People of Walmart: The Moral Abyss Edition

User-submitted photos of Walmart shoppers from across the US. Courtesy

Since when do we in the United States think it is acceptable to publicly make repugnant, grossly offensive proclamations such as these?

When did America sink into this moral abyss?

WARNING: Offensive language

moral abyss1moral abyss2moral abyss3moral abyss4moral abyss

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9 responses to “People of Walmart: The Moral Abyss Edition

  1. Yikes! Walmart is always like a trip to the zoo.

    When did America sink into this moral abyss?

    The flush occurred a long time ago, what we’re witnessing is the final spins.


  2. affirmative action it has lowered the standards of the teaching profession by hiring on the basis of skin color and not on ability. now with so many of these brain dead administrators and teachers the product is a brain dead nation. instead of bringing the minority students up to the level of whites and asians it is bringing everyone down to the level of the minority student. in affect we are fast becoming a nation of dumb balls. the politically correct agenda is also the enemy of thinking and common sense. and hand in hand with affirmative racism these moronic agendas have created a zombie mentality that knows not what it is doing


  3. Well, now we know what a deconstructed nation’s people may look like. Pretty appalling, but I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy…. There’s not much that can be said, except perhaps “Turn your eyes away unless you want to hurt your brain.”


  4. Wow, you’re right. Why would people do this? Thanks for making these nasty offensive pictures show up on my feed.


  5. What if the wanted…lips… one backfired and a homosexual attempted to take up the offer?!


  6. I suspect the first photo, the yellow car’s message, was probably “payback” by a very upset girlfriend of a boyfriend who “strayed” by “associating” with the owner of the yellow car. That’s my best “Jerry Springer” interpretation. :)

    As for the others who chose to wear those teeshirts &/or tattoo their heads &/or bumper stickers… Severe Lost Souls!! S-e-v-e-r-e!

    How we got here is somewhat like so… pile these one on top of the other, in a “slow-boil-frog” fashion:
    1. “Age of Enlightenment” & “Intellectualism” Snotty-Nosed goals to destroy in people’s minds the authority of Scripture.
    2. Enter Darwin, Freud, Kinsey, ad nauseum, to further the Godless agenda.
    3. Invent Hollywood, movies, TV, to propagate the Godless agenda.
    4. Foment two World Wars to displace/kill off all the men = “leaderless families”; disorient & restructure nations.
    5. Infiltrate all educational systems & kick God out; replace with “tolerance, “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” “relativity,” & “feelings” vs. RRR, etc., successfully Dumbing Down the populace.
    6. Promote the idea of “The Teenager” as a distinct & separate group from their parents.
    7. Power Up all “movements” of the 60’s via Agents Provocateur to destroy gender roles, family, children, morality, sanity, reverence, respectability, ethics, responsibility, godliness, etc. via drugs, hippies, Jesus freaks, “free love,” “flower child,” war protests, anti-govt., feminism, bra-burning, liberalism, homosexualism, abortion, rebellion, etc.
    8. Infiltrate churches to subvert & water them down from the inside out.
    9. Wait for the above now-Godless generations to produce anti-God offspring.
    10. Rinse & Repeat every 10 years, ramping up each decade the level of debauchery, degradation, violence, immorality, & deception, via MTV, “talk shows” (Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Montel, Maury Povich, ad nauseam), movies, TV, magazines, etc.
    11. When “Iniquity has Abounded” as far as it can go before exploding, we have “arrived.”

    “Come Lord Jesus”!


  7. Can’t you get arrested for some of that stuff?


  8. “Come Lord Jesus”!
    I’ll AMEN that!


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