What if the 20 children killed in Sandy Hook were black?

Eddie Nimibutr is the owner of Thai Noodle House in Austin, Texas.

Thai Noodle House

Eddie Nimibutr is causing quite an uproar because he posted this on Facebook:

Eddie Limibutr

That has led to a call to boycott Nimibutr’s Thai Noodle House.

The Blaze reports that after posting the incendiary message, Nimibutr claimed that many people responded by threatening him with “violence.” So he wrote another post in an attempt to clarify his initial rant. His follow-up post seemed to backpedal from his initial statement that he doesn’t “care if a bunch of white kids got killed”:

“I have stated throughout the years in my beliefs with millions in cut to mental health programs, school programs, after school programs. Years after years, thousands of kids in juvenile detention centers. Hundreds of them hungry tonight and have no places to sleep. Thousands are mentally and sexually abused by someone they know.”

Much as I detest Nimibutr’s “I don’t care if a bunch of white kids got killed,” I think he does has something of a point.

Would we be as upset and engaged in a national soul searching and a renewed gun-control debate, if the 20 children shot to death in Sandy Hill Elementary School were black instead of white?

Is it because we are accustomed to violence among blacks? And if so, does that mean we devalue blacks and care less about their murders, even if little black children were killed?

In July, our DCG did a post on Chicago’s gun violence. The month of December is not yet over, but Chicago’s homicide rate for 2012 is already 490. According to Wikipedia, in 2005, 75% of murders in Chicago involved a firearm, and the vast majority of homicide victims (76%) were African American.

Why aren’t CNN’s Don Lemon, MSNBC’s Ed Shultz, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Diane Feinstein, and Chicago’s own mayor Rahm Emanuel not in an uproar — as they are about Sandy Hook – about all the blacks killed in Chicago and in other heavily black-populated cities of America?

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23 responses to “What if the 20 children killed in Sandy Hook were black?

  1. I think it would entirely depend on the color of the killer. White lunatic firing on black children would get the most attention from the media.

    • It is noteworthy that the liberal media seem only to care about blacks being murdered when the perpetrator is white or at least off-white like George Zimmerman. [snark]

      • Not only that – but Mr. Nimibutr feels free to insult everyone (including his Creator) who celebrates the first advent of Christ by calling it a “false superstition.” Disgusting.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. I think the parallel is stunning and that the comparison is most revealing. There is a clear conclusion shown by statistics that Black violence, that is Black violent perpetrators, is so prevalent that it is an accepted norm in places like Chicago: where is the uproar there? They not only slaughter Blacks, but people of every color. Clearly, this is an inconsistent response as compared to the response in the horrible Sandy Hook slaughter.

  3. no one is in an uproar about all the blacks shot in Chicago…the only place I ever see any mention of the running tally of shootings in Chicago ( or any other urban, predominantly black area ) is Drudge.
    Last Friday, alone, 10 people were shot…I don’t know how many, if any, were killed.
    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the black race baiters on CNN and MSNBC like Toure and Melissa Harris-Perry etc don’t talk about it…or about all those stolen and unlicensed guns that are used.
    It is, sadly, all bs…..just like how Detroit which has been completely run by Lefties for the past 50 years….is sinking deeper & deeper into ruin…but, of course it’s somehow got to be the fault of Republicans or the Rich or White Racists.

    • Four of those shot were killed. The SRM ignores it because it doesnt fit the gun control agenda. Chicago, and CT, have some of the strictest gun laws yet it does nothing to ensure the safety of innocent people, no matter what their color. Criminals don’t obey the laws. A fact libs cannot comprehend.

  4. Where in the mainstream media is there a serious discussion regarding the murder of 1.21 million unborn children of every color in the United States every year?
    20 children dying on any day is a tragedy;3,322 children dying every day at the hands of abortion doctors is an abomination.

