What killed Elisa Lam, whose body rotted for 2 weeks in a hotel water tank?


This post, especially the surveillance video at the end, will unnerve you. Make your own judgment as to what happened to Elisa Lam, but note that the title of this post is “What killed Elisa Lam,” not “Who killed Elisa Lam”.

Elisa Lam

On February 19, 2013, the body of Elisa Lam (pic above), a 21-year-old college student from Vancouver, Canada, was found in a gigantic water tank on the roof of Cecil Hotel, a rundown hotel in Los Angeles’ tenderloin district which marketed itself as cheap lodging for international tourists but also rented rooms to long-term residents.

Cecil Hotel2Cecil Hotel1

The young woman had traveled alone to California for tourism, arriving on January 27. Reportedly in daily contact with her parents in Vancouver, Lam was last seen by hotel employees on January 31, which meant her body had been in the water tank for more than two weeks.

Indeed, for two weeks guests at the Cecil Hotel had complained of low water pressure and a foul taste in the water. After the discovery of Lam’s body, L.A. County health officials at first issued a do-not-drink order. After conducting two tests of the water, officials declared the water was safe from a “microbiological standpoint.” Chlorine in the water probably killed any bacteria in the tank where Lam’s body was found. 

On June 20, 2013, Los Angeles Coroner’s Lt. Fred Corral said Lam’s body had no signs of trauma indicating foul play, and ruled her death “an accident with bipolar disorder listed as a significant condition,” without elaborating what “significant condition” meant. Toxicology tests found nothing that contributed to her death. Authorities have not said how they believe Lam got into the tank. She had simply “accidentally drowned.”

But as you can see from the pictures below of the hotel’s water tanks, how Lam could have climbed up to the top of the 8-foot tall, 4-foot diameter tank, pushed aside the lid, “accidentally” fell into the tank, then put the lid back on and “accidentally drowned” defies a rational explanation.  For an assailant to drag her  body up to the top of the tank would be even more difficult.

The only ways to get to the roof are via a fire escape and a locked door to which only employees have access. The door is equipped with an alarm system that notifies hotel personnel if someone is on the roof.

Cecil Hotel water tanksCecil Hotel water tanks1

The hotel has a checkered and rather spooky history, including: 

  • “Night Stalker” serial killer Richard Ramirez, who died of cancer June 7 while on death row for 13 slayings in the 1980s, had lived on the hotel’s 14th floor for several months in 1985.
  • In 1962, a female occupant jumped out of a hotel window, killing herself and a pedestrian.

Before the discovery of her body, police searching for Lam had released a surveillance video of the hotel elevator, showing her behaving oddly — pushing buttons for multiple floors, peering out of the elevator, stepping in and out of the elevator, waving her arms, and seemingly trying to hide herself in a corner. The video triggered widespread speculation and conspiracy theories about her death on the Internet in the U.S., Canada, and especially in China, where the video went viral.

Warning: The video is disturbing, more so than a horror movie because it’s not a movie. Please watch the video till the end, even after Lam had exited the elevator. Tell me if you see movement in the wall of the elevator, including a face. I’m not joking.

Sources: USA Today; CBS News; L.A. Times; CNNVigilant Citizen.


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  1. Who the heck is she playing hide-and-seek with? (Well, if we knew that… )

  2. Chilling to think this was her behavior just before she died! But the face, if there is one, is indistinct. I’m wondering if we’re just looking through a lens that hasn’t been cleaned.

    There is an odd shift in the last phase with the door closed, and almost a facial movement like a blink. What makes it really strange is the proximity, in time, to her death.

  3. are those ison meteors i’m seeing above ???

    • It’s snow flakes. :D

      WordPress gives us snow flakes during the Christmas season, beginning appropriately at Advent. Not that WordPress knows that. I imagine they’d be beside themselves if they knew. LOL

  4. what’s with all the hand motions outside of the elevator?

