Death Panels Are Back On The Agenda


Elections have consequences!

elderly care


Argues ‘elderly not going to live very long anyway’


Providing health care to younger people offers “better value” since the elderly are “not going to live very long anyway,” contended a blogger for the liberal Slate magazine.

6 responses to “Death Panels Are Back On The Agenda

  1. Evil Demoncrat bastards.

  2. There was a time when we valued our grandparents and respected their knowledge. I hate what we’ve become. This isn’t the America I was born in. Where the citizens we’re proud of their country and a handshake meant something. I miss what we were and I’m depressed about what we’ve become. I thought there was a light at the end of the dark tunnel with our recent election. Oh well that didn’t turn out the way I was sure it would. I want our flag to be respect, I want our troops to be respected and appreciated for their constant sacrifices. Is it too much to ask for a President I can admire and look up to. Is it too much to ask that love, cherish and value our elderly. The only thing I do know is my loving God has a plan and in His time we will know all.

  3. I’m sure Sarah Palin and the rest of us will accept the apologies of those who denied the existence of death panels.
    There is a new term they are discussing in medical ethics classes, “involuntary suicide”.
    God will have his due for all of this.

  4. But they’re cost-effective, say Democrats.

  5. Eccept when it comes to THEM–it will be a different story ! THEIR Fed. insurance coverage is “pull no stops”–believe me they play by different “rules” than us.
    If they & their family members were treated like us “regular” citizens, things would be different, I clue you !

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