153 responses to “Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker

  1. this is from article veteranstoday
    again # of dead children do not match
    15 dead in Ms. Rousseau class, 4 dead in Ms. Soto class=19

    The official story states that Adam Lanza shot his way through the entrance to SH Elementary school where he encountered the principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach, both of whom he shot ‘execution style’. Lanza then entered a classroom and shot dead 15 of a total of 16 children (the 16th survived by playing dead as she lay beneath the bodies of her classmates), their teacher Lauren Rousseau and a special-needs teacher, Ann-Marie Murphy. He then left that classroom and entered the classroom of teacher Victoria Leigh Soto and demanded to know where the children where. When Soto said they were in the auditorium, Lanza shot her, another special-needs teacher, Rachel D’Avino, and four of their students, who emerged from the cupboard in which they were hiding. Lanza then left that room and entered the office of school nurse Sarah Cox, who was hiding under her desk, only to leave again a few moments later. He then went to the classroom of music teacher Maryrose Kristopik and pounded on the door, yelling “Let me in”. Based on police audio transmissions (see below), Lanza did all of that in about 3 minutes. On seeing local police arrive, he shot himself in the head. End of story.

  2. What if Emilie is Madeline? What if they took a picture a day before and just cropped “Emilie aka Madeline in? and why is poor lil Emilie left sitting alone in the picture and not sitting on mom’s laps??? hhhhhmmmm….

  3. Vik
    we do not know WHY Parkers dress and cropped Madeline as Emily.
    but that is what they did.
    Emily hairdo and Emily dress…but WHY?
    If you look Parkers family pictures and videos from 2009-2010 on
    http://parkerfour.blogspot.com and
    you see a new very dark Alissa Parker
    first blog is full of sun, colors and life
    second blog give me chill…

    • ..i couldn’t make it down the 2nd page. Wish I didn’t see it. Never got such an unsettling feeling from looking at children. I got a similar feeling once, the first time I ever went into a Walmart and felt the misery surround me. I wish I was joking.

  4. You guys are nuts… coming from Connecticut, 26 of our citizens are still unaccounted for nearly 3 months later … get real and see a psychiatrist with your paranoia!

    • Asking questions about an event riddled with oddities (such as SSDI having a date-of-death for Adam Lanza one day before he committed the murders) is now “nuts” and “paranoia.”

      I simply asked questions, but you however descend to insults. I don’t think that speaks well for your position.

    • “get real ” Yes, I think that is exactly what conscious people try to do here!
      “see a psychiatrist with your paranoia” Is that some kind of remote diagnosis from a lay(wo)man?
      When narrow-minded people don’t get the point, they start to insult. No, Teah, I don’t mean YOU. This site is called Fellowship of the Minds. Fellowship of the narrow-minded is next door, please. No offense.

  5. Are you for real????????? These are the “facts” that you believe????
    1. I clearly see the girl’s legs under their dresses.
    2. If you EVER had a child that sucked her fingers, you would see that that is NOt the “Sign of the Devil” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pathetic!!!!!!
    3. When you have lost a child and have 2 more to care for, You smile, no matter what you are feeling!
    4. I am the 3rd child of “Irish Triplets”. My sister’s and I were all a year and a mont apart, and could be triplets.

    You are ALL Unbelievable, and clearly NOT from Newtown, where WE CHOOSE LOVE.

    • Wow, mb falls. I gather it’s no longer allowed in your neck of the woods to exercise our First Amendment rights by asking questions.

      Your notion of LOVE clearly does not include the love of the United States Constitution.

      • When did I say you can’t ask questions Dr. Eowyn?? The questions were asked, and I am simply exercising My first amendment right in responding. After hearing for 3 months now about all of the “obvious signs of a hoax”, I finally decided to check it out last night. It is simply unbelievable to me that THESE are the “obvious signs” that you are listening to! What that has to do with me “not LOVING the Constitution of the United States” escapes me. How sad that the only answer you could come up with was no answer at all. My “notion of Love” is not placing more of a burden of sorrow on these families with stories that are BASELESS! I don’t see how any one of these points could even remotely be a reason for questioning what happened to this community on that horrible day.

        • “I don’t see how any one of these points could even remotely be a reason for questioning what happened to this community on that horrible day.”

          That is your choice. But have you looked at all our other posts (and questions) on our “sandy Hook Massacre” page, such as why the Social Security Death Index had Adam Lanza’s date of death as one day before the massacre, and why CNN’s live video the day of the massacre had first responders running into a building CNN said was Sandy Hook Elementary School, but the building clearly is not? If not, please do.

