Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre

In addition to the the odd behavior of Robbie Parker, dad of a Sandy Hook child victim; professional crisis actors simulating mass casualty events; those doppleganger photos of parents; and the refusal by authorities to make public the school’s surveillance video, here’s more “make crazy” weirdness about the Sandy Hook massacre.

We now know of four condolence/donation websites and pages that were created 1-3 days BEFORE the massacre. Please note that the date when a website or webpage is created is not up to the person setting it up. Instead, the date is automatically set by the webpage’s server, such as Facebook, WordPress, etc.

1. “R.I.P. Victoria Soto” Facebook Page

Victoria Soto was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who was killed that terrible morning of December 14, 2012.

Soto’s friends and family (presumably) created a touching “Rest In Peace Victoria Soto” Facebook page.

Soto RIP

The only problem is the page was created on December 11, 2012 — three days before Soto was killed.

Soto Facebook

After somebody discovered that and the discovery went viral, excuses were made that the December 10 date was a glitch.

If you go to Soto’s R.I.P. Facebook page today, you’ll see that the page’s “Joined Facebook” date is now December 15, 2013, one day after the massacre.

New Soto Facebook

Here’s the YouTube video from which I took the above screenshots:

2. United Way “Sandy Hook School Support Fund”

The charity organization United Way set up a website, “Sandy Hook School Support Fund,” to convey their condolences to and solicit donation for the families of Sandy Hook victims. Isn’t that touching?

Here’s the Sandy Hook School Support Fund webpage:

United Way for Sandy Hook

Below is an excerpt from that page:

United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home. We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead.

The only problem is United Way’s Sandy Hook School Support Fund webpage was created on December 11, 2012, three days before the massacre.

Ed Thomas of Daily Sheeple did a Google search for ‘Sandy Hook United Way’ and found a cached page dated December 11, 2012, stating “United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut.”

United Way Google

As of Jan. 4, 2013, United Way of Western Connecticut said they had already raised over $6 million for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

3. Sandy Hook Elementary Victims’ Fund

Another webpage to solicit donation for the victims of Sandy Hook is the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund:

SH victims fund

But the “About” page for Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund has a date of December 13, 2013, one day before the Dec. 14 massacre:

SH victims fund About

Here’s the YouTube video from which I took the above screenshots:

4. “Fundraiser for Families Involved in Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings” on YouCaring: on Jan. 8, 2013, reports that the fundraising site has a “Fundraiser for the Families Involved in the Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings.” The only problem is the fundraiser event was dated December 10 2012, four days before the massacre. You can view the archived page here.


I can see how one mis-dated webpage might be due to a computer glitch or snafu, but FOUR?

H/t my pal Mark S. McGrew and FOTM’s Miss May.


There are two more pre-massacre documents:

5. A “Guide on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook pre-dated the massacre,” which was uploaded onto the Internet 4 days before the massacre.

6. Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre.


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  1. welcome to the evil empire of obama

    • Curiouser and curiouser…I had read about the Vicki Soto FB page, but not the others. How true are the words of the Bible saying that if the Lord doesn’t come back to put an end to this evil, that no flesh would be saved? Come Lord Jesus. Amen.

    • Come on man. . .You were doing great until you mentioned someone as irrelevant and non essential as Obama. . .The hard parts over. You’re already peeling away the curtain and the subterfuge, moving closer to hidden answers and truths. Don’t get tripped up now by overused rat traps like democrat vs. republican vs. liberal vs. conservative vs. Bush vs. Obama road-to-nowhere misdirection bullshit. Mentioning Obama means you could very well be biting on the lure, instead chasing those heartless beasts still roaming free in the deep recesses beyond the shallows. . .

  2. There’s enough evidence for someone/group with integrity and a national/international presence to blow this wide-open. Is there anyone left who can do this?

  3. just read an article saying the “Treasonous” eric holder, met with Conneticut Governor two weeks before shooting,on gun control launch. “Project Longevity”

  4. documents brought to you by the same obama group that produced his many fake birth certificates obama

  5. This story, and so many others are so disturbing to me. Wish someone would blow it wide open. My own family thinks I’m nuts to question it!

    • We are in the same boat! I started to suspect after i saw 1 of Vicky Sotos family smiling in the photos after the shooting.


  6. Nothing to see here folks. Move on…keep moving…keep moving.

  7. Can this article go on the Rense blog? What about the Voltaire Network? Global Research? Press TV? Where is Rachel Maddow? What is Mika doing? I guess she’s out shoe shopping. Dr. Manning is always game to talk about this sort of stuff, I am sure he could get his teeth into this because of the interview he had with San Stein, which is still posted on his UTube channel, and describes the terror cells that are housed all over the US. Cory Booker is offering money for information leading to the location of guns in his constituency and another guy is offering money for information that would lead to the arrest of Mr Booker.
    The light is certaining overwhelming the darkness at the moment anyway, Jesus is the Light of the World.
    Praise him.

  8. UPDATE:

    On Jan. 4, United Way of Western Connecticut said they had already raised over $6 million for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

    • Thats almost enough to pay the CEO’s salary isn’t it. What a farce organization. Less than 10 % goes to the real cause. Shameful.

  9. not seeing this story on cnn,or fox news! Real news wouldnt be on there.

    • Sadly we have become a nation of conditioning. Our government has become a power of bullies. Our media is no longer a responsible outlet of truth and balances. It is up to us.

    • They actually have addressed this on CNN. Fox News is bullshit but CNN knows people are questioning this and they’ve been talking About it

      • Sorry to break your heart buddy but CNN is just as much BS and Fox News. They just tend to put a liberal spin on things in order to brain wash the more liberal minded people into believing their lies. Wherein Fox news puts a conservative spin on things in order to brain wash conservatives into believing their BS.

    • Who said what on there, I missed it. We really need to keep hammering away.

      • Anderson Cooper briefly touched down on it as he was being accused of knowingly interviewing actors. He was pissed saying it wasn’t true.
        I think the only thing true is that America loves speculation and conspiracy theories. A lot of coincidences, though. That’s for sure.

  10. I posted this comment on January 8th in response to your piece “Crises Actor Photos” (January 7th): “Another interesting piece of information I ran across was the Victoria Soto (Sandy Hook teacher) RIP facebook page, supposedly created four days before the shooting…..”

    I’m glad to see that two more instances of this type of webpage has been uncovered. It just adds to the mystery.

  11. I just added a 4th Sandy Hook victims fundraiser to my post, which took place 4 days before the massacre. Scroll up!

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this alarming post! Your recent addition of #4 is incredible pursuant to the “Featured Causes 110″ document. Upon examination, you can see that they have listed these events chronologically, starting at the bottom of the page from the least current to the most current at the top of the page. Hence, there has been a meticulous effort to actually “be” chronological.

    And, #2 is also noteworthy, inasmuch as the United Way date entries of December 11th are not only listed once, but twice: United Way of Western Connecticut is first, wherein Dr. Eowyn has put an arrow there, but also, between the notice of a deadline after that, is another notice dated December 11th for the United Way of “Norman” apparently working in tandem with the United Way of Western Connecticut. Thus, two entries with the date of December 11th prior to the actual date of the event.

    There are many inconsistencies with regard to what happened in this matter!

  13. there is certainly some kind of conspiracy here… best to follow the money. must be people trying to enact gun control laws. right! wait, no money there. hm. well, who makes money in record amounts every time there’s a mass shooting?? oh! the firearms industry; record sales. follow the money.

    • Oh yeah, I’m sure it was those dirty firearms manufacturers. They are such evil people for developing weapons for the modern warfighter. And how dare them create firearms so honest citizens can defend them selves. That’s terrible.