  5. I think that I see what you mean – there’s a blurriness that starts around the 3 minute mark, becomes more “facelike” around 3:10 ?
    I think that it’s just some distortion due to reflection of the lights off of the metal door – it disappears as the door reopens .

    • Good hypothesis, Angela!

      But I see “movement” in the elevator’s wall with the door opened AND closed, although there’s more “movement” when the door is closed. The latter is especially curious since no one is in the elevator, therefore there’s no motion inside the elevator. In other words, we have a constant inside the empty elevator when the door is closed. So why would there be variations in the “reflection of the lights off of the metal door”?

      • It’s a cheap hotel – you can hypothesize that the light fixture was old and erratic, perhaps an old fluorescent tube that was pulsating ?

  6. What do I click on to get the video??


  7. Doc, as for the stuff on the wall… I saw it but I am sure it could be explained by lighting or something else. I am not a science guy so I don’t really know. But as for the way she started acting shortly before the 2 minute mark… People can think what they want but she doesn’t look like a drug user who is “tripping” to me. She appears to have become an unwilling host for something really bad. There is a world out there that most have never seen and hopefully most never will. I saw glimpses of it when I studied at the Seminary. I’d be willing to at least entertain the idea that there was some sort of demonic possession involved here. I am not saying that’s what happened, but my mind is open to that possibility. Either way, whether it was a staff member who drugged her and drown her or something much tougher to quantify, we should pray for this young woman and her family.

    • Thank you, Dean.

      Our Lord Jesus the Christ spoke of the devil (who had the audacity to actually tempt the Son of God) and cast out demons from the possessed during His time on Earth. As His followers, why would we think demonic entities don’t exist? Padre Pio, now Saint Pio, once said that if we humans could “see,” we would see that the air above and around us are teeming with demons. (I, for one, am glad we are spared from seeing them.) Of course, the air above and around us are even more teeming with the good Angels, including our precious Guardian Angels right by each one of us.

      Thank you for reminding me/us to pray for this poor woman. I will offer this morning’s Mass intentions for the repose of Elisa Lam’s soul.

    • It’s harder to quantify that someone drugged her and drowned her? So everyone in the world knows there is definitely substances on this earth that can alter a persons behaviour and we also know that if humans get water in their lungs they drown. Yet you believe that it’s quite ‘clearly’ a case of demonic possession? So we have a 21 year old travelling on her own, staying in the street drug centre of the city acting strangely in a lift, dancing on her own. A 4 minute clip of nothing but her and an elevator, a body with no clothes in a water tank on top of a rotten hotel. Without a doubt the work of a demon. I hope you pick up the sarcasm.

  8. It almost looks like a movie being shown on the wall. You can see distinct objects and people. At first I thought she was hiding from someone or trying to locate their position. Maybe she was afraid to let them know what floor she lived on. It seems she might have been trying to force the door closed with the button.
    Poor child, how sad.

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  10. Dr. Eowyn,

    I have actually heard of this previously, read a rather extensive and rambling article on it among other things, linking her to an outbreak of special resistant TB in the area, also curiously, back in ’05 there was one big name movie which had a death depicted in this same fashion, it’s title was “Dark Water” it’s plot line involves a girl whose corpse was located in a hotel’s water tank, surprise surprise. In a nutshell the writer of the article was suggesting she was used to spread the new resistant TB strain. I am unsure of how much “stock” to put in the notion, although the “outbreak” took place within half a mile, or so I read. (Connected also apparently because there is a TB test which is a Lam-elisa test)

    Given the nearly verbatim scenario similarity to the movie, many are speculating this was a ritualized killing, although for what purpose varies. As it now stands disinfo and misinfo is parroted across the ‘net making it very hard to get a clear story on the whole thing. What we do know: the hotel sometimes hosts “international guests” which makes it a likely spot for puppets of evil to congregate in, at least on occasion. The hotel was host to other nasty things in the past, it has a “history”. I know very little of lam or what her jobs were etc. that information might be pertinant to this whole thing.

