Crisis Actor Photos

Today I received these forwarded email photos from talk radio host, Roger Fredinburg.  He’s asking for verification and I’ve sent him Dr. Eowyn’s article about the professional Crisis Actors. ~LTG

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For more photos, see “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors.”

53 responses to “Crisis Actor Photos

  1. Is this possible? I am a bit put off by the anarchist symbol in the lower left of the middle picture, making me suspicious of motivations.

    I don’t suspect you, lowtechgrannie. I’m just questioning the origin of these photos. The woman looks similar, but I don’t see a positive ID. And, the photo with the president claims certain dates, but I would have to see evidence.

    • You’re expressing the same qualms my friend, Roger Fredinburg, had. He was asking for validation and I sent him Dr. Eowyn’s article. At this point, it’s as much as I know.

      One thing I’ve always questioned are those wide-vacant eyed photos of the shooters the MSM always shows. It’s REALLY HARD to maintain that kind of pose. There have to be numerous photos in family albums; but, the MSM always goes with those weirdo photos that may be strongly photoshopped and family members are not interviewed on camera or offer any alternate photos or information that humanizes the shooter or goes against the narrative.

      • OK, Grannie now you have me spooked. Once again down the rabbit hole we go.

        • ok… the lawyer from the batman shooting is NOT the same woman as the grieving mother phelps in sandy hook.

          but she is the acress “sexton”. no doubt. and her husband is the husband. and her kids are definately the sotos.

          dont let this little resemblance fool you though with the lawyer lady. that one will lead you down a road of disinformation and confusion and will lead to misdrawn conclusions. they are not the same woman.

          maybe try looking for another actress resembling the lawer in a seperate investigation.

  2. I know Sandy Hook was a hoax. The map in the Batman movie was enough to convince me. The theatre shooting was just another and the mall and 9/11. I hope the rest of the country is waking up. I think they took this last one a little too far. Way too perfect..A great big present with a big red bow for the anti gun groups just in time for Christmas.

  3. Good questions, grannie. I, too, have seen these photos. I’d posted the two on the Parker girl, then pulled it, because I now believe the blonde girl with Obama after Emilie Parker (supposedly) was killed in Sandy Hook, is actually Emilie’s sister (the older one) in the family photo.

    As for the other photos….

    • It’s all so very confusing and plain scary but I thought that Emilie was the Parker’s oldest child. Do you mean their second born child, now the oldest if indeed Emilie was killed?

    • I also noticed the blonde girl in the Obama pics was emilie’s sister too… You are the first one I’ve seen that has said so too… I still think there are WAY too many indescrepencies to ignore… Good detective work guys!

  4. ok one you should be ashamed of your self. that little girl is her sister. the family photo is from one two years ago – her sister born after her is wearing her dress and the younger sister is by her on the right side of her sister. That photo of children near Obama is not Emilie Parker and there are NO actors posing for any family or victim.-may be if you spent more time researching and gathering better or more information- you would had found your answers.

  5. as for the attorney, they are not the same person. they may look alike but there is not, if you saw the attorney in straight, you will see the difference- so the attorney for the Co shooting is not the same of the faces of the couple you are showing. and sometimes, people do have twins. or even triplets. but the point is, you are creating problems that don’t exist. instead of creating a new problems, lets fix the real problem, assault guns killing innocent children and people. Also, please check your spelling, it shows you are not well educated when you don’t correctly spell or write.

    • There’s NOTHING wrong with lowtechgrannie’s spelling. This is what she wrote:

      “Today I received these forwarded email photos from talk radio host, Roger Fredinburg. He’s asking for verification and I’ve sent him Dr. Eowyn’s article about the professional Crisis Actors. ~LTG”

      Show me the spelling mistake(s).

    • What did I mis-spell?

      • I think they are talking about the word “attorney”, but if they’d read the entire blog, they would’ve seen that this image was sent to you… Thank you for all of yours (and others) hard work and fighting for the truth!

