“I’m really uninformed”…

It’s been over two months since the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Liberals celebrate the re-election of Obama, celebrate receiving more food stamps, and of course, spew racial insults (f*ck white people). They even wonder why Benghazi is still such a big deal. That’s if they even know about it…

Here’s a hint:

Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Sean Smith

Glen Doherty

Tyrone Woods

As you reflect on Thanksgiving and prepare for Christmas, remember and pray for the families of our murdered Americans who will not be celebrating with their loved ones.

Demand Answers About Benghazi.


4 responses to ““I’m really uninformed”…

  1. “Every nation has the government it deserves.” — Count Joseph-Marie de Maistre (1753-1821),

  2. Even though we should expect more from college students these days because of the easy access to media outlets, most are still clueless and self-centered living in their own narcissistic bubbles, overly engrossed in electronic toys, the opposite sex, as well as, other meaningless and time wasting dalliances. I’d rather see typical working adults polled on the Benghazi cover-up even though the results may not be much better.


  4. They are completely ignorant of what happens in the news, because the news stations do not report it. Journalism is dead in America. The liberal media is completely in the tank for obama— he is a total menace to our society. This is journalism at it’s finest. The o in obama is left a small o on purpose, because he deserves no respect.

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