Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors

This is a follow-up on the post our lowtechgrannie did on January 7, 2013, “Crisis Actor Photos.”

At issue is whether professional “crisis actors” are going beyond mere simulation of mass casualty events (what the Denver-based group VisionBox Crisis Actors say they do) to actually impersonate real-life people caught in the news of recent massacres, notably the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

There’s a woman named Jennifer Greenberg Sexton who lives in Florida. She has a remarkable family because so many members of the Sexton-Greenberg clan are dopplegangers of people associated with the Sandy Hook massacre.

Here’s Jennifer Greenberg on Stars Color, a website with pictures of people in the movie industry — actors, actresses, directors — which suggests Greenberg is an actress, albeit not a famous or even known one:


I took a screenshot (on Jan. 11, 2013) of her picture on Stars Color in case the site scrubs it in the days to come:

Stars Color

Here’s a picture of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her husband Richard Sexton (we don’t know when the photos were taken):

Jennifer & Richard Sexton

Here’s a later photo of Richard Sexton, showing he’s lost some hair:

Jennifer Greenberg hubby Richard Sexton aka Nick Phelps

In the video below, beginning at the 8:49 mark, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is interviewing a couple, Nick and Laura Phelps, about slain Sandy Hook school principal Dawn Hochsprung. The Phelps are parents of two Sandy Hook students:

I took these two screen shots of Nick and Laura Phelps from the video:

Nick & Laura Phelps x2

But Nick and Laura Phelps look very much like another couple, Richard and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton! See for yourself.

In the composite I made (see below), Richard Sexton is in the top row, Nick Phelps in bottom row:

Sexton & Phelps composite

Here’s a composite of pictures of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (top row) and Laura Phelps (bottom row). Dang. The two women even part their hair the same way!

Jennifer Greenberg Laura Phelps composite

At the 8:35 mark of the same video (above) is a picture of slain Sandy Hook first grade teacher Victoria Soto in the right foreground. In the background on the left is a white-haired man making a devil’s horn sign with his hand. (Note that I haven’t photoshopped the picture. It’s from CNN’s news video, labeled “Family Photos,” that is, the photo was supplied by Soto’s family.)

Here’s a screen shot I took from the video:

Devils horn guy aka Michael Greenberg

Below is a picture of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (r) with a man (l) identified as Michael Greenberg (Jennifer’s dad):

Michael Greenberg

Same head posture; same glaring eyes. Are devil’s horn man and Michael Greenberg the same person?

Devils horn guy = Michael Greenberg

Remember the pic of Richard and Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexton and their daughter? Here it is again. Take a good look at the girl’s face:


Here’s a pic of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton with two girls. The one on the left looks to be an older version of the young girl in the photo above. The older girl on the right is said to be Samantha Sexton:

mommy with her girls

Here’s a photo of 5 children, said to be the Sexton-Greenberg kids. Do the girls look familiar to you? The girl on the left looks like Samantha Sexton in the photo above. Note the smiling dark-haired boy, the second boy from Samantha. Let’s call him the Greenberg boy.


Beginning at the 3:45 mark in the video below, a reporter is interviewing the siblings of slain teacher Victoria Soto. Pay special attention to the boy Carlos Matthew Soto (5:00 mark) and the older girl, Carlee Soto (5:28 mark):

Does Carlos Matthew Soto (l) look like an older version of the Greenberg boy (r)?

Carlos Soto & Sexton-Greenberg boy

Does Carlee Soto (l) look like an older version of Samantha Sexton (r)?

Carlee Soto is Samantha Sexton

What are the chances (probability) that so many members of one family in Florida, that of actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, look like members of two other families — the Phelps and Sotos — thousands of miles away in Newtown, Connecticut?

What do you think?

Sources of Greenberg-Sexton photos:

A man named “Ed” is said to be the first to uncover Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. See Dan Eden’s “Is the News Real?“.

See also:

Update (Jan. 23, 2013):

A video has surfaced, of Laura Phelps performing in a play. See “More evidence that Sandy Hook parent Laura Phelps is actress Jennifer Sexton.”

Update (Jan. 24, 2013):

Thanks to FOTM reader Sunny’s tip, I now know the source of the Sexton family photos. It’s a photo album that Sexton had put online:


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  1. Holme’s lawyer looks just like him. take a close look.That’s weird.

    Wow these people bear a creepy resemblance to the others.

  2. I see the resemblances in all except the blonde teacher. Definitely doesn’t look anything like the other pictures. The older daughter I don’t see it as much, but the couple and son are definitely eye raising. Dear God. The implications, if true, are mind boggingly frightening.

    • Your last sentence is why most people dismiss it…they can not wrap their heads around it. TPTB count on that to keep doing what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to question what is obviously questionable.

    • Bear in mind that the Sexton/Greenberg photos are around 10 years old.

  3. Mighty peculiar, I say.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The likenesses of the actors vs. the actual people are remarkably close. I looked very carefully at their noses which in my mind, would verify resemblances or confirm that these are the same people. In my opinion, the Sextons and the Phelps are the same couple! It was brilliant of you Dr. Eowyn to compare the actors with the people involved in the tragedies. It also appears that the “devil’s horn” man and Michael Greenberg are the same person. In his case, his strange eyes give this away; I would call his eyes “sinister”. This is truly amazing!