    • wildbill, I’ve been battling some nitwits with this figure, Check this out.Huffpo is going with a figure of 30,000 dead a year from gun’s OK, Now stay with me. Roe V Wade is
      1973-2012 approx 40 yrs. So 30,000 X 40 = 1.2 Million
      Why what a coincidence. In one year abortion kills 1.2 million
      And 40 yrs of gun violence kills 1.2 million what a weird coincidence.
      Oh same 40 yr total for Abortion is about 50 million.

  5. Even it Nimibutr comment is considered evil, he is absolutely correct!! Where is the uproar about all the blacks being killed in Chicago! The truth is that the media and the white majority does not care about BLACK PEOPLE dying. White children get killed, they want to have national day of mourning. ITS THE SAME OLD SH–! IN AMERICA, RACE IS ALWAYS A FACTOR. Anyone who disagrees is either a priveleged white Fool or a Black house NEGROE! who is sick because his master is sick, like during slavery.President Obama, the ultimate House Negroe won’t do a nationally televised special on his hometown Chicago, and the black on black crime killing spree. But he wants Newton CT to know that The U.S has their backs and for the entire nation to sympathize with mourn. What a joke, and thank you Mr. Nimbutr for having the nerve to speak the Truth. I wish that the world had more people like you.

  6. Oh, BS, Lavelle-get off your racist high-horse. If there was a school in Chicago where the same situation happened-and they were black children, there would be the same coverage & national sorrow.
    However, in Chicago there seem are so many individual murder cases-and involving children as a result of black on black crime, it’s hard to keep up with. But it’s easier to put the blame elsewhere, other than the community that keeps fostering this violence.
    I don’t intend this to affect your thinking though-you have a one tract thought that follows racial lines -and just like a liberal, you never let facts get in the way!

  7. I hate to bust your bubble but it wouldn’t matter to me what color, religion, or what group the children were from. A 6 year old is a 6 year old- for 20 of them to be gone at one time by something so senseless would always be terrible. It is unbelievable that anyone can bring race into this!

  8. I wonder what they would be saying if the shooter had been black…

  9. I’m sure that very little of the gun violence committed here in Chicago is done with legally obtained weapons. That’s why they don’t say much about it – it proves their narrative for the lie it is. Guns have been banned in the city since something like 1981 or 1983, and that hasn’t stopped the gun violence. It has, in fact, gotten worse. Best to keep quiet about that little truth.

  10. The reason all the blacks are getting killed in the inner city is because the Mayors being socialist don’t want to admidt the only way to stop a gun is WITH A GUN. They don’t want the citizens safe, because then, they might go to work because their family is safe, and make something of themselves. They just want your vote so they can keep you in an inner city where you can vote them back in office, while promising you the same lies year after year! Just like Bama what has he done for you in the last 4 years? He has given you higer taxes, lost jobs, higher cost of living, more welfare, more crooked union officals and bigger government of which 3/4 of the new government is WORTHLESS! Then you morons voted him back in office so, you want to bend over for him again!!! When are going to get enough of his and Mayor’s lies and broken promises? they don’t care they have armed guards to keep them safe, and you are paying for it! Semper Fi.

  11. Hmm. Folks got pretty darn excited over Trayvon Martin’s murder at the hands of a gunman.

  12. My daughter and I were talking about this yesterday. It isn’t that white people don’t care about black kids… it’s that the media doesn’t care about black kids. Our babies are our babies. Whether they are black or white. Does the media cover this? Do they bring it to your attention? Do they cover the abductions of little children of color? If I don’t know a child has been abducted that doesn’t mean I don’t care to know. It means the information hasn’t even been made available. I WANT to know! Don’t you think there’s a LARGE number of white people sponsoring children and families in Africa through World Vision and Compassion International? Why? Because we don’t care about black children???? Apparently we do, but the media thinks we don’t. Or perhaps they are too callous about black on black crime. I’m appalled that with the crime rates known in inner cities we haven’t done what is necessary to increase protection for these families.

    I think Trayvon’s murder only received that attention because they thought the shooter was white. The same week a sweet black teenager was gunned down in a random shooting in Pittsburgh and nothing was said nationally about it because they suspect the shooters were black gang members. The victim was not affiliated with a gang. And we wonder why racism and anger grows in this country… it does because it benefits the media ratings to keep us all pitted against each other. They feed stereotypes and they feed arguments. Man, that makes me angry!