    Also how can the coroner be in a position to say much with regards to drugs if the body was badly decomposed? (Not to say that she was on drugs, but rather subjected to, perhaps, or a poison of some manner) These things break down after awhile, even in deceased persons. Also her interactions could be construed as speaking to someone who may be aware of the camera, and is purposely staying out of view. I shall link the long rambly article here, I don’t necessarily endorse all that is said, but rather post the link for research purposes: http://www.tribwatch.com/elisaLam.htm Suffice it to say that the whole event is strange, especially with regards to the movie matching almost verbatim in many aspects. Perhaps finding out exactly who was living in the hotel at the time might be of use, as well as establishing what ms. lam’s employment was, as well as just what she was visiting in the area.

    • Interesting thoughts, Seumas.

    • Thanks, Seumas. Vigilant Citizen also addressed the movie “Dark Water”. Lam was a college student; no mention if she had a job. She was in California as a tourist, on her way to San Diego. I do think a 21-year-old woman traveling ALONE from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Los Angeles, reportedly using public transportation — is rather unusual. As for whether this was a “ritual killing,” I have no idea. In my post, I tried to stick to the FACTS we are told, and to ask questions.

      Your point about toxicology tests on a corpse that’s been rotting in water for 2 weeks is excellent!

  11. Not only do I see the face, but it travels. I also do not find it indistinct. You must rent the movie, “Devil.” This movie reflects the same – an evil face. We are in a daily spiritual warfare. That is a fact. There is a reason God chose to give each one of us a very powerful and excellent Guardian Angel, notwithstanding the protection we receive from St. Michael and all of the other warrior angels, and the saints as well.

  12. whatever it was on the elevator wall was obscure….. no matter if it was a reflection or a demonic presence. what we need to keep in mind is that these entities from other dimensions are beginning to manifest all over the planet, (especially in the heavens). the veil is being lifted or torn if you will, and very soon their presence will no longer be a guessing game or fodder for skeptics. be thankful that you have knowledge of such things. and be especially thankful knowing that you have authority over these beasts and are able to cast them out in Jesus’s name. i often think how frightening it will be for unbelievers who won’t even know what they are seeing in front of their very own eyes. of course we will all need to have on the ”full armor of god” to pull this off . sooo, keep your house in order as best you can. and my god bless you all in your endeavors!

  13. I’ve run across a pair of links that allege to be what remains of her “blog” and “tumblr” accounts, I cannot verify if they are legit or not, and even if they were, nothing says they can’t be edited by others with access, to force a certain point, none the less here they are:
    http://etherfields.blogspot.hk/ -the blog
    http://nouvelle-nouveau.tumblr.com/archive -the tumblr (has more recent posts which are apparently explained by tumblr automatically following and adding posts, or so I read.)
    Both of these were gleaned from comments posted to: http://straymusings.com/the-elisa-lam-case-what-are-they-hiding/

    A few other thoughts:
    The buttons she pushes don’t necessarily seem random, apparently when she starts she seems to be on the 14th floor, and the rest of the buttons she pushes drop by 3 floors each time (10th, 7th, 4th) which seems odd to do if a person is just frantically pressing buttons, or if they’re out of their wits. Also the if there was (and I’ve seen photos that would suggest otherwise) a security system on the roof, which apparently didn’t trigger(?), that would lead to someone who knew the security for the roof device (if there even was one) and could bypass or disable it (or it could’ve been broken), there could be foul play involving a longer term resident or employee who would be in a position to know the security codes for the rooftop system to disable it etc. (see this post for an interesting photo of the rooftop, doesn’t look very secure: http://www.lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-UPDATED-ELISA-LAM-MURDER-MAN-LIVING-IN-HOTEL-INTERVIEWED-BY-CNN-IS-SEX-OFFENDER?pid=5278340#pid5278340 ) Presently, I wonder if the area Triads gang might know anything, I imagine they’d be interested given her ethnicity, that and the presence of tags on the roof indicates gang members etc. have been able to access the place.

    At this point I can’t add anything else that isn’t wild speculation, save that I would hope those responsible are apprehended and punished accordingly.

