Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

I got an email this morning from FOTM reader Dave McMullen, asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Wikipedia says “Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (known as Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.

So I did a Google Image search for Obama’s daughters. I couldn’t find any baby pics of Malia or Sasha; neither could Dave.

The youngest-looking pic of the girls I found (see below) was in an article extolling Michelle Obama, dated August 20, 2007, on the website Afrobella. The pic is undated. If we go by the date of the Afrobella article, Malia would be 9 years old and Sasha would be 6 years old.

Afrobella pic of O family

In contrast, Dave found a website with a pic of Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, holding their two-month-old twins, Jenna and Barbara.

Laura Bush with babies

I have seen pics of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, like this one below, but none of Michelle pregnant with child.


Then I went on the website Ancestry.com, and searched for birth records of Malia Obama, b. 1998, and Natasha Obama, b. 2001. These are the results:

Malia Obama 3

Natasha Obama3

In other words, Ancestry.com has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama.

Then I paid $9.95 for a trial membership in GenealogyBank.com so that I can search that website for the Obama girls’ birth records.

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Malia Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Malia Obama1

As you can see above, the only thing genealogybank.com has in its newspaper archives on Malia Obama is an article by Sen. Obama titled “Progress on campaign finance reform,” in the Chicago newspaper Hyde Park Herald of August 26, 1998, in which Obama (presumably) mentioned Malia. Here’s the newspaper clip (the words are rather blurry):

Malia Obama2

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Natasha Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama1

The only thing genealogybank.com has on Natasha Obama is an article in Hyde Park Herald of  July 4, 2001, again by Sen. Obama titled “Tallying wins and losses in Springfield Springfield report,” in which he wrote “The newest addition to the Obama family — Natasha — was born on June 10th, and Michelle and I have been busy changing diapers.” Click image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama2

In other words, I couldn’t find any birth records of either Malia Obama or Natasha Obama on either ancestry.com or genealogybank.com.

The same Wikipedia entry I had referenced at the beginning of this post states that Malia and Natasha Obama were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source of that assertion is an article of Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” in The New York Times of December 13, 2008. The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (now Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.

O's Chicago friends - Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Eric Whitakerl to r: Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, BHO, Dr. Eric Whitaker

Alas, the NYT article does NOT say that Dr. Blanchard had delivered Obama’s daughters. Instead, what the article says is “Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children [of Obama and his closest friends in Chicago], and the adults became their godparents.”

If anyone can find baby pictures and birth records of Malia Obama and/or Natasha Obama, please let me know!

H/t FOTM’s Dave McMullen

UPDATE (Nov. 29):

Reader scannersliveinvain found this pic of Barack and Michelle with an infant Malia (Source). I’m no photoshop expert, but the figures of Mooch and Barry look too sharply delineated from the background.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama

Reader Sao Ken found this pic of baby Sasha with her 3-years older sister Malia (source: globalgrind.com):

baby Sasha Obama

UPDATE (Dec.1):

Here’s another pic of young Malia and Sasha (source). Whose hairy arm is that behind the girls? (h/t FOTM reader JS):


UPDATE (Dec. 3, 2013):

Attorney Orly Taitz is wondering if Natasha Obama had been adopted from Morocco, and has issued a call for help, Dec. 1, 2013:

I am looking for any and all information in regards to Michelle and Barack Obama travelling to Morocco in 2000-2001, one way trip for Natasha (Sasha) Obama from Morocco in and around 2000, possibly 2001, If you have such info, please, forward it to Orly.Taitz@hushmail.com

Responding to a comment from a reader accusing her of “going after” Obama’s daughters — just as commenters here on FOTM similarly have accused me of “going after” the girls when all Taitz and I are doing is simply to ask questions — Taitz wrote this comment:

December 2nd, 2013 @ 7:15 am

Nobody is going after the children. It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents? For example, media questioned, whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate. Media reported on adoption of McCain’s second daughter Bridget, on adoption of Romney’s grand children, on birth of two of Romney’s grand children by a surrogate, why not provide an explanation, why there are no birth records of Malia and Sasha Obama in national databases, while all the other records are there. This is particularly of interest, as it was shown that Barack Obama is using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What is going on?

Update (June 23, 2014):

In an email, Dr. Taitz wrote, “one of my supporters claimed that she worked in the US embassy in Morocco when Sasha (Natasha ) Obama was adopted from Morocco,” but Taitz is still trying to confirm this claim.