      Oh wait a second, Let me pull my head out of my rear-end and start thinking like an educated person. Why would firearms manufacturers create such a disaster? So what if firearms sales are at record high? Do think they are so high because of the shooting? No, they are so high because left-wing libtards are threatening to take away our rights. Gun sales have been increasing since the 1994 assault weapons ban in 2004. Why would they need to set records. And if firearms are banned, then their companies are finished, so they would lose money in the long run. Idiots these days.

  14. We need to forward all the info and complete links to everyone on our list we can trust and ask them to do the same. Also to our representatives and demand an investigation. Dig and you will so much compelling evidence.
    Google, Sandy Hook, False flag two years in the making and be sure to scroll down and watch every video and click on all links. You will vomit.
    Remember when Columbine happened, the couldn’t put enough evidence videos on TV. Over and over, what have we seen this time?

  15. I firmly believe our government was behind this the whole time as a means to shift focus from the economy while disarming America. This is just one more step in a long term plan of crushing and defeating our liberties and freedom.

  16. Research the Aurora theater shooting. There are a LOT of similarities to the evidence in that case, as well. Suspected multiple shooters, two men detained and quickly released near the scene by police with no satisfying explanation, different weapons used in shooting than what was found on perp., staged photos of grieving families, and in the Aurora shooting, NBC had the story prepared several hours BEFORE the shooting took place. (Henry Makow’s website really dug into it, much of the information which was available online has been removed or the independent web sites have been “shut down”.
    Any good tyrant knows that if you can’t use a naturally occurring catastrophe to push your agenda you just have to create one!

  17. They are already “cleaning up” and redating these things….SO GLAD you made a screenshot. :/ and I’VE .pdf’ed your pages so I have a copy of it all. So far, though, “they” haven’t cleaned this one up….Go to and watch the video….there was a website set up for the victims on December 13….the day BEFORE the shooting. You know me….I had to go check….IT IS TRUE….I saved a copy of the page in case someone is alerted and the date gets “fixed”. If you type ” in the google SEARCH BAR, the first one you see should be that website and you’ll see the URL date created is the day before the shooting. ????

  18. Look at 3 links below the sandy hook link – a funeral fundraiser for Rusty Mills on Dec. 6th – He didn’t die until Dec. 7th

  19. I first thought the false flag claims were over the top. With evidence mounting up, I can no longer say that.

  20. What doesn’t make sense is why such large groups as United Way would be in on some conspiracy. You can manually change the date of posts to any time in the past… maybe groups did this to help their SEO? Just an idea… doesn’t explain the Facebook group though.

  21. There was also the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page which was created before the massacre but then the date later “fixed” showing joined Dec 14th.

  22. They always have multiple shooters to get a maximum bodycount. Once the psychotropic drugged and (psychiatrist) programmed shooter starts shooting and people scatter, etc, Then the team (of select SpecialForces/Mossad/MI6 blackOPs TYPE assassins go to work. In this case as in Aurora the patsy didn’t shoot anyone. Also Holmes was drugged out of his mind, asleep in his car when they found him. Probably placed there hours before. And Lanza was driven to the scene near the school and then released into the woods (by criminal gang connected felon Chris Rodia) where he was found and arrested. Now the police and Feds lie and say that Rodia was never there. But he was as was his car. He was caught, arrested and released. He gets lots of get out of jail free cards and money for his part in this gun control operation aka gun confiscation operation. Once they get the guns the will murder US by the tens of millions like they did in Russia and Eastern Europe. Population control aka genocide will become the bloody reality they want.

  23. I saw a video about this and wanted to further investigate. After reading this I went to the youcaring website and the fundraiser for the shootings that you have a screen shoot for has been replaced. It is now dated for December 14th and is labeled as a holiday fundraiser for Newtown Students. However if you click on it is says the story was posted on the 14th, but talks about what happened stating it happened on the 15th. I find this rather fishy!!

    • Thank you, Ashley, for the info. Yes, indeed, a story posted on Dec. 14 about an event that happened on the 15th is downright fascinating! They must be future-seeing psychics. LOL

  24. I just did a search for the united way website, and goggle is still showing December 13, 2012. I just started researching this today, and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up and has been standing up all day.

    • I really, really know that it is impossible to believe that our own government would perpetrate a “false flag” event to MANIPULATE US…OR EVEN ENTERTAIN the thought of something like this, but here it is in black and white declassified documents….THIS one didn’t occur, but HOW in the WORLD could OUR government EVEN CONSIDER something like this….THIS is the government you trust. PARTICULARLY notice #11…….”11. Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be in lieu of (10)).” CONDUCT MOCK FUNERALS FOR VICTIMS…….WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!
      Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation to MANIPULATE the public in order to justify war. BELIEVE IT! IT IS A DOCUMENTED plan by OUR GOVERNMENT TO CREATE “A WAVE OF NATIONAL INDIGNATION”. PRAISE GOD it was nixed by JFK, but the FACT is, IT WAS REAL…..IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT IT WAS EVEN PROPOSED….SO don’t tell me how wonderful and UNCORRUPTED our government is, how they would NEVER DO SOMETHING UNETHICAL TO SWAY PUBLIC OPINION………….Here are some of the “points” the plan included, and I QUOTE:
      “In part, the plan called for the following:
      1. Since it would seem desirable to use legitimate provocation as the basis for U.S. military intervention in Cuba a cover and deception plan, to include requisite preliminary actions such as has been developed in response to Task 33 c, could be executed as an initial effort to provoke Cuban reactions. Harassment plus deceptive actions to convince the Cubans of imminent invasion would be emphasized. Our military posture throughout execution of the plan will allow a rapid change from exercise to intervention if Cuban response justifies.
      2. A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.
      a. Incidents to establish a credible attack (not in chronological order):
      1. Start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.
      2. Land friendly Cubans in uniform “over-the-fence” to stage attack on base.
      3. Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base.
      4. Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans).[13]
      5. Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.
      6. Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).
      7. Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base. Some damage to installations.
      8. Capture assault teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of Guantanamo City.
      9. Capture militia group which storms the base.
      10. Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires—naphthalene.
      11. Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be in lieu of (10)).
      b. United States would respond by executing offensive operations to secure water and power supplies, destroying artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base.
      c. Commence large scale United States military operations.
      3. A “Remember the Maine” incident could be arranged in several forms:
      a. We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
      b. We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The United States could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by U.S. fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existent crew. CASUALTY LISTS IN THE U.S NEWPAPERS WOULD CAUSE A HELPFUL WAVE OF NATIONAL INDIGNATION”


      • Thank you, Sunny.

        From “Operation Northwoods,” Wikipedia:

        Operation Northwoods was a series of false-flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”.

        Operation Northwoods proposals included hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated:

        “The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.”

        Several other proposals were included within Operation Northwoods, including real or simulated actions against various U.S. military and civilian targets. The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. Although part of the U.S. government’s Cuban Project anti-communist initiative, Operation Northwoods was never officially accepted; it was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy.

        Read more here:

  25. What i thought was strange was from the get go of this hitting the News, they kept saying that this had started somewhere else and his mother was dead. How did they now this, when she was found last not first. Insisting also that she was a teacher there and announced her dead first????

    • And neighbors call the police when they hear a number of gunshots go off next door. A man shot his wife and stepdaughter some time ago in a suburban neighborhood near where I live. Police and neighbors responded immediately even though the man took off in a car to buy more ammunition. It’s all nonsense. Gunshots are deafening. Also they’re now saying he used only half of the 30 round magazines. 200 shots fired equals 13 fully loaded magazines. Nobody keeps that in their house, unless this mother was planning a Mexican standoff. And where did he carry all those magazines on him? Did he have to stop and pull them out them out of a backpack and reload, while everyone just hid? At Virginia Tech they locked the doors and jumped out the windows. Here, the teachers chatted with the kids and pretended like nothing really bad was going on according to interviews?? Yeah right. The whole neighborhood would’ve heard those gunshots!! They’re playing on people’s ignorance- people who only know about guns by what they see on TV…

      • theres TV interviews of a “kid that was in the school” a “survivor” and he says it sounded like someone was “trying to bust down the door” …..200 shots? from an AR? Sounded like someone was trying to bust a door down? YEAH RIGHT!