  14. I never even heard of this woman or story, till today. After watching the video, The ‘face’ and ‘movements’ in the elevator are just the camera. We have security cameras outside, and inside our home. If you play back the videos, (or even just watch them on the security tv) you will see all sorts of picture movement. It is caused by light, reflection. The camera is trying to focus and having night vision on them also, if something gets in the way, or a reflection from a car light, etc…hits the camera, it makes blob circles, rings, weird looking images! Even the reflection from our pool, when it hits the backdoor cam area, makes it show strange things. NOW..I do believe in demons, as I do angels. I believe in GOD, and I LOVE JESUS! Demons do roam the earth, and if you invite them in, they will just do that. IF she was into something like that nature, I do not know. This entire story has sooo many holes in it.
    Is the elevator camera the only camera in the entire hotel? Strange to not have entrance cameras, back door entrance cameras, etc. Even one on the roof. What did the hotel staff say about her demeanor? Any other guest see or talk to her? For a hotel that runs very….well…”loosely” do you really believe they had the roof door locked? Was the supposed door alarm even working? I could/would believe it, if it was a “high end” or even a “cleaner” hotel. But am not really buying it on this one.
    They say she was bipolar, if this is true, did her meds show up in her system? The coroner said that her report came back clean on drugs, alcohol, etc…She would have been taking meds for her illness? I have a few friends that are bipolar, and take meds everyday for it. If she wasn’t, was any prescribed to her? Just wondering how the bipolar thing was introduced. By the video something WAY more is going on, then just being bipolar. Almost an ‘OCD’, or a ‘Tick’ is happening too. The way she walks into the elevator with her finger out, and turns, ready to press each button is odd. Then she repeats them, if you look closely. She does this same thing when she re enters the elevator. The way she steps in and out, side, back. Never touch the crack.
    Her hand movements remind me of a special ed student I use to tutor. He would randomly close his hands up, like a puppet, and talk with them, and have a very jerky movement while doing so. This is EXACTLY what she is doing in the video.
    In all, I think she was very very ill. That she could have been on meds to control it, and stopped taking them. Putting that, with a hotel that very well may have demons in it, are just a disaster waiting to happen.

  15. Sounds to me that the hotel doesn’t want a GIGANTIC lawsuit on them. So they claimed the door was locked, and the alarm was on the exit door. To save their own behinds. It would be negligence on their part, if it wasn’t. For an ill person, they would just walk right up there, zero problem. The water tank….Maybe one of the lids was off. Maybe she did move it. And fell in. Why? B/c she was ill, that’s why. Why did Amanda Bynes set a fire in a strangers driveway? B/c she too is ill.
    A maintenance guy could have moved it back on it later, not even looking in, and not even knowing yet, that she was missing. One thing I can not find anywhere, is when did the hotel know she was missing? All her stuff would have been in her room, and check out day, they would have known. What day was she actually reported missing?

    • They would have assumed she managed to slip off without paying and just reverse-comped it all. Or the killer did it so they could get her stuff and then the staff could assume she took most her stuff with her. Or were dealing with a smart killer who realized that they would notice for sure if the room was full of personal items.

  16. To me it just looks like she was frustrated because the elevator wasn’t working. Perhaps when she was waving her arms it was to tell someone else that the elevator wasn’t working. How she ended up in the tank, I don’t have a clue.

  17. It looks as though she is hiding from someone/thing. The way her hands drop to her side in fear, go up in the air then on her head….like a threat has been made. Also …her hands to her chest and almost kneeling seem to me as if shes begging/praying for her life. It makes sense an employee may have done this because whoever is near her stays out of camera range and had access to the roof.

  18. Doesn’t anyone find it very odd that as soon as it appears she leaves the area, the elevator doors close. Also, who was she talking to while making
    the hand gestures. It seemed as though she “thought” someone was in the elevator. Very creepy. Another thought, if this is a video tape, the images could simply be “ghost” images from previous recordings if they just continue to use the same tape over and over.