    • I’ll Give ya De Bird, your treading in dangerous territory. You don’t want to go down the educational route with the Ladies as they will spit you out, and if all you have left is try spelling nazi, which you’re not very good at BTW. Then you have run out of brain cells to form any more thoughts.
      In the spirit of friendship may I say to you
      BITE ME

  6. Another interesting piece of information I ran across was the Victoria Soto (Sandy Hook teacher) RIP facebook page, supposedly created four days before the shooting…..

  7. D Bird, no one likes a grammar Nazi, so ease up on that, OK?

    But Dr. Eowyn and LTG, I think D Bird has a point that you should do more thorough research before posting stuff that has a low probability of being true. Yes, you have freedom of speech, but just because something is written on the Internet that supports your meme doesn’t make it true. The couple appearing in the bottom photo have been identified as Nick and Laura Phelps, who have two children who attended Sandy Hoook Elementary. The Web site that started this rumour about them being “crisis actors” is the same one that claims Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney were the same person. Please tell me you don’t believe THAT lie, too.


    • The fact that the DHS uses “crisis actors” for their films and real time first responders exercises is verified by the existence of the website and the videos they’ve posted on their Youtube Channel.

      What is in question is if they’ve taken it one step further — serving up actors portraying grieving family members on broadcast news to further the government meme against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

      Remember when the George HW Bush White House agitated for the Desert Storm invasion of Iraq by bringing in the princess from Kuwait to testify to Congress about having witnessesed Saddam Hussein’s forces going into maternity hospitals to kill premature babies? Later it came out that a K-Street political relations organization co-ordinated her testimony to drum up congressional support for an unpopular military action.

      The way I look at it, it’s Our Meme Against Their Meme!

  8. Somehow you manage to reach new lows, going from something that lives under a rock to something that crawls in the sewer.

  9. I went to the crisis actors site, Fillen in the questionaire, left a bogus phone number, however it was not 15 minutes laters received a call from Colorado 303 548 3816, this was very alarming because I left a bogus cellular number. I traced the call from John Simmons. Tracing Simmons, led me to Whois listing and linking simmons to nimsforschools. com and showing over 125 covert ops, his email address listed as alarmgly also listing his address: 3713 Donna Lane
    Annandale, VA 22003,United States, showing 471 dummie orgs use the Name of John Simmons. I believe this John Simmons, links back to
    this guy is in bed with DOD, Homeland Security just to mentions a few..These Vipers are “DEAD” serious in the coup of the American people, the coup in Washington happened long ago. Beware. Robert Pickle
    It is well advised that the American people see

  10. This Address, is a run down dump, easy to see a bogus front. Who is further list Simmons to Dialogue channel showing 292 links, seems to be all bogus fronts. My information was later accepted at, but immediately suspended. For 15 years I have warned the American people what these vipers had in store, it would be very well that all who read this info go to Thomas, 102nd Congress, type in schneerson, it will pull up the very real House Joint Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14, and understand that this is how the Constitution is being superceded, for their “One World Odor” For the facts go to:It is well advised that the American people see

  11. I’m from Bethel CT (my house is 10 mins from Newtown) and I know three families that have lost their children. I highly doubt these families I’ve known for almost 20 years have been part of an anti-2nd amendment Newtown sleeper cell for an eventual false massacre. You may get offended when people say you should be ashamed. But you should be ashamed. You’re loonies, plain and simple. No wonder you’re afraid of mental checkups before gun purchases!

    • Hi Keith,

      Thank you for your gratuitous insult, at people you’ve never met and who have done you no wrong.

      If you’re from Bethel, CT, and your house is “10 mins from Newtown,” why then does your IP address ( say you’re in Paramus, NJ?

      FYI, I don’t fear mental checkups. I didn’t get a Ph.D. and become a tenured Full Professor and well-published professional author by being, as you put it so charmingly, a loonie. How do we know you’re not a loony-bin yourself?

    • Very assuming on your part. Who said we are afraid of mental checkups before a gun purchase? I’m offended you make such a presumption.

