The meaning of Miley Cyrus’ tongue

While surfing the net this morning, I came across yet another pic of Miley Cyrus sticking out her preternaturally HUGE tongue.

Please look at this pic and give me your FIRST reaction:

Miley Cyrus

My immediate gut reaction to the pic was: “Demonic”.

So I went looking on the net for what sticking your tongue out means, especially by adults.

It turns out commercial images of young women with their tongues sticking out began several years ago. In 2005, The New York Times consulted a University of San Francisco psychology professor named Maureen O’Sullivan, who studies nonverbal communication. O’Sullivan does not buy the notion that these are innocent images.

She explains, “The mouth is a sexual orifice from a young age.” The gesture of sticking out one’s tongue can have multiple meanings. It can be an act of rudeness, disgust, playfulness or outright sexual provocation. “It’s like the eyes,” she said. “An eye gaze can be aggressive to an enemy, but eye gaze can also be the height of intimacy.”

To lend more credence to young women like Miley sticking out their tongues as a SEXUAL gesture, there’s actually a website for tongue fetishists, run by “Mike Sprite” (not his real name). He pays women to film their tongues, on average around $500 for a half day of tongue modeling, because “Most women will not even show you their tongue when asked.” Normal-size tongues do not appeal to his clientele.

Lastly, to remove all doubt as to what Miley’s stuck-out tongue signifies, here’s a disgusting pic of her with the penis birthday cake she presented to her then-boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth, last January:


And then, of course, there’s Miley’s “twerking” simulated anal copulation and masturbation at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, nationally televised at prime time just so families can watch it with their little kiddies.



See also DCG’s “Miley Cyrus offers words of wisdom for teen girls.”

UPDATE (Nov. 24):

This is to those who feel sorry for Miley’s parents and think they are not responsible for what she’s become:

1. During her raunchy “performance” at the MTV Video Music Award, Miley’s mother looked on approvingly — beaming. Her father, Billy Ray, piously tweeted his support: “Thanking God for so many blessings tonight.” (Source)

2. Below is a pic taken in 2008 of Miley with her father, Billy Ray, for a spread in the glossy magazine Vanity Fair. She was only 15 years old. The two look like lovers instead of father and daughter. Ask yourself what father would pose like this with his daughter, at whatever age.



41 responses to “The meaning of Miley Cyrus’ tongue

  1. Who is it that keeps getting in the ear of these child stars, and corrupting them?!!! There has to be some talent agent out there who convinces them they will disappear into the woodwork if they don’t go for shock value.


    • Our Mike knows about the Hollyweird “industry”.

      Is there some “talent” agency behind this systematic corruption? MK Ultra?


    • It’s not a specific talent agency, although many are corrupt. And it’s not done to sell tickets or CD’s. It’s an agenda to corrupt society.

      It’s clear to anyone who has studied the evidence that Miley Cyrus, and most likely her father, are MK Ultra Mind Control subjects. They are programmed to destabilize morality, religion, the family unit, etc.

      They have many followers who aren’t aware of this and think it’s just a fad or something “cool”, like the comment below of giving the middle finger. These people fall into the “useful idiot” category (no offense to the poster below). They are the same ones who worship Beyoncé, Rhianna, Kanye West, Jay Z, and others. They have no idea what the real agenda behind these people actually is.

      It’s not just the music industry. The same thing is occurring on television (the Disney Channel, Nickelodium, etc.), movies, books (“The Hunger Games”, and others I won’t mention), magazines, etc.

      For those wanting to study this subject more, visit the site of Vigilant Citizen, or do a search on Miley Cyrus Illuminati, or Beyoncé Satanist, etc. Read “Thanks for the Memories” by Bryce Taylor, and “Transformation of America” by Kathleen O’Brien. You may not agree with all the information, and I don’t, but they will pave the way for your own further research.

      I have to warn you though, once you start investigating this information, you may wish you had never started. You are opening a Pandora’s Box and your life will never be the same.


      • If Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t kicking himself for introducing his family to showbiz. he must be in a coma.