  5. I have been following this since it happened and being careful along the way, as I know others have. Some assertions on the net seem forced or trivial, while many others seem to have merit. There’s just a weird vibe with this whole thing, from the “grieving parents,” to Eugene Rosen, the weirdo Medical Examiner, Wayne Carver, and the officers in charge during the press briefings. Watch Paul Vance (the officer in charge of the press briefings) and the troopers flanking him. They just come across like there’s something they know that you are not supposed to know, and they’re uncomfortable with the position they’re in. “Weird vibes” aren’t something to base conclusions on, but your “gut” tells you something when you watch a person’s demeanor. No tears? Photos with the President two days later and everyone is laughing and carrying on like they’re at a family reunion? Weren’t there like 600 kids there? One picture of a dozen or so kids conga-lining their way out with their eyes closed is all we’ve seen? Consider other news stories of this magnitude – or smaller! The silence on the part of the mainstream media at this point is noticeable. No rehashing the details, no “new details are emerging in the …” type reports, no interviews beside the initial few, though there were 26 families affected. No word about the brother or father of Adam. The only thing we hear of Newton/Sandy Hook at this point is in reference to Gun Control Legislation.
    Read about the “Project Longevity” meeting between the DOJ and Connecticut officials just two weeks prior. It’s all about the push for gun control. The article is from November 27th, 2012. I just read it at Huffpo. Read carefully the quote from Ron Pinciaro. It’s scary in light of what’s happening now.
    Some will say, “but people respond differently in the wake of such trauma and tragedy.” I get that. Maybe I’m an insensitive monster. Fine. I am teachable and just wanting to make sense where there seems to be none. Everything about this feels “staged” and the closer I look at it, the less I believe it.

  6. Hmm.

    Dave is now getting a little farther up that tree.


  7. Eowyn great post. The whole thing stinks. Pics are pretty darn close. Naked eye would have problem proving. them wrong.

  8. this was first exposed by wellawear1.dallasgoldbug.,ed credit were credits due. ed has been exposing the sextons.the Greenbergs for a while now .

  9. So who is going to do some in depth investigation and make legimate compairisons and interview the actors,, This demands further.. This Government is beyond trust, the Bengazi murders, the Fast and Furious and the Iminunity to Holder, Bidens task force and bringing in Walmart to become a government background check clearing house and never bringing in and local Judges to explain why these killers/criminals have 6 prior felony convictions and still on the streets unsupervised…this whole thing breeds more suspision and desent… and there should be a spell check built into this blog…

  10. No, the whole “well-aware” thing is a false trail to poison the well. Like the false “mosad hit team” disinfo that came out early. It is a discrediting tactic that the perps have come out with to associate suspicious concern their false flag event with “crazies” like this guy who thinks the some “Greenburg” family does all the acting.

  11. cassiusclay20002000

    Ears are as specific an identifier as fingerprints. Get close-ups of the ears,
    and compare.

  12. I have a hinky feeling about all this as well. Just wonder how so many would be able to keep all this secret. Payoffs? Wouldn’t all their lives be in danger? Scary stuff working for the government!

    • I wasn't offered a blue pill

      @Sparrow59 – I used to think the same, “How can something this big be kept a secret?”. The answer to this is not easy to fathom and this is where the rabbit hole just gets deeper.

      Have you noticed how most actors, politicians, royalty etc are related to each other, and many bare an uncanny resemblance? Are they all cut from the same cloth with each playing their part in maintaining the status quo? If so, how did this all come to pass? Why are they all lacking empathy with the rest of humanity? And wtf is with all the lucifer hand signals? Spooky shit indeed!

      To think that years ago I called people like David Icke crazy. Not anymore, the evidence speaks for itself, and it just keeps mounting and mounting.

  13. We have two well known actors in residence at the WH.
    Barry Soetoro appearing as Barack Obama, and featuring Moochelle the Fist Bumper Robinson playing the role of First Lady. Reminds me of a old saying regarding the sound of one hand clapping, A Bad Act.
    They must have the Austerity Czar in charge of casting, because he probably did a discounted package deal with these “extra” or “bit part” actors and actresses, because of the rising costs of the presidential vacations and airplane rides etc. Keeping the moolah in the family is top of the priority list. One for you, a trillion for me.

  14. The picture they put up of the father of Adam Lanza is a splitting image of Michael McDonald from Mad TV.

  15. I’ve been updating the latest, up-to-the-minute list of oddities and “coincidences” about the Sandy Hook shootings here:

  16. hi again.wellawear 1 pointed out long ago that certain groups and family’s are scripting news events for there own gain and the manipulation of when it comes to the greenburg actors the sextons and a few of the others including the jackass crew is spot on .i do how ever question and find it hard to accept many of his conclusions but then again that goes for many conSPIN sites that claim to have an alternative view on the MEDES..all the FEARPORN(thanks to the Celtic rebel for that line) that 90% of the news the alternative media spout out is BULLPLOP.,anyone with half a mind should realise that ..ed may or may not be off with a few of his ideas who am i to say.considering i have been MANIPULATED on everything i have been told all that i have watched.since i was born.the social engineering which has been going on has altered our perception on many different one should be called crazy because of an IDEA.,we shouldn’t be putting people down because of ideas.unless its a lizard idea.or the aliens are behind it all . that’s the Judaic angle .ITS the illuminati bull crap…the fact is that’s the distraction.the distraction from who the real problem is… .

