Bonehead Reelected Speaker of the House



Only nine republicans defected.

It is now abundantly clear to me that if this country has any chance at all at survival (and I am seeing less and less to be optimistic about with each passing day), the Republican Party, as currently structured, is not going to be the reason.

I am almost at the point of despair.

May God help us.


14 responses to “Bonehead Reelected Speaker of the House

  1. Better than Pelosi..

  2. Unbelievable.

    We’re truly doomed.

  3. We as a country are truly doomed because we strayed from our founding roots. However, we as a people of God wil not be doomed! :-) We have already won. Look where we get to spend eternity!

  4. Dave, I said, May God help us when Obama was relected–

  5. He stayed in the fight all the way, and was up against Obama and Reid and their My way or the highway stance and wanted to tax everybody,,, Good job John, God Bless you, and Reid and the Kenyen can ride the next sputnik to the moon with the Devil, or Alla

    • He stayed in the fight all the way…

      And caved like a $2 tent every single time it really mattered.

      But it doesn’t matter anymore, as America as founded is deader than frozen dog-shit.


  6. Rep. John Boehner is no other than Pelosi in drag , he has pulled thsame acts as her , I voted independant but voted replub , we need a new party ones that is real , I say dump them .

  7. Boehner is how the country looks at the Republican party. They see us as weak, sniveling cry babies. He makes us a laughing stock everytime his tear dripping face appears in public. I’m sure he is constantly groping to see if his peanut sized testicles are still descended. Nancy Pelosi is a selfish, vain, socialist but she doesn’t get up in front of Congress and bawl, weep and snivel. If she had she would have been chewed up and spit out in a nano second by the left and the right. Boehner’s sniveling might be easier to stomach if he was at all effective, but he is weak, cowardly and caves under pressure. Obama is in Hawaii laughing his ass off at the Republican Party. He didn’t even need to offer them a pay raise they were going to vote the sniveling Speaker in regardless. What a great New Years present for the POS.

  8. Dave, I agree with you. It’s all just pathetic.! Boner–opps, Boehner, also is such a great role model with his public “Go F yourself” of lately, to certain Democrats !
    What a group of bozos we have running our Gov’t. Probably could count the decent ones on one hand–.
    They should be ashamed, and put to shame for how they’ve run our Nation into the ground !

  9. The GOP is finished. House Republicans reelecting Boehner as Speaker is rewarding him for purging House committees of fiscal conservatives:

  10. Doc, I’m afraid you are right. I am in the mitst of purging all things I don’t need preping to get hit hard financially! Good Luck to all and God Bless!

  11. Education across the board is taking hits. Even if you are a US Service Member. Have to find new ways to teach a different generation, how to use technology for old tricks, or as tools for learning more than the rest of the World.

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