425 responses to “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

  1. to quote the self appointed leaders of the black race:
    “Black lies matter”

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  2. Natasha Obama whose nickname is Sasha has two Russian names as Barack was educated as a communist in Moscow USSR 1981-83. Natasha and Malia are Moroccans and are not US citizens nor is Barack H Obama who has British and Indonesian citizenship. Michelle Obama was born Michael Robinson in 1964 who was a football linebacker at Oregon State in 1982 and obviously can not bear children.


    • Intriguing points. Please elaborate.


    • I thought the name Natasha seemed Russian also when I first heard it

      What the writer is referring to about Barack being in Moscow in 1981-83, when he was supposed to be at Columbia University, is that he was attending Patrice La Mumba University in Moscow, a school that teaches young men of color to overthrow countries.

      It’s a given that Columbia had/has an agreement with La Mumba for a reciprocity program in International Affairs. The reciprocity agreement between the two universities stipulates that credits earned at La Mumba University could be transferred back to Columbia, which would the award the degree as if the course work had been completed at Columbia.


      • Natasha is a name used by blacks and is very common in the Caribbean.
        Also my index finger is shorter than my ring finger and I am sure I am female. Black women who are not less white genes have narrow hips because she carries her baby forward. A black pregnant woman’s tummy appears bigger looking at her from the side. I am not disputing the claims of the gender of Michelle but disputing the reasons given.


  3. This comment is deleted because the commenter, Paul Stone, advocates not just violence — which violates our server WordPress’ Terms of Service — but murder of two public individuals because they exercise their constitutional right of freedom of speech, just as Paul Stone is exercising.



  4. Nice work !! These pix look REALLY messed up to me. In the main shot of Mooch and Barry with infant in stroller, their image is ‘way too sharp for the rest of the imagery in frame. Along Mooch’s lower jacket edges are shadow-like ghost edges, and this is also visible along lower right side of baby stroller. Also, note no one is looking at the photographer – not even the baby! It’s totally like he/she’s not there at all. It is not natural… to the max. The 2nd photo of little girl and infant that has no other info in it to be worth anything is highly suspect since if one photo like this there should be many throughout the period. Why isn’t Mom in the photo? The last shot is just bizarre: it’s so staged looking. Both staring with abnormal clarity into the camera in their face, with no sensible emotion or connection to the picture being take. How is “Sasha” mounted so as to hold the strange posture behind the “Malia” figure? Due to extreme proximity to flash, Malia’s face should be over exposed if the Sasha face is really there. While there is strong flash on both foreheads, the eyes look extra fake, with no overexposure on the whites, and a very reduced “flash” on the cornea. The Malia irises are super sharp compared with every other detail such as hair, eyebrows, etc. And is the hairy-armed ill-dressed white dude so very close to them the child seller?

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  5. I agree with the above comment. Look at the shadow under Mooch’s coat. What you are seeing is a photo originally taken with a backdrop in close proximity.

    Also, look at the lighting of Mooch’s pants. There is lighting there that does not appear natural, as if standing on a white sheet, which would reflect lots of light.

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  6. No need to debate the finery’s of that photograph – PhotoShopped or not.

    “Michelle” is NOT a female, his name is Michael and he has had hormone treatment, turning him into a Transsexual. Ergo, those two children cannot belong to Barack Obama … or whatever his real name is.

    More concrete evidence here:

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  7. The first photo of the family in black and white is clearly photoshopped. The couch behind Barack is not the same as the couch behind Michelle. Also, Michelle’s left side hair has been distorted. Two different photos.


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  9. Simple DNA testing would show if the kids are really theirs.
    Will that ever happen….nope.
    Are the Obamas classless folk….yep


  10. Look at the baby’s left arm in the stroller. It is not really resting on anything.
    It is floating over the stroller’s frame. Photoshopped for sure.


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  13. its incredibly ironic how Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration in history but everything about the president is purposeful delusion. What exactly is he hiding? and to what extent has the American public been duped?


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  15. If all this is true,how come it was never brough up before he became president? Besides that(i’m laughing so hard i fell out of my chair) he is black, from africa, and a homo, smoking crack, married to a tranny,with kids that are not theirs. To top everthing off this cake of disaster, he’s muslim,truth isL strager than fiction. Wake me up, ops TOO LATE!