  26. my biggest problem with finding the “cached” united way page is that that’s the last time that the united way website was cached. if you search for sites in the range of dec. 11th to dec. 11, several sites come up that are posting current news and stories that were also cached on dec. 11. you can even search for dates cached before the 11th, such as the 9th and 10th and you find even more sites reporting on current sandy hook news. everything else looks to be legit to me, except for the fact that the dates have now been changed on all facebook pages, etc.

  27. Interesting theories. Though, personally I think it’s hard to fathom something of this magnitude could be a cover up.

    • That is why so many people have come up with so many questions and want answers, It is hard to cover up. If you go to all the sites and scroll through all the info and evidence, you would be questioning also.
      We have billions of missing money, they have the funds to do this.
      There was an ad posted in Sept. for a HSEEP training, by the Homeland Security and Fema, for Dec. at Sandy Hook.
      There is so much. Google, Sandy Hook, false flag two years in the making, and watch the video of the fake coroner. He knew nothing medical.

    • And did you see my comment about Operation Northwoods? You can SEE the declassified docs with such a plan outlined.

      I really, really know that it is impossible to believe that our own government would perpetrate a “false flag” event to MANIPULATE US…OR EVEN ENTERTAIN the thought of something like this, but here it is in black and white declassified documents….THIS one didn’t occur, but HOW in the WORLD could OUR government EVEN CONSIDER something like this….THIS is the government you trust. PARTICULARLY notice #11…….”11. Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be in lieu of (10)).” CONDUCT MOCK FUNERALS FOR VICTIMS…….WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!
      Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation to MANIPULATE the public in order to justify war.

      And you have to understand, until this(sandy hook), I NEVER, EVER, EVER even thought this was possible. However, the compilation of evidence is getting more difficult to ignore. :(

      • Thanks Sunny,
        You just connected some dots for me. Northwoods is a matter of public record, evidence that the “unthinkable” was actively considered by our government, complete with false flags and mock funerals!

        There goes tonight’s sleep,


    • You bring up a very interesting point, bobbie.

      I know this about Robbie Parker, the father of slain 6-year-old child victim Emilie:

      Last week, I did a people search on “Robbie” or “Robert Parker” “Sandy Hook, CT” and found this on (for which I’m a paid member):

      Robert Knowlden Parker, 31, at Sandy Hook, CT

      Yesterday, I searched for “Robert Parker, CT” on both Zaba and Spokeo, but got nothing. No Robert Parker of or even close to that age anywhere in or near Sandy Hook, CT. It’d be interesting if someone who lives in Sandy Hook or Newtown, CT, can verify that the Parker family still lives there!

      • I have wondered if anyone in the area has gone to verify these names and addresses and to actually see these people. And how did he get into a building with a new security system with video that you have to be buzzed in? I also heard a man high in security, say, Sandy Hook was a whole other story when alluding to funny stuff.
        After Columbine, there were thousands of videos, pictures, interviews, actions shots, etc. for weeks after, This time, shut down tight.
        Also an WH insider said back in Sept., there was some kind of false flag being planned and at the time they thought it might have to do with the electionl, but nothing happened.
        There are too many holes, and this government is so full of bullies, no one will come forward and forget about the MSM, they are complicit in this whole mess.
        I did see where someone had written the groups involved and money exchanging hands. Sick sick.

        • Reportedly, Adam Lanza got in by shooting, blasting the glass near the door. See this pic of the school:


          Has anyone seen a photo of the blasted glass window or door?

          • And not only that, I’ve been in public education for 20 years ….. 13 as a teacher and 7 as an assistant prin. Our building is old, and even IT has the glass with the wire within it. The purpose is to PREVENT something(or someone) being ABLE to come through the glass. ?

          • And if you were an ambitious young news photographer, would you fail to get photos of the physical damage? No! That would be the most sought after imagery!

          • I am writing this well aware of the fact that it will be completely disbelieved by the majority of readers here, but I have some information, a request, and an offer:

            I have always lived in Sandy Hook. I went to this elementary school as a child (briefly, mind you–I had to transfer along with some other students in the 3rd grade to nearby Hawley Elementary because of overcrowding). I was just in the school the day before Hurricane Sandy, unplugging computers with my mother who works for the BOE’s Tech Dept.

            I’m not going to try to tell anybody here that I witnessed the shooting, or that I know for a fact this occurred. Indeed, I was a couple miles away at the time, I did not personally see the event, so on and so forth, and, even if I did, I know my account would be meaningless to most people. But in response to those of you who are asking if anyone from Sandy Hook has verified the identity or location of these people, this is all I can offer: my mother knew the adults well (except for Rachel who had just transferred, and she was only acquainted with Lauren). She knew Dawn particularly well. My roommate was friends with Rachel. My father sat, along with other board of trustee members of Newtown United Methodist Church, in the home of one of the families who lost a child while they were at the funeral at their request to ensure that their house was not broken into.

            So, if this is all a conspiracy, they sure are hiding these people from us. I remember walking into my apartment and seeing my roommate sitting in front of the television and saying, “I was wondering why she hadn’t responded to my texts” in regards to Rachel, who he had worked with at ACES (nearby education service). I can assure you (for what it’s worth) that they exist/existed. Any further conclusions you draw from this is up to you.

            I am conflicted– I applaud everyone here for always seeking the truth, even though I disagree with most of you, and, from being so closely involved and affected, am inclined to believe the shooting to be genuine. But to question is important, so I am trying to harbor no resentment. If we ever get to the point where we blindly accept everything we see or hear, we’re all in a world of trouble.

            But regardless, please try to be sensitive as you progress. Whether or not you believe that these individuals died, or if they’re all living in a different country under assumed names, or living on Mars, there are many of us who feel their absence in any case, so please be kind and careful with your words. My mother and her coworkers (and, for some reason, the receptionist at the temporary elementary school?) have been the targets of harassing emails and phone calls making wild accusations and using horribly violent and cruel language. It just further lowers the morale of the people who don’t get to turn off the TV or the computer or turn away from Sandy Hook. We really do live here, and the shooting (or the conspiracy) is our whole surrounding, our whole environment. It is everything to us right now. We don’t get a break, so please, be sensitive. And, to anyone who is harassing these people, I can assure you that the young receptionist at the temporary school or the small-town tech dept. workers are not the masterminds you’re looking for.

            Also, as for the person asking if anyone has seen the glass doors blown in–I haven’t personally. It was extremely hard to get even close to the elementary school for a couple months afterwards. My mother went with her boss to retrieve some equipment at some point and had to go through enormous security measures to get there. I didn’t ask her about the door. If there’s absolutely anyone here who does not offhandedly reject my sincerity, I can always ask.

            And, again, on the off chance that any of this isn’t rejected outright, I do live a few short minutes from the elementary school and am located in the actual borough of Sandy Hook. If anyone has any questions or reasonable requests, I offer my cooperation.

            • Thank you, T.E., for your testimony and for your measured, temperate composure.

              I don’t believe anyone on this blog has harassed or insulted anyone in Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) or Newtown. What we’ve done is to ask questions.

              Speaking for myself, I honestly do not know what to believe because of all the oddities surrounding this tragedy — of rumored Crisis Actors pretending to be survivors (the Phelps); the strange tearless demeanor of grieving parents; SSDI having Dec. 13, 2012, as a date-of-death for Adam Lanza (one day before the massacre); CNN’s live TV footage showing first responders going into a building that was not SHES; the sole known individual who was wounded – and survived – going into hiding and never once interviewed by the media; memorials and donation websites with creation dates that pre-date the massacre; and the refusal by authorities to let the public see any pic of the scene-of-the-crime, not even today, nearly 4 months after….

