Mike… and well you even have his name. Funny stuff. You were smart to get rid of her… but really, reading over all the ideas in here (the way someone stands facing or not facing their children makes you a transexxual, please.) And trust me, the government would never cover this up. proof could and would be found and the right wing would crucify the pres. Again, it’s so funny to me that a post like this could not accept nancy (nfigit) and her crazy ramblings.

  57. To the appropriately self-named “zero”:

    Being called “nuts” by a narcissistic arrogant “useful idiot” like you is a signal honor.

  58. lmao Doc… yea.. I get that alot.

  59. First of all, I despise this person as much as you or anyone. But answer me this, how is it that both girls resemble both her and obama? Is it possible she used a surrogate? But even then, she would still have to provide the “female eggs”. So, as I said, while I despise this person for a whole host of reasons, I don’t think I quite buy into this——unless it happened after the two girls were born. Just my opinion.

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  64. I say that Michelle is a man.I am not 100% sure of it but I am sure that Barack is a spermburper.

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  66. It makes perfect sense given the times we find ourselves in. She’s transgender and Obama is definitely had a gay past amongst his mysterious and all so secret past.

    BTW – Serena Williams is the other fraud posing as a female.

  67. I believe Serena Williams is one too. She blows Mooch out of the water with those biceps of hers! However, considering all the many photos of her in skintight/skimpy bathing suits, I would say that she has gone all the way and had the useless appendage removed.

  68. Anne. You are a hermaphodite and so is your husband and children. Please do the research. Yes you can have children although you are a hermaphadite. Look up hormone and estrogen in babies development regarding fingers. Sorry but your parents hide it from you. I know because it happened to me.

    See more Pictures at:

    Joan Rivers claims very MATTER-A-FACT that Obama IS gay and Michelle IS transgender and it should be obvious to those with fully functioning braincells, HER STATEMENT WAS NOT SAID AS A JOKE OR INSULT.
    Joan Rivers has a great deal of respect for “gay” people and a huge advocate of alternative lifestyles. – She appeared annoyed by the hypocrisy within the media – HER COMMENT WAS OUTING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – as many of the media she believes “ALL KNOW” THE TRUTH .

    July 3, 2014
    AFTER she officiated a GAY MARRIAGE in NYC.

    P: Do you think the county will see the first GAY president
    or the first woman president ?

    JR: Well, we already have it with OBAMA -
    so let’s just calm down.

    P: Got it.

    JR: YOU KNOW Michelle is a TRANNY.

    P: I’m sorry she’s a what ?

    JR: A transgender. WE ALL KNOW.

    P: Oh my gosh.

    JR: It’s O.K . . .What’s it matter ?

    Super Freak Scandalous Satire from Michelle and Obama –

    A collection of scandalous twisted politically incorrect everyday photos can be humorous when in the right frame of mind of Michelle and Barrack Obama collected from the internet. Warning ADULT CONTENT.

    See more at:

  70. This could also explain the flagrant audacity in all of the executive orders Obama has been signing. His handlers can make him do virtually anything if blackmailing him with his spouse’s past. He’s probably at the point now where he just doesn’t care and would like to come clean so his handlers have had to resort to narcotics dependency and possibly death threats. Of course this is all just speculation and theory.

    • traildustfotm

      “Of course this is all just speculation and theory.”

      Funny how these theories no longer seem so far fetched.
      Great points, Jim.

  71. The frustrating thing is that some naysayers will still claim that when Obama is referring to “Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael, and your son Jack”, that he’s referring to Admiral Mullen, Mullen’s wife Deborah, Mullen’s son Michael and Mullen’s son Jack, rather than Admiral Mullen, Mullen’s wife Deborah, Michelle “Michael” Obama, and Mullen’s son Jack.

    The Connecticut birth certificate makes this a logical impossibility!!

    • You know your comment might have some small grain of logic in it…except for one indisputable fact. This administration lives and dies with the teleprompter. The man can’t give his correct address unless it appears on the teleprompter. Actually, this man can’t find his ass in the dark with both hands, a flashlight and a yahoo map but that’s a whole other discourse…back to the teleprompter…did the prez mis read the teleprompter? Did it say “Michael” in reference to the admiral’s son who was there? MAYBE…but frankly at this point I think that logic is completely wasted on anything the obamas do, say, think or feel…and if there is a logical explanation, discard it immediately because it is wrong. he said MICHAEL….referring to michelle…and I believe that this was not the first time he had done so. Freudian slip? Maybe. I doubt it.