    • Maria Rainbird,

      No one should be dismissed or mocked or insulted. Doing that is a gratuitous or ad hominem attack. Rather, what the person claims to be true should be evaluated for the following, in descending order of importance:

      1. Logic: Does it make sense? Is it logically consistent or is it self-contradicting?
      2. Evidence: Does the person provide empirical/factual evidence for his/her claims? And if yes, is the evidence compelling and true?
      3. Authority: Is the person making the claim a recognized authority or expert on the matter, with established credentials? If the person is a “nobody,” does he/she at least cite the sources used? For example, on a subject to do with physics or cosmology, I would give greater credence to a quantum physicist than to me because I am not trained in Physics. On the other hand, when it comes to matters of politics and social sciences, even so-called credentialed “experts” can be challenged because we’re not dealing with the hard sciences, the evidence is sometimes ambiguous, and the truth claims may include hidden and not-so-hidden value/normative words that appeal to one’s biases.

      Those are also the criteria I ask readers to use in evaluating this post. I present the photographic evidence; you decide!

  17. In the photo with Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Micheal Greenberg (uncle?) , if you look in the mirror up in the right corner, it looks like
    MicheAl is holding a photo. Can anyone get a better resolution on what is on this?

    • Sorry Mark, I don’t see Michael Greenberg holding a photo. His left arm is draped around Jennifer; his right arm is down. I also don’t see a photo in the mirror up in the right corner.

  18. Plenty of similarity between the family and victims, but also, for the older daughter, the eyebrows don’t match, though that is not a hard thing to fake .. but, too many similarities overall .. enough to warrant further looking into .. but this is not enough for anything conclusive .. I will say, what I find odd is that in Aurora, there was a training exercise closely resembling the event that took place on the same day and in Sandy Hook, the same thing … too many questions and not enough answers .. such as sealing the warrants for another 90 days, suspicious since they have their “shooter” and have already laid claim to what happened, publicly releasing the warrant info in accordance with law would normally have no impact on the case, and the arguments to seal them for this extra time are lame…the gun removed from the car was a rifle, as shown in video, and reported initially, but claimed as a shotgun later, contradicting the video and earlier information released….and more…

    • Yes, they tend to change the official story very frequently. That is what happens when you lie, you can’t remember your lies and have to make up new ones. It happens for every one of these false flag events. On wellaware1 he has links and pictures proving that almost every singe media event in the last I don’t know how many years is faked.

      This was congressional testimony back in the 1970’s…

      This was a press conference when GW Bush admitted to the CIA paying people to create the news.

  19. Sandy Hook is on a map in the Batman flick.

    Check AZCHOPPERCAM on YouTube and the pic on Facebook NDPTruth

    • Thanks, Adam.

      That’s been addressed in my post of Dec. 21, 2012: “Spooky coincidences of Sandy Hook and Aurora massacres”

      • The thing about Sandy Hook being on the map and Aurora being in the film is the location for filming and maps of the location that were used…these 2 things aren’t even enough to lay any claim to anything and are easily used to debunk and embarrass those that believe they are signs…evidence must always be much stronger than this…I seriously wonder about both shooters, the details of the official story, and the staged “training” for the same kind of events on the same day in the same towns, theater shooting training in Aurora on the same day as the shooting, and the school shooting/incident training on the same day as the Sandy Hook shootings….among many other inconsistencies/oddities …but the map and building with Aurora on it are not worthy of consideration due to the filming locations and maps used in the film…

      • I am confused, what do you think really happened? The govt killed the kids or it didn’t happen at all? If it didnt happen wouldn’t someone who went to that school realize those so called victims didn’t exist? Like the principal that took over or the other teachers at the school? I just need more explanation as to what you think really happened? Thanks

        • Sjc, know what? We haven’t a clue as to what happened. What we have are a lot of very strange things about this shooting that just don’t make sense. We like many others are baffled by the lack of information. And mis-information.
          I’d suggest you go to link below and read posts.
          It get’s really interesting about 4 from bottom. “Spooky Coincidences”
          read your way up. You decide from there. Good luck
          Steve – Admin

          • Exactly Steve. What I find diabolical is the level of horror these events have reached. 9/11 was shocking but a simple internet search will reveal that many people now question the event and its intent. But to have an event that involves little children is so emotionally over the top that it gives them time to move forward with legislation that continues to erode the very law of the land. Who would dare question any action taken in the wake of children being murdered? But, unfortunatley for them, there are those questioning this latest event and I am guessing it is not at all appreciated by those in the know.

  20. This is nuts! shady……

  21. Well, it certainly seems to me that people who might want to investigate further could certainly travel to Sandy Hook and spend some time there, talking and observing. No law against that. Some pics of ears would be good. Could certainly see alleged victim’s families doing their daily stuff. ought to give a better idea, huh??????

    • Good idea, Jason. Why don’t you ask the big TV networks and national newspapers like the New York Times to send their reporters to do just that because humble little bloggers like FOTM not only have neither the time nor money to do that, we don’t get paid a dime for our work.

