Another of Obama’s gay young men died mysteriously

Nearly 9 months ago, I wrote a post about the sudden and mysterious death of Alex Okrent (pic below), a 29-year-old campaign worker at Obama’s reelection campaign headquarters in downtown Chicago.

Alex Okrent

According to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, July 13, 2012, Okrent was working in Obama for America’s paid media department that handled advertising for the POS’s re-election bid. Previously, Okrent had been a staffer for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and his 2004 race for an Illinois Senate seat. In other words, Okrent had worked for Obama for at least 8 years, since he was 20 years old.

On July 12, 2012, Okrent collapsed while working at the POS’s Chicago campaign headquarters. Chicago paramedics were called at 10:36 a.m. to the Obama headquarters in the Prudential Building. Okrent was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Interestingly, the Chicago Sun-Times article is closed to comments. An Editor’s Note says the following:

“Due to the tone and content of many of the comments associated with this story, commenting has been turned off. The Sun-Times encourages readers to make their voices heard, but commenting must maintain a respectful and constructive tone.”

Not only can readers not add comments, we also can’t read whatever comments that had been posted before the editor closed down the commenting function. See for yourself by going to the article.

I just discovered what probably prompted the Chicago Sun-Times to close the news article to comments. The following (colored brown) is from gay Chicago blogger Kevin Dujan’s “Is Obama Gay?,” on HillBuzz:

Alex Okrent

[ Alex Okrent died mysteriously in July of 2012 in the Obama Campaign Offices in Chicago’s Prudential Building.  Openly gay, he’d been affiliated with Barack Obama in one way or another since Okrent was in college. Obama kept him around, through all those years, on all those campaigns…until he suddenly turned up dead with an inconclusive autopsy.  And his death happened just before Obama was headed into a difficult re-election campaign where black support for Obama was wavering and the black community is notoriously anti-gay.  Could Alex Okrent have been eliminated because he was going to talk about a relationship with Barack Obama? There sure are a lot of gay men who turn up dead around the current President of the United States.  See also: Young, Donald ].

Donald Young

Donald Young

Donald Young was the openly-gay choir director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Rev. Jeremy Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology. Young’s bullet-ridden body was found in his Chicago apartment on December 23, 2007, in what appeared to be an assassination-style slaying.

In an exclusive interview in July 2010 with The Globe, Young’s elderly mother Norma Jean Young said that persons trying to protect Obama murdered her son at the height of the Democratic presidential primary to protect Obama from embarrassing revelations about his homosexual relationship with her son. Obama’s homosexual relationship with Young was also confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with the POS.

Larry Bland, Nate Spencerl to r: Larry Bland, unknown man, Nate Spencer

There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three young gay men “conveniently” died:

  • Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
  • Young was murdered execution-style on December 23, 2007;
  • Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007. (Death certificates of Bland and Young, HERE.)

To my knowledge, the murders of Bland and Young remain unsolved.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen claims that Rev. Wright, who was pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s south side for 20 years, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional members of the church, particularly those with children. The matchmaking club was called the “Down Low Club” or DLC.

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28 responses to “Another of Obama’s gay young men died mysteriously

  1. Thanks, Doc. Where’s there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

  2. Great article BTW! It is only the tip of the iceberg. NACHUMLIST. The Dead Pool, has a very comprehensive list, just put some duct tape around your head to keep it on.

    • What about the US Ambassador to Benghazi, Libya?
      And now this fuss over the comments made by the nominal president about Kamala Harris. A tactic that really isn’t very convincing, the Moochelle “slip” was conveniently exposed to present us with the love triangle scenario. ///there are plenty of things that link Kamala Harris to certain campaign money and on to Dian Feinstein. Now she’s all over the gun restriction movement. There is death somewhere in the backbround of that whole kettle of fish so it is possibly just a symptom of the fascinatioon of killing and death that is the big turn on for the overseer of the nations’ Kill List. We are witnessing a whole lot of nuclear subs and troops being amassed in the Pacific, looks like Satan is getting ready for a blood bath extraordinaire. We must take refuge in the command of Jesus Christ, “only believe”. Fear not…………………………if God is for us who can be against us. Fire!!!!!!! Holy Ghost fire!!!!!!!
      Pray with power……………….the power of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Lord for another day, we know that joy is coming in the morning. Thank you Lord.

      • Yes, Chris Stevens, the ambassador in Bengazi, was gay and I bet you somewhere in his background he was with a certain Chicago politician and didn’t know it would cost him his life. He was afraid, he asked for help, he was ignored and others perished trying to save those souls with him, never knowing this ambassador was targeted for elimination. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

      • The death you are looking for is who kamala Harris ran against. Feinsteins right hand person. He was murdered. But as with every thing no cause of death. During his funeral is when Feinstein got the jump on the president and told about osamas capture.

  3. After all, Hitler had his mother’s house obliterated in an effort to hide his real past.

    Why would the comrade Dear Ruler be any different?


  4. Too many coincidental deaths IMO. Smells funny.

  5. Sounds like the series “Damages”. Corruption runs deep!

  6. Wow – thanks for your courage, Dr. Eowyn! I’ve been following this for some time, tried to tell one of my sons about this and he thought I’d gone totally bonkers since he had never heard about it – of course! The press will keep this buried and you and I will be the crazy ones. If this guy isn’t one of Satan’s minions I’ll eat last week’s leftovers. I would love to meet you!!

  7. Reminds me of the “Arkansas Flu” that mysteriously killed off anyone who blocked Bill Clinton’s presidential ambitions. The “flu” even killed off some unfortunate children who had accidentally stumbled onto a drug running operation of the Dixie Mafia (big Clinton supporters).

    • Search arkancide for some real zany crap . Those two p.o.s.’s have a body count of damn near 90 if not more .

      • aberdeen allen

        Clinton and Obama are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Anyone running for president has to be approved by this group. Anyone getting in the way of their choice being elected gets eliminated. End of story.

        • I’m fully aware of Slick Willie’s and Barry’s affiliations . Also check Clinton’s involvement w/ T.C. , Bilderbergs , and the Committee of 300 . I was just trying to imply that Barry has a ways to go approach Der Schlickmeister’s kills. Oh pardon me , suicides ! hehehehehehehe

  8. Obama took his “boys only” golfing trip with Reggie Love and also took him to a recent basketball game. Now today on the Drudge Report, Michelle refers to herself as a single mother! Strange marriage these two have!

  9. Thank you Dr.Eowyn for this informative post. It is truly noteworthy that two of the killings were execution style, and also that the cases have not yet been solved. What evil!

  10. Maybe this needs to be added to the stories of late, who cares if he was gay, but everybody cares when people that know the past end up dead.

  11. This is going to be the same story as Rock Hudson, the supposedly playboy in the 50′s and 25 years later, it was made public few years before he died of AIDS.

  12. Last I heard, there is no statute of limitations on murder. These are cold cases, but they are still open to prosecution.

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  14. Anyone Can print Anything! Doesnt make it true!

  15. This is absolutely sick! Can’t believe you can print stuff like this!

  16. It appears that “gay” is really a synonym for “angry abnormal.
    Just calling it as I see it.”

  17. What we have here is an evil empire, so laden with degraded followers of Satan, that even the Italian Mafia would look like saints compared to these cretins of hell.

  18. And to think that there are actually human beings that support this illegal and evil entity aka BH Obama.

  19. Contrary to popular belief obama is not above the law or God’s judgement.It is a matter of time before his dictatorship (and those behind it) is exposed for what it really is. The dominoes have started to tumble and will gain momentum . “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln…..All in God’s timing people.

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