          How wonderful that we still have the First Amendment in this country so that you and I can still freely voice our disagreement.

        • Sandy Hook is an obvious fraud. Anyone with a brain knows that. What’s unknown are all the details and motives.

          Tani, good points.

    • You are a fucking idiot. Period.

  6. Emilie six’s birthday and only TWO Parker girls Samatha and Emilie,
    but where is Madeline?
    Should’t Madeline be there for her sister day?
    Both girls are in the pictures with pres Obama

    is Emile=Madeline?
    noticed how short Emilie is in the her class, smallest kid…..

  7. my only reply is that my nieces daughter was friend with two of the girls killed. The Emilie issue in interesting but I have problem with any one who says they are passing GOD’s word wasting their time on saying that a little girl is passing on satan signs. little kids that young do strange thing including putting their whole hand in the mouth. But putting fingers in their mouth palm up is when they are cutting upper teeth. Most kids use their index and middle fingers but all kids are different. So you now a man of GOD have condemned this little girl to hell because people will believe what you say in the name of GOD

    • “So you now a man of GOD have condemned this little girl to hell because people will believe what you say in the name of GOD”

      I just re-read every single comment on this thread. I see no commenter who’s a “man of God” and I certainly did not see anywhere any “man of God” or anyone condemning “this little girl to hell.”

      George, you need to chill out.

      • I commented earlier that you all obviously do not live here, and do not know someone that was personally affected by this tragedy, but for some reason it didn’t post. I now have to leave this conversation and website because the negativity and lack of compassion is too much for me. I pray that none of you ever have to go through what our town and these families have gone through, and then have ignorant people pass judgement and spread Vicious lies about you. May God Have Mercy on Your soul.

        • And I’d responded earlier that what you decry as “negativity” are Americans (still) exercising our First Amendment right to ask questions and express our opinions. I’ve re-read all the comments on this thread: No where do I see any cruelty or anyone taking pleasure in someone’s suffering.

          You’re doing the typical liberal playbook — trying to silence any questions, any dissent from the official party line by hurling accusations that feelings are hurt. As if hurt feelings are more important than the truth or the search for the truth.

          We both keep repeating ourselves. But as long as you keep bashing us for asking questions, then I will keep re-asserting my/our God-given right to free speech and critical thinking.

    • Must I repeat that Sandy Parker’s left hand appears to have two thumbs, or that her right hand looks like something from a horror movie? The hands were computer generated, and so were the arms attached to the hands. It was a clue like the nose out jet crash video. In the helicopter video of the jet ‘crash’ into WTC 2, the cgi jet seemed to fly out of the building undamaged. Then the tv screen blacked out after .28 seconds.

  8. Where were the ambulances on the scene? Why is there no or very little footage of EMT’s rescuing the so called injured children? Surely the helicopters on the scene would have captured that?

    Funny the “Parker’s” moved to Newton just the year before. I think the whole family is fabricated for what is now known as the newton massacre.

  9. Maybe they are selflessly trying to hide their emotions for the sake of their other children? I don’t know, but I have had to hide my emotions in front of children before, at heartbreaking times.

  10. maybe the reason only 5 sets of parents were continually shown in interviews were because maybe they were the only consolable ones, and the hence the lack of tears. people react in different ways. maybe some of them were even excited about being on tv. it’s sick but definitely worth considering.

    and to say that parents with brown hair can’t have pale children with blonde hair is ridiculous, happens all the time. children are often bright blonde before their hair darkens as they get older.

    and perhaps the sister in the obama picture was not wearing her elder sister’s clothes but her own: a mother with 3 almost identical daughters, it’s not unheard of to dress them all in matching outfits.

    the thing about the children making devil horns is ridiculous though in my opinion. children are so much more flexible than adults, and even then as a 20 yr old i can still suck on my fingers like that without it being uncomfortable.

    i’m not saying having read some of this that something isn’t fishy, like the date of death of the killer etc and my opinions above are just opinions, of course. but remember that as easy as it would be for the government to create cover up stories, it is just as easy for people to do the same on the internet just to create conspiracy theories. it is SO easy to edit documents and pictures once they’re online. it could be the government, or it could be a really sick internet troll truly fearing that their guns will be taken away.