  13. There is a perception that murders in cities, particularly in poor areas, are expected. When they happen, there is little shock or concern, almost as if it were part of the natural order of things. When murders happen in wealthy suburbs, it is unexpected and seems to fall outside of the natural order of things. The large number of deaths and the young age of the victims enhanced this sense of shock. So, I think it is important for all of us to do a self evaluation and see what are expectations are, of the world and of our own lives. Are we violent in our speech? Do we express violent emotions in web posts? Do we hurt others, or remain unaffected when others are hurt, no matter who they are?

    Let us use this Advent as a time of honest self-reflection to see who we really are inside, and see if perhaps each of us cannot discover a greater sense of compassion for ALL living beings and a greater sense of wanting to protect our fellow creatures on the Earth.

  14. Favvstar, you make a good point on some, but as far as amber alert I get them just about every day in Fla, have to admit most seem to be small black children.
    Not to turn it racial, but for every Natale Holloway you have any idea how many thousands of white children and teens just vanish every year. It’s a tragedy, please don’t throw race in. we have enough problems.

    • This is a very interesting conversation that has much to do with the process of race and violence and political power in this country. One of the writers above wrote “Why bring race into this?”, and I feel pretty sure that the write is white. Why? Because it is mostly white people, that is people who are from the historically dominant majority, that want to be post racial which is another way of saying that we white people (I am white) don’t want to talk about your black problems any more. The unwillingness to discuss the reality of the original poster’s rage is quite interesting and reflective of a mentality that comes from long ago (60s neoliberal thinking) that giving importance to the black struggle (or the women’s struggle, or the gay struggle) detracts from the power traditional white, male, breadwinner status as historically defined in the U.S. of A. The writer indicates (correctly) that greater emphasis is given to the tragedies of white people in general in our country and insists that that is not okay, while white commenters find that expression of anger “distasteful” and “off limits”.

      In short, I think that white society in America has to be willing to hear the anger of black America (and female and gay and LGBT America), because there is a message in the emotion that is essential to finding our way forward, together.

      • Just to remark…no, I was referring to Eddie Nimibutr when I remarked on rage. I think there is a lot of evident anger in his original remark, and I don’t think either that anger and objective analysis or truth are mutually exclusive. Neither do I mean all individuals when I say white America. I guess I look at this from a broader, less personal perspective, meaning that I am referring specifically to the white breadwinner neoliberal (now neocon) philosophy of the average white American male as typified by Paul Ryan. Also, I don’t think any serious thinkers deny the existence of racism. It is best perhaps to concentrate on the real thinkers and less on the broad scope of forum posters. Here’s a book I’m reading right now that might interest you: All in the Family: The Realignment of American Democracy Since the 1960s by Robert Self. The book reveals much about the nature of our politics and its relationship to gender, race and economic status since the Vietnam era. Interesting stuff.

        BTW, I think Sandy Hook is going to be seen as an interesting turning point in the American story and that history has yet to be written. But it may well be that the wholesale slaughter of young white children in an economically privileged environment was shocking to Americans not only because of the obvious horror of the numbers and the age of the youngsters, but also because the reality that many poorer and often blacker Americans live every day in places like Youngstown, Newark and Chicago, thought for very different reasons.

      • “I think that white society in America has to be willing to hear the anger of black America (and female and gay and LGBT America)….”

        We have heard “the anger” and the perpetual narcissistic victimology ad nauseum, thank you very much. And please don’t lump all females in your “angry female America” because I’m female and I’m sick of the self-appointed NOW-PlannedParenthood-I’m-entitled-to-”free”-contraception ilk pretending to speak for me.

        BTW, you can call yourself any alias you want, but merely calling yourself “the voice of reason” doesn’t actually make you the voice of reason. Your alias also automatically casts anyone who disagrees with you “the voice of irrationality.”