  19. does anyone notice the color change of the doors in the hallway at 3:41??? Why does it do that??

    • Keen observation, Rima!

      The simplest explanation would be that it’s a different floor. Notice that after Lam exited the elevator, the elevator closed then opened (at 3:24 mark) onto a hallway with black-colored doors/walls. Then the door closed again, to open (at 3:41 mark) onto a hallway with orange-colored doors/walls. What is odd is that on both occasions (3:24 and 3:41), when the door opened, no one was there. Why did the elevator door open, unless the elevator is programmed to stop at every floor, irrespective of whether someone had pushed the button to summon the elevator.

      • I think the reason the elevator stopped so many times is because she had pushed numerous buttons for different floors. What I do find odd is watching the vid, it takes about 8-10 secs for the doors to close once you enter. Why didn’t they close that fast once she first got on.

      • Dr. Eowyn, thank you for the reply. I am convinced that the elevator, as you suggest, is on a different floor. After closer observation I notice the light, at the vertical row of lights she was pressing, turns off as the elevator door opens signaling the arrival of that floor. Very odd that the elevator would not work while she was in it. But you are correct in that the elevator was on a different floor. So this means the elevator was functioning. Are those elevators centrally controlled and if so could someone have been preventing the elevator from moving while she was in it? I just find it odd that the elevator was practically stalled the entire time she was in it but when she steps out and away the elevator begins to work. Other questions I have – Was she a guest at the hotel? If so, what was found in her room? Where there any other cameras ie. entrance, exit, hallways? If so, why has the footage not been released?? Surely the only camera in that hotel was not in the elevator.

        • Rima,

          Good observation that the elevator started functioning AFTER Elisa Lam had exited the elevator!

          I posted what I could find from online news reports on this mysterious case. To answer your questions:

          1. “Are those elevators centrally controlled?” – Don’t know.
          2. “Was she a guest at the hotel?” – Yes.
          3. “what was found in her room?” – Don’t know.
          4. “Were there any other cameras ie. entrance, exit, hallways?” – Don’t know.
          5. The only surveillance footage released is the one of Lam in the elevator. It was released by L.A. police, after she was reported missing, but news reports didn’t say who reported her missing. I’m assuming it’s her parents, since she had talked to them daily on the phone.

          Her parents should insist that the hotel be more forthcoming, and that the L.A. police investigate her death. But I haven’t seen any news reports that they are doing that.

  20. It seem like she was trying to get the elevator to work and look out because she saw someone and was talking to them. Maybe that someone told her to take the staircase and lure her to the roof. Murder was the case that they give her.

  21. she was not alone! her killer left his picture and you can see it here


  22. Here’s what i think happened:

    In the video, she is clearly High. Not necessarily on her own accord, someone probably drugged her. But anyone who’s ever done acid or shrooms knows that she is acting high, like on some hallucinogen. For example, she gets on the elevator and she ducks down and gets really close to the numbers in order to see them. That is what you do when you are on acid, because the world is spinning and the walls are melting and you can’t see anything clearly unless you get really close and focus… So she’s high, and she’s hiding from the person who most likely drugged her, and the elevator door won’t close because that person is standing outside, pressing the buttons so the elevator won’t close… The killer knows that there are cameras in the elevator so he won’t get in… When she gets out of the elevator and starts making those funny hand signals, she is trying to tell him to go away, or to leave her alone, but her hand signals appear strange because she is so high and confused. The killer stops pressing the buttons and lets the elevator close. Then he either snatches her or coaxes her to come along with him. When the elevator opens again, it is on a different floor, we know this because the walls are a different color.

    What I want to know is, what floor did this footage happen on? The killer was probably staying on this floor…
    As for all the articles saying she was probably not on drugs, they said the toxicology tests would come back in eight weeks, and then no further updates were posted.