    maybe the government have edited some things to their advantage, but when have any governments ever not used something to their own advantage? other parents, the ones we didn’t see, may still be grieving everyday. personally i think this was a real event. a fair few of the points on here are ridiculous, however some definitely have me thinking. especially the ‘laughing’ father. but an incident like that happened here in england which was definitely real and devastating and people even today would be offended if you claimed those little children weren’t brutally murdered. my parents lived nearby and knew one of the mothers. so by all means ask questions as is your right but things like this definitely do happen, and yes the government take advantage of it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.

    and if the conspiracy was only to get rid of your machine guns, would that be so bad?! here in england they got rid of our guns after the shootings of the school children. and a fair few people complained. but now we live in a much safer world, with only 36 gun crimes a year as opposed to your 11000. and i don’t personally know a person who regrets that decision. i never fear gun crime. i understand it’s a constitutional thing but i am at odds to understand your need for the guns like the one supposedly used in this event that are purely made for mass murders. by all means keep your pistols and such for protection if you think you need it, but i don’t disagree with obama that at least the guns that spray bullets should not be openly available for anyone to use. we still have guns for hunting and such here but there are many checks in place which work!

    but it is not my country obviously. i think a lot of people are becoming desensitized to mass murders in your country, and they will start happening more and more frequently. so maybe this was a conspiracy, maybe it wasn’t, but things like this do happen, and in my opinion, a world with less machine guns could only be a better one.

  11. The fact that the Parker family is smiling and laughing two days after “Emilie” was brutally killed at her school has suspicion and wrongdoing all after it. More great stuff at Real Questions Now – WordPress.

  12. Its a God given right to own guns. Why? to protect ourselves against Tyranny if our government try’s to overthrow its people. People First not the government.

  13. This site has restored by belief that conspiracy theorists are, without exception, morons. Thank you.

    • Why, thank you! And you, chuck, has restored my conviction that Leftists stoop to hurling insults because they really have nothing substantive to contribute!

      • Chuck, try and keep up you schmuck. This story is 8 months old. You finally getting around to it. In case you have not heard Obama won a second term. Just trying to get you up to speed.
        Sheesh, what a Marooooooon. :lol:


  15. As much as I totally disagree with the parents’ nonstop. Media coverage of their daughter, I will shed a bit of light onto the possible reason they were not openly grieving. I believe this family is mormon. Mormons believe that the parents are married for eternity and the kids are sealed to them in their temple. While I find this to be false doctrine, they are under the illusion of the believe that they will live with Emilie as a family for eternity. I have relatives who are mormon. They seemed unaffected by death as they see it as temporary. I completely disagree with the solicitations for money.

    • Shar, what do you make of Robbie Parker grinning like a jackass and laughing the day after his 6-year-old daughter was allegedly killed, and then spending close to a full minute getting into character before facing the camera with a sad look on his face?

  16. This article makes me sick. Cant belive any of this was questioned. Regardless a child still lost her life. Yet your questioning the parentd reaction. Have u ever thought they were in such a state of shock the whole situation was dreamlike? Of course u didn`t u just assumed on your knowledge of grief! They as well do have a blog maybe u would like to go see there grief there! Not everyone grieves the same and assumptions are without knowledge!!

    • Actually, sarah, *you* make me sick. So now in the United States of America, we can’t even ask questions? You are using “the children” to gag freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of inquiry.

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  19. Samantha’s hand is Palm facing forward. I’ve seen many little ones do this. Looks weird in a photo but you’re drawing too many conclusions. Neither are making “devil” horns as Samantha’s middle and ring fingers are in her mouth and Madaline is only pointing. Also look at the wider bridge of Emilie’s nose…you can see clearly, unless you don’t want to that Madaline is with the president and her and her older sister’s dresses are similar. There are a lot of questions and anomalies like the reactions of the parents and the look alikes, although I do have one myself, and the interviews and reactions of the first responders.

  20. If anyone has the brains to go to Robbie Parker’s facebook page, they will see ALL of their family pictures from that session were taken and posted on December 28, 2010. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1679461078440&set=pb.1594937268.-2207520000.1415601340.&type=3&theater If you think Emilie could still fit into that same dress 2 years later, then you’re an idiot. The girl in the picture with Obama is her sister, wearing Emilie’s old dress that now fits her because she’s the same age as Emilie was when they did that photo session. Who knows why they acted the way they did in those videos/pictures- people grieve in different ways. But I believe this happened, you can look up obituaries of everyone and many other things that can prove this happened. I agree that other things about the situation seem weird. But Emilie Parker did die & I pray for her family because of all these stupid accusations they have to deal with every day.

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