              If you can shed light on the above, I’d most appreciate it.

              • Of course; I will try my best. I also sincerely doubt that anyone here is responsible for the harassment! For the most part, I am thrilled to see such inquiring minds and most everyone has been respectful. I do, however, suspect that some people with less-than-sympathetic things to say frequent such articles as this, so my request was more of a general one for anyone who reads this.

                As for your questions, they will be hard for me to answer, as I have very limited information on anything outside of Sandy Hook. I can in no way address the SSDI or anything like this, or explanations of the creation of funding sites in advance, and I know nothing of who is or is not a crisis actor beyond the individuals I have personally known. I have my own opinions regarding this, but I will save them, as they are only opinions, and being from Sandy Hook does not give me any more insight into this than the average person has. As for the CNN footage with the responders entering a different building, do you happen to have a link to these clips? I do not recall seeing this, but I am well acquainted with the buildings of this town (there aren’t many to speak of), so perhaps if I could see this I could offer more information.

                And as for the survivor, this was also a friend and coworker of my mother’s. I don’t know what to say about her or her situation, really, except my mother did not visit her in the hospital, and those who did visit her that my mother spoke to reported that she cracked a few jokes but seemed (as one would expect) a bit stunned and not like herself. Furthermore, my mother spoke to some of the women who were hiding in the office that she eventually came back into, and they reported that, once the door was closed, she sat on the ground with her back to the door, holding the knob. I’m sure this offered no protection since I’d imagine she was bleeding quite profusely, so I’m going to guess Lanza didn’t even try to open the office. I suppose to the reader this opens up additional questions. (I myself wondered why he wouldn’t try the room that two of his victims flew out of and one injured woman ran back into, or why the women hiding under the tables in this office didn’t try to assist the bleeding individual in barricading the door, but, again, I was not there, and I don’t know how people typically react in crises like this). But as to why she went into hiding, her family made this decision pretty much immediately. It is odd, perhaps, but I know myself that if this happened to me I would make the same decision. In the immediate aftermath, I would not want to see the media or anything like this. And, once the shooting gained such rapid attention and turned into such a huge political frenzy, I definitely would not be eager to put my face or my family or anything out there to the public, either. Again, this is just speculation. If you are sincerely interested, I can ask those who know her for more definitive information.

                And as for pictures of the crime scene, I don’t know about this, either. I was sort of expecting them myself by now. I do wonder, however, why these would be omitted if it were an actual conspiracy. It probably would not be much harder than spiriting away these people to fake a murder scene and photograph it, and would probably convince some who doubt the shooting. Either way, I am interested to see if this ever progresses.

                I do want to reiterate that, while of the opposing viewpoint, I respect and am grateful for the doubt, especially intellectually informed doubt, which is invaluable to any society. And there are a lot of evidence or questions that I’ve seen presented on the conspiracy side that, if I hadn’t actually grown up here, been involved in this, known of these people long before the event, or if I hadn’t sat in the living room of my parents’ house on the day of the event, listening to every cellphone and phone in our house ringing nonstop with people trying to find out if my mother was alive, or collaborating to find out who died and who didn’t and trying to sort the rumors from the truth, or if I hadn’t been a member of the church that two of these families of the children had attended, I think I would have doubted this occurred, myself. I cannot be certain that the detractors and critics of the shooting are not right. Anything is possible. But to imagine that it was a conspiracy of any sort from this proximity to the event raises more questions to me than answers.

                Again, please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you, or anything that, due to my proximity, you think I might be of assistance with.

                • Once again, T.E., I thank you for your measured tone, which I thoroughly admire.

                  Here’s the link to the strange CNN “live footage” video and my painstaking analysis:

                  Here’s the link to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page where you’ll find the links to all the posts we’ve done on this horrible tragedy:

                  Yes, I am interested in finding out more about Nancy (or Natalie) Hammond, the sole surviving wounded. You can contact me at FOTM’s email address:


                  Lastly, I want to emphasize that Sandy Hook skeptics don’t necessarily think that no one was killed in Newtown on Dec. 14, 2012. There can be several hypothetical scenarios, from the most extreme to the more reasonable, including the following:

                  1. Official version: Everything actually did happen the way the authorities and the media say, which is that one lone gunman named Adam Lanza murdered his mother, 20 children and 6 adults at SH Elementary School. (But then officials need to address and explain away the oddities of this event — which they haven’t even made a feeble effort.)

                  2. All those people were killed, but not by Adam Lanza, which would explain why:
                  (a) The SSDI date-of-death for Lanza was Dec. 13, until this was discovered by bloggers, which then led to SSDI changing the DOD to Dec. 14.
                  (b) His mother, Nancy Lanza, had to be killed, because certainly she would know her son was not the murderer.

                  3. Some people were killed, i.e., some of the alleged 20 murdered children did not die, which would explain the strange tearless and even laughing demeanor of some of the parents.

                  4. Nobody was killed in SHES.

                  I do not believe #4; I’m skeptical about #1 (because of all the oddities I enumerated in my previous comment to you); which leaves me as either #2 or #3.

                  • There is no thanks necessary. I similarly appreciate yours. I regret that not many people from my town are offering their cooperation to the skeptical and curious. Many of us have this immediate reaction of outrage that people could suggest that this event that they were so close to was not genuine, so a lot of us tend to either ignore it or are enraged, and offer little explanation in either case. This is the first time that I have spoken about the incident beyond face-to-face conversations, but that is largely because I am quite shy! But I know that few people approach this event with malice, and that we are all trying to work towards the same goal of the betterment of our country.
                    I looked at your page regarding the CNN footage. That is curious. I am not certain where this patch of grass is. Allow me to look around on the weekend and see what I can find. It sort of reminds me of the high school, actually. If they are indeed running into a different building, however, I do believe it possible some other schools were flooded with emergency support. This is such a small town; let me relate an example: when I was attending Newtown High School, one day a man who lived down the road from the school test fired a gun into a tree on his lawn. People heard this gunshot and just about lost their minds. All of the schools were on lockdown. Elementary schools, middle schools, our high school—just about every school in the immediate area. I was stuck in the cafeteria while police ran through the halls with dogs. So I wonder if this footage, like some things the media definitely confused and mixed up, was misleadingly or mistakenly added to the montage, if it was not from the elementary school? I am interested to hear your opinion on this. I will nevertheless see if I can find this parking lot over the weekend. If I can, I will provide pictures.
                    And thank you for your clarification regarding the theories. I very much understand why it is hard to accept everything. I will be the first to admit that some information that my family and I saw on television, particularly regarding small details, was absolutely inaccurate. In fact, it took a long time for some of the media to stop calling us Newton! And as for the fourth one, I know it myself to be very, very improbable (the only reason I do not say impossible is that I did not see the bodies with my own eyes). The middle ones I do not agree with, but I cannot refute, and I am glad to try with you to learn more about where exactly the truth lies on this spectrum.
                    I called my mother to ask about Natalie. She is currently busy, but she and I will chat on Skype tonight. If you have particular questions, please let me know. Also, please feel free to ask questions about details beyond Natalie, as my mother knows far more than me, and I will relay your questions to her. Like me, she will not know much about websites or death certificates, but can give you some information about what happened that day and some of the people involved. I will send you the text of her replies via email, and feel free to contact me using my registration email if it is viewable to you.

                    • One thing I forgot to add was that I had also known of the Lanza family, too. My first boyfriend was in the tech club with his falsely accused brother, and some years later (coincidentally) my younger sister’s first boyfriend was in the tech club with Adam Lanza (if you see the black and white shot of all the kids in the hallway with Lanza, her boyfriend was the young man all the way to the left against the lockers). The New York Times called my sister trying to pressure her for a comment regarding the Lanza family, but the extent of her involvement with Adam was that they were once in a class together and never spoke, so she declined. We were not a huge yearbook family, so I don’t know how many we have or what they include, but maybe we have some that show the Lanza brothers in our class if that is in any way useful. I can look into this on the weekend, also, when I visit my parents.