      Gosh, I wonder why the MSM aren’t doing the investigation? [Snark]

  22. I’m sure they’ll be more careful to avoid these sorts of errors for the next ones.

    • I wasn't offered a blue pill

      I don’t think they care who notices.

      The majority of people subconsciously dismiss such suggestions as it is totally outside their realms of possibility. It’s only when it is laid out clearly for all to see, just like Dr. Eowyn has done here, that people begin to piece more and more of the conspiracy together.

      They will most likely still dismiss it, but the seed is planted and inevitably begins to grow. Then one day – “DAMN”.

  23. The brother and sister of Victoria Soto are definitely her brother and sister. They live in my town. Those are not actors.

    • Thank you Gee,
      We need people to step up and offer solid answers. I believe most of the people on this blog would prefer to be able to put it to rest, and stop the fears of a wider conspiracy.
      The tragedy is horrible. We can never bring these victims back. But if we can thoroughly and correctly dismiss suspicions of an unseen hand, then we can all stand down and get on with the work of grieving the losses.

    • Gee, if what you say is true, then thank you for info. We, the world is starved for info. I know a lot of this stuff is crazy. One reason it’s spun so crazy is lack of info from other parents etc. Can you add anything else to this, to help start calming this from spinning off into space.
      Thanks and much appreciation, Steve – Admin.

  24. Reblogged this on Scottwb1973's Blog and commented:
    Too many holes to not question the official story.

  25. I found it “fishy” from the beginning that this situations was not a major media event, ie: Nancy Grace screaming about the “crazy” gunman, etc. I have seen lesser news stories dominate the news channels for weeks, months, years, especially when it involves children. For crying out loud, the Anna Nicole Smith custody hearing got way more news time than Sandy Hook. What’s up with that?

  26. The original James Holmes photo before the 1st hearing was photoshopped with Jack Nicholson facial features just as Jared Loughner’s was with Glenn Beck’s. The psyops is designed to confuse and Ed Chiarini is part of the counter intelligence program who is convincingly conditioning you all to believe these are actors. None of his matches match.. I do the biometrics that confirm this. You can see that Jack Nicholson is part of the Aurora shooting becasue of his part in the film ‘Dark Knight rises’. Knock off the illigitimate child? Maybe, but the reality is that they are using Dallasgoldbug to confuse the masses into unconsciousness. Read the Aurora shooting article that shows the Jack Nicholson connection: and the comparison:

    All of the so-called actor vs witness or victim comparisons sold to you by Ed Chiarini is to obscure the real psy-ops perpetrated upon those mesmerized, hypnotized, and attached to films, television, and print media.
    To educate yourself how to find the real actors, read about Piers Morgan and Steven Fry here:

    • Excuse me, but how do we know YOU aren’t psyops designed to discredit Ed Chiarini?

    • I viewed your website. I read some of your stuff and come to the conclusion that you see a lot that actually doesn’t exist…you WANT there to be a conspiracy…you WANT there to be some master plan … you aren’t helping in any way, but hurting the effort to find the REAL facts, the REAL truth…it is stuff like what you have said on your website that gives ALL people trying to learn the truth a bad name…For Aurora, I have a hard time with the photos, but your examples need work, the Jack Nicholson connection is absurd…

      ” It proves that the line he recites is a Hollywood declaration of a secret society status quo that makes TOTAL SENSE.”

      Really? A secret society in Hollywood? Do you believe in aliens?

      You need to back up, research the facts, get away from the conspiracy theories where there is no proof and where they can’t be proven .. stick what is fact and real and leave the fantasy to fiction writers…

      The government MAY be behind some of what happens, they MAY be covering up for some Gov’t organization’s activity, but as there is no proof that can be found of such activity, speculation will only lead to further alienating the truth seekers from the rest of society and actually makes it easier for any false info, false flag event, any lies within media, etc, etc, to be believed by the masses….Your efforts do more harm than good…

    • By the way, your idea about “V For Vendetta” I completely disagree with .. I’ve seen the film many times .. you miss the underlying theme of the film, which happens to be tyrannical government control over it’s people…about taking back your country from those that imprison you within it’s borders under the guise of freedom and safety…you read way too much into things…and that detracts from the mission of getting to the real truth…

      • Christy Aldridge

        Haven’t you ever seen a movie where the crazy scientist who is about to uncover a plot to “take over the world” behaves in such a nutty, unstable way that he is able to continue his research unfettered by government interference because he is not perceived as a threat? Read between the lines….

  27. this site is dis info, they re tyrying to make the comparisons completely unrealisticaslly, look at the real evidence, the me, statements, the scene of the crime, the many contradictory statements, the known actors portraying families, if you still are not sure if it was fake there is no hope for you and you deserve what you get

  28. thanks for this. This is amazing, blew my mind! The “phelps” from the official story are “crisis actors”. Absolutely amazing. even more bizarre is they seem to have a connection to the Soto’s. This really is amazing.

    This is a bit of a tangent but i couldnt help but notice the mirror image in the photo with the baphomet flashing “unkel”. Fritz Springmeier always said that mirror images were part of the trauma based mind control process. just a thought.