  72. Woah

    This is a particularly telling moment, because Obama chooses to call his wife “Michael” right smack in the middle of addressing the honoree, Admiral Mullen, and his family:

    Most of all, Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael, and I also want to also acknowledge your son Jack, who’s deployed today. All of you have performed extraordinary service to our country.

    …even though the First Lady was not, in fact, actually at this event. HOW STRANGE!

    And on top of that, you forgot to mention Admiral Mullen’s own son Michael, who actually was there!

    Try as I might, I just cannot come up with any sort of simple and obvious explanation for this blatant and revealing gaffe. Its not like your President could have been including the name of the good Admirals son in the list with the other members of his family, right?

    No no the simple explanation is that your President left out the Admiral Mullen’s son Micheal who was there, and instead was talking about his wife who wasn’t. Phew, things make so much sense when you think birther. NOT.

    • No, I totally get this. When he says “Michael,” he’s not referring to Michael Mullens (who is there) but Michelle Obama (who is not) because teleprompter. Also, Benghazi.

  73. It only needs a couple of strands of hair, the odd nail clipping or a saliva sample on a drinking cup to work out whether he/she is carrying XX or XY sex chromosomes. DNA tests these days are extremely sensitive and probably 99.999% reliable. Surely a hairdresser, manicurist, kitchen hand, waiter or somebody else to have gotten close enough to procure a sample of anything like the above? And provided a definitive answer. But BO’s speech does leave me perplexed, as do all the other loose ends, esp. the birth certs.
    I wonder what really is going on?

    • Or, you know, her being a female woman who looks like a woman to anyone that’s not a raving nutter, and who gave birth to two children, spent her entire life as a woman, and all that.

      But I do admit that the speech that Michelle Obama was not at, where Obama referred to Michael Mullen as “Michael”, is certainly perplexing.

      • hcvisigoth…

        If you have any proof that Michelle gave birth to the two daughters, I’d be interested in what you have! The only pics I have seen is Michelle and Barry standing beside a baby….. This isn’t proof she gave birth! It could be proof though of when they adopted the baby.

        • Er, other than normal garden variety “what you are proposing is utterly ridiculous” kind of proof, no. So, enjoy. I’m out.

    • DNA tests are not 99.999% reliable. More like 70 percent at best (research grade) and 50-60 percent for usual work. I have experience in this (computational geneticist). Also, a 46-XY karotype analysis would not discriminate an XY-female or XX-male (naturally occurring instances).

  74. @hcvisigoth,

    Oh…. Your comment sounded as if you had some sort of proof that Michelle gave birth to her daughters and that Michelle was definitely a woman….

    I don’t think it’s totally ridiculous to ask for proof of your statement you made with utter conviction as if it was the truth. You call people nutters for perhaps believing that Michelle is not a woman…..

    That is what I would call ridiculous…..

    • No, it’s pretty much how the bulk of the planet deals with reality. We figure that extreme theories without any proof are in fact extreme unproven theories, and that commonplace occurrences are what they appear to be without requiring extraordinary proof.

      For example: without ever having met you other than in this fine forum, I am perfectly willing to believe that you were not adopted by a transsexual. I do not require that you provide me with a timestamped photo of you popping out of your mom’s whatzit. Unless you want, to, of course. I do not judge.

      Most people (statistically, all people, in fact) extend the same courtesy to the first lady.

      • Welcome to the site, hevisigoth. Please spend a few hours reading the various postings here before passing judgement.

      • Trannies aren’t “extreme theories”, they are a demographic. That Michael Obama is a tranny is hardly a “extreme theory”, they exist in all walks of life and in every geographical local except maybe Saudi Arabia and a few other Islamic states. By they way, is it merely coincidence that Michael Obama never visited Saudi Arabia with his husband Barry? They don’t fool around over there do they? Having a dick and wearing a dress gets you the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, that’s why Michael doesn’t go along on those trips. You won’t see the Saudi Arabians, the Egyptians, Yemenis or the Pakistanis extending any courtesy to the (roflmfao) “First Lady” because they have serious prejudices against transvestites. Slapping two young girls next to Michael doesn’t automatically imply that he birthed them in the usual way.