                    • Thank you, T.E., for your willingness to help with (hopefully) clarifying and answering some of the skeptics’ questions!

                      Re. Natalie Hammond (at least now I know her first name is Natalie, not Nancy — I saw her referred to by both names in the media), the questions I would ask her are:
                      1. Since the shooter shot you on the other side of a door, am I correct in thinking that you never actually saw the attacker?
                      2. Did your attacker say anything, and if “yes,” what did he say?
                      3. From what you heard from behind the door, was it one shooter or more than one?
                      4. Why have you refused to speak to the media about your admittedly traumatic experience? Is your refusal your idea or someone else’s?

                      Questions to ask your mother, if she knows the answers:
                      1. Did any of her friends, who were in the Sandy Hook school that fateful morning of Dec. 14, 2013, actually see the shooter, alive or dead?
                      (a) If yes, what did he look like? What was he wearing? Did they see his face?
                      (b) If no, why didn’t they see him? How can they be sure that there was just one shooter, and he was Adam Lanza?
                      2. Did any of her friends, who were in the school that morning, actually see at least one or more of the bodies of those who had been shot?
                      (a) If yes, whom did they see?
                      (b) If no, why? Were they ordered by police, as they were leaving the school, NOT to look?

                      My last question is for you, on a subject that I just couldn’t bring myself (yet) to write.
                      What can you tell us about Newtown being a hub of Satanism?
                      1. A Daily Mail article says a former classmate claims Adam Lanza was a Satanist:
                      2. Essay on Henry Makow claiming Newtown has a reputation for Satanism:
                      3. Essay written by a Satanist with a P.O. address in Newtown:

                      Thank you, T.E.!

                    • Firstly, let me address the Satanism, since this I am pretty confident as to the proper response on my own. As much as I always wished growing up that there was something interesting about our small town (careful what you wish for, I suppose), we aren’t quite a satanic hub. Surely there are some in our town (Newtown itself is actually quite large!) who practice this. I’d say this is true for anywhere, it just doesn’t get much attention unless the town is put under a microscope for some reason. Sandy Hook itself, where this event occurred, is so much smaller and the population much smaller, as well. So as for the man whose mailing address is somewhere in Newtown and he has a satanic website—I have no will or reason to deny this. He’s probably not the only one, although probably few satanic website owners are bold enough to post their full mailing address, so who knows where these people are located in the country. We have a wide range of people living here, and no story is unique. It is a small Connecticut town, but you have representatives from an astounding array of views and backgrounds who have made their lives here. There are diametrically different beliefs in our town in all aspects, and no one or few people should be taken as a representative of the community.

                      As for a former classmate saying Lanza was a Satanist, I have two thoughts on this. Firstly, my younger sister, shortly after refusing for the hundredth time the New York Times’ request for a comment, expressed frustration to us about her classmates who were also called by these news agencies. Many of the children interviewed were just like her—they sat in a class with Lanza once, or they were just in the same graduating class, something trivial like this. And when their town is in a frenzy and the media is wanting a comment from these kids (18, 19, 20 year olds), unsurprisingly many of them jumped at the opportunity to say something and get their name in an article. Some of her own friends were eager to make remarks that stretched the truth. She read a few comments from friends of hers that she knew to have no dealings with Lanza other than the occasional pass in the hallway. These kids that were interviewed are not so far out of high school, so unfortunately a lot of their testimonies are comparable to high school gossip. Secondly, even if this was true, I think anyone who had children in school in recent decades or who were in high school recently themselves can probably recall the “gothic” types of students who claim Paganism or Satanism or whatever their friends are into at the time. The extent of your average high school Satanist’s “worship” probably involved drawing pentagrams on their marble notebooks or lighting candles in abandoned buildings (something that, at least when I was in high school, was a big thing to do amongst the “goth kids,” as we have a fantastically spooky abandoned mental facility within Newtown—see Fairfield Hills). So I will suggest in response to this that the classmates’ testimony is to be taken with a grain of salt at best. Most students’ remarks on Lanza are less than credible, and I have even heard some of his peers have positive things to say about his social demeanor in some aspects, which was completely surprising to me at least. One such comment, plain and nevertheless shocking: “He was nice.”

                      Now, as for my mother’s responses, I want to say publicly that I am publishing them to this blog without her permission or her knowledge. I will summarize them here, but I will entrust to you specific parts of my correspondence with her via email. I do ask in some regards for your discretion—after a particularly heated exchange between one of her coworkers and a woman who was kind enough to inform her department via email only days after the shooting that God killed our children to punish us for letting gay people marry in Connecticut, and that other young children in our state will be murdered in kind until this is rectified, she was warned against engaging with people in public forums and will be penalized for noncompliance, so I wish for her to remain as anonymous as possible. Furthermore, as I am sure all of you know or assumed, the information in this town is so far under tight regulation from the authorities, and so I am not certain what information is considered protected or confidential, or what has been purposefully withheld. According to her, a large reason for this confidentiality in any case is that many of the families do not know all of the details, and they will be informed of everything, down to the clothing Adam Lanza was wearing, before the media or anyone else is informed.

                      For your question about Natalie being shot from behind a door, I wasn’t aware that this was a report that was out. I had heard from the start that she, along with Dawn and Mary, ran out into the hall when they heard Lanza shoot his way into the school. Dawn and Mary were supposedly killed immediately and their bodies remained in the hallway, while Natalie barely made it back into the office. As I mentioned in the earlier comment, she closed the door and sat with her back to it, holding the knob with her hand. My mother confirms this story, and, also as mentioned above, she spoke to some of the women who were in the office with Natalie, and they, for whatever reason, remained hidden under the tables, and I think no one came to assist Natalie’s efforts to keep the door closed. Perhaps they were concerned that the door was moments away from being shot through? I cannot say what the mentality of any occupants of the office was. For some reason (God only knows why), Lanza progressed to the classrooms and did not bother with the office in any case.

                      Also, my mother offered this link of Natalie’s small public appearance to attend a hockey game. Yes, this is not very illuminating, but here it is:
                      And a brief interview on the same day (it seems):

                      According to my mother, her relative absence from the media has mostly been due to the traumatic nature of her experience, the loss of her coworkers, and the fact that she was shot (according to her) four times, which required a great deal of mental and physical recuperation. I realize this may not be a satisfying explanation for many, and I can offer no further proof than these accounts. I certainly would do no differently if I were in her position, however. I probably would have even skipped the hockey game!

                      Furthermore, I asked if Lanza said anything that she knew of. My mother responded that, according to Natalie, he said not a single word. She did not hear of what Lanza was wearing, but she believes that this information will be revealed to the parents along with the rest of the information. Additionally, she confirms that, yes, her friends, with whom she has spoken to many times since this incident, saw the bodies of Dawn and Mary as they left the building. I asked if she knew anyone who saw Lanza’s body, or if anyone saw the children’s bodies, but she is under the impression that no one other than the first responders entered the classrooms where the teachers and students were, and that she’s heard of no one coming across Lanza’s body. She added that she never asked if anyone saw the body, but she just never heard any stories of someone seeing it, either. Most of her coworkers exited through the front, as the administration offices were mostly in the front, so if Lanza was in a hallway in the back, for example, not many people she speaks to would have crossed his path. Her understanding, however, was that he was in a classroom or some other room when he died. We will see if more information on this is released, as this is all speculation.