  29. Did anyone think to look at history? Great Britain did this same scenario to ban guns country wide. They fabricated a story of a school massacre and the next thing you know they’re disarming their citizens. Anyone know why? Because we are the only thing that scares the crap out of them. WE THE PEOPLE… They’re afraid of us thinking and acting on our own and taking what little power they do have over us away from them. There’s just too many people with their head in the wrong place to see the light and know the truth

  30. The very first photo claiming that Jennifer Greenberg Sexton is both Mrs. Phelps and Tamara Brady (Holmes’ lawyer) can be easily debunked by looking at their earlobes. Sexton expresses the recessive unattached earlobe while Brady expresses the dominant attached earlobe. With clearer pictures the difference is quite noticeable.

  31. Yet another in a never ending series of media hoaxes employing SIM “victims” & actors.

  32. Ok, so im historically a sound minded individual. But when you couple stuff like this with almost viral links of individuals about the united way of northern connecticut posting a relief fund for the victims 3 days before the incident? And you are right google isn’t saying oh sorry we attached the wrong date to the relief fund. That alone now this and the Media videos and everything else, if it doesn’t look right it probably smells bad too. They are not going to come out and admit it! But what are we going to do about it??? Call to arms?? Rogue gov’t?? It time the people run this country again not be told how or where or if we as individuals should be allowed to defend our God given gift of life

  33. Nobody AKA Complete idiot on the loose in America

    The emotion I feel when I think of the fraud used to gain public outcry by a presently corrupt government and the National socialist news networks . Is charge the liars and traitors with the criminal acts they are guilty .For the blatant deception they have committed in the name of directly attacking the Constitution of the United Sates of America in the nae of in house coup / treason .

  34. 2 thoughts as I look at these sexton/phelps
    pics, et. al ….

    #1 I know we all think DGB, ed chiarini,
    is a stooge etc, but WHAT IF initially he was
    legit on the Gifford’s scent and stumbled onto
    the truth of using crisis actors or even hollywood-
    compromised ones etc AND THEN he got a visit,
    like david cole, got sh*t beaten outta him or bought
    off or threatened, and started doing the betty
    white = queen of england BS to get everyone
    off trail …

    #2 positive proof that the MSM JEW controls
    has walked up to see if SALLY COX exists AND/
    OR why did she make up that story about nancy
    lanza being a teacher at sandy hook and a wonderful
    person? … Every curious in mind would want to
    know that!! Hell, just today they exposed Notre
    Dame’s Monti Te’o for inventing some dead phantom
    GF story, and everyone is on his ass.

    • Chris Paul,
      Attacking the Jews again? Why does it always break down to anti-Jew language? I was listening until you said that.
      I’m a Christian, but I know plenty of Christians who do the wrong thing; same with the Jews, and any other group. If we make blanket accusations of entire groups we won’t get to the bottom of the matter.

      • Chris Paul,

        Blaming it all on the Jews is a constant temptation for people who want simple answers to questions, and a quick explanation for the problem of human evil.

        While there are Jews in the MSM, there are also non-Jews in the media. To call the U.S. media being under Jewish control is therefore simply factually incorrect. While it is true that lamentably, most Jewish Americans are leftist, as with every racial-ethnic-gender-national group however, there are bad Jews like Bernie Madoff and Bill Maher, but there are also good Jews like my writer-journalist friend Sol (a conservative!), author and radio talk host Mark Levin, and radio-TV Rabbi Daniel Lappin. So stop with the Jew-hate already. Doing so simply makes whatever sensible points you may be making entirely incredible.

        And if you persist in such comments, they will be trashed.

      • Not attacking Hebrews, or Abraham, or Isaac, or Jacob …. the attack is on Ashkenazi Khazars. The money changers. The House of Rothschild. The true enemy of the human race.

        • Walter,

          You are taking the easy and lazy way out by slime-ing all Ashkenazis, i.e., Jews who are Northern European in origin, as contrasted with Sephardic or Middle Eastern/North African Jews. Many Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of a Central European group called Khazarians who had converted to Judaism. Therefore it can be argued they are not the biological descendants of the Hebrews of biblical times. Mark Levin, my friend Sol, Rabbi Daniel Lapin — to name a few — are all Ashkenazi, but they are not money changers or Rothschilds. All three are good men, probably way better men than you. Stop with the over-generalizing, already. That’s called BIGOTRY.

          • It is really nice to see people standing up against bigotry. However, I am confused why your website has special section with negative skewed information on Quran and Islam. The verses that are quoted from Quran are taken out of context. Your section on Islam implies that Quran orders muslims to kill “infidels” randomly. The verses are from the chapter talking about conduct of war . Specifically peace treaty was made between followers of Muhammad and other factions, but then group of agitators or terrorists from majority faction broke the treat and attacked the minority followers of Muhammad (who wanted to left alone and live in peace), so in reference to that it was permitted to fight and “kill them where ever you find them ” (because they were attacked). Having said that, in the same chapter it clearly states that if other side offers peace, then it is forbidden to fight or take life. According to my understanding, Quran permits war ONLY in self defense and when peace treaty is violated between states (not individuals) and the other side is not interested in peace. I hope you will refrain from publishing hateful disinformation about Muslims.

            • Gosh, Khayam, how nice of you to give us that instruction in what the Quran really says and means. I hope you’ve conveyed all that to the many imams and jihadists, oops, suicide bombers, in the Middle East, West Europe, and maybe even in Florida where you are. Be sure to do that THE NEXT TIME a Muslim, somewhere, blows someone up in the name of Jihad and Islam!