    • autopsy REPEATEDLY found NO drugs or narcotic prescription substances. it would have shown up in her tissue or the water itself.
      no history of mental illness

    • If the killer were on the same floor, why would he let her get into an elevator at all. Especially if he’s aware of the camera. Less evidence is better I’m assuming. The acid theory may be viable. Who knows if the tiny dosage required to get that tiny person acting funny would still be present in a two week decomposed in water body hung upside down. 14th apparently.

  23. I believe that the images on the wall are caused by the low res camera – pixelation as the lighting changes. I have seen this on many cheap surveillance system videos brought to me and used as evidence in court/grand jury proceedings..

    Toxicology reports and other reports do take some time, usually six to eight weeks for our lab; more if the chemistry requests are backlogged and if other investigations are “fast tracked” which gives them preference over older requests. IMHO, the LA forensic labs don’t have a sterling reputation to begin with.

  24. When she had exited the elevator and was using the strange hand gestures, it appeared at one point that she may have been trying to open something (maybe pepper spray or something larger). It also looked as though she was trying to see if someone was outside (she looked both ways). Maybe she had met someone that was bugging her and she wanted to ditch the person. From the appearance of the place on the outside, it looks like a creepy hotel building and I would not have stayed there. As for demons; I do believe there are evil entities that we don’t see, yet they exist. Leeann Springer

  25. She is not wearing her glasses. If she was short-sighted, this explains why she had to get so close to the elevator’s control panel.

    I think the major problem with this video is that she has died afterwards. Would the video had been followed by an engagement to a handsome guy, or a birthday party, or nothing at all, the video would not be so bizzarre and strange. Many people behave strangely if they are alone (or think so)

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    This is a really strange story, thought some of you might find it interesting.. Freddy

  27. This is my theory–The elevator wasn’t working right. Elisa was trying to go to a different level but it just keeps sitting there. Probably creeped her out. I probably would do the same thing she did and press a bunch of buttons and hope it starts moving. Out of confusion she moves around, steps out, probably starts thinking out loud or trying to call out for some assistance. Probably no one around to help. She’s thinking what to do. All of her movements look like something I would do if I think nobody’s watching. I stand in the corner of the elevator too if I’m creeped out. Stalled elevators are scary. And hotels too if you’re young and alone. I’m the same age she was and I’d be scared of being assaulted. I think this video shows more about the dysfunction of the hotel than the supposed personality dysfunction of Elisa Lam. She probably couldn’t take the elevators because they’re all messed up. I’ll bet the elevator dysfunction is partially the reason she wound up on the roof in the first place. Probably caused her to wander. She see’s the water tank open or open’s the water tank, falls in (or there is always the possibility of foul play and opportunity). An employee closes the water tank not realizing she’s in there. (Did she even know how to swim? Maybe she didn’t drown… maybe she was stuck there for so long she starved or suffocated…) I’ll bet if somebody accidentally shut the water tank, not realizing she was down there, they sure as hell aren’t going to own up to it. They gotta make it seem like it wasn’t their fault and make it look like she was the crazy one… sad her life is gone so quickly. My condolences go out to her family and friends who don’t have closure of what really happened. So sad :(

    • Brilliant writing Elisa, thank you, your description is quite a treat! I think you are a good writer, and look forward to reading more of your work that is sure to come, hopefully in the form of novels. Keep up the good work!

  28. You almost had me convinced! Lol but its light fron the hallway reflecting her shadow on the metal. Diaappears when the door closes, reappears when it opens. Sidenote: when I was little I used to go with my grandmother to visit an elderly man that lived there…I used to have nightmares about that hotel. It was always a creepy place.

  29. I was just reading a blog dedicated to this case and at about 2:29 on the video you can see her lift her right foot to step over what is possibly someone else’s foot. I’ve watched it over and over and I have to say it DOES seem that way because of her body angle. Hmm….

