Texas released a map of location of gun owners!

It’s hard to believe, but Texas has followed that idiot newspaper up in New York, and released a map of the location of all gun owners!


Their locations are marked by red dots.

H/t FOTM’s WildBillAlaska! :D


18 responses to “Texas released a map of location of gun owners!

  1. Love it! I see I’m included!


  2. Idiotic ‘liberals.’


  3. I love how TX is being tough :D


  4. Should be a white spot in Austin.


  5. One of the things I like about Texas.


  6. Hope Okla follows Texas! Way to go Texas.


  7. I’m kinda slow…but, I finally figured it out…I think?!


  8. Bart, you are right! Austin, of all places, has a massive amount of liberal thinking.


  9. Register everybody WITHOUT a firearm. So the police will know who to protect.


  10. glad they posted me : ))


  11. Come let me tell you a story bout a California man named Jed, Kin folks said jed Texas is where you ought to be, so he loaded up is truck so he’d be with better company! Texas awe, nice place nice people, good for business, not afraid of a gun!


  12. Very good , L.M.A.O………


  13. I think SC is about the same and hopefully MANY other states are already there.


  14. In the very beginning within a few days after he first got into office, he announced, “Re-register” your “REGISTERED GUNS” … My poor old brother built a room under his swimming pool to hide all of his guns.


  15. Dont mess with Texas!!


  16. Years ago I hitchhiked quite a bit through Texas. One time I walked into this bank. Just as I walked through the front doors, there were these pegs on the wall with a sign that read: “Please hang guns and holsters here.” I loved it.

    One time I was walking west out of Lamesa, Texas. I stuck out my thumb and this pickup pulled over to give me a ride. It was a man and woman; they were slightly drunk. I crawled into the club cab. The man reached under his seat and pulled out a .44 magnum.

    He said, “If you mess with me, I’m going to shoot ya.”

    I said, “No problem.”

    I love Texas.

    “Freedom to Bear Arms”

    “A Revolutionary People at War”


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