        • Yes, anonymous. And I might add that pedophilia is rampant in Hollywood. Rampant. I have no doubt that Miley was molested from a very young age. It’s possible that her father was also ritually abused.

          Fame, money, and sex are magnified to such a degree in the entertainment industry that even those not exposed to trauma-based mind control can lose all sense of reality.

          Not surprisingly, there are few true Chrisitians in the industry. There are plenty who call themselves Christians, but it’s a front and a mockery of true Chrisitianity. The industry – music, books, television, movies, the Internet – slant and sell everything that is in opposition to the words of Jesus.

          All of these things have been present since Hollywood’s birth, but they have greatly accelerated in the last thirty years or so. They correspond precisely to the infiltration and takeover of our government by the radical progressive Left.


      • Exactly right Mike. It all started with Operation Paperclip. The experiments that were and still are performed on people are pure evil. There’s no other description for them. When I first started researching MK Ultra, it sent shivers down my spine to discover the depravity of a fellow human being. The lengths and degradations they force on innocents, children especially, completely sickened me to the core. It astounds me how indescribably evil some people really can be. :(


    • Multigenerational satanic mind control programs and the like…… how the rest of the Cyrus clan turn out.


  2. Hi Eowyn,
    I hope all is well with you and that you are having a super sparkly day.
    I have wondered about this gesture myself, esp that it always seems to be young women doing it. FWIW, I asked my 20s something niece and she said it is her and her friends understanding that it represents something “slightly less than giving the middle finger”.
    Kind Regards,


  3. I also think it means of the snake, they are of the devil, their father.


  4. From James 3:8 Amplified Bible ~ But the human tongue can be tamed by no man. It is a restless (undisciplined, irreconcilable) evil, full of deadly poison.


  5. It will be as it was in the days of Noah…


  6. One of the fiercest of all the Hindu deities is the Goddess Kali. Apart from the other disturbing imagery surrounding her, she has her tongue sticking out… connect the dots after viewing her picture. What I find even more disturbing is the fact that Miley appears to be suffering from a very bad case of oral thrush which is disgusting enough for the owner of said tongue and not something to show off to the world…….let alone be proud of the thing…yuck, yuck and yuck!!! And it IS huge… looks just like a cow’s tongue! :( I live in the country…I know these things :).

    Having said that, I truly feel sad for this girl. She is obviously a victim of Satanic ritual abuse. And more than likely is and has been for some time an Illuminati sex slave and mind control victim. It’s very hard watching these people perform, knowing the effect they have on young viewers and society in general. But people like Miley have had their souls stolen from them (from childhood). They are directed by handlers and do what they are told to do. Very few ever escape.


  7. What her tongue shows is that it looks nasty and needs to be brushed. Her actions are totally disgusting and a sign of putrid immorality that is a decay in this society. Her daddy Billy, momma Trish; seem to be compliant with their daughter displaying her filth. She is not going to end up as a normal functioning human. Moreover, I would be concerned about the parents that would let their children watch the copulative filth that Miley seems to enjoy exhibiting. Her dad never did impress me with his crawlie look and achy breaky song. He could not make it in the business, so he pimps out his daughter, which makes him a disgusting human and parent.


  8. Living in a rural environment where there is a great deal of livestock,
    I must admit she has a tongue almost as large as a cow’s.


  9. So glad she’s not my daughter. Condolences to her parents. That’s the MOST important thing I have to say.

    Next—-Show biz kids like her come & go. Sure she doesn’t want to hear it, but in a few years—sooner than she thinks or knows—-she will be old news, old-looking, & used up by her vices & will have used up any “good will” that anyone ever had for her in the first place. I might be old-fashioned to note this…but this is what I taught my kids: Your good name is the most valuable “product” you will ever build in your lifetime…..this little girl might find out fairly soon that it’s worth millions over a lifetime compared to the name she has now irrefutably established…. which could end up being worth ZILCH.