                      About the glass windows (which, when I last saw them when I was there to unplug the computers before the hurricane, I distinctly recall laughing as my mother told me about how the doors were locked after the kids arrived and that the parents needed to be buzzed in. This was literally the very last place on Earth that I would have suspected of being the site of a shooting. It wasn’t even the first elementary school in Newtown that I’d have expected! Hawley, maybe, but this little school in the woods? Never), she wrote this: “I did see the boarded up windows of the classrooms, and doors.”

                      Also, I recently read a comment on here inquiring about the families not being able to see their children’s bodies. Again, according to my sources, this is also not correct. Maybe they had to be initially identified by photograph, but my understanding is that the bodies were returned to them for burial/cremation purposes. I myself have heard accounts from funerals, particularly Noah’s, where Noah’s mother viewed her child’s body (some graphic details can be found online, I believe, including the absence of his jaw and much of a hand), and how showed it to some who attended the funeral (allegedly, Dannel Malloy was shown the body during his funeral, as well). My mother heard the details of this account, too, and came home one day deeply disturbed by the description.

                      Finally, she said that a report is expected to come out to the families in June. The official claim as to the delay, I suppose, is that they don’t want the families to hear about all of the details of the scene, the killer, the last moments of their children’s lives, et cetera, from the media or other sources, and that they are to be given time to process it. Again, take from this what you will; I can offer no proof. Sometime after the report is released to the families, we suppose it will be public domain.

                      I hope some of this is useful. Again, to you and all well-meaning and curious intellectuals, I will offer my perspective/information if you have any other questions. Please expect my email shortly.

                    • Many thanks, T.E., for taking the time to answer my questions — thoughtfully, responsibly, literately, and graciously. Please thank your mother for us. Her account is more forthcoming and provides more details than any media account that I’ve seen.

                      I agree with you about the allegation of Satanism: Without systematic statistical data, the allegations are at best mere anecdotal evidence that’s equally applicable to every town and city. The allegations do not warrant the characterization of Newtown as a Satanic hub, which is why I have refrained from posting about this, unlike other sites.

                      It’s bed time for me, so I’ll look forward to reading your email tomorrow. :)

                    • Again, no thanks necessary. It is my pleasure to be able to speak to you about this, and I appreciate your critical (but still very sympathetic) views and your questions. And I know my town will appreciate that you were one of the skeptics who thought not to accuse us too quickly of being secretly satanic!

                      I have sent the email. Let me know if there is anything else you think of. Take care.

                    • Also, again, any reasonable requests by anyone will be accommodated (time permitting) as far as providing images of locations, et cetera. Although, I’m pretty sure the elementary school itself is off-limits right now to the public. I am currently spending weekdays at my fiance’s apartment a few towns away where we attend a university, but I always return to Sandy Hook on the weekends, so please let me know beforehand.


  29. ?How can something like this be faked

  30. was supposedly setbup by a scammer, then supposedly taken down (UK Telegraph) However, if you do a “whois” The domain name belongs to someone in Brea, California, not Newtown Ct.

  31. Anyone can create a Facebook page one day and then a week later change the title/name of the page to something else…. For example, I could create a Facebook page called My Puppy, on Jan 20th, then the day after the super bowl change the name to, The Pats will win 20-3 or whatever happens…. That ones easy to do.

    • Bad karma……. that isn’t what this is completely about….it more than just a changed name of a fb page(the url woudn’t change though, would it?). Much, much more…..

      Explain this pretty please…… hmmm….December 16, 2011? as in BEFORE December 14, 2012? hmmmm…..

      and what an, um, unsettling coincidence…. when you overlay the fictional sandy hook on the gotham map and the REAL Sandy Hook, CT….they match up TO A “T”!

      I also find it completely unbelievable that Suzanne Collins(The Hunger Games know, the book that GLORIFIES the GOVERNMENT killing CHILDREN?….you know, the one where the government murders the children through ritual sacrifice to punish the ppl for rising up against tyranny??? THAT Suzanne Collins…do a little research into her lineage, if you’re brave enough……and don’t shy away from the “conspiracy theory” term “illuminati”… is simply a repackaged word for “satanists”…….in the attempt to decredit anyone who brings these things to the forefront.) lives in THE TOWN THAT THE SHOOTING on Dec. 14th OCCURRED….too coincidental…..and btw, until 3 months ago, I’d never even heard of the word……funny because it’s all around us….in movies, tv shows, music…..odd I never remember hearing it….

      What’s sad though, is that it is so much larger and ppl(even Christians who SAY they know satan is real and powerful and roaming this world seeking to destroy)don’t REALLY accept the fact that he exists in reality….they believe it more in theory…..just what he wants. :/

      OH! I almost forgot!!!! There’s a church of satan in the little sleepy town of Newtown, CT……hmmmm…….

      I could go on and on, but I suspect you won’t give answers to these issues….unless it’s a vicious dismissal… calling, etc…….but no REAL answers.

      And BTW, I have NEVER been a “conspiracy theorist”, EVER…….taught elementary school for 13 years, principaled for 7…..nearing completion of my doctorate, and am twice National Board Certified….I’ve not had TIME to even think about these possibilities…….BUT when your eyes are opened, it’s impossible to dismiss what’s right in front of your face, indeed, shoved in your face as if laughing at your cognitive dissonance…..but I suspect satan is loving that particular component of the whole thing.

    • Hi Bad Karma,
      I’m pretty sure a Facebook page’s owner is allowed the authority of a name change to their page.

  32. Sunny… I’m not sure why you jumped to such conclusions about what I will say or do. I’m looking up things and forming my own opinion and that led me to this site. I like to look at things and see them myself before taking them as the truth. Some of the points here definitely seem questionable which is why I’m trying to understand them for myself. Only thing I said was the Facebook dates shouldn’t be part of the conspiracy. Also, it’s been proven that the girl who was supposedly killed was in the picture with Obama is not true. It was the younger sister.

    The batman connection could be part of why the sick bastard who did this chose that town, who knows. Maybe he was a movie geek and the movie gave him part of his idea. Any town it happened it would have a patron living in it that probably has a questionable past also so stating that an author lives there doesn’t really prove anything. Coincidence? Sure.

    One thing that does bother me is the laughing dad getting into character

    • “it’s been proven that the girl who was supposedly killed was in the picture with Obama is not true. It was the younger sister.”

      “Prove” is a big word. Who proved it? Where?

      Like you, I’m also trying to find as much credible information as I can in an attempt to put together this confusing jigsaw of a puzzle. I believe so is Sunny. Why don’t we all try to be kinder to each other. After all, whatever is heading our way, as Americans, we’re in this together.


    First picture was a few years ago. Whomever said those two pictures were from the same day made that up to push along the ‘hoax’. It’s the younger sister wearing the same dress 2 years after the older sister wore it in the family photo. Hand me downs.

    I’m always kind to everyone Dr Eowyn. I’m not on any side except the truth. When people start thinking something is a conspiracy though, they begin to believe anything they hear that furthers that belief. Dead daughter with Obama? Didn’t happen. A movie used a small part of a map named Sandy Hook and they used the outline of a real sandy hook map possibly? So what? That is just an observation…. Not anything to do with a big hoax.

    Still more to look at though.

  34. I’ve seen all of these first-hand…except the gofundme page which was deleted almost as soon as it was made public regarding the date of creation…google removed the date in the search results unless you use the advanced search…there is another FB tribute page, can’t remember the link, and can’t find it any longer in my searches, that was created on Dec 12…several websites with dates that are erroneous have come to light…just adds to the questions about what really happened…whatever happened to honesty and integrity among the people and media? Oh wait, I know what happen, the government got involved…..

  35. Gregory Watchman

    Dr. Eowyn, you’re mistaken about how Google works. The images you posted of Google search results show timestamps for when the Googlebot search spider traversed the preexisting website to find new content and new links. Then, you’re seeing the cached date on your results.