              • Dr. Eowyn, The purpose of my post is not to give instruction but to point out hateful and inaccurate information about Islam and Quran. I only speak for myself and I speak the truth. You are contradicting yourself what you have said earlier by “generalizing” people. I have read Quran and I did not find anything in it that instructs them to become what you are insinuating in your post. What I have read in Quran is that people who cause destruction on the earth, there awaits eternal punishment for them.

                By propagating false information you are spreading hatred for people from Islamic faith. Personally, I love Christians and Jews, and I never “hate” people for what they believe including atheists (except luciferians and satanist for what they practice to harm other human beings, and terrorists what ever motivates them).

                Thank you for your reply and let’s hope for enlightenment and let’s love and respect each other. And peace to you my friend.

                • You are mistaken, Khayam.

                  I have NEVER EVER generalized that ALL Muslims are violent, evil jihadists. Go look at the posts I’ve done on Islam, and you’ll see that my references are to SPECIFIC individuals — an imam; a suicide bomber; a mob of jihadists; and my condemnation is directed at those individuals and their acts. I’ve NEVER made a blanket generalization that ALL Muslims are evil.

                  As for the Quran, you have your insistence, but there are scholars of Islam who say otherwise. And they point to specific verses, such as:

                  Sura 9:29– “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

                  Sura 9:5– “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

                  Oh, by the way, I notice you didn’t respond to my previous comment that, in the interest of politeness, I framed as a wish. I now repeat it, but this time as a question:

                  How do you explain the violent rhetoric and deeds of the imams and violent jihadists in the Middle East, West Europe, and maybe even in Florida where you are? Have you ever publicly criticized and rebuked them for “distorting” the Quran and Islam? If not, why is that? But then I can’t even get you to admit on this site that there indeed ARE Muslims who commit violence in the name of Jihad, Islam, and the Quran.

            • All well and good, but you are contradicting many that have converted from Islam to Christianity, or other religions, that have spoken out, contradicting the many scholars that have studied the Quran and it’s history, and contradicting the many that practice Islam that preach killing of ANYONE that is not Muslim…No offense toward you personally, but I would rather listen to those that have been raised in Islam, lived it every day from childhood to adulthood and eventually moved away from it because they see it for what it is and wanted no part…Consider this, it was “written by one man” supposedly, yet, there was nothing, or very little in writing for well over 100 years after Muhammad’s death, until a group of people got together and decided what would be in written word, the Quran, and what wouldn’t…now, you should know, as well as anyone, that when you pass things by word of mouth only, from memory, words and ideas change, and when done for such a long period of time, a great deal of change happens…Muhammad may have had some good intentions and ideas, that we may never truly know, but those that decided on what to keep and what to discard are the real creators of Islam and they created it by memory from those that claimed to remember exactly the words passed to them from generation to generation…human nature and the human mind defies this logic…I can’t speak of other religions, but Christianity was written over a long period of time by many, their visions, or what they have been told by God, as Muhammad also claims to have been told by God, were written down immediately instead of being merely housed in their memories…Major difference in the written word and how it came to be compared to Islam…As for how the Bible came together, I can’t speculate, other than they used writings to decide, and there may be other writings that should be included and never were, for whatever reasons…There are always people that twist a religion, any religion, and use that twisted version for their own purposes, but in all religions, Islam is the one that is so easily twisted which must bring one to wonder why…why is Islam one that can be so easily twisted to have followers kill innocent people, kill non-believers? Too many questions to be asked here…..

              • Thank you Mr. Texas. I am not going to debate Christianity versus Islam. Many people, including you, speak about Islam and Quran out of ignorance and lack of knowledge. There is mounting evidence that ” war on terrorism” is fake. Both sides are financed by the same international elements, same as it happened in WW1 and WW2. Every little project requires finance. People who seek truth should ask who controls money system and then follow the trail.

                • Nice try, Khayam. But resorting to the tactic of “War on Terrorism is Fake” won’t work to deflect the scrutiny from the Muslim jihadists who perpetrated heinous violent deeds. No amount of “those evil international financiers are behind the WOT!” from you can excuse THE FACT that innocent people were tortured, beheaded, and killed. Next thing you’ll tell me is that WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl was never beheaded.

                  We need to coin a new term for people like you. How about Jihadist Denier? [Snark]

                • Don’t presume to think I am ignorant of Islam, I know a great deal, and my sources are actual experts in Islam, considering most of them had practiced it most of their lives and whose families overseas STILL practice it today, and the scholars, a few of which had once been an Imam….etc, etc, etc…Saying I know nothing is to say they know nothing…I could go on, but won’t I, have many other things to worry about than debating religion…as for Christianity, I simply used it as a comparison in terms of how it came to be in it’s current form, how was it written into existence or otherwise came to be in existence, leaving out my beliefs regarding either religion…I don’t care about the war on terror, only that both sides need to just stop and back off and live their lives in their own nations and respect the lives of those in other nations…that’s all I will say on that, and I have experience in that war as a Veteran…I won’t get into the conspiracy theories about WW1, WW2, 9/11, terror plots, etc…Until concrete proof either way finally surfaces and people actually stand trial for any crimes committed, I will continue to treat all those incidents as they are, sad and dark times in human history…although WW1 and WW2 conspiracies have little evidence or support as during those times the world was a very different place, in every way possible: communications, tactics, weapons, etc, etc…today’s wide open “borders” brought about by the internet and global economies gives a whole new range of possibilities in all of these areas…Also, You may want to devote some time studying Sharia Law as well….