    • Keith, No doubt about it. Seems your lying thru your teeth. See you can use phoney email , but your I.P. stays the same. Dr Eowyn is corect in pointing out your in Paramus, N.J.
      I’ve ran your I.P thru 4 different checkers. All the same.
      Right about rt. 17 and W. Midland Ave.
      What’s that? Something to say? Nah, didn’t think so. Bye Bye.

  12. The Obama Admin has certainly distracted everyone from The Bengazhi treason.

  13. Wow what a great blog!! Thanks for your work. Ran across you as I am filling folders of pdf and screenshot downloads of lots information on the “hoax” part of SH. There is no doubt in my mind it is the what, the tenth false flag event since 9/11 here and in England?? This is why they want to take our guns and shut down the web. Stay strong friends.

  14. Incredible watchman Dr Eowyn! They have literally “sh$t in their nest” with the actors they used for this false flag. Keep the truth always.

  15. Not to stoke the flames too much but it is possible he works at another location than where he lives.

    • If you’re referring to “Keith,” not likely. He lives in Bethell, CT, but works in Paramus, New Jersey? That’s some commute!

      • CT and NJ are not that far apart, we do trucking there all the time…once you get used to it, it is not that bad so it is quite possible however, it doesn’t take away from the fact that what is posted here is some crazy stuff,,there is definitely an agenda.

  16. I mean I dont know him nor if his story is correct but its <1.5 hrs so its not impossible that he commutes. I wouldnt want to do that but people do everyday.

  17. This is some crazy stuff right here….something to think about. I can’t believe what i am reading….something is amiss. Thank you for this information.

  18. I can’t believe any one would believe this was anything but a false flag operation. As I watched the events unfold (on British Television ) I was appalled with myself at how unmoved I was by what I saw on the tv screen. The whole thing just did not seem “right” it all seemed too controlled and the responses of the police , parent’s and M.E were just bizarre. Watching the Robbie Parker interview confirmed all my suspicion’s, I have children and know if one of my children had been murdered in such a brutal way I would not have been able to think, move or function!! and yet this man was able to set up a Face Book account and speak to the press and smile and laugh! His whole attitude was just wrong This is a classic case of the Hegelian Dialectic, problem, reaction ,solution and is used by government’s to influence it’s citizen’s , 9/11 7/7 are two classic cases .Using “soft” target’s in this instance ,children will see an outraged public clamouring for the exact response required. The control or total ban on the use of gun’s.All done with the permission of the American people!!! The government then get’s exactly what it want’s ,a disarmed vulnerable populace able to be controlled totally. . This is happening all over the world not just America. This happen’s in Britain constantly , the so called riot’s in London and other cities were contrived to bring in legislation to bring about more law’s and rules to keep the “Mob” under control (we are the most surveilled country in the world). Nothing can be taken on face value any more and to believe every thing or anything our “Master’s” tell us is true is foolish and naive, the only thing to do is to show people the other side of the story and hope they wake up and realize our government’s do not love us !!!!!

  19. Whether Sandy Hook did or did not happen, I’m not sure, but what I don’t understand is why the Government thinks that gun laws will solve anything. Obviously, if stupid people want to do stupid things, they will find a way to do them. Criminals will always have guns. If we enforced the laws already in effect, we’d be perfectly fine. If I’m not mistaken, there was already a semi-automatic gun ban in Connecticut. Does it matter? No. The only thing that more gun restrictions will do is take guns away from law abiding citizens. And what stops criminals? Law abiding citizens.

  20. One last comment…if you go to one of the sites I listed above, you will see that the young man acting as Vicki Soto’s brother, is definately the cousin to Samantha Sexton and nephew to Jennifer and Richard Sexton. I think his name is Brett Greenberg. You have to see his picture. It’s a perfect match. If you have any trouble, I have as few on my computer. Thanks for the great work. Let me know how I can help. I really mean that.

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  22. You know, nothing really surprises me any more. I wouldn’t put it past our government to do something like this ( having crisis actors).

    Not everything is always as it seems.

    Don’t trust the mainstream media either.

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