    Because you entered a date range and search criteria (keywords), those pages will be in the results, but the timestamp is only confirming that that preexisting website was spidered on that day. All of the websites in the search results image you posted were hosted and the domain names were in existence long before December 14th. So, when an old website posts a new HTML document, that doesn’t renew the Google search timestamp.

    You can test it out yourself. Go to Google, type in “Sandy Hook Hoax.” Then, click on the “Search tools” button. Select the dropdown which shows the words “Any time” and select “Custom range…” Then, try July 4th or any earlier date with the same keywords “Sandy Hook Hoax.”

    Now you see what I mean.

    Yes, there are suspicious anomalies associated with the Newtown event, but these Google search results

    • True, mostly, except the subdomain, that date would be creation or last update/last access by the spider software date, I have created many subs on my own website over the years and when I would check search ratings, where they show in a search, if there was a date it was accurate for the date I created the sub and added new html files…facebook doesn’t mess up so many “joined” dates either, some of which I have seen with my own eyes…in fact, I have never seen a join date be wrong on facebook…but regardless of all that, if those dates are just anomalies, the gofundme website and the list of causes having such a date as they have are not showing from a google search and the gofundme site went away within I believe 24 hours after the date on that site was publicly made known…way too many date problems that don’t make sense…regardless, lack of info by authorities is fueling the debate about what really happened, and that’s not wise on their part…

  36. Adam lanza didn’t shoot his way in. Protocol for getting into a school is simply to buzz in. The staff in the office see someone with two arms and tow legs and buzz them in. no metal detectors

  37. It is interesting to note that Sandy Hook Elementary had some pretty advanced security measures in place. Furthermore, the principal seemed to be extremely proactive in implementing said security measures. I hate to be a conspiarcy theorist, but covert agents are said to work in the most random places.

  38. this site on GoFundMe was created on AUGUST 24TH, 2012.
    A bit strange, no?

    • Thanks for the comment, checking it out now…this makes 2 pages created beforehand…

      Created by Gabriel De La Paz on August 24, 2012
      And, using the same photo Dr. Eowyn shared in the comments above…

      Will collect screenshots of this as well as save the html to file…

    • Of course, the one thing we have to watch out for is the site being created for some use in Aug of 2012 and not being used/updated until after the shootings, in which case it would still show the creation date of Aug, not an updated date…Though anyone with half a brain would make sure that such would be known, an update of sorts in the “about this page” box…not having such leaves it open to being observed as being created on the original date for the purpose stated in the about box…really would have liked to see how this page looked on Aug 24, but no way to get a cached version…

  39. So if this whole thing was a conspiracy and these victims don’t actually exist, how are they explaining this to the rest of the student body families? Sandy hook is a real school with real students right? Unless Victoria Soto and the others were specifically targeted how would they know who to pre-make facebook pages for? And if she didn’t exist at all how do you explain her very public “death” to the 600 students who would know she never existed? This is the only dot im having trouble connecting after seeing all this evidence. One things for sure we gotta get this to FOX or CNN or Rush Limbaugh who will start a firestorm and help demand some answers.

  40. C’mon everyone. Go to google and search any random term like “abc.” Doesn’t matter what you search. On the results page, click the “Search tools” button that is to the right of web, images, maps, etc. Change the “any time” to “custome range” and just put something like 3/1/12 to 12/14/12. Now search for anything that has happened in the news since December 14th. You are going to find that there are tons of websites supposedly reporting the news story months, even almost a year before it actually happened.

    Google obviously has issues and pretending like this is something that only affects the Sandy Hook stories is just wrong.

  41. David, I think what you’re implying is incorrect. Yes, some pages do show an earlier publication date on Google, but I believe that is only because the actual page was create earlier although the content was added more recently.

    For example, if the home page of some newspaper (let’s say was created in 2010, and they updated it with a story in 2012, then Google’s publication date would say 2010.

    That cannot be the case here as the United Way fundraising page was created on (or before) Dec 11 2012. One could argue it was created by coincidence, and was later used (after the shooting) to function as a fundraising page, but Ed Thomas’s work (mentioned above) shows that the page was intended for fundraising on Dec 11 2012.

    Equally, the premature publishing of the other fundraising/memorial pages cannot be explained away either.

    This isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s conspiracy fact.

    I don’t think they can keep the lid on this. Keep sharing everyone.

  42. Dr. Eowyn, Great article – well done. Can you fix the “cached page” link though. Thanks.

  43. The whole cached thing doesn’t strike me as odd. I just googled my blog. The cached date is from several days ago. But the few lines of description is from a post I only made this morning. Another old blog I since closed has the last cached date as May 15, 2011. But the few lines of description show the last post that was posted over a month later. Depending on cached dates is extremely unreliable.
    Dates on sites can also be easily manipulated. Many sites make it easy for you to change the dates manually. I remember doing this on livejournal. Used to have a blog there several years ago, but to mess around with my friend last year, I posted a new blog…but predated it by five years. Very easily done. Other sites I have used have had the wrong time stamp to where it looked like I was posting the day before or the day after I actually did. I would have to manually fix it to be the RIGHT date, if I remembered. But it was never important enough for me to do. My emails mess up with this also. I will sometimes get an email where the time stamp is anywhere from days to years before I received it. The sender had only sent it moments before.
    The only thing about the dates I find questionable is the facebook ones. But, it could be something as simple as a name change. The Victoria Soto page may have been set up initially as “We love balloons!” for example. And the date could have very well been days before the massacre. But then it could have had the name changed, in which case it would no longer say “We love balloons! joined facebook,” but the new name would show under having joined facebook. And I know this because I run a facebook page and have changed the name.
    Unless there is concrete evidence that shows nothing has been manipulated and that the cache is 100% accurate, then this is just speculation based on easily changed things.

    • While dates can be manipulated, I have always had the problem with all the “oh the page could have been created (facebook or website) just a few days before for something else” arguments…no offense to you and your comments, though…Yes, it CAN be possible, but extremely unlikely, especially when comments are made that have a date/time that is prior to the event may have been on the page…I spend a lot of time watching timestamps/dates on FB posts, comments, etc and have not seen FB screw up the dates, over the past 4+ years that I have been on FB…of course, watching those is because I want the timestamp correct every time I post/comment…For the Soto page, and the united way donation page, which was created under a subdomain, I doubt they would have been made within a couple days before, too coincidental…I have seen 2 FB pages that were memorial/donation pages that had a creation date within a couple days before the shooting…if they were created for a purpose, they would have been created, published, and probably even commented on in those first couple days before being “changed” to a memorial/donation page…a subdomain is a bit different, but still draws suspicion as it would never have been created prior to the shooting…

      The thing is this, question everything that may appear suspicious, whether or not it really is suspicious by normal moral standards, until we, as the people, are satisfied with the facts released as being truth…this is what everyone wants, facts, reality, the truth, nothing more…and if it takes speculation and these kinds of questions that have been asked, then so be it…

  44. For your own mental health, do a search on Google:
    “Sandy Hook Shooting”, and adjust the date filter to cover August, 2012.

    Option A: This conspiracy was so dramatic and so intense that accurate information for the entire process was available almost 4 months earlier.

    Option B: The extra data to go along with web pages can be generated erroneously, or reference other elements. As a software engineer, I know that programs can have bugs, and that users can do things like re-use articles or pages, changing their title and contents without changing the creation date.

    In the case of Google searches, Google has to pick one date out of several provided on a page. Many times this date references back to the creation or modification of the site or template, rather than the individual article, when looking at information from web sites with less experienced staff.

  45. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

  46. Sandy Hook conspiracy sites also somehow created before the massacre on Dec 11th! Myth (#2 in particular) busted. Are you not thorough enough or are you looking too hard?