  35. Look up some of the photographers from the Hartford Courant who covered the shooting. Each and every one of them I could find seems to be a pretty big advocate of gun control and a few other shady agendas as well…

  36. DrEowyn,

    you could be wrong about the Phelps Greenberg Sexton .They are eerily similar esepcially Nick Phelps and Richard Sexton.I think they are the same person.Here is a video of Laura Phelps on youtube

    here are photos of Nick and Laura Phelps.

  37. Everything the black ops do is deliberate. You can be assured they make NO mistakes, especially with something as serious as the Sandy Hook tragedy. If you find any discrepencies, any family photos resembling the victims, you can bet your butt they wanted you to find it.
    This is not some part time amateur street gang we’re talking about here. This is a professional, exact, well trained fully oiled machine at work. And they feed you the snippets when they want to.
    I’m not saying it isn’t true. All I’m saying is….these things people are finding…they’re deliberately fed to you.
    For what purpose? I don’t know. But they certainly aren’t making any ‘mistakes’.
    The evil within governments all across the world is so thick it’s almost tangible. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re one up on them with anything, because they’ll always be a mile ahead.
    Thankyou Dr Eowyn, for this story and your site. I’ll be bookmarking this and going through it all :)

    • Screwtineyes, I think you give the perps too much credit. No matter how powerful, the people who do these things put on their pants one leg at a time, and are as mistake prone as the rest of us.

  38. I noticed the earlobe thing, too – but this is still an important tack to take (looking for photographic evidence of–well, anything, including actors).

    It shouldn’t be necessary to establish this, but I feel that it is: I am a mostly-liberal Democrat (ex-military, go figure!), and heartily support many types of gun control. I find it incredibly difficult to get any traction in a conversation with gun lobbyists given the bizarre reporting on Sandy Hook. I understand that reporting is plagued with challenges (I work in media), but having just reviewed CNN footage of SWAT storming Sandy Hook–and finding without question the footage is actually of St. Rose of Lima school–I don’t have any leg to stand on at the moment when debating with my pro-gun colleagues. I come from a military family, with many gun enthusiasts. It will not be “truthers” that sink gun control, but whoever is trying so desperately to co-opt the story to gun control’s advantage that they are willing to twist facts along the way, thwarting any possible progress, in my opinion.


  40. this is not debunkable. awesome job.

  41. This is one conspiracy theory that the “debunkers” will never be able to debunk properly. Their way of debunking is asking if we know them personally and can verify that they are actors or not…
    And no we don’t. We also don’t know them personally to verify if they are the parents of the victims or not…

  42. I don’t hear anyone talking about photoshopped family portrait of Parker’s family, which I believe is a smoking gun that there is a conspiracy.

  43. Also I wonder if it is legal to tamper picture of crime victim. Could this be grounds for a law suit?

    • Good question, Khayam. But I don’t see how tampering can ever be proven and the perpetrators apprehended since even famous so-called “conservative” talkers like Glen Beck and Sean Hannity are not just dismissing, but mocking those who are skeptical about the official version of the Sandy Hook massacre.

  44. the teacher actress listed as Jennifer Rincon isn’t. the link you have to Visionbox shows another photo and Jennifer clearly is much older and has wrinkles around her eyes, where as the teacher actress does not.
    However- that isn’t to say jennifer couldn’t be her mother! yes at the bottom of visionbox page it lists that Jennifer has a daughter Catalina who is 20…
    It also states that Jennifer went to YALE.
    I cried for days after this happened. When I first heard reports it may not be true I was up all night scouring the internet as I don’t have TV. There is no coverage of any families crying. Hell the Soto youngest is laughing and smiling in every interview. Not to mention the Parker statements- please send money to facebook- WHAT. So as I was up all night I found an interesting photo from the Aurora shooting in which I believe is the blonde teacher (Catalina) and our Mr. Parker.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/vigil-aurora-colorado-shooting-victims.jpg

    Does anyone else wonder why Mr Parker isn’t holding his beautiful little girl in any of the pictures? Is she an outcast or cropped in? I say cropped in every photo, they dont even look like a natural family photo, Emily is stuck to the side.
    I just another report tonight that says we will not get the official police report until June? Do you think that will give them time to get all the pics and stories straight?

  45. Samantha Sexton = Bailee Madison ???

  46. Je suis français, pas trop familier de la langue américaine (désolé). Mais, sur la photo dont voici la référence ;
    Le type fait bien ce signe “satanique” (Cornuto) prouvant son appartenance ?
    Autrement, Merci de votre information… qui parvient jusqu’à nous.
    Si vous pratiquez le français, allez sur
    Même combat. Bien à vous.

