Monday funnies!








7 responses to “Monday funnies!

  1. Good ones, on their merry way to my Long List!

  2. Love these! especially #3! :D

    • Eowyn, you have no idea how funny the last one is to me. I would expect to most men also.
      Big boy toys tend to be on the expensive side. Let’s just say to keep a peaceful and harmonious home front, we umm, umm, let’s just say we
      Lie thru our ever lovin teeth. LOL

  3. Reblogged this on Black Women Have It Going On and commented:
    This is funny!

  4. HA HA HA! I really needed this! Thanks! Got my week off to a great start! Sometimes it’s just plain therapy to laugh at the BIG things—b/c then we know for sure that everything else (the little things) don’t even matter ;)

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