        • “‘Trannies’ exist’” is not an extreme theory.

          “Michelle Robinson Obama, who to 99.99999999999999% of the planet is clearly a female, has left a substantial documentary trail of her existence from birth to date on the aforementioned planet as a female, has to no evidence to the contrary given birth to two children, has otherwise maintained the charade of a cisgendered female, and has weathered scrutiny in state and national elections assayed by her husband to now become First Lady of the United States of America, without any domestic or foreign intelligence agency, press organization, political ally or opponent of Barack Obama, or–let us cut to the chase–anyone on the planet other than a brave band of keyboard warriors who coincidentally have a noticeably obsessive sociopolitical axe to grind against her husband, discovering the RIll and SHOCKING Truth, is a ‘trannie’” is an extreme theory.

          • How much thin air did it take for you to pluck that “99.99999″ statistic from? There’s also no photographic evidence that Michael birthed those children in the usual way.

        • Thank you, Mike; I will!

        • It is true that Mooch had never accompanied Barry in his trips to Arabic countries. Excellent point, Patrick!

      • Putting all this bantering aside…..why on earth would you ever believe ANYTHING that comes from the mouth of either of the O’s? Obama has lied from before he was ever elected and continues to do so to this day. As a matter of fact, he lies more and more the longer he is in office. Is this something, in good conscience, you are ALSO willing to dispute? If so, I think somewhere on this site there is a very concise and validated list of each and every lie this usurper has told from day one. This will gladly be supplied to you upon request.

        As for me, it doesn’t take me year upon year of hearing lies emanating from the same pair of lips, to come to the logical conclusion that this man is a liar and has absolutely no credibility what so ever.

    • By the way, by “whatzit” I meant “automobile arriving home from the hospital.” I realized after posting that there was room for misinterpretation here.

  75. A wig makes one a tranny? Our forefathers wore them, you know. Fingers absolutely prove that one is a tranny? Not! Bulges near a woman’s crotch, now what could that be? Maybe her time of the month? Just maybe? You are a rotten, evil person. Your insinuations are a disgrace. The God you serve friend is not Christ, in fact you use him like a too or weapon. Shame!

    • June Layton, age 69, of Minneapolis, MN:

      You are so seething with rage that you can’t even properly comprehend what you read:

      1. “A wig makes one a tranny?”
      I dare you to point to anyone actually saying that. The pic of Mooch wearing a wig was in response to a commenter who thinks s/he has a full lustrous head of hair.

      2. “Fingers absolutely prove that one is a tranny?”
      Again and again, I stated to commenters that the length of fingers is NOT a necessary condition (what you call “absolute proof”) of a person’s gender, but it can be ONE of the indicators.

      3. “Bulges near a woman’s crotch…”
      Once again, Mooch’s crotch bulge is one of the visual signs that ALTOGETHER suggest she’s not a biological female. But I do find it fascinating that, whereas I retain my skepticism, YOU however fully acknowledge her crotch bulge. Too funny.

      As for “You are a rotten, evil person”: So in Obama’s Amerika, merely asking questions makes me “a rotten, evil person”? You really are in the wrong place and time, for you would be a perfect “useless idiot” in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Maoist China.

    • June….
      “Maybe her time of the month?” You ask……

      IMHO…that would be one heck of a big sanitary napkin she’s wearing if it shows through like that! She better get to an ER , ASAP, cause she’s hemorrhaging!

      So we ask….is it a sanitary napkin or what…Depends?

  76. I believe the science of human anatomy on this one. The person who put that together provided a convincing scientific analysis between the anatomy of men compared to women…..you can’t make that stuff up.

  77. Or……maybe she had her period and was wearing one of those thick old-fashioned sanitary towels! Those things always did stick out like that when I was a young girl and I got caught in the wind on a blustery day. Had the same bulge!!! :o

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