  30. I saw that an earlier poster had mentioned something I noticed- that she wasn’t wearing her glasses; that’s why she had to bend so close to see the buttons. So where were they? Plus I also heard the idea that she is “stepping over” someone’s foot at about the 2:29 mark- but I think it’s her own foot, twisting her leg at the hip. She does the same type of turn while walking as she is entering the elevator one minute earlier at about 1:30. Kinda made me wonder if she might have been a bit double jointed, ya know? Especially after seeing how far back she can bend her fingers.

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  32. This story frightens me to no end. I wish I had answers, but I’ve only the same questions as everyone else. I’m really bothered by the fact that this video was put out by LAPD. What’s the reasoning here? Is it meant to “show” the “major bipolar disorder” that the LAPD claims she suffered from? Something terrible happened to this young lady. A woman is dead and the LAPD want us to believe that it was an unfortunate accident? If it truly was a horrific accident, then why release this video? I know that the devil exists, and I know demons are real, too. But I know my true faith in God, Our Heavenly Father, will protect those who accept him. There’s something so demonic about this video of Elisa Lam. I truly believe she was tormented, tortured, and brutally murdered by something from Hell. May God rest her soul, and may her soul rest in peace in Heaven. I pray for her family. Extremely disturbing and so heartbreaking.

  33. Terrence Kenneth Tam

    Anyone notice 1.30 she turns her body n walking back in the ele, look at her right foot. She was found drown in the tank upside down but how did she close the lid? She didnt even wear a spec that she normally does, where is she wants to go ?

  34. Because I ride an elevator every day, I find it highly irritating – and odd – that the door won’t close. Someone said that she (later) pushed “multiple buttons” in order to jog the mechanism and get the elevator moving. She doesn’t seem scared to me. Her movements seem playful and she may be bored since she traveled to LA alone. If she was running from someone she would have come screaming down that hallway and would have continually mashed the “close” button on the elevator. She would not have stepped out of the elevator and looked around. She would have gone down to the first floor/front desk. Look for drug dealing/drug cartel activity in the hotel – by employees. If she is wandering aimlessly around the hotel without a clear agenda – perhaps she saw something she wasn’t supposed to see.

  35. What about the fact that the movie “Black water” had the same EXACT scene! All the way down to the corridor floor and wall being identical to that in her surveillance video from the elevator before she vanished, she replicates the movie ex

  36. I think there’s a really earthly explanation. It’s just as disturbing.

    She doesn’t actually appear to be terrified. She almost seems playful. Like it’s a minor annoyance that the elevator has stopped working. I think she even kind of displays actions of someone who is frustrated, but staying positive about it. Like she thinks it’s funny.

    Then something changes. She does get frightened for a moment. But I think it’s because someone on the elevators intercom system talked to her. It freaks her out at first, but once she realizes what’s happening she clearly engages in conversation with this mysterious intercom person. She even makes hand gestures to show that she knows they can see her. This makes me think someone had control of that elevator and didn’t want it to work for her. Because as soon as she’s gone it starts responding to all of the buttons she pushed. Which further suggests that whoever was controlling that elevator left their control panel and went after her.

    Obviously without hallway security footage this is only what we can assume happened. Because I strongly believe she was alive when she went to that rooftop, but she wasn’t alone. Someone with power and keys got her up there, murdered her and hid her body.

  37. does anyone else notice her fingers growing longer?

  38. Does anyone wonder why the elevator door would not close for her? She pushed the buttons and waited and waited and it was not until she left that the doors closed. They opened and closed with the appropriate timing at each other floor. Why woudn’t the doors close for her?

    • I noticed that too. She did dance around the door way but it should only inhibit its function when she is directly in its closing path. Very curious

  39. We have four distinct possibilities, obviously anything could’ve happened in an infinite universe. The most likely is that there was a serial killer/murderous rapist following her, boring, and why he went to such an extreme to dispose of the body we can never know except maybe he wanted her in the water supply or they figured that would maximize the time before she was found. Second, less likely only because less people would believe it, the government did it to spread a new disease in a bad area for population control purposes, I thought the bit about chlorine probably killing all the bacteria strange, but it could also be to curb public panic at drinking a woman. Third, less likely for the same reason as the second, demons. Nuff said. Fourth for the same reasons, she managed to teleport in, couldn’t teleport out. Figure out why the door wouldn’t close and why the alarm on the roof didn’t go off and you solve the mystery. So we can’t solve the mystery. But if it’s the fourth one, where’d her clothes go? For all we know she was crazy and went for a swim before drowning, which would be akin to the teleporting theory minus the fun of teleporting. Maintenance would’ve also had to leave the door unlocked. I’m guessing number two. You gotta be real crazy to trek up to the roof with no clothes on just to swim in an 8 by 4 tank.