  47. I am French, not too familiar of the American language (sorry). But, on the photograph of which here the reference;
    The man make well this “satanic” sign (Cornuto) proving its membership? Otherwise, Thank you for your information… which comes to us. If you practise French, go on
    Yours sincerely.
    (automatic translation)

  48. A little video I put together doc,

  49. if there was an actual conspiracy theory, you’d be dead by now and this site would be shut down.

    • What a strange logic you employ. Instead of actually rebutting by citing evidence and sources, you dismiss free and critical inquiry with your absurd (non)reasoning.

      Ever heard of the Watergate CONSPIRACY? How about the Iran-Contra CONSPIRACY? Go find the “Operations Northwood” CONSPIRACY on Wikipedia, I dare you. And then of course there’s the Obama regime’s Fast & Furious CONSPIRACY.

      All of the above, with the exception of Operations Northwood (which was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but Pres. Kennedy refused to sign off on it), actually took place. But the media and bloggers who wrote about them were neither killed nor shut down. Woodward & Bernstein (& “Deep Throat” too!) were never assassinated.

      Your ability to reason is pathetic.

    • bubkus brain, I think at last count there were about
      3 million “WordPress” Blogs. That’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. Just easier to rely on the stupidity of the American Public.
      Exhibit A . YOU!!!

    • Haha, mankind would already have died out.

  50. Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

  51. Check out the Helmstetter’s blog for more astounding connections!
    The guy who seems to be the father in the Helmstetter’s blog looks suspiciously like Victoria Soto’s father at the white house:×471.jpg
    And James Homes thanked the Helmstetters at the end of his recorded science project made right after he graduated from high school and posted on YouTube
    The credits at the end are changed in some copies of the video.
    There are two girls pictured in the Helmstetters’ blogspot who were in news media as witnesses and victims (one is called “Kaylan” the other is tall with caterpillar eyebrows) at the Aurora Theater, self-describing their own heroic attempts to save other victims.

  52. Sammy Sexton AKA Christina Taylor-Green (Berg)

  53. christina taylor green on last photos

  54. Oh, my God. Any of you people that believe this crap ought to be embarrassed and ashamed. I dare you to find one of the Newtown families affected by this tragedy and tell them you think it’s a hoax or big government set up with actors. I hope you leave with no teeth. Get a life.

    • April Armstrong Campbell,

      “I hope you leave with no teeth”

      We’re exercising our right to free speech and free thought, given to us by God (natural rights) and by law (U.S. Constitution), but you wish us ill and that our teeth will fall out. May God have mercy on your wicked soul. Meanwhile, however, you should know it is a federal crime, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet and e-mail (as well as the telephone, beepers, and other means of communication).

      The following information on April Armstrong Campbell, age 46, has been turned over to law enforcement:
      IP address: in Sutton, Massachusetts
      E-mail address: campbellsings@…
      Address: Marlborough, MA 01752
      Phone: (508) 624-6742

      If you doubt that LE will come after you, read this:

  55. There is a picture of Amanda Berry (the kidnap victim) with a woman kissing her who looks eerily like Jennifer Sexton again. Remember this is all just to keep us wondering and “them” entertained. It is a red herring to distract us from what is really going on. If you want to know, pay attention to the laws that are being proposed, pay attention to your legislators and keep up to date, this is all nonsense, not worth “our” time, as the American people to worry about it.

  56. Beckah Rolandsson

    Wow… the girl sitting between the Greenberg couple… you have 3 pictures with her in them. In all 3 she has the EXACT same facial expression. And I mean EXACTLY! To the point where I would say the face is the same photo morphed into all these 3 pictures.

  57. any of these “Crisis Actors” used in the D.C. shooting? as it is not adding up to well at this point either. D.C. politicians are sick twisted beings.

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  59. I think the blonde teacher looks and sounds like erin andrews

  60. Doc, read an article this morning on nesara that the false flag investigation on this is about to bust wide open.

  61. Pingback: ENGLISH Is the Glenn Miller/Kansas City Jewish Center story yet another “crisis actor” scam?

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  63. My comment is not to prove or disprove whether Sandy Hook is a hoax or not, my family knew the Phelps family when they lived in CA. We socialized with them, our sons were best friends, and we were saddened when they told us they were moving to CT. The pictures of the Sexton’s are obvious to me to be different people. They look similar, but are definitely different people. The pictures of the Phelps are the people we knew in CA.

    • “The pictures of the Sexton’s are obvious to me to be different people. They look similar, but are definitely different people.”

      I’m confused: You acknowledge the Phelps and the Sextons “look similar” and yet “definitely different.”

      But my post isn’t just about ONE Sexton resembling ONE Phelp. Rather it’s about FIVE members of the Sexton family resembling FIVE people in Sandy Hook/Newtown, especially husband-and-wife Sextons resembling husband-and-wife Phelps. If you know anything about probability, you’d know that the statistical probability of that occurring by pure chance is infinitesimally minute.

      • I didn’t say they “look similar” and yet “definitely different”. I said that they are “definitely different people”. I know that, because I know the Phelps family, personally Also, I’m not trying to say you don’t have valid points on all of this. I am simply stating that the Sextons are not the Phelps.

  64. Here is an interesting breakdown of the forensics report from SH. DNA evidence was found at the crime scene and the Lanza home that matches someone on the NY felon’s db. This guy does a great job of digging up all the inconsistencies with the official story. Basically, this report repudiates the official story.

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