  16. Why did Joan Rivers suddenly die after claiming that he was gay and she a tranny?

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  17. Hope all people that voted for Obama reads this. He is a pathetic liar and deceiver! Impeach him one, Congress???


  18. Michelle, transgender. Therefore no birth records! Without stopping he’s called him Michael several times.


  19. This is so cute! Really great.


  20. before you make allegation find out about her childwood back ground first as her childwood photos shows her as a girl


  21. Faggots & tranny’s cant have kids. Those two bastards were adopted!


  22. “What difference does it make?” They seem to be a normal happy family.
    The real issue is what are we doing to cure the disease of LGBT disorders; and why has the psychiatric profession been so silent on this disorder. Please spare the Obama children all the scrutiny, they’re innocent..


    • The psychiatric profession as you call it no longer views homosexuality as a disorder. That change was codified in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Yet they remain silent on state sponsored psychiatric terrorism. See the Judge Berman decision in the D’souza case. Beyond an outrage, the use of psychiatry to repress free thought and political dissent is straight out of the Soviet NKVD playbook. And you ask the same group that remains silent on the corruption of their profession to stand up for what is right? You will find a long wait before help arrives.

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    • “why has the psychiatric profession been so silent on this disorder”

      Psychiatrist Joseph Berger, M.D. says from a medical and scientific perspective, there is no such thing as a transgendered person.

      “spare the Obama children all the scrutiny”

      You misunderstand. No one is picking on the girls; the scrutiny is on Barack & Michelle Obama.

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      GET RID OF THEM NOW, 9 11 015


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  24. I am not surprised at any of this. there are some strange goings on around the person who calls himself barack Hussein Obama.


  25. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him?


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    Does it surpise you? How can Michelle give birth? She’s not a woman but a man!


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  29. Ancestory.com and other sites like it keep information on all minors and anyone who could still be alive, private. The records are private unless they choose to disclose them, which they should.


    • “Ancestory.com and other sites like it keep information on all minors and anyone who could still be alive, private.”

      That is simply NOT true. Ancestry.com is a subscription-based genealogy research website with over 5 billion records online, derived from government data bases such as the U.S. Census, various states’ birth, marriage and death records. Being government data, they are considered public information.


      Finally, if what you say is true, then I wouldn’t have been able to find the records I did find — of articles written by Obama about his daughters.


  30. Pamela Geller for President

    Look at the very first picture on this posting; Malia (the older child) has Michelle’s facial characteristics while Sasha has Barack’s face. I despise Obama, but this is ridiculous.


  31. The reason why there isn’t any legitimate records on their kids is like the other commenters said, Michelle Obama is in fact, a transgendered woman who was born a man named “Michael LaVaughn Robinson”. Obama is not exactly a heterosexual and it is believed that Michael married Obama and transitioned with hormones and other treatments years before they got into office, and that their children were carefully selected and adopted in secrecy, to pass off as their own. They’re obviously NOT going to let that secret to be known and it’s obvious why.


  32. I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up.


  33. Leave the president alone what difference does it make about the kids so long as they are being loved why don/t you make gov. Bentley resign and open up those sealed records.


  34. Studying the wedding picture of Obama & Michelle, I don’t see very much resemblance between Michelle and the bride in this photo. The nose in smaller, face is wider & she has finer features than Michelle. Has anyone checked this out?


  35. Deception has been going on a very long time, since the beginning. Take a look at the Clintons, Mena Arkansas, etc. Why, deception is everywhere and being accepted on a grand scale. Deceiving and being deceived. We must surely be in the “end of days”!


  36. I went to Ancestry.com and went to my account. I clicked on search and entered Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Chicago, Ill. Jan 17, 1968 in the places provided for that info. Ancestry has redone their pages and now they brought up a Lifestory form and I copied this from it NOTICE the next to last sentence! Go there yourself you will find this. Pay for your subscription..
    (Michelle Lavaughn Robinson was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, the child of her parents. She married 44th President Barack Hussein Obama in October 1992. She then had two children with another wife. She lived in Chicago, Illinois in 1995.)


  37. If I may …. You can say all you want about and against Barry, but the whole system is corrupt or else he wouldn’t be in there and unejectable. They are all crooks and they all work for Israel


  38. Recognize the works of Satan.


  39. There is physical evidence that Michelle is a woman. See this link, if you scroll way down you will see a ton of very obvious Michelle Obama pictures as a child. Not overly attractive but it’s Michelle Obama.



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