  40. Ahh!! Epiphany! She stepped to the side after the door wouldn’t close! She was peering around the corner to see if anyone was pressing the call button. Then she looks down the hall. Feels the air between the doors to see if something’s blocking them. Or possibly to test the heat because she thinks she’s being haunted. Stays out of the elevator and starts to pray. It was some insidious govt plot. Or somebody sick works at the hotel with access to the roof, elevator surveillance, and elevator control. The most interesting clue is that the doors refused to close even after she was out of the elevator. Not closing until she was out of view long enough for whoever was watching the feed to realize where she was headed next. She pressed multiple buttons because the elevator refused to take her down at all. Trying to use the stairs as any sane person would following that, she was attacked. it wasn’t demons. Only a human would find reason to strip her naked first. Bastard.

  41. 2:57, tape skips. We miss at least the better half of a second. And with no reference movement outside the doors, we can’t know how many frames are actually missing. I wonder if someone walked by who wasn’t supposed to be seen..

  42. There only appears to be movement on the wall because the elevator is going between floors (it’s shaking) then the door opens and closes which changes the light.

  43. You see some “ghost” images which may be your “face” in the wall. Keep in mind video surveillance just keeps recording over the same tape, etc. over and over and over. It’s like watching an old VCR tape you’ve recorded over multiple times. Stuff bleeds through. They’ll keep a recording for only so long and then recycle whatever they’re recording on if the footage isn’t needed for something.

  44. Here is the autopsy report.


    An intriguing and fascinating read, especially tucked up in bed with a nice mug of hot chocolate.

  45. This could be way out there, but I had actually thought maybe she was dared to swim in the tank. Young kids do crazy things (I did). That could get her in there on her own. Maybe she had to skinny dip in it? That could give another person a way to get her up there willingly then they could have tossed her stuff in after & shut the hatch. She could have waded as long as she was capable then drowned after exhaustion?

  46. IMO this girl met no foul play at the hands of anyone but herself. She is the only one seen in the video and her behavior is weird – almost as if she was on drugs. We do know she was bipolar, so my bet is that her mental disorder was what caused her to put herself into the water tank. And unless other evidence suggests otherwise I’d classify this as an unfortunate accident. Also, I see no reason to make a conspiracy out of this in any way as long as the facts remain as they are.

  47. Tape does skip at 2:57/2:58 mark. And I can’t make out the time/date stamp on the bottom, so only those who have viewed the tape or DVD would likely know how much time is removed. I also thought she most likely got close to the buttons because she might have needed glasses and left them behind. Also, the doors start to close at the 0:13 second mark, but then retract back to their open position by the 0:15 second mark. I have never done drugs, but I would think a person on drugs might not act scared, as she appears to act, though I know some drugs cause paranoia. She seems to act like most of us would, if we were alone, trying to take an elevator, and then realizing it is not closing as it should. She may have heard sounds or something outside the elevator, but when she looks both ways to see if someone is in the hallway, it makes me wonder if she would have done that if she actually saw someone there. She would have likely acknowledged someone outside the elevator if she’d seem them when she checked. I think she was trying to see why the doors wouldn’t close, and when she couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t close, she got scared. I think foul play was involved, especially if the lid was closed on the water tank. With today’s technology to help solve crimes, it seems like someone with deep pockets (or in politics, perhaps) is paying for a coverup. Not a conspiracy theory nut, but stuff like that can and probably does happen.

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