  47. Here in the UK what I find so shocking about the whole affair,and so far no one on here or elsewhere has mentioned?………………………………(sorry not shouting with all caps)NO PARENT WAS ALLOWED TO VIEW THEIR CHILDS BODY,ALL HAD TO BE IDENTIFIED BY PHOTOGRAPHS,ALL COFFINS WERE SEALED,I cannot believe parents allowed this to happen,being a mother of 4 children I could never rest without seeing the body of my beloved child,I cannot get my head around this.
    The UK government are as bad for making up lies,The London tube bombings 7/7,one big problem the 4 Asian bombers,the train they were supposed to get from Luton to be in London,never ran the train was cancelled,the next available train to London would arrive as the tube(underground rail) bombings were taking place,answer that one if you can,also the very same identical thing as 9/11 was taking place an identical scenario tube bombing,and we SHEEP are asked to believe this bullshit.

  48. Project Longevity
    2012/11/27 just a couple weeks before the Sandy hook shooting. Interesting.

  49. Holder was asked if the administration had written off new gun-control measures, such as limits on the unrestricted sales at gun shows, in a concession to political realities in Washington.

    “We’re in the process of looking at what can be effective,” Holder said. “We’re not focusing necessarily on what is politically saleable.” Guess they found what sells.
    November 27, 2012
    By Mark Pazniokas

    New Haven — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gave a high-profile roll out Tuesday to an anti-gun violence strategy that targets hundreds of young minority men deemed most likely to kill or be killed in Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven.

    In an era of tight resources and a political unwillingness to squeeze the supply of guns, “Project Longevity” is an ambitious, if politically easy new take on an old strategy: Focus existing social-services and law-enforcement resources on those most at risk.

  50. Where are the pictures of the broken glass from the security door that Adam Lanza supposedly shot his way through. No pictures from the security cameras?? Also what about this:

    NEWTOWN — New information has come to light regarding the Sandy Hook School shooting, as the “official story” given to the American public is riddled with inconsistencies. According to and confirmed by, the alleged lone shooter Adam Lanza that left 26 people dead on December 14, 2012 was documented to be deceased one day prior to the mass shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

    The following data is available at;

    The SSDI database shows Adam Lanza to be expired on December 13, 2012, one day prior to the school shooting. Confirmation Status is listed as “Proven”. However the state of issue is New Hampshire.

    The implications of this are unfathomable if accurate.
    The link to this site is:

    Yes, indeed curiouser and curiouser.

  51. What I find interesting is that people think the parents and other people needed to be in on the conspiracy. Stop and think about it, if the government wants to kill a bunch of kids, are they going to ask for permission from the parents? I don’t think so. This whole story has been bugging me ever since I heard about all the inconcistencies. Unfortunately for me I was on my honeymoon cruise when I saw the first news reports, and I was distracted and devastated by the whole thing, never thinking about whether or not it was a real story, hoax, or otherwise

  52. This is so large, the media is afraid to report it! Just think, if they can pull off something as big as this, or should I say attempt to~ it’s just not safe to push this envelope and point it out! I’m sure they have questions too but who wants to risk their life or job! There are so many holes in this thing, it was a theatrical fund raiser at best! The world is changing fast and I thank The Lord my savior I’m smart enough to recognize him as my lord and savior!

  53. it’s amazing how all this is playing out… I pulled this from, about a man shooting a doctor because of his prostate surgery…
    “Detectives recovered a handgun at the scene of the shooting and found additional evidence at Elkus’ home in Lake Elsinore, but police declined to provide more details.”

  54. the link to doesn’t have that link on their page…must have deleted it! hhmmm…

  55. As someone who works in the web, the dates really are not reliable. As others have pointed out, most pages are not created from scratch but use existing content and modify it. Many blog systems have bugs and it actually can be a chore to make sure that they have the correct date with the content written. And the google cache date is the date google visited that IP address – not the date google read the content that you see in the description. Sometimes this will line up, and sometimes it wont, but it’s not reliable.

    If you want to dig into this conspiracy, you will have to do better than web page dates. You may think it’s unbelievable that so many of the fundraising pages dates are wrong.

    From me I would be more surprised if none of them were wrong. Honestly, if there were a conspiracy and these pages were set up beforehand – don’t you think the cover-up operation would have been clever enough to make sure dates for cover-up pages were correct? That would be the FIRST thing you would want to make sure is right. That the date comes after the event.

    If only ONE of these pages had a weird date, that would be much more curious than most of them.

    Look elsewhere.

  56. Typically, I do not get into the whole government conspiracy things, but I cried for these babies and to learn it could all be a hoax ( and it really does seem like it is)is extremely disturbing to me! The people at work are going to think I’m crazy but I’m so going to share what I’ve learned today!!

  57. That’s just sick!

  58. I don’t think it was a hoax at all. I think those babies (at least most of them) really were gunned down but the whole thing was planned and executed by some shady, unseen power that controls our government and media. How could they have known for sure that Vicki Soto would be dead? Because it was her classroom they planned to take out. Soto was young and beautiful and of all the teachers at Sandy Hook these ‘agents of evil’ knew her death would cause the most grief and heartache among the public. These people are trying to create enough fear in America so that when they started outlawing guns there will be less public outrage. Why are they trying to disarm America? Because they fear a second American revolution is coming, that’s why they just passed a law giving the president the power to assassinate American civilians if they are believed to be terrorists. And who gets to define what makes a person a terrorist? The same person with his finger on the trigger, that’s who. This is scary stuff and we need to wake up before it’s too late to fight back!

  59. 4. “Fundraiser for Families Involved in Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings” on YouCaring

    The archive date now reads December 20, 2012…

  60. After researching the Aurora shooting, I am almost certain that “Jessica Ghawi” or her stage name “Jessica Redfield” is not a real person. She has a fake set of parents set up and everything. You guys can see for yourself. Good luck everyone in uncovering the government’s black flags. We will not be duped!

  61. Events like this and the Facebook page for the Boston Marathon bombing were created in advance because Washington is using the media for PSYOPS. Government created NDAA for propaganda against the public. They are orchestrating events for domestic spying. There was a Coup. Obama is only ACTING as president for unelected officials conducting an illegal war. This began when Sarah Palin was planted in the 2008 election to LOSE. Don’t take my word for it.See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn the truth why she dropped out of the race and is now keeping out of the public limelight.

    • “See the proof and decide for yourself.”

      Please give us the URL link to the proof.

      Thank you.

    • There was a Coup?
      Obama didn’t need it. He won the election.
      Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret? She’s out of the limelight? Really? Where, in your echo chamber?
      That shotgun spray of allegations needs evidence.

  62. Could you all email the links to the police in future if you see a page for an event that hasn’t happened yet. All the ip’s and dates and times are traceable.

  63. you don’t know how the internet works….Google “how will officials investigate sandy hook crime scene fox news” and look at the date from Oct. 1, 1983.

    then you can explain how come your precious Fox News didn’t stop the shooting if it had 30 years advance notice???

  64. Hayley Wilcox

    I still cry for what had happend and all of the victims families are in my prayers… But is Obama even trying to help out

  65. Pingback: Sandy Hook Massacre: Did It Really Happen? A Look At The Conspiracies | Patriot News Organization

  66. Re: Mr. Sexton and the “Devil’s horns” hand man.
    The two also have identical throat bulges.
    Your efforts to bring Truth to all is something refreshing.
    If “they” have ABSOLUTE control (POWER) over the media (and everything else) then this absolute control (monopoly) over information (as in N Korea, USSR, etc.) will CORRUPTs them ABSOLUTELY.
    Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it…

    Keep up the extraordinary work

  67. GREAT WORK! Public, wake up! Still much more to story, widespread. For just one thing, Serco located in Hook, UK, near home of Hockleys, living across the street from NL. Many “victims” tied to cabalistic plots of likes of financial/GE/Libor/UN/NWO participants and backed by media. The government should develop its own Oscar awards for best false flag, actor, actress, makeup, cinematography…

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