  10. CalGirL Why send condolences to her parents? They are responsible for pimping her out to Hellywood. What she has become is what her parents helped her to be; an exhibitionist and sexually perverted acting offspring with no talent. It would not surprise many, if she ends up dead from an overdose. The girl is pathetic and needs a lot of divine intervention prayer. The dad, Billy Ray, has a crawliness to his persona and there’s probably a lot of stories that are buried deep in those Flatwoods.


    • Right on. There is a word Canadians use to describe people such as the Cyrus parents: GREASY! Every time I see either of them, that word comes to mind immediately.
      Regarding Miley: she has been possessed for some time now. She has thrown the ‘devil horns’ hand sign and stuck out her tongue since her Hanna Montana days. [FreemanTV has a montage of these images that is staggering.] Always has been difficult to look at (and utterly IMPOSSIBLE to listen to), and just screamed mind-controlled *lost soul*…but the greasiness is oozing from her every pore these days.


  11. She’s on the road to destruction. She’ll drug herself into oblivion or turn into an old hag before age 25.


  12. Leeann, I get your point, TOTALLY (so Californian, LOL). But, no matter, it’s still sad to me for a parent when their child ends up a doofus/eventual, predicatable failure. No parent gets up the morning of their child-rearing responsibilities and says, “Today, I’m working on that doofus, stupid child outcome for my kid.” Did they make poor child-rearing choices? YES! Did they have a lapse of judgment in the light of Hollyweird and money-interests, and so on? YES! Did their choices affect their kid? YES! It’s all set up now to play out. It CAN be aborted by the child alone. Parents are out of the picture now. Sorry for Miley and parents….


  13. she is acting like a reptile (or snake). plain and simple. she is a dude acting like a dumbass.


  14. I added an “update” at the end of my post. It’s for those who feel sorry for Miley’s parents and think they are not responsible for what she’s become. Please scroll up!


    • A picture speaks a thousand words.

      It is inconceivable for children to be inducted into MK Ultra mind control without their parents’ permission or allowance, or without the parents also being victims. Makes you think about Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, and others.


  15. T he videos and pics are disgusting. It’s obcene and should be removed.


  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. Her tongue means to me, “_______you.” Indeed, it is a sexual connotation. Shame on her parents, and her father is “thanking God” for their many blessings. What their daughter is doing is demonic; do not call evil, good, or good, evil. Sickening!


  17. She is a teen exploring the limits of her boundaries while she can get away with testing extremes under age 20. Later, she can acceptably dismiss it as being young and finding herself. Displaying her long tongue, signifies self-pride in having extreme skill in giving oral sex upon those who are sexually well-endowed. She & her family hired marketing moguls who achieve the highest earning capacity (yes the same, highly successful, but unscrupulous, wealthy porn Managers). They will pull back & act conservative again, performing the even worse, self-righteous bible thumping, ‘woe are we’, among sinners, shameful routine, after the money is in the bank. LOL


    • Charlotte, I’d like to believe you are right. i wish it was all about money. But the evidence points to something much more sinister.

      What I find hard to fathom is how this girl, who used to be cute, can currently be considered attractive by any male. Seriously, how can any red-blooded American male look at this girl and not go completely limp?


  18. wow this is thought provoking, I was browsing instagram and saw this girl (jfashiongirl87) who does beauty channels and she regards her self as a Christian yet she subtly promotes satanic gestures in her pictures, clothes and make up! even some beauty gurus on YouTube are tainted! things people use social media for. full of people looking to get recognition and praise, and to get $$ they will sell out at the drop of a hat! while disguising as angels of light. and people run to these “gurus” these silly women especially!


  19. Disgusting trollop!


  20. Here is why they do the things they do… Isaiah 57:4 ( Tongue ) & Proverbs 6:13 ( Wink ) King James Bible.


  21. it makes me sick when I see girls patterning themselves after such people. she needs help not praises.


  22. Incredible how Miley literally lives up to the lyrics in that new song, “Dear Miley,” on YouTube. Hear it for yourself by copying this